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quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2016



Hello friend forgive my terrible English and thank you Google translator. Marina

Resultado de imagem para deirdre mccloskey obras Bourgeois dignity.

"Every man is rich or poor according to the degree to which you can enjoy the necessary things, the convenient things and the pleasures of life." Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations.

Marina da Silva

Sunday and I was reading column of Helio Schwartsman, Folha de São Paulo and came across with "The Charm of the Bourgeoisie!" Uai? what? The bourgeoisie stinks! Or is it the middle class Coxinha that stinks and gorges of cracker? 1
The title intrigued me and Schwartsman narrative further. Helio presented the book "Bourgeois Equality" (bourgeois Equality) Deirdre McCloskey, summarizing a "huge book, more than 700 pages on economy" and the central thesis of the work: The Great Enrichment frenetic since 1800, nineteenth century, which, contrary to what they thought the classics of right / left economists came neither comes from the removal of entire human societies (land, means of production) or the exploitation of destitute mass who won freedom and equality in the free accessible open market society (to sell on the labor market for wages) even less banditry (nobility, clergy, monarch, aristocracy, army and congeners) and much less of "savings" to invest in the future (capital accumulation, hoarding)!
From what I read and heard of McCloskey author on the Internet she critical Adam Smith (1723-1790), the father of classical economics
 and of course, Karl Marx (1818-1883) that needs no introduction!

Resultado de imagem The  bourgeois virtues: Laissez-faire, laissez-passer!

"Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Thomas Piketty are blame on not realize that the great enrichment has little  to do with the accumulation of capital. "Hélio Account.
All the splendor and glory of the Great Enrichment and the rich poor life came and comes from the bourgeoisie charm, better, ideas, ethics, virtues, morals, dignity and rhetoric or discourse of equality and bourgeois freedom! Free market, free human mass, "State" free to interfere in the bourgeois business or regulate them! This is the charm of the bourgeoisie, but ... The bourgeoisie stinks, the bourgeoisie want to be rich (...) The bourgeoisie has no charm or is discreet. (Idem)
In the nineteenth century, the charm of the bourgeoisie, equality, freedom, received the name of Liberalism (economic / social / political and blah) and was synthesized in the imperatives of the French language: Laissez-faire and laissez-passer! Translated into good Portuguese: do not interfere in our business, especially in frenetic profit making this century the Age of Great Enrichment, low wages and inhuman extension of working hours [10-12-14-16-18 working hours] in degrading conditions of moral and physical and mental health of children, women and men!

"The seamstresses of all kinds, the faddists and its auxiliary suffer a triple misfortune:. Overwork, lack of air and food deficiency or digestive problems (...) Unfortunately, this business is monopolized, notably in London where a 26-capitalists, with the power that derives from the capital, reduce their costs, dilapidating the work force. " Dr. Richardson, chief doctor of a hospital londrino.2

Free translation.
Resultado de imagem Liberté, igualité. Fraternité? Oh Fuck!

In the first decades of the twentieth century, Liberalism, ops, the charm of the bourgeoisie, resurfaced and gained momentum in the thinking of Milton Friedman and Frederick Hayeck: is neoliberalism with the same preaching: diminishing role of the state and public spending, free market, deregulation, minimal state, privatization, free trade, free society, free labor market of any legal social protection, etc. The same rhetoric, liberal ideas of the nineteenth century [take from the poor and give to the rich], radicalized and barred
  two World Wars, the Crash of the New York Stock Exchange in 1929 and the rise of economic thinking of John Maynard Keynes! Of course not forgetting the totalitarian wave, fascist and ultra nationalist in Europe and Russia with Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, for example, contrary to the general and democratic liberality in particular and equality and ownership of the business!

"On March 10th 1944, seventy years ago this month, an Austrian emigre relatively obscure published a book that would become one of the great classics of economic literature of the 20th century The new economic ideas of John Maynard Keynes were very fashionable this period, this new book the judged rather harshly.
Dissident the growing consensus around Keynes was Friedrich von Hayek, an economist from Vienna. The book was the "Road to Serfdom" in which Hayek argued that the extension of central planning is the beginning of growth of restrictions on individual freedom, which inevitably leads to the emergence of tyrannical regimes, both communist and fascist in nature. It was the culmination of four years of work and several decades of challenging many of the new economic theories of Keynes, in particular on what governments should do during depressions. "3 Free translation.

I searched here and there and there, watched some videos of the author and summarizing
the "Laissez-faire opera" The Wall Street JOURNAL4 and found it depressing, childish, little beast, full of
turnings and
to introduce or reintroduce to the world what-not-to-be-named, ops, neoliberalism since the global financial crisis of 2008, with its epicenter in the US (subprime crisis) and that spilled over and made misery in the Eurozone from 2011 less clear,
for the rich bourgeois, mainly banks! God save bank of America! Amen Uncle Obama!
Make up the hated culture, rhetoric, neoliberal ideas for charm of the bourgeoisie, Great enrichment, open social market open access society and other bullshit is disgusting, disgraceful and will not erase the horror of poor minds and lives of human societies that have been victims , guinea pigs from the 1970s, the neoliberal invasion, which had its debut in Chile from 1973. Chileans poor, as well as cruel and bloody dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, also suffered serious economic reform liberalizing with the prescription of the IMF from the Washington Consensus! In 1979, Margaret Thatcher (England), the iron lady, broke the crest of workers and imposed political reform / conservative neoliberal economic. The same happened in 1980 to the United States Ronald Reagan and West Germany Helmut Kohl (1983). One by one the European countries bent to the charm of the bourgeoisie! With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the "real socialism" in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union came down!
Resultado de imagem para helmut kohl reagan thatcher"How beautiful are the bourgeois." Save Caetano Veloso!

The charm of the bourgeoisie was imposed in the peripheral or underdeveloped countries using the same Chilean prescription:

Resultado de imagem para cartilha neoliberal fmi para latinos

"Economically, the strategy imposed on countries underdeveloped to adjust to the new global capitalist order was synthesized in the so-called Washington Consensus, which imposed conditionalities to peripheral countries to renegotiate the external debt crisis aggravated by 1982. Readmission the international financial system depended on the adoption of program "fit" macroeconomic or monetary stabilization, with the priority obtaining primary fiscal surplus that involved invariably the review of intergovernmental fiscal relations and the restructuring of public pension systems. The macroeconomic adjustment was complemented by a series of structural reforms aimed at financial and trade liberalization, deregulation of markets, privatization of state enterprises and reduction of the state. In the early 1990s, these rules had already been imposed on more than sixty countries, especially the underdeveloped periphery. "5 Free translation.

Resultado de imagem para collor neoliberalismo Elections 1989. Communism versus Capitalism? Collor  and capitalism won, ops, the charm of the bourgeoisie.

Neoliberalism takes Brazil by storm in 1990 with the arrival of Collor the presidency, the Maharajas Hunter (attack on the state and state-owned enterprises and public services) and father of the "shirtless"!
Collor promised reforms, raise the country to the status of "first world", making the wealth cake grow and then give to the poor, shirtless, disadvantaged guided by Mother Dinah in Dinda's house! It came out in 1992 (impeachment) and left the country to Democratic social falsetto Fernando Henrique Cardoso-FHC, actually a big representative of economic openness of ideas, free market, privatization, reduction of the State, cuts in public spending, etc. FHC, generic left, was more liberal than any Latin neoliberal, an excellent employee of bourgeois rhetoric! FHC was converted and seduced by the charm of the bourgeoisie, its virtues, dignity and equality and how Deirdre believes that the poor - in open access, egalitarian and liberating - never had such a rich poverty! A wealth $ 1.99, made in China, falsetto, pirate, generic, charming and fruit of flexible capitalism, ops, libertarian and egalitarian capitalism!

Resultado de imagem para condições de trabalho na INDIA INDUSTRIA DA MODA There is no denying the great enrichment of the fashion business (clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories) on enslaving the poor boys and girls in Cambodia, Korea, India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, citing some countries Market- tested!

To Deirdre McClosley, capital, capitalism are hateful words used mainly by Marxists and Marx, The guy who did the most phenomenal "Critique of Political Economy" of Bourgeois Age, more appropriate name to refer to the frantic Great Global Enrichment coming with the charm of the bourgeoisie. Deirdre suggests less ordinary terms than those used by Marx and followers (capital, capitalism, capitalist) to set the Bourgeois Age:
Market-tested improvement and suply or simple word improvement, ie, modernization, improvement, advance, progress to societies that are open to the charm of the bourgeoisie! 6
All the rhetoric and oratory of the author is in fact an attempt to renew, to a gas and new impetus to neoliberal practices in a globalized world where financial charm (speculation) is much more richness, splendor, great enrichment of the charm applied in production of goods, services, etc! A trilogy of thousands of pages trying to hide the negativity, pessimism, distrust against the dignity, virtue, equality, and bourgeois freedom!"There, copies itself all:.. Electronics, watches, DVDs, shoes, everything is cloned, even paintings of Van Gogh, as can be seen in this delightful photograph fact, already here in O Vilacondense we addressed the problem of piracy annual growth rate is a staggering 9% per year, but this is at the expense of labor exploitation. There are people working seven days a week to receive 60 euros, others strive to 11 daily hours to receive 75 euros per month and there are those who work 16, 18 and even 20 hours a day. " Free translation

How to defend the bourgeois era, anti-capitalism, anti-liberalism, anti-neoliberal, anti-bourgeois, anti-miltonfriedmanismo and anti-Hayeckismo in the current phase of charm of the bourgeoisie mainly with incontestable, fascinating Growth  economic number
frantic China and India in the "improvement" or Market-tested improvement and suply?
Mathematisation and statistics! That is the tactic of Deirdre, that not worth much effort, the mere obvious and irrefutable finding of Great enrichment 1800 to the present day; many experts call the "third technological revolution, globalization and admirable cattle, ops, new chip! Of course, the man of the nineteenth century is richer than the man of the eighteenth century and poorer than the man twenty-first century! The today's poor and since the frantic Great Enrichment Bourgeois Era is much richer in their poverty than the poor pre-bourgeois era: are 1 to 3 US dollars / day in the pre-Bourgeois era against $ 33 / current day.
 See effulgent and lush richness of the Chinese and Indian poor, claims the author!
Resultado de imagem para condições de trabalho na china Working conditions in China, WORLD FACTORY! Child's play!

"This progessiva attraction for obese profit margins of the Chinese market causes apprehension. Just the other day, a business lunch, a businessman confessed me his astonishment after having moved to China and visited an exhibition of building materials." There was there everything from screw the whole bathrooms, through granite, cement, wood, everything, everything, and at prices that are up to a fifth of practiced in Portugal! "Yesterday, the magazine El Pais Weekly,  the known Spanish daily, had a beautiful story "The World Factory". The numbers are not equal to the CM, but they are still overwhelming: 75% of toys, 30% of TV sets, 25% of washing machines, 20% of mobile phones, 30% of the bicycles and 70% of all lighters sold in world are made in China.

The great enrichment of the poor in the bourgeois was not come or comes from public or private charity, plans, social policies, protection and regulation of paternalism of the state-daddy Keynesian in the "first world" or getulismo and Lulism, citing Brazil a fucking, ops, cursed legacy (for FHC and Michel Temer, coup leader who usurped power in the impeachment of the fallacy that ousted the president elected constitutionally, Dilma Rousseff on 31/08/2016)!

Resultado de imagem para condições de trabalho na INDIA INDUSTRIA DA MODA The working poor in their wealth the middle of XX-XXI century denounce inhumane conditions in "sweat factories" or Sweat shop and ask for help to the other world's poor in goods labels produced with their pain, sweat, blood and tears! Of course ... death!

The great enrichment of nations and  the poor comes from Market-tested and liberalization of the poor humans since the early days of the Age Bourgeois has freedom and equality to negotiate and sell on an equal footing with the bourgeois bosses! But...
"Who said that misery is just here? Who is that not cry misery in Japan?" Save Ney Matogrosso

"The IMF indicated that 46.7 million Americans (one in seven) live in poverty, including 20% of children."
Resultado de imagem para pobreza nos estados unidos 2016  Poverty, misery and beggars in the United States?
The global fever "supermarket cart" throwing open the undeniable richness access from 1800 to the present day!

The global prostitution of human character, lies, betrayal,corruption, counterfeiting, cloning, piracy are the greatest legacy of bourgeois Age and Deirdre, drugged and prostituted by bourgeois charm want to shove us down our throats! I say no!
And denounce propping me in Hegel [1770-1831]:

"In our thinking and raciocinante time, there is great progress who does not know present a good reason for everything, for worse and more wrong it is. All the evil that was done in this world was made for good reasons." (Cit., Marx, Capital, p.304)Free translation

And Hegel fits like a glove to explain the Brazilian "deadened and stunned people and bombed by the medias of Globo, Bandeirantes, SBT and Record, the coup D"État that overthrew the elected President Dilma Rousseff, the suspension of Lava jato investigations (after prison or death Lula, not necessarily natural causes) and economic blow to the PEC 241 - draft amendment to the Federal Constitution 1988 freezing public spending or "social cost Brazil" for 20 years, until 2036!

Resultado de imagem para TEMER E CORRUPTOS


PEC 241 - If you are against the PEC Public Expenditure Ceiling, you are against Brazil

"Temer, the PEC 241 and unrestricted delivery to neoliberalism".

Usurpers, corrupt!
Votação PEC 241 ao vivo michel temer e rodrigo maia

PEC 241 Result of the vote in the House
Deputies approved in the second round the Government's proposal that sets a ceiling on public spending.

"New Minister of Justice is ex-lawyer PCC [CAPITAL CONTROLS FIRST] - NARCOTRAFFIC] and has several charges"

"Temer proposes end of the increase in the minimum wage, pensions and cuts in education and health"

Brasília - O presidente interino Michel Temer e o presidente da CNI, Robson Braga de Andrade, participam da reunião do Comitê de Líderes da Mobilização Empresarial pela Inovação  na sede da Confederação Nacional da Indústria  (Antonio Cruz/Agência Brasil) michel  temer  and robson andrade President of the National Confederation of Industry

The urgent need to reform trabalhista.http: //

Ceiling spending. Understand what is at stake with the PEC 241. Proposal submitted by the government Temer want to freeze spending on health, education and social assistance for 20 years "

Labor reform proposed by Temer want to change  CLT and expand outsourcing.,reforma-trabalhista-proposta-por-temer-quer-alterar-clt-e-ampliar-terceirizacao,10000074765

Resultado de imagem para reforma previdenciaria 2016 Go work bum! Says FHC.
Labor reform Temer journey provides up to 12 hours The government plans to limit the working day to 48 hours per week, with a ceiling of 12 hours; thus, would be 44 regular hours and 4 extras.

BRASIL GREAT ENRICHMENT The discreet charm of the Brazilian bourgeoisie in billions of dollars!

ColocaçãoNomeFortuna estimadaIdadeSetor de atuação/Origem da fortuna
34Jorge Paulo LemannUS$ 19,7 bi74Bebidas
55Joseph SafraUS$ 16 bi75Bancos
119Marcel Herrmann TellesUS$ 10,2 bi64Bebidas
137João Roberto MarinhoUS$ 9,1 bi60Mídia
137José Roberto MarinhoUS$ 9,1 bi58Mídia
137Roberto Irineu MarinhoUS$ 9,1 bi66Mídia
146Carlos Alberto SicupiraUS$ 8,9 bi66Bebidas
367Francisco Ivens de Sa Dias BrancoUS$ 4,1 bi77Alimentos
367Eduardo SaverinUS$ 4,1 bi31Cofundador do Facebook
396Walter FariaUS$ 3,8 bi58Bebidas
483Aloysio de Andrade FariaUS$ 3,3 bi93Bancos
520André EstevesUS$ 3,1 bi45Bancos
520Antonio Ermirio de MoraesUS$ 3,1 bi85Diversos
520Ermirio Pereira de MoraesUS$ 3,1 bi81Diversos
520Maria Helena Moraes ScripillitiUS$ 3,1 bi83Diversos
580Fernando Roberto Moreira SallesUS$ 2,9 bi67Bancos, mineração
580João Moreira SallesUS$ 2,9 bi52Bancos, mineração
580Walther Moreira Salles JuniorUS$ 2,9 bi57Bancos
580Pedro Moreira SallesUS$ 2,9 bi54Bancos, mineração
609Abilio dos Santos DinizUS$ 2,8 bi77Varejo
642Miguel KrigsnerUS$ 2,7 bi64Cosméticos
663Edson de Godoy BuenoUS$ 2,6 bi70Hospitais, planos de saúde
796Rossana Camargo de Arruda BotelhoUS$ 2,2 bi64Construção
796Renata de Camargo NascimentoUS$ 2,2 bi63Construção
796Regina de Camargo Pires Oliveira DiasUS$ 2,2 bi60Construção
796Moise SafraUS$ 2,2 bi79Bancos
828Antonio Luiz SeabraUS$ 2,1 bi71Cosméticos
925Nevaldo Rocha e famíliaUS$ 1,95 bi84Varejo
931Dulce Pugliese de Godoy BuenoUS$ 1,9 bi66Hospitais, planos de saúde
931Michael KleinUS$ 1,9 bi63Varejo
931Rubens Ometto Silveira MelloUS$ 1,9 bi64Açúcar, etanol
931Lirio ParisottoUS$ 1,9 bi60Investimentos
1036Jayme Garfinkel e famíliaUS$ 1,75 bi67Seguros
1092Julio BozanoUS$ 1,6 bi78Bancos
1143Ana Maria Marcondes Penido Sant’AnnaUS$ 1,55 bi58Pedágio rodoviário
1143Cesar Mata PiresUS$ 1,55 biConstrução
1154Sergio Lins Andrade e famíliaUS$ 1,5 bi66Construção
1154Victor Gradin e famíliaUS$ 1,5 bi81Construção
1154Alexandre Grendene BartelleUS$ 1,5 bi64Calçados
1210Lina Maria AguiarUS$ 1,4 bi76Herança/bancos
1210João Alves de Queiroz FilhoUS$ 1,4 bi61Bens de consumo
1284Eggon da SilvaUS$ 1,3 bi85Maquinário industrial
1284Elie HornUS$ 1,3 bi70Imobiliário
1284Carlos Francisco Ribeiro Jereissati e famíliaUS$ 1,3 bi67Shopping centers
1284Jorge Moll FilhoUS$ 1,3 bi69Hospitais
1284Jose Isaac Peres e famíliaUS$ 1,3 bi73Shopping centers
1284Werner VoigtUS$ 1,3 bi84Maquinário industrial
1284Lilian WerninghausUS$ 1,3 bi79Maquinário industrial
1372Lia Maria AguiarUS$ 1,2 bi72Herança/bancos
1372Guilherme Peirão LealUS$ 1,2 bi64Cosméticos
1372Rubens Menin Teixeira de SouzaUS$ 1,2 bi57Construção de casas
1372Dorothea SteinbruchUS$ 1,2 biSiderúrgica
1442Alfredo Egydio Arruda Villela FilhoUS$ 1,15 bi44Bancos
1442Daisy IgelUS$ 1,15 bi86Gás, petroquímica
1465Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto VillelaUS$ 1,1 bi40Bancos
1465Edir Macedo e famíliaUS$ 1,1 bi69Comunicação
1465José Mendes Nogueira e famíliaUS$ 1,1 bi86Mineração
1540Giancarlo Franceso CivitaUS$ 1,05 biMídia
1540Victor Civita NetoUS$ 1,05 biMídia
1540Roberta Anamaria CivitaUS$ 1,05 biMídia
1540José Roberto Ermirio de MoraesUS$ 1,05 bi56Diversos
1540José Ermirio de Moraes NetoUS$ 1,05 bi61Diversos
1540Liu Ming ChungUS$ 1,05 bi51Papel e celulose
1540Neide Helena de MoraesUS$ 1,05 bi59Diversos
1565Carlos MartinsUS$ 1 bi57Educação"

Forbes e UOL

* Schwartsman,Hélio. O charme da burguesia; The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie?

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3. "ON MARCH 10th 1944, seventy years ago this month, a relatively-obscure Austrian émigrépublished a book that would become one of the great classics of 20th-century economic literature. The new economic ideas of John Maynard Keynes were much in fashion in that period; this new book judged them rather harshly.The dissenter from the growing consensus around Keynes was Friedrich von Hayek, an economist from Vienna. The book was the "Road to Serfdom", in which Hayek argued that the extension of central planning is the start of the growth of constraints on individual liberty, which inevitably leads to the emergence of tyrannical regimes, both communist and fascist in nature. It was the culmination of four years' work—and several decades challenging many of Keynes' new economic theories, particularly on what governments should do during depressions." Ainda sobre a polêmica entre esses dois economistas assistir o vídeo "Fight of the Century": Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Battle Round Two. Disponível no Youtube.

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7. US POVERTY."The official US poverty number is 14.5%. That’s the percentage of the population that are below the official poverty line. However, that’s not actually as useful a number as many seem to think that it is. There’s a number of strangenesses about how that number is worked out and it might well be more accurate to say that the US poverty number is 4.5%.";  Poverty FactsThe Population of Poverty USA. In 2014, 47 million people lived in Poverty USA. That means the poverty rate for 2014 was 15%.;