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domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2016



Hello my friend, forgive me my weak and horrible English! Thank you for your attention and thanks google translate! Marina da Silva
Resultado de imagem para J. P. Lemann, Marcel Telles, Carlos A. Sucupira e Carlos Brito IMAGES
www, knights of the Apocalypse, ops, the "three musketeers" monopolists [of bets, mergers, acquisitions, cartel and trust]! Greed, arrogance and tyranny.

Marina da Silva

No one could ever imagine (including Belgian workers) that with only 25% of the capital of InBev - the company that emerged from the merger between the Belgian brewery Interbrew and AmBev - the Brazilians would take command, control and even dictate the rules of what has become the 4th largest brewery on the planet! A miracle of the new globalized flexible capitalist order, which has shown that besides football and carnival, "beer is our beach", Brazilian people loves beer! With the Brazilian way  AmBev executives, in the first half of the acquisition, made InBev "11% gross profit over the same period of 2004" and a 5.5% increase in "beer sales volume".
Imagem relacionada, royalty, "first world"; was thus seen the Belgian brewery until the wedding with the three  "Underdeveloped", ops, musketeers Leman, Teles, Sicupira.

"Together with Marcel Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira, his business partners for more than three decades, Lemann holds 25% of the capital of the world's largest brewer, InBev; it owns the holding company Lasa, which brings together Lojas Americanas and Blockbuster; Group B2W, which are grouped the virtual stores Submarino,, and the telesales channel Shoptime and São Carlos Real estate developments. The three Brazilians are among the major shareholders of the largest transportation and logistics company in South America, ALL, and since December have a share of 8.3% of the capital of CSX, one of the largest railroads in the United States. Together, these investments are worth R $ 46.35 billion, the equivalent, for example, of the market value of Company Siderurgica National. Lemann is today, at age 68, the fifth richest person in Brazil and the 172nd in the world. He also appears on the list of the richest in Switzerland - where he has resided since 1999 in an exclusive suburb of Zurich - just behind the Greek heiress Athina Onassis. "1  Free translation

What? Is it possible to teach Mass to vicar, ops, pope? The Belgians are the kings of beer (quality), known as the best brewers in the world! How did the Tupiniquins executives achieve such a feat? Doing what they do best: the "square" go down "round" throat below the workers, paying the minimum wage to the workers,  Giving default in labor laws and unions and in the courts ignoring the social protection of labor laws and extending their interference over the state! A dirty war, for which Belgium, one of the last  reference of the  Welfare  State , it was supposed to be protected!

Resultado de imagem para a cerveja que desce redondo charges Before the trio AMBEV: "Praised be the German who invented the beer!" Then enter the shark J.P. Lemann tuning out   Samba e ... beer has become the liquid that descends round, fills people with gas and leaves you ... round!

Under the baton of the Brazilians, InBev engendered a process of productive restructuring with a single objective: to make the most of the minimum; Which included closing of factories in several countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands), layoffs, wage cuts (instituting variable salary - 70% fixed and 30% meritocracy or meeting targets). "In 2006, during a restructuring, 400 employees of InBev lost their jobs in Belgium." It was a Management Shock and Result Policy, strategies well known to Brazilian workers. Inequality of working conditions, disparity of collective agreements, bank hours, low salaries, etc., in the various factories of the company
 In AmBev / InBev to propose a "national union network" during the April 2008 CUT meeting (Central Single Of Workers), CONTAC and CNTA (Confederations of the food sector) and IUF (International Union of Food Workers). "The unions have realized that union is the best strategy in the fight for rights."
The Jorge Paulo Lemann "way", 77 years old, currently presenting himself more as Swiss than Brazilian, even a billionaire is always goofy, hick in 20 basic rules Harvard.2

RULE OF GOLD: "Being ethical is always fundamental." Kkkkkkk

  "Reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you must tread it, but always by a lucrative path."
Resultado de imagem para J. P. Lemann, Marcel Telles, Carlos A. Sucupira e Carlos Brito IMAGES more with less: less taxes, less labor rights, fewer unions, low wages, no respect for the consumer! And using cheap raw material. Just like that!

The quartet of executives formed by J. P. Lemann, Marcel Telles, Carlos A. Sucupira and Carlos Brito is responsible for applying the AmBev style in Europeans, a hybrid of the US and UK administration model. The quartet, who turned trio, in addition to instituting meritocracy ("wins more who generates more results for the company"), changed designer suits by informal clothes lifestyle $ 1.99, made a brutal cut in spending Limiting reimbursement of cell phone bills, Flights only in economy class, Cheap hotel rates, no free beer at the end of the day and meetings in chic hotels? Never!
Belgian beer that was noble and commanded by the highest aristocracy of brewers, suddenly changed the
Royal coat of arms for labels of fifth category, traits of the "Emerging", class that emerged, enriched and went to Brazil in the years 80/90! The Europeans, orderly and silent, now live with screams  Order: Strategic planning, achieving goals at any cost, meritocracy, wearing the company shirt and picking up guns to put the goals into practiceAchieve Results for shareholders, who are very happy with this Brazilian hard line: sales jumped from "108 million hectoliters of beers and soft drinks in 2003 to 270.6 million in 2006. The company's shares have tripled in value. The 2007 turnover was a record - 14.4 billion euros, 7.2% higher than in the previous year "!

GOLD RULE "Innovations that create value are useful, but copying what works well is a more practical way."

Imagem relacionada "How to make beer the easy way?" Lifestyle $ 1.99 made in China!

The Europeans, and especially the Belgians, still stunned, after six years of the merger with AmBev, they do not know who swallowed who! The Brazilian Shark remains an unknown, a true gift from Greek! The way is to break the Ecuadorian line and find out what country this is? But how? Luis Nassif responds to TV reporters Belga in "a long interview" about the merger, favors received by Lemann and Co., "on the management method of Brazilian companies, if they all had the greed demonstrated by AmBev. Especially on the reaction of the unions to Ambev's dismissal processes. " Everything clarified by Nassif and replicated on TV5 Monde Amérique Latine, May 14, 2010: "Will Belgium continue to be the country of beer? "

RULE OF GOLD: "Common sense is always better than complex ideas. Simple is always better than complex."
Resultado de imagem para LUCROS DA CERVEJA DADOS 

Beer consumption is decreasing in Europe, where AB-Inbev plans to lay off 800 employees. In compensation, the group invests massively in South America, an emerging market. «Questions à la Une» conducted his research in Belgium and also in São Paulo, where the reference drink is not the mojito, nor the caipirinha, but the beer. Ambev, the Brazilian branch of the giant, dominates 70% of the market and floods all the bars with its products. A profitability guaranteed by administrators formatted to make the most money in the least amount of time. To lower costs and thus increase profits, they do not hesitate to lay off workers. A recipe that they try by all means to apply in Belgium. But here, unlike Brazil, unions can unite and resist. " Program "Question a la Une" directed by: François Lizen and Serge Ruyssinck. Presentation: Bruno Clément.

Resultado de imagem para Jorge paulo lemann charges is the co-founder of 3G CAPITAL, PRIVATE EQUITY COMPANY buys mega companies with problems (speculative crises), restructures, makes mergers and acquisitions, cutting workers, cutting "relentless" wages, labor benefits, etc. and makes a lot of profit With less investment. Speculation, Expropriation and 3G Exploitation. SHARK OF THE STOCK EXCHANGES

"From stock exchange operator to BANKER
"The entrepreneurial saga of Lemann began in 1971 with the purchase of a small stock brokerage called Garantia, which intermediated operations for the purchase and sale of financial papers to clients in Rio de Janeiro.A business similar to what he had known in previous years, As an employee of Invesco, who went bankrupt in 1966, and Libra, where he stayed until the Warranty was purchased. In the early years, Lemann contacted Goldman Sachs Bank, which used the company to intermediary most of its business in Brazil. " Free translation

AmBev / InBev, with or without a drop in beer consumption, in Europe and the Latin world, wants to lay off 800 workers in another small restructuring. Goal: more profit with minimum and this cost zero is in the countries of the east! Closing in Belgium and producing in Eastern Europe taking advantage of opportunities and comparative advantages: cheap labor, weak unionism, tax exemptions and other benefits of the States is the strategy of the moment!
Swap up wages in euros per yuan! Angered Belgian workers promise to resist the unprecedented terrorist subproletarianization of AmBev / InBev "one of the most efficient and stressful companies on the planet" that will not lose even France Telecom, which literally made the work a "suicide"!
Resultado de imagem para maiores consumidores de cerveja do mundo In Brazil you drink a beer that comes down
round, lifestyle $ 1.99 and paid in euros!

GOLD RULE: "Always cut costs. This is something that is under your control and ensures your survival."

If Europeans fear the Brazilian way, the Brazilians are terrified of the communist way of the most capitalist country in the world, China! The giant AB-InBev - "Formed by the acquisition of American Anheuser-Busch by Belgian-Brazilian InBev (which in turn came from the union between Interbrew and AmBev)" in July 2008 - is already in China and "Lemann, Sicupira and Telles Study the Chinese market and plan to be in second place in the country in three years. "
"Brazilian or other nationality, InBev follows the natural tendency of the market. Companies need to generate profits, "AmBev-style enthusiasts say. As in the current phase of capital accumulation, production can take place where it gives more profit by deterritorializing stages or even the whole productive process, the motto against the AB-InBev style and its congeners is: Workers from all over the world, Unite yourselves .. . fast!

"The advance of Lemann's fortune draws even the attention of the Swiss.
  By 2011, he was only "ninth" among the richest people in Switzerland. In 2013, the Brazilian came to be among the three largest fortunes of the Alpine country, with a total value of 20 to 21 billion Swiss francs. "

"The most aggressive asset hunter in Latin America joined Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway to acquire Kraft Foods, the Illinois-based snack bar giant, and then combine it with seasoning maker HJ Heinz. " Free translation