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sábado, 30 de novembro de 2013


* Hi people forgiveness for my terrible english and thanks google translate. Brave new livestockWe are all Brazilian...
Marina da Silva

When there are a couple of decades ago it was discovered that the First World, read the United States were studying Brazil and the Brazilian people seeking to understand how a nation so vast and complex managed to keep the people united, no civil wars or social disorders, obedient and docile to the laws - despite the huge gap between rich and poor - it was thought that the focus and the objective was to apprehend and understand the phenomenon of racial diversity of the U.S.A, the reduction of the white population, miscegenation and population heterogeneity typical of Brazilians!

"Our Japanese are the Best" - slogan of a multinational corporation headquartered in Brazil epitomized what the face of the country. The United States was becoming a Brazilzão? In this land all that plant grows, warns Pero Vaz de Caminha to the Portuguese Court. Brazilians are the happiest people in the world! Brazilian is nice! Brazilian never gives up! If all this were proven scientific truth could be
validated for the rest of the world Brazilian way of being and govenar!
A Brazil portrait of Sarney ' age. Honorable bandits a blockbuster

What would be a disgrace, an unthinkable human throwback to the First World, as it is populism-colonels and high degree of political and administrative corruption practices abject holding the population in perpetual state of cattle, beggar and mutt! Bag alms card

The face of Brazil:

"Brazil is what has flat silver
Or one who only eats with his hand?
Or is that Brazil is not eating
The fat in Brazil contradiction?
The Brasil thar beats tin drum
Or hitting wallet at the station? "

Extreme luxury and extreme poverty; big house and slave quarters, manor and tenement; mansion and favela. This Brazilian "landscape" very interested them first-world not only in Brazil but in Latin and Central America, Asia, Africa. But why?
 Because we live in a new phase of capitalism and flexible accumulation, neoliberalism, globalization. Since the end of the Gold Age [end of the second war recovery of Europe, Japan, technological surge that allowed the fragmentation and displacement of production, increased Asian competition-Tigers and Bric's] the most powerful nations of the world seek to control raw materials, cheap labor and/or slave, benefits and tax exemptions for governments as a way to lower the costs of production and increase the rate of profits in addition to financial speculation taking hold of the state and the public coffers capturing political power and robbing the nation via public private partnership-PPP! Inside Asia, One eye in Africa, Feet in the Americas and the rest of the world!
Fhoto Marina da Silva. Belo Horizonte, partial view of the complex of slums of Sierra

Leaving aside the other countries and taking The Brazil case: in the course of the research it was found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Some results have intriguing and promising theories , capitalistically talking :
• The Brazilians have a passion for luxury ;
• The poverty and misery of millions may generate billions of dollars ... ;
• The slums can save the world ... capitalist ;
• Lethargy and low politicization of the Brazilian people is through the disempowerment AND DISQUALIFICATION OF CITIZENSHIP ;
• The classic middle class and the bourgeoisie stink and are undesirable in the current phase of flexible accumulation ;
• It is extremely easy to create a " new middle class " metaphysical totally detached from reality midiatizando him feel "middle class " with nothing ;
• Outsourcing [ of citizens , labor, labor , businesses , public services , public servants , the human spirit , etc. ], is a lifestyle and healthy form of government for capital named for me Life Style 1.99 or Life Style 99P . and photos Marina da Silva
And the more shocking: one can globalize the "Brazilian way" to the First World! Centuries of civilization process building a more humane and rich sociability both material and spiritual are on track for the trash can!
2010. "115 million people, or 23% of the EU population, were considered poor or socially disadvantaged. The main causes are unemployment, old age and low wages, with over 8% of all workers in Europe now belonging to the group of "working poor" .... The growth of poverty and social exclusion is not simply a result of the economic crisis, but rather the result of a deliberate policy on the part of European governments and the European Union. Despite these alarming statistics, the authorities continue to cut social spending, increasing the retirement age, eliminating public sector jobs and expanding low-wage sector -. All measures that broaden and deepen poverty "

Adaptability is the main characteristic of this people happy, kind, flexible, moldable ... mainly by excessive use and abuse of legal or legalized [eg violence. UPP pacification unit-poor, ops, pacifying police unit; corrupt military militias and drug traffickers, allied to a slow justice PPPP-punishes poor, blacks, prostitutes, periphery and conniving with the criminals white collar [corrupt politicians, thieves Money public] and subsumed these.
If it is possible to govern Brazil, a giant with nearly 8.5 million km2
and 200 million citizens why not apply the same modus operandi in First World countries in crisis?
The Brazilian has a passion for luxury, has said the carnival Joãosinho Trinta is not only the wealthy citizens! The  poor’s Brazilians poor, non-poor, and especially the new middle class Cde of Brazil dream Nike, Rolex, Hilux, Land Rover, BMW, Audi, yellow Camaro, Kawasaki and cintroen! The cheap credit and easy to lose sight fortified of the Bags alms and jobs boom in construction, trade and services sectors leveraged by PAC - Growth Acceleration Program in 2007; Cup PAC, PAC mobility,  Olympics PAC and PAC escambal!
Ostentation  funk or  Paulista funk: Instead of sexual boldness, the themes are articles of high prices: cars, bikes, sunglasses, clothing, drinks, etc..

That garbage begets wealth everyone knows, but that poverty and misery of large numbers of the population generates easy riches? It was only possible to prove through scientific studies!
"Study by the IFC (International Finance Corporation) private institute linked to the World Bank and IDB (Interamerican Development Bank) on how world poverty is a potential market of capital, ie, poverty can generate lots of wealth. The study says that "the four billion people living in poverty has a purchasing power of $ 5 trillion"!
"Http:// -pobreza.html

Photos Marina da Silva (named) 1

Everything for the poor is more expensive! Completed scientific studies and easily money goes into the hands of thieves! Explained: in Brazil billions of dollars are diverted from social programs and public works! There is a historical parasitism and promiscuity among politicians / businessmen, especially contractors, factory owners, bankers, landlords, etc., that finance political campaigns of all candidates in elections likely to ensure the scheme favoritism in bidding scheme known as Toma lá dá cá -and it is in giving that we receive!

The slums can save the world ... capitalist! And is not the logistics, andabilidade, agglomeration economics, cheap labor, green sustainability! In Brazil 65% of the new middle class Brazil lives in slums, receive alms purses and form a population quota of 12 million Brazilians, officially. Slums are a captive consumer market literally!

While 65% of slum dwellers have been labeled as "new middle class Brazil", the classic middle class, squeezed, strangled with frozen salaries, paying excessive taxes, goods, services, food, housing, etc.. hyper inflated To rool and samba not to go live in overcrowded slums!
And now Joseph? And now you? Quoting the poet Drummond. The Brazilian state that infested the parasites , viruses, and worms that use the media to their fallacious discourses , but worried about profiteer opening public coffers to who funded their campaigns and placed them strategically in the chambers, Senate, ministries , presidency! Our democracy is fiction and the elections a farce, a mere push button in a highly suspected fraud voting machine!
 Citizenship in Brazil boils down to this: confirms corrupt politician!

The disempowerment of the people is by confining citizenship to the mere act of voting every two years and culminates with the push button that emits no proof for voters about the actual destination of your vote! No representatives [there is no opposition between political] the country is easily dominated by companies holding the economic power! Is the empire of corruption ! Delta belongs to the "suspect" of corruption and Carlinhos Cachoeira is the consortium of construction of the Maracana stadium and Mineirão stadium, duplication of avenues in BH ...

"Four contractors concentrate U.S. $ 138 billion in projects in the country," read the full story

What the  First World want thes Brazil is ... donwloading this sordid and disgusting way to govern and administer,  the disempowering citizenship, killing processes of growth and human development in sub-investment in key areas such as health, education, culture, security, housing, leisure, etc.; extinguishing the Middle Class Classical "; ravaging the world of work feeding two classes of workers : outsourced and slaves! Outsourcing in Brazil is synonymous with precarious work, low paid, poor conditions and labor relations, lack of legislation (there are only 331 to regulate the scoresheet as extensive category).The humanity of individuals is brought to minimum consumption necessary to survival, a return to the ape ! Household debt is brutal for both food speculation, real estate, as the overvaluation of products and in consumer fraud .

"Brazilians spend at least double that Americans in buying a Toyota Corolla or a Hyundai ix35., Or 94% more in the acquisition of an Audi A3." Below, the 10 domestic cars more expensive full 1.0 Brazil: 1) Hyundai HB20S Comfort Style 1.0 - R $ 42,095; 2) VW Fox 1.0 4P - R $ 41,582; 3) VW Gol 1.0 4P - R $ 41,510; 4) Fiat Attractive 4P Palio 1.0 - R $ 41,507; 5) VW Voyage 1.0 - R $ 40,235; 6) Chevrolet Prisma LT 1.0 - R $ 39,690; 7) HB20 Comfort Style 4P 1.0 - R $ 39,395; 8) Fiat Siena 1.0 EL - R $ 37,881; 9) Chevrolet Onix LT 1.0 - R $ 37,490; 10) Renault Sandero 1.0 Expression 4P - R $ 35,680.


If you can sell the car about 1.0 U $ $ 8000 to the price of luxury car to what to produce luxury car??
Outsource life is possible the ponce, classless, faux, generic to basic human needs! The media has a strong role in the social formation of mind in life style 1.99 in both TV and the printed newspaper! Atrophied, human life confined in class C wants and needs, into lethargy by the constant replication of landscapes of fear as forged in revolt busão/Jun.13

Foto Marina da Silva. Photo of Marina Silva. The media called us "vandals", but we are happy  Brazilians giving a stop corruption in Brazil! Belo Horizonte 16/06/2013

Worse than being an outsourced, underdeveloped people, the Third World is the life of cattle fifth category! The recent Obama pressure on Republicans with speeches to La "Lula" kill the American dream, Yes I Can, Yes We can and subsumption of powerful capitalist power-USA, owner of the world to "Brazilianization" process!
Charles Dharapak/AP" Before the start of voting in the Senate, Sen. Ted Cruz, considered one of the greatest leaders of the Tea Party (a more conservative wing of his party), said in his speech at the plenary that the agreement was "terrible" and that the people north American "has no voice in Washington." "U.S. approves raising the debt ceiling and avoid default."

If Obama's rise and life style 1.99 may have confused the intellectual elite of the September 11, 2001 attacks, the sub-prime crisis of 2008 [traits even in diffuse populist, paternalistic discourse and strengthening the state's role] to recent election of the mayor of New York, democrat Bill de Blasio makes clear and obvious option C or theory of existential minimum in the U.S. in full development! The next act will come with promiscuity, ops, "governance" Democratic-Republican!

                       / images
"New York, with 8.3 million inhabitants, is overwhelmingly Democratic and houses a multiethnic population, with 33.3% white, 25.5% black, 28.6% Hispanic and 12.7% Asian. (...) proposed, is increase taxes for wealthy new Yorkers to fund a garden for children for children from 4 years to build 200,000 affordable housing and maintenance of community hospitals. (... ) De Blasio's critics accuse him of "populism" and have made a "racist" campaign. He is also attacked by! his "limited experience in senior executive"

Ending: this text is not a work of fiction and any resemblance ... It is no coincidence, believe it or not!

quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2013


Marina da Silva
Foto Marina da Silva. "Eu ando pelo mundo prestando atenção em"... coisas que eu sei o nome.

 A vida deveria ter me tornado dura, insensível, um imenso bloco de granito impenetrável, maciço e com propriedades anti-absorvente, anti-aderente, anti-pessoas, anti-mundo. E bem que ela tentou! Mas nasci estranha, bicho esquisito e com um estranho sentimento do mundo. Um sentir de coisas e de gentes e de bichos, cantos e água e sussurros e poesia. E esse sentimento de tudo é que é o motor da minha vida, o que me faz ver sempre mais adiante, numa busca e tentativa incessante de descompreender o incompreensível, o inominável. As terríveis ausências materiais, as mais simples para garantir a sobrevivência, enriqueciam-me o espírito. Um espírito vagante, muitas vezes do corpo descolado, sonhador, querelante, inquisidor. Cresci assim, a vida tentando me embrutecer, galvanizar-me contra todos e tudo e eu rejeitando, lutando, despindo-me sempre dessa película anti-tudo, abjeta, degradante. Às vezes queria não ter olhos, ouvidos, olfato, tato, fala. Assim não teria que engolir seco ou emudecer meus lamentos. Não ouviria choros, não sentiria odores, não me importaria em ter pernas se são inúteis para o lugar que quero fugir. E principalmente não veria olhos, olhares, lágrimas, misérias, violências grandes, pequenas ou ínfimas. São os olhos que mais me atraem e mais me incomodam e mais me tocam. Como o olhar daqueles garotos em suas vestes rotas, catadores de lixo, que via encolhidos, joelhos abraçados, escondendo-se do frio, aceitando esfomeados, migalhas dos transeuntes ou de quem saía da padaria, enquanto minha filha deliciava-se com um imenso e delicioso pedaço de torta de morango coberta de chantili na confeitaria do outro lado da rua. Olhos de lince, olhos de gato, de esperteza e vigia. Olhos que denunciam esse mundo de descaso, de valores invertidos, onde às pessoas sobrepõem-se sempre o dinheiro, o poder, a ilusão do individualismo. Esses olhares me chicoteiam a alma faz-na sangrar, contaminam-me, acidifica-me os pensamentos, as palavras, o riso; mas que às vezes curam-me, como o olhar sorridente, agradecido, do rapaz que se estirou aos meus pés no piso do busão e que por instantes fica iluminado quando lhe dirigem a palavra e lhe perguntam se há algo que se possa fazer por ele, se está doente ou se é só um chiste.