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quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2016




Resultado de imagem para MARIANA TRAGÉDIA 
On 5 [November 2015], in only eleven minutes a tsunami of 62 million cubic meters of mud destroyed Bento Rodrigues. "

"Menstrual cup is environmentally friendly alternative to sanitary napkin"? 


Marina da Silva
"The science which does not deserve to be known" - would say about this Humberto Eco, if he were alive and being aware of super hyper mega plus invention - the menstrual cup!
The menstrual cup is environmentally friendly and politically green; it is an invention that by replacing the "washcloths those days" or the internal and / or external tampons and sanitary napkin (sometimes you need to use both simultaneously when the flow is abundant) will save the blue planet known as Earth this tragedy caused by menstruation every month! Save the planet of sanitay napkin and tampons with or without flaps and gel  our every day! AMEN The thing, that is, the menstrual cup!

"Reusable, each menstrual cup replaces hundreds of absorbents that discarded, take a century to decompose in nature." USED,  WASHED,  DRIED OUT,  GUARDED!
It is not the invention of the century because it was preceded by the fantastic, unusual  and entrancing penis ops, fucking, afff, reusable silicone penis allowing women do pee standing  as such and equal to men!
In addition to pee, the "female" can now have the masculine feeling to shake the "estrovenga" the same as penis in the work of Jorge Amado, detonate   a toilet,  squirted  and to give that basic scratchy in the penis and scrotum. You peed, washed, dried, guarded for the next pissed.
Wash and dry logically ... is optional! Now is the turn of "menstrual cup!" What? It seems the menstrual cup, but it is our well-known ... toilet plunger or cleanser the kitchen sink pipes.

"The menstrual cup is made of silicone gets stuck by the action of vacuum and the vaginal muscles. Thus, it retains the menstrual flow without causing discomfort or leaks.
To remove it, pull gently the bottom end of  the cup with one hand and with the other hand, with the fingertip,  search to edge cup and  a pressure  breaks down the vacuum, allowing its removal. " Imagine the scene: you standing,   lying down, crouching, squatting taking the thing   full of blood within you! It's going to shit! kkkkkk
Any similarity between "both of them" (mentrual cup and the sink plunger) can not be a coincidence! Of course, the inventor of the phenomenal and outlandish menstrual cup spent eyelashes and burned neurons to invent a new use for the toilet plunger, a baroque,  medieval, almost Renaissance artifact!! sink plunger. For every taste in various formats and colors!

A simple idea, cost / benefit  satisfactory that kills two birds with one stone,  rather, menstrual cup: putting an end to the production and trade of sanitary napkins and but can erode the health of women and   all grounded, environmentally conscious,  giving green sustainability a fallacy!

The idea is simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and green and blah. But girls, stay alert to the use and cleaning of the menstrual cup because the female reproductive tract is internal ... so are necessary basic biosecurity precautions to prevent  infections and other parasitic diseases!
And that's not all girls! Imagine how much use you can do with the cup-toilet plunger in those days not red calendar, menstruation go! Absorbent, toilet plunger, menstrual cup is the same as steel wool ... always has a thousand and one uses! rsrsrs
                                               As the sanitary napkin and Tampax the menstrual cup has a thousand and one utility! Invent your good fashion!

May arise some problems such as:

"Afff. I forgot my menstrual cup  can You lends me her until tomorrow?"

 "Help! How do shove it inside me?"

"When will I know if my menstrual cup is already full?"

"What is the maximum range for emptying, cleaning and disinfection of the menstrual cup?"

"Who can stay at my job post while I go to the bathroom to give a checked in my menstrual cup?

"This menstrual cup is a pain in the ass! Somebody give me a hand because the the thing disappeared, went into space, ops, abdominal cavity."

"Does it work as a diaphragm, an anti-conception?"

Can I have sex, fuck, with the menstrual cup inside my vagina full or empty?

Small test for boys.
Guess what is toilet plunger, washcloth, electric gun,  schoolbag, vibrator, diaper geriatrics, internal and external absorbent, Ipad,  pen drive,  menstrual cup and what a man is doing in the picture with an absorbent?
WHO WORRY WITH THE PLANET, GLOBAL WARMING AND BLAH USA MENSTRUAL CUP! "Environmental agents" or miserable garbage eaters in the center of Rio de Janeiro Brazil."garbage of the rich and middle classes is food and citizenship for millions of Brazilians!

Of course there are leakages that cause serious environmental damage, but nothing to compare to the sanitary napkin!
The harmful and deleterious power of menstruation, in fact, known among women as monstruation is a monstrosity not only to the environment,  global environmental, it brings to the woman -   beyond the abyssal fault  THE DISREGARD  with Earth, has hormonal disorders altering their weight, appetite for chocolates, mood (bad mood), crying, anxiety, and even the  Witch Mirror syndrome (Menstruation leaves woman  always ugly) and inspires her killer instincts [TPM], especially  the use as  a foreign body between the legs and / or within the vaginal canal!
                                          Pink Stinger is a self-defense gadget that fits in every bag and looks like a tampon; he able to discharge up to 50,000 volts of energy causing the assailant / abuser / etc fly to 4.267m. "TAMPAX" in them!

 IN DEFENSE OF THE EARTH AND MENSTRUAL CUP: tampax versus environmental disaster!

Chevron fined for pollution in Ecuador. Oil company is accused by the spill of toxic materials in areas amazônicas.14 February 2011

"The Amazon and its inhabitants  Chevron's pollution victims will be compensated "[leak of 2,400 barrels of oil in the Frade field in the basin of Campos, Rio de Janeiro. "]

"Rio de Janeiro asks public civil action against Chevron".

"Living the landfill is still reality for thousands of miners"

"More garbage from England was found in the Port of Santos"

"Eviction trash from Europe in Brazil ports "

"On November 5, 2015, the Fundão dam Samarco mining company controlled by Vale and BHP Billiton, broke up, causing a great flood of mud. The mud devastated Bento Rodrigues district in the municipality of Mariana, in Minas Gerais, destroying homes and causing the death of people, including residents and own mining employees. In addition to the human and material losses, the mud that got away because of dam break caused a serious environmental impact."

The menstrual cup is not going to save the planet! afff