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quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2016


  100% SUCCESS!

"And if I give all my wealth to the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, and have not love, none of these things will profit me: love is suffering, it is kind, love is not envious; Love does not treat lightly, it is not puffed up, it does not behave with indecency, it does not seek its own interests, it does not become angry, it does not suspect evil, it does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices with the truth; salm 13: 3-6.

Hello my friend. Forgive my poor and terrible English. Thanks Google translate

Mosaic from"The unexpected victory of Donald Trump or victory of the PWS-Wall Street Party, that is, another ultra neoliberal journey!  Of course!

                                                                                         Marina da Silva

Donald Trump is politically correct and 100% economic efficiency! At the very least you will read this first sentence and you will abandon the text or the curiosity will make you stay and find out what a housewife living below the Equador line, "Third World" thinks understands about Political-economic geostrategy  capitalist in  Neoliberal  World.
In the first, we see the pillars of the founding of modern states beginning in the sixteenth century, a civilizing process that has destroyed the human community, the essential human (social and political) forces and their imprisonment in the community called STATE with the main justification synthesized in the hobbesian phrase: "Man is the wolf of man". And the figure of the state as an evil  greater, but necessary, Leviathan, the only one who can placate human wickedness in he name of all. You also saw the inexorable problem of corrosion and corruption of he body politic leading to instability and ruin to governments by greed and control of (political and social) power of wealth. The basis of the text is Machiavelli and the works The Prince and Discourses on the last decade of Livy.
In the second part we come to the political instrumentalization of anger and hatred: candidates who present themselves to voters as "politically incorrect" and against the "stablishment" and as creative, innovative warriors who will fight the failed (those in power) who have compromised Greatness of the nation through the excessive action of the "regulatory state"! This is the basis of Donald Trump's speech and the new foundation or ultra-neoliberal attack in the United States in the 2016 presidential election. The politically incorrect speech is the most phenomenal geo-economic weapon and geopolitical strategy of all time to impose the same world order!

                             Resultado de imagem para donald trump e povo campanhas eua"But I advise you, my friends, to distrust everyone on whom the impulse to punish is powerful!
  It's a bad species and ancestry; Their faces look at the executioner  and the hunting dog. Be suspicious of all those who speak much of your  justice. In truth, in his words there is not only honey.2

Here in this text, continuation of the previous one, the objective is to in politically incorrect speech of Donald Trump and deconstructing the fallacy  Of "politically incorrect" to bring the United States back to the place they deserve: the first world capitalist power that defines the neoliberal "world order", that is, to prevent and destroy any kind of state regulation of economic activities and especially of the financial market (speculation and gaming on stock exchanges) from the seventies to the present! And the imperialist greed USA (Republicans) disguised in the speech MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Donald Trump is the greatest historical fraud ever created within capitalism because it was made within the capitalist power par excellence, USA, manipulating Americans and their impotence within democracy, an imbecile disguise of world geopolitical purposes!

"Donald Trump is the fruit of the" Information Age, "the use of the Internet, and social media, a fraud created by Internet super-operators to channel the aspirations of the American people and use them in the service of neoliberalism.   "Will democracy be able to avoid an evolution toward a demagogic outcome, something more based on the mass appeal in emotional terms than on the reflective process imagined by the Founding Fathers of the United States?" It is the question posed by none other than Henry Kissinger in World Order. "3

Donald Trump is super successful, billionaire with activities, companies, business in various places of the planet, mainly geostrategic countries for the North American power. He is happy, has a beautiful family, has no reason for anger, hopelessness, distrust of politicians and hatred, xenophobia, anti-globalization! He loves women, married three, and Trump embodies the success of the American dream from the seventies, that is, he made a fortune in financial capitalism and did not invest in productive capitalism. He has taken advantage of the various crises of the last three decades to make his capital, expand it into billions of dollars and globalize it. Trump used the full benefits of the states in the years of serious crises, especially in the United States.

Imagem relacionada Ten years after bin Laden's terrorist attack is the turn
Of Wall Street terrorize and rob the Americans, their dreams and destroy the world financial system ... again!

"Occupy Wall Street, OWS, is a protest movement against economic and social inequality, greed, corruption and the undue influence of corporations - particularly the financial sector - in the United States government." Free translation

Donald Trump is a big demagogue, populist, reality show actor, stealing the political scene and dramatizing the speeches and feelings of all who pay for financial crises. Distrust in politicians and governments, anger, hatred, hopelessness! A speech captured in the mass protests in world protests against Wall Street and its financial crises of the 21st century, highlight the world-wide "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations from the sub-prime crisis in 2008.
All anger, hatred, distrust was and is against bankers, financial institutions, insurance companies, stockbrokers, speculators like Madoff, Soros, Trump, JP Lemann and others, politicians and the state, which always saves the richest 1% and penalizes the 99% of citizens, the middle class, the majority of workers in general and the poorest low-income. All the suffering and feeling of failure stamped in the hatching  of Occupy Wall Street in the mega financial crisis "Sub prime 2008" that had its epicenter in the USA and  it spread to the world had address and certain targets.
But sagaciously, everything, anger, hatred, contempt against the state, against Wall Street and capitalists was captured, distorted, channeled and standardized to be used against the people themselves! Phenomenal!
Blaming second-class citizens (non-whites), African Americans, illegal immigrants; Asians, Latinos and Muslims is the first-world strategy to revive the neoliberal expropriation of their nations.
In Brazil the hate speech was mediated and dramatized by the Globo Organizations, the Marinho family, against Lula, Dilma, PT and number 13. Lulaphobia, Dilmaphobia, PTphobia! He struck a coup against what FHC, Mr. Cardozo calls the "damned inheritance of Getúlio Vargas", that is, the nationalization and regulation and sovereign state for the Brazilian people assumed in the Lula / Dilma government! Currently  bandits rule the nation!
Mosaico a partir de Occupy Wall Street. Manifestations against players: banks, real estate brokers, insurers, financial institutions, capitalism, speculators who ruined entire nations in greed, corruption in speculation and financial rumors, and interference and appropriation of governments corrupting states.

POLITICALLY INCORRECT SPEECH: Playing the population against each other, this is the mega strategy of neoliberal marketing to prevent the control and regulation of financial activities post crisis 2008! The target is no longer the speculators, the players who destroy nations betting high with insider information and financial rumors, that finance political campaigns, occupy strategic positions in the Legislative, Executive, Judicial power and act within the structures of the state. The enemy of the people is the people themselves, ethnic minorities, blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and second class citizens! Machiavellian and it works!
"The state seized the essential human forces [social forces and political forces], the capitalists seized the state and the people gained the freedom to sell themselves on the market on an equal footing with those who bought them the labor force; ...) "
Donald Trump is not of the people, he belongs to a select class, the 1% rich, does not live the hardships and needs of the American people; Trump is not against Wall Street!
He is not against globalization; He exploits immigrant workers in any country; He is not from any party, He  is not honest to stand and present itself as an enemy of the "politically correct discourse" of the status quo: Love, tolerance, respect, solidarity, compassion, friendship, equality of opportunity, human dignity, honesty, honor , Diplomacy!

                      Resultado de imagem para donald trump  reality show closest to the people that Donald Trump came from the American people: The Apprentice. TV program!

"Its assets and debts connect it to companies and governments around the world and threaten to obscure its government with doubts about the motives of its policies." Free translation
In fact Donald Trump is an opportunist, immoral and abject! A big gambler and greedy speculator in the global market and have nothing of the real people, decent people, honest, hardworking; nothing of the true American, a people that cultivates freedom, democracy, equal opportunities! A people that has been passed back several times by worms like him from the financial world; speculators of fast and immoral enrichment of the Wall Street party and little cares for the 99% penalized, stolen and paying the bill every "financial crisis," the last one, a tsunami that drove millions of Americans to unemployment, default, poverty and misery [in the US and in the world]!

Mosaico a partir de images google/images. Too big to fail and too big to jail! 


This is the opportune moment to unveil to those who serve the marketing of anger, rancor, hatred, patriotism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. And the opportunity is given by a NYTimes article: THE END OF THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ORDER4 kkkkk 

"Why Goldman Sachs Could Again Rule Wall Street.The surge in volatility since the election has reawakened hedge funds, which are Goldman’s core clientele. By     Dec. 11, 2016 7:00 a.m. Wall Street’s “flow monsters” are suddenly looking less formidable.

Demagoguery, populism, political promises, corruption, misappropriation of public money, authoritarianism, cruel and bloody military dictatorships, economic policies detrimental to the people and always benefiting national and / or foreign oligarchies; coronelism, political use of the state machine in elections, frauds and many other corruptions are the daily lives of the "underdeveloped", "third-world" peoples, mere pawns in the geopolitical, geostrategic and geo-economic chess of the United States Order or AmericanPax  by seculum seculorum amém! Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, citing some of the Latin "jewels" of the US empire!
In Brazil, citing a simple example, the state is the patron of corruption! All the Executive, Judiciary, Public Prosecutor and especially the Legislative, Federal Police are dominated by corrupt majority. They representatives of mega national and / or foreign companies [and / or drug traffickers] who dominate the Union Budget, decide which public works will be executed and always overpriced; they pay high fees, finance all politicians in all elections (we have elections every two years)! A corrup Legislative deposed the legitimate president Dilma Rousseff, democratically elected by more than 54.5 million voters, politicizing the judiciary with the help of a Legislative with more than 62% of criminals and corrupt and judicializing a false impeachment without crimes! 
Corrupt politicians change labor laws, promote constitutional amendments favoring large corporations and the IMF / World Bank, such as the current amendment 55 that will freeze for 20 years primary spending (wages, education, health, safety, housing, public transportation, etc). And they still fiercely attack, a bloody and unequal war, all the protesters against corruption and the current banditry that took the nation in the coup on 08-08-2016. The country is ruled by corrupt investigated and arrested in Operation Lava Jato. The country was involved in hate speech We X They, Well X Bad; PT of the poor X PSDB of the rich, falsifying the reality of the dispute minimal state neoliberal X sovereign state regulator of the financial frauds, corruption and crimes against the public coffers

Mosaico a partir de mega coup d'etat dramatized by the Globo Organizations and replicators, a super structure  Media controller justifying the new wave of neoliberal attack interrupted with the arrival of Lula and the PT government in 2003! Sérgio Moro is the big fraud of hate speech, anger, rancor against the regulatory state represented by the PT and Lula and Dilma Rousseff! In the photo, federal delegate Sérgio Moro fraternizing with corrupt political leaders denounced in Operation Lava jato: President Michel Temer, Senator Aécio Neves.

That such absurdity occurs in "underdeveloped" countries is normal, Uncle Sam's agenda, where people are treated like cattle and manipulated each in their "corral", but happen in such advanced countries, rich, first-world peoples  blessed with democracy, freedom, welfare state, equality, tolerance? Candidates of Donald Trump's wingspan and psychologizing and dramatizing the media anger and mistrust against the state in favor of Wall Street is unthinkable! It is not? Of course we could think that would never happen, soon in the USA! But it did, and why not? What's at stake? Is "The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism," says David Harvey!

"There is a serious underlying problem, particularly since the 1973 to 1982 crisis, on how to absorb surplus capital in the production of ever-increasing goods and services." According to him, IMF officials have commented that "the world is flooded with excess liquidity" as a result of "large surpluses of dollars in the Gulf States". The solution found by the IMF / World Bank? Investing, recycling "into the world economy by New York investment banks, which lend immensely to developing countries, setting the stage for the outbreak of the world debt crisis of the 1980s!"
Brazil has absurdly been indebted and the Brazilian people have been penalized by brutal economic plans to pay absurd interest on the external debt to the IMF and bitch of investors! A fruitful decade for financial bets, government benefits and that will give rise to the class of the Emerging rich and an exponential increase of poverty, misery and horizontal expansion of favelas! The economic opening in 1990 did not interrupt the "flow of capital" out of the country toward the tax havens and the brief interruption was due to the absurd impoverishment and expansion of favelas, urban violence and the "parallel state" related to drug trafficking (drugs and weapons)! Lula was the disgrace to neoliberalism from 2003 as well as Obama in the United States from 2008!

"Government policies have aggravated rather than mitigated the problem." The term "national bailout" is imprecise. Taxpayers are simply bailing out the banks, the capitalist class, just forgiving them debts and transgressions, that's all. , But so far in the US not for owners who have been evicted or the general population Banks are using money, not for loans, but to reduce the debt-capital gap and buy other banks, "concludes David Harvey. Free translation


Resultado de imagem para EUROPA  AFETADOS PELA CRISE FINANCEIRA Unemployment, poverty, misery, indebtedness and commitment PAE - European austerity program dictated by the IMF and the European Union!

Europe was devastated with the spread of the crisis that hit the banks in 2008 US and seriously compromised the European Union from 2010/2011. Most countries went into bankruptcy and / or recession while the EU - European Union sat comfortably in the stateroom, mainly Germany, the strongest and most structured country growing in general bankruptcy. France joined Germany and England joined the USA. Greece, the most affected, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain requested aid to the European Union and received a program of financial austerity, guaranteed payment of the debts [that suffered a stratospheric increase] with the sweat, blood, work and deaths of the people and everything dictated by the IMF. A real "Trojan horse" for these nations!

The same sentiments of the other countries of the Americas will erupt in anger, hatred, distrust of the state and the manipulators of the financial market! Both in the United States, England and other European countries the popular reaction was the same and had and has a right address. Europe. Unemployment, crushing of income, poverty, privatization, rage, distrust of politicians, state, financial system, against European Union, etc., etc.

The possibility of using popular dissatisfaction to save and start a new neoliberal attack was soon perceived and potentialized and mediatized and dramatized in several countries, in the five continents, putting the people against the people using total intolerance! Someone is to blame for this shit and everyone knows who they are: corrupt politicians, a state that always helps the rich 1% and penalizes the people, speculators and worms that operate in the global financial system! But the infinite possibility of the internet and the speed and spread of lies in social networks was immediately used to exacerbate hatred against minorities, illegal immigrants, second-class citizens, exiled from war. Racism, xenophobia, blaming the "other" for unemployment, misery and all the misfortunes that hit the European nations!
The apex of the neoliberal move will happen in England where the people tanned in hatred was induced to vote the exit of the British of the European Union: Brexit! The big lie: the imperialist interests of France and Germany within the Eurozone!
Imagem relacionada The European Union. The political / economic / social / cultural force and control of the European market bothers powers like the United States, Russia, China!

What is behind the BREXIT AND THE TRUMPISM is nothing more than that: ultra neoliberal revival and strengthening of the empire  Anglo-American power, not necessarily in this order, because the power is America, the British come in tow, weakening the European Union , this is,  Germany and France, in this order of power! The dramatization and lying and outrageous use of politically incorrect discourse is already underway for the 2017 elections: in France the show is owned by Marine Le Penn; In Germany Frauke Petry, of the populist AFD - Alternative for Germany: incitement to racism, anti-Islamism, fascism, Nazism, hatred and rancor to immigrants, second class citizens, in the same speech Trump, Nigel Farage, Boris Jonhson and in the Brazil version, the repulsive Jair Bolsonaro!
Saviors of the people sprout from the "middle of nowhere", take the pain of others as their own pain, use the voice of the people and present themselves as legitimate representatives of the streets, gain popular acceptance and prepare themselves to maintain the "status quo" of which they speak so much bad. Inauthentic, demagogues, worms of caste of the 1% rich or defending them, go to the pulpits with their politically incorrect speech that will logically favor the new ultra neoliberal attack!
Resultado de imagem para trump e nigel brexit Donald Trump and Nigel Farage, the father of Brexit in the USA! Politically Incorrect and Winners!

"The wave is already unstoppable. The Alternative Party for Germany (AfD), which was born in 2013 as a reaction to the rescue of the euro zone and gained a new impetus from the refugee crisis of last year (...)" is adept To Trumpism and Brexit fabricators of the "politically incorrect" consensus to channel and dissolve the power of the streets that since 2008 has been questioning the capitalist system and neoliberalism! Geoeconomically there is nothing wrong with neoliberalism within the European Union, but we must stop "the voices of the streets" and try to break the power and economic power represented by the Euro zone, especially the figure of Germany and Merkel! Weapons: lies spread in the media and especially in social networks!
Resultado de imagem para trump e nigel brexit Say no to Angela Merkel, ops, to the German power!

"There will be at least three elections in Europe next year: in Germany, France and the Netherlands for sure, and now perhaps in Italy. Political establishments everywhere are blamed for weak growth, insufficient job creation and defending The global financial markets instead of the ordinary citizen. " Free translation

How to resist this phenomenal wave, a tsunami of rage, hatred, xenophobia and lies prompted by spurious, scurrilous purposes, a strategy that undeniably favors a new neoliberal attack on nations, new imperialist waves of the main capitalist powers of the planet?
How to undo the immoral, unethical, anti-humanistic use of "tarantulas" on social networks: Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and others? Why is it so easy to manipulate the people and blind it to the true interests of tarantulas like Trump and Nigel Farage or even the repulsive Jair Bolsonaro?
This is subject to the next post! But advancing ... after accusations of "supporting" false advertising and deceptive advertisements that probably influenced Donald Trump's election:

"Facebook and Google declare war on fake news sites. Giants take steps to prevent malicious pages from benefiting from their advertising system"

1. Sobre o uso político do ódio ver:

2. Niesztche Incomplete work.Thus spoke zaratustra

3. Kissinger, H.World order.


5. Harvey, David. THE ENIGMA OF CAPITAL and the crises of capitalism. Translation of J.A. Peschanski-São Paulo, SP: Boitempo, 2011.