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sábado, 29 de outubro de 2016




"It is the nature of the animals,
By instinct or compulsion,
Act selfishly;
See the snake, the scorpion.
Rats are on that list,
Satisfying caprices,
Exploration, shareholders,

Because rats is what they are! " 

Sérgio Antunes de Freitas

 Free translation
Mosaico a partir de Congress ... rats, professional
  crimes against the people! 99% corrupt!
Marina da Silva

The most cruel, dishonorable and shameful coup d'État that Brazil could suffer  and SUFFERED  it was not the usurpation of power by Vargas (1935-1945) or the military coup (1964-1984), where a sadistic gang of uniformed beasts massacred, He tortured, murdered and disappeared thousands of Brazilians citizens! 
The worst disgrace and dishonor done against all the population of Brazil was perpetrated within democracy AND BY THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE: the deposition of President Dilma Rousseff on 21/08/2016, re-elected in 2014 for another term! This rape of the Constitution /1988 and the democratic rule of law was conducted by scum, trash, criminals and corrupt Congress! Colonels policy that command all powers (legislative, executive, judiciary, prosecution) and Federal Police; mainly oligarchies of the major parties: PMDB, PSDB, PP, DEM, PR,  main interested to destroy the investigations of Lava jato [car wahs] for the high involvement in corruption crimes. A theft championship and diversion of public works funds led by Odebrecht, Andrade Gutierrez, Queiroz Galvão, Camargo Correa, The cement League!

"Eduardo Cunha, in turn, coexists with clear evidence of corruption from his first steps in public life. Not even the great service rendered to the country with the decision to accept, as mayor, the beginning of the discussion of the impeachment process Rousseff held a sense of grandeur or the perception of the gravity of the moment. it was motivated by the fact of not having achieved an agreement with the Planalto to avoid impeachment process of its own mandate, which has always put at the service of his corrupt personal interests "says editorial of the newspaper Estado de S. Paulo da Mesquita family; that is, as it says the defense of Dilma, there was misuse of purpose " Emphasis mine Free translation

Frames unlimited, legal rapes, corrupt shield as Eduardo Cunha, concealment and attempt to shove the coup metamorphosed in an unconstitutional and fraudulent impeachment was right to manufacture the Legislative and exclusive broadcasting of Globo Organizations, with support and solidarity and voluntary participation of groups Bandeirantes, SBT and Record... because rats is what they are!

Mosaic from images. Mafia globo. Consensus Manufactured: PTfobia, Lulafobia, Dilmafobia and creating terror and fear of landscapes!

The performance of the Globo [Bandeirantes, SBT, Record] is within the script of The World Order - USA, described as the "new diplomacy" and "Foreign Policy in the digital age" by Henry Kissinger:

"The new diplomacy says that if a sufficiently large number of people get together in public to call for the resignation of a government, and transmits its claims in the digital plan, they are a democratic expression, justifying moral support and the same material by the West. this approach is equivalent to a call for Western leaders (and especially American) immediately communicate its approval in terms less possible ambiguous, "prescribes Kissinger.
Mosaic São Paulo. Paulista avenue: OUT DILMA? STAY DILMA?  RICH OR POOR? Neoliberalism X Lulism? who chooses? USA.

The Globo network has fulfilled the geopolitical order of Uncle Sam, PRODUCING A CONSENSUS against Lulism and their policies for the poor and low-income workers, mourned in the media as "Brazil cost" (labor social rights) and "social parasitism" (distribution policy income as bag-family) harshly attacked since Lula's election in 2003.
The Globo network has turned into a hero of  Coxinhas [drumsticks], one of the political abject: Eduardo Cunha, hiding their diversion crimes, money laundering, collection of fees and other blows against the public coffers and made Coxinha nation, a middle class stratum known individualistic, selfish, manipulable by laziness and convenience, low critical density due to general education and citizen in particular atrophied! Drumsticks wearing football shirt as civics symbol and beat pots and gossiping fallacies, especially on social networks, in favor of impeachment thus leaving the show immoral rancid slave and resistance to improvements brought to the poor by Lula / Dilma.

Mosaic from Consensus manufactured: Neoliberalism, conservatism, horror the poor and PT are the flag of  rats and drumsticks!

The drumsticks were allied with the ultra conservative right , landowning, slave, authoritarian, intolerant, corrupt, concentrating wealth and perpetuating the misery and poverty of a large number of the population as a way to ensure in power
the electoral halter! In Brazil voting is guarantee this status quo since the founding of the republic in 1889, before it was black slavery! But something went wrong in the manufactured consensus ...
The American geopolitical or external diplomatic plan of global justice consensus made in favor of DILMA OUT, impeached NOW - large number of people who took to the streets asking for the resignation of a legitimate government, Dilma Rousseff, elected by more than 54 million Brazilians collided in the huge number of people invaded the streets and squares of Brazil asking STAY DILMA, OUT  corrupt! 
The GLOBO NO LONGER DECIDES IN TECHNOLOGICAL AGE! Red militancy changed the sickle  and hoe by mobile phones, Iphone, Ipad, tablets, computers, laptops, one geostrategic and geopolitical phenomenal that invaded into the social networks, especially Facebook, twitter, what'sApp, Instagran, websites, blogs; dominating the political cyberspace, beating the absolute power of fabricated information Globo with globo counterintelligence and  Instant fallacies deconstruction! is The guy! Says Barack Obama on Lula and of course  he copied the PT's program and was elected president of the United States for two terms!

The PT governments have become serious threats to this coronelist parasitic condition from Lula's rise to the presidency and the clear reorientation of the PT government for the neediest classes! The greatest achievement of the PT government was to raise the moral of the Brazilian people always treated as rabble, people mutt, lazy and social parasite! Lula showed and gave birth in the population suffered proud to be a citizen, to be Brazilian! But "Lula enigma" does not stop there:

"Lula enigma has to be deciphered from the ability to build a neoliberal model and a political force able to put it into practice, even with a brutal legacy received from neoliberal governments and an international framework dominated by this model. Lula managed build a dominant force, even without most left through alliances with the hegemony of the left. 
It was so Lula has put in place the historical objective priority PT of social policies as a way to combat inequality, defined as the main problem of Brazilian society. It was through social policies that his government said, was consolidated, built political majorities in the country and could be imposed.
It was through the state rescue to induce economic growth and guarantee the denied social rights historically to the vast majority of the population that Lula recovered state legitimacy, promoted the period of greater stability and legitimacy of a political party in government in democratic history Brazil.
Was promoting a foreign policy focused on regional integration and South-South exchanges Lula said the sovereignty to est abandoned Brazil in the world and designed the country's name and his own as a world statesman range, combating hunger and peaceful settlement of conflicts in the world. "Emir Sader Free translation Enphasis mine

Resultado de imagem para somos milhões de cunhas "the restorer of morality is there to recover the policy values". Eduardo Cunha é FU...Frank Underwood tupiniquin - version Netflix de House of Cards to Brazil  Drumsticks.

"If you are an empty stomach,
Gnaw money, democracy,
Respect and reputation.
The accomplices, the booty
The deviation of corruption.
The honest pursuit.
They will always acting like that.

Because rats is what they are! "

But Globo media and accomplices, ops, affiliates actually have all this power of manipulation on the middle class Drumsticks? Of course not!

The drumsticks left his free will, his sense of justice, ethics, morality, honesty and respect for democracy, the laws, the sovereignty of the vote and sovereignty of the Constitution /88 suspended, concealed, covered up ... because rats is what they are? Of course not! Are lazy, illiterate politicians, paraphrasing Brechet! It Kissinger explaining the ease in handling "drumsticks people", anywhere in the world:

"In an environment like this, [Brazil, serious crisis of corruption, economic crisis] those who participate in the public debate are likely to be guided less by weighted arguments than by awakening an echo in the moment state of mind. The immediate focus it is hammered every day in the public consciousness [Globo and spreading hatred against PT, Lula, Dilma] by the advocates of these ideas, whose status is generated by its ability to dramatize the themes. Public show participants rarely gather around a specific program. Many seek the contrary, the momentum produced by a moment of exaltation, treating their role in the event primarily as participation in an emotional experience. " Light enigma paraphrasing Carlos Drummond de Andrade! Free translation

Resultado de imagem para eduardo cunha preso globo Eduardo Cunha arrested? "Life in crime
Eduardo Cunha: public service for private gain. See all reports and poorly explained cases that surround the deputy removed.

A whole life of crime? What? Hello? Eduardo Cunha is the evil favorite of  Coxinhas [drumsticks]! Eduardo Cunha is the sewage pipe that will clean the Brazil taking out the PT, Dilma and Lula power! We are millions Cunhas... because rats is what they are! Millions of Cunhas, millions of drumsticks! But who are these people wearing the national team shirt, hit pots, hates the PT, Dilma, Lula and to the number 13 and defend the indefensible?

"Summarizing the opera: picking up here and there and globalizing "the drumstick being" one reaches easily the class: most mestizos light skin, employees, civil servants and / or self-employed. Drumsticks have complete/ incomplete higher education , deficient classical culture, fashionistas, love falsettos Rolex and Louis Vuiton. Drumsticks have slave remains, big rage against poor, black, slum dwellers, periphery. They are replicators sensationalist headlines and reactionary political and conservative   jargon, interventionist speeches as state-daddy, social parasitism, economic populism, Mensalão PT, petralhas.
Drumsticks believe Blame it on Dilma, they scream We are millions of Cunhas [Eduardo  Cunha], which Lulism is the same as vandalism, Lula is  the crap in power. Drumsticks defend the death penalty to end the  bandit-bag, alms-bag. Drumsticks are contrary to the labor rights of domestic workers and they hate the poor in malls or traveling by plane.
Drumsticks have flighty character hanging for addictions and other degenerations of character. They defend the indefensible: theft, corruption, murder, rape, etc., provided that the authors are top class and color, that is white and rich at the same time. Drumsticks are racist, homophobic, sexist and confuse citizens with consumption. Drumsticks are unaware of the history and world geography in general and the history and geography of the their country in particular. The greatest stronghold of drumsticks is within Organizations (Globo, Bandeirantes, SBT, Record). Drumsticks follow twitter and  likes Facebook reactionaries and fashion. Example: like Facebook corrupt, homophobic, bad character: Jair Bolsonaro, pastor Marcos Feliciano, Pastor Silas Malafaia [politicians], Luciano Huck, Alexandre Frota, etc. It is a being clueless, amoral, stateless."

"Even a full stomach,
Spoil for fun.
Destroy another's honor,
Health, education.
And by chewing all day,
Ruin production off all

Because rats is what they are! "

Not no more trying to hide behind the fallacies they have told you: no use appealing to the infamous "History will show who was right" because the DNA Coxinha is linked to the military dictatorship in the coup in 1964; DNA also linked to slave rancid, political conservatism, religious, moral fallacies and intolerance against minorities. Drumsticks are allies and support the coup, corrupt and all rats, especially the PSDB rats: FHC, Aécio Neves, Anastasia, José Serra, Romero Juca, Alckmin, citing some rats who helped deposition Rousseff because ... rats is what they are!
Are rats [rare exceptions] in 35 subtitles as Eduardo Cunha: professional, sophisticated, serial corrupt, corrupting, thieves of the nation and the Brazilian people, included drumsticks!
There is no forgiveness for the middle class Coxinha!
 You can not grant mercy, charity or compliance with this stratum middle class  that abuses the excuses: "I did not know"; "I defend the indefensible", "any corrupt is better than an honest PT", "Dilma pedaled", "Rousseff caused the current serious economic crisis," "Lula has a triplex in Guaruja," "The son of Lula is owner of the Friboi "; "Lula  charged million for talks for the Lava jato companies," "Lula has a house in Atibaia," "Lula cut his finger to retire as poor"!
The drumsticks deserve only an important geostrategic and geopolitical advice that Henry Kissinger gives politicians, statesmen: to study, seek knowledge [information is not knowledge, should encourage the pursuit of knowledge], master technology and to examine and understand the HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY! Because both serve to justify... subjugation of peoples, imperialism, slavery, wars! Drumsticks back to the classroom! Uncomplicate! Drumsticks fighting for the end of democracy, intervention, Cunha is our corrupt and other corruptions. The middle class [Coxinha] is stupid! Giving an up grade in the philosophical speech Marilena Chauí! DEFENDING the indefensible: CORRUPTION AGAINST CORRUPTION marching! PARADOX? No ... intellectual laziness!

"Do justice and morality
court  exception.
No evidence, only conviction.
They also use the newspaper
Ill-fated of ways.
Mix information
And defamatory headlines,

Because rats is what they are! "

We live in the information age, the simultaneous information and updated every second; the age of the internet, social networks, sovereignty Facebook, Google, What'sApp, citing the main means used by billions of humans. And everything is available to everyone all the time instantly: truths, lies, true lies, lying truths, manufactured consensus, using a lovely term Noam Chomsky!
Drumstick, is You decide the game Rule on Avenida Brazil Altas hours with Jô 11:30 in Fantastic JN or meeting with Cunha,  the "sewage pipe" that forged and led in the lower house the coup against the democratically elected president  and the usurpation of power by Michel Temer and corrupt the PMDB and allies in the crimes of corruption of Lava jato [PSDB, PP, DEM, PRB, PR, and 21 more parties], now coming to light after worldwide demonstrations of repudiation of the coup!

"Ruminate their privileges,
And the poor, in profusion,
Sacrilege of deprivation.
They want fed up payments,
To exercise its idleness,
Making Parliament
A mere business desk,

Because rats is what they are! "

The arrest of Eduardo Cunha, the "sewage pipe", the corrupt who is the drumsticks side, the favorite corrupt is just the beginning of the Brazilian and world reaction for democracy, vote sovereignty, sovereignty of the 1988 Constitution, the return of Democratic State of Law, the "cleansing" of the three powers, the public prosecutor, etc!
And, "accepts it hurts less" (I heard it two years running by writing against the coup): the possible and not unlikely return of CRAP IN POWER, read: Lula, the Northeast, owner of the triplex, a house in Atibaia and the Godfather of all corruption in Brazil since the "discovery in 1500", that is, President Lula in 2018! Of course if Lula is not ARRESTED OR DEAD!
The coup has revived social movements, the demonstrations against the coup, movements contrary to the shutdown of Lava jato; reanimated parties to the left.
And He jerked the unions, trade unions, associations; strengthened the student movements, GLBtrans, etc. and such and contrary to predictions and wishes of the coup media, rightists and corrupt politicians and drumsticks, NOT BURIED INSTEAD OF PARTY WORKERS!

"Harm the environment
They sell our flag.
But do not play with us,
Because we want a happy people,
In a healthy nation!
We will make our country
A huge rat-trap,

Because rats is what they are!

"Sergio Antunes de Freitas

Resultado de imagem para michel temer onu 20-09-2016

"In protest, six delegations abandoned Temer speech at ONU.O president of Costa Rica and representatives of the delegations of Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua left the UN General Assembly"

José Serra PSDB, putschist Minister Michel Temer, president coup threat pro-Dilma Rousseff countries "countries as Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. - All critical to the legitimacy of the impeachment of Rousseff (...) El Salvador that criticized the impeachment and decided to suspend official contacts with Brazil. "


"Members Wolfgang Gehrcke, Heike Hänsel, Jan van Aken, Christine Buchholz, Sevim Dagdelen, Dr. Diether Dehm, Annette Groth, Inge Hoger, Andrej Hunko, Katrin Kunert, Stefan Liebich, movassat niema, Dr. Alexander S. Neu, Dr . Petra Sitte, Alexander Ulrich and DIE LINKE.

Peace, democracy and social justice in Latin America support - disapprove depose the President of Brazil " Grifo meu

Resultado de imagem para Lula entrevista jornal folha de são paulo 18-10- 2016 LULA ARRESTED OR DEAD!

Mosaico a partir de 

I fight for freedom, the Federal Constitution/1988, the democratic rule of law!