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sábado, 12 de março de 2016

BRAZIL LAVA JATO: Aletheia 13 And the old lady OF CRACK

Hi, guys! Thank you for your attention and please forgive my poor English. Thanks Google Translate!

BRAZIL. THE CRACK OLD LADY, ALETHEIA, MAR/13: The manifestation Out Dilma out Lula and out Pt!

Photo Marina da Silva. 12 mars 2016. 10: 20H. Carré Raul Soares. Les partisans contre Lula exhortant la population à l'événement 13e en Mars 2016 Place de la Liberté. Belo Horizonte. Minas Gerais. Brésil

Marina da Silva

She was with eyes fixed on the television, listening to the "bad news" last night in the newspaper Good morning: two deaths in São Bento - old masterless truck leaves the track pedestrian runs over and killed both, pedestrian and driver; girl injured in hit drug trafficking accounts is in HPS - hospital emergency room, stable framework; goalkeeper of your favorite team, the "archer of God", state deputy,  it's suspected of corruption and He's in trouble in a crime of hell!
"Et tu Brute?" afff
"It's a lie PT  and Lula's lie, the Thief!"
"Jesus Christ! I thought aloud or am I still asleep?" I was sure to be in the restaurant ... "was she not?" She is scared.
"Bonjour mes amies! Êtes-vous Comment?" She greeted the girls there 06: 50H am in the cafeteria restaurant.
"Bien!" They answered her.
"Your corn biscuit is already down!" Warned Nanda, the master chef of the delicacies.
"What face is this?" Paulinha, who just won the third son, Lorenzo, a prince!
"Tiredness. Heavy work. And yet it's only Thursday!" Opening the wide mouth.
"Really. I'm also tired and so sleepy!" Simone, the hot brunette lady box, yawning.
She picked up the biscuit, coffee, joked arounf with Luiz, a service colleague, handsome, sexy, she greeted Terê, another colleague and went to sit close to the TV to see the newspaper.
"Lula is a liar! That bastard!"
"HI"? She awoke in time! A young man, in black suit, vigilant, aggressively looked and talked to her. Only the two on site, checked rapidly.
"Ready! I thought aloud, thinking that I was still asleep."
Everything could have ended there; could, it was enough to have agreed, over coffee, paid the bill and leaked out to work. But it didn't! Out of nowhere, a spirit of investigative reporter CNN's Christiane Amanpour, mixed with Dr. House the show  took possession of her body.

Photo Marina da Silva. 12 mars 2016. 10: 20H. MARCHÉ CENTRAL. CLUB SAI BUBBLE. Anti Lula exhortant la population à l'événement le jour 13 Mars, 2016 Place de la Liberté. Belo Horizonte. Minas Gerais. Brésil. MALHEUREUSEMENT LE GARÇON prétendit prendre une photo de  la vieille dame du crack. Il soupçonne la vieille dame est le blogueur Marina da Silva, moi. kkkkk

"Only Lula is guilty in Brazil!" Cynicism, hypocrisy and upturned eyes.

Holy Mary! So she said it ... and worse,he was rolling his eyes. It was the same as stepping on the tail of the pit viper, poke ounce with short stick, open the punch marimbondo home and African bee simultaneously.

"Lula stole the gifts he got from other countries!"

"No one steals the gifts you are given my dear!" He smiled. And thank God she smiled only in thought, because the idea that lowered her that morning, at the time, was to test the general law that Brazilians do not understand anything about politics, confuses citizens to vote in the election, is handled by the globe TV globally and vote as if cheering football! She was now the Hawks of the Faithful, Corintiana from the womb, former president of the heart of the team Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, facing in lowland field, terrace red clay, the Brazilian canary selection Galvão, who knows policy xongas and even football or selection!
"He will have to return everything in that container to the Federal Police!"
"Other presidents never received gifts, only Lula!" He disdained him spitefully.
"Lula Institute has only thieves, his children received millions and nothing was done about ir! It's all investigated in Lava jet! Lula receives millions to give lectures and he doesn't even know how to speak correctly. A thief."
Where she heard or saw that a lie told a million times becomes absolute truth and no need to research?
"Not only Lula who is suspected in Lava jet and is not only the Workers' Party that has thief! We have 32 parties, 28 are involved in the operation Lava Jato Federal Police. The PMDB sends in Brazil and the party PP Paulo Maluf , wanted by Interpol, is the most stolen!
Also the PSDB's Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Aecio Neves are in Lava jet and do you know who was condemned? Anastasia, twice governor of Minas Gerais and is now a senator! "A lot of information, much ado about nothing - to paraphrase Shakespeare - and it was published in the newspaper O Globo."
"Thief! Thief rascal, that Lula is corrupt thief!" Hate virulizado web by network and you ... all about!
"Lula deserves respect! He was president twice, he is part of Brazilian history, he fought for labor rights !" Time to test the background selective heard guided by the Globo network.
"Thief! Lula bought a triplex in Guaruja, in Rio de Janeiro!"
Do not laugh for God's sake! She scolded severely. Let the man carrying Guaruja Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.
"AFFF? Lula can buy apartment wherever he wants!"
"The grange of Lula? What did you say? It was reformed by Lava jato (?) Who even bought the furniture?"
People, this man is the walking network Globo! She laughed again. You will give me the address of Lava jato contractor also? She laugh softly, looking down, eating cookies and drinking coffee. He waited for the grange name.
"Oh, he does not know where the site of Lula or do not know if it's  Azalea, Arezzo or Atibaia." Only in thought.
"Lula has rich friends my lord and Justice is still investigating, are there any evidence? Do you know what are signs? There are investigated facts ..."
"His whole family is a bunch thieves! The Lulinha is a thief, his wife Marisa too!"
"But Aletheia indicted and is investigating 13 more people, not everyone is the Silva family." More than 62 people are being investigated for crimes of the Lava jato until yesterday! "

"Lula da Silva, the Silva family, Lula's family." Better not try to explain anything about such Aletheia; he who asks the Ipiranga gas station. Temporized.

"His son owns Friboi".

"Help - she cried in thought If you move a muscle of the face is coffee in the face." She Senses alert.

"It's unlimited frame of Globo my lord!" Fuck! Regretting. He is young, he has not watched this show ... going to shit. " Quick analysis in big head.
"I watch the Band TV, I see Datena!"
"Thank God!" She released a relieved breath. She relaxed. "Ufa!"
"The Band TV is merely replicating the Globo network - almost dropped it in the air and scolded again, only mouth shut your crazy was difficult to keep the logical reasoning and "live" the twisted war without actually being involved in it, go head , band chest, boot and red Corinthians starlet, ops, Lula. She folded the scientific supervision. Focus!
"The Datena is calling civil war between PT 's people and "everyone hates Lula"!"
"Lula has money laundering and his wife and Lulinha too! Do you understand why the name PF operation called Lava jato? ' He smiled foxly.
"Jesus turns on the light and me wagging!" Citing the Globo novela's  phrases. But without moving the chair.

"This is not kidding! There is nothing in Lula's name, he is not stated in the IRS! The Lion knows everything!" Coffee and biscuit to wait for the reply.
"Lula is the owner of justice!" Confusing Justice with the IRS.
"The owner of Justice held Lula and arrested politicians of the Workers Party! Only the people of the PT was investigated, tried and convicted and Lula. Lula holds the corrupt your party! Lula cut the flesh!"
"When? Who?"
Another general law on the Brazilian people when politics comes into play: the voter has no memory, past, present or future! She let out a belly laugh to remember Dori, drawing Finding Nemo.
"TV Globo broadcast every day for months, the trial and sentencing of José Dirceu, José Genoino, João Paulo Cunha ..."
"But Lula thief was not arrested either be a minister now only to not go to jail!" He interrupted her speech and forgetting to turn the coffee and cheese bread. It looked like a little robot of a satanic sect, set up without memory, a doll John very silly crazy windsock.
I doubt he knows who the damned. "Even Xuxa is in Mensalão." Putz said.
"I am poor, but I'm not stupid!"
"Lula is poor!" Oops, gaffe, Lula defends the poor was the phrase to be said. "He's very intelligent!"
Now it was his turn to laugh at her face. "Lula is rich! Lula very  rich, he stole Brazil, he stole the contractors!"
"Barbarity Tche!" You need to get your facts right ... "Hot weather 80 ° Celsius.
"Are you calling me stupid?"
Boiling point, 100 °. Boiled up tempers. "Fucked!" She looked back at the TV and saw a restaurant employee following everything closely. Relieved breath. "That was close!"

"I told you information does not keep repeating only what comes out on TV Band or TV Globo. Type query Google, YouTube, Facebook!"
absolutely sure that he understands this language. Who does not know? She danced inside.
"I was born in favela. a thug offered me 15,000 to put real estate in my name and I did not accept!"
And what do you mean by that? Waiting for the congratulations? Sarcastic inside.
"Neither can my darling, it's crime against the law, it's wrong!"
"But Lula accepted!"
Fuck! It is the Globo network and your Band who are saying this! Police are still investigating, no one can be arrested without due process of law ... [if rich] completed in thinking time.
"I did not study!" Dramatic. Voice cracking. Preparing for Oscar.
"The Globo TV calls  Lula  illiterate and  dumb every day! Globo like Fernando Henrique because he has doctor's degree honoris causa. The Globo TV dislikes poor." General appeal. She would now reverse the game: Lula against the powerful Globo network!
"You have to read the books that speak of corruption crimes in Brazil, fact books (almost spoke Aletheia] about Sarney, Mensalão, Privataria Tucana The Cardoso FHC and José Serra are there in the books, with evidence and everything else ; ghost- companies, leeches, the crime Alston/Siemiens  in the São Paulo subway robberies. "

Mosaic from

Ready, she turned great class. And before he returned to xurumela miserable, crying: I am poor and am honest:
"I was born poor family of ten children, poor as Lula family, but my parents prized education, school!" He completed quickly before he came another accusation.
"Lula is a thief, corrupt! Day March 13th, 2016, Sunday, I'll wheelchair to take him to the police van!"
"Hi? Jesus rescues me!" Wide eyes.
Another anti Lula adversary the field, the home crowd just increased. And worse, old man and a cane moreover!
"Time to stop, time to stop, time to stop!" They shouted all survival senses on high alert, and she did not stop.

"Time to stop, time to stop, time to stop!" They shouted all survival senses on high alert, and she did not stop.
"Virgin Mary, general fucked" laughing in the  old man's face.
"Shut up, shut up, shut up! The man is older than you! She versus her. You smoked crack, you're crazy?"
"13 is the Lula number!" Laughter unnerved the old man and then the yong boy left the stadium, ops, restaurant. "Apparently lost "busão" or he remembered the register clock. Poor fellow, hopefully only be the" bus. "Really ... F *!" Maleficent.
"He will be caged Oh go! Lula will see the sunrise square! Lula's no good, bastard,  thief!"
"But you'll have to engulf President Lula again in the next election, in 2018!" She raising and catching cup and plate to return the counter and self punishing: "Kicking dead dog!" Was the remnants of censorship the years of military dictatorship and religious morality.
Of course she was not silly to face the young man, but that cane old man was papaya with honey, piece of cake, golden goal! Continued high towards the cashier:
"Only Aécio ass march to mark the 13th day of Lula! 13 is just Lula and the PT!" He no longer spoke to the old man spoke to the girls in the cashier, who were the loyal, voted for Lula, were confused with confusion and excessive TV Globo information, but they knew that Lula is the face of the poor! They laughed hidden without knowing anything of what happened.

The way to work remembered one bosom friend who wrote to her:
"And I'm still amazed when I found out that you are PT. I think I'll never lose my ability to surprise me." She looked back and there was the man of the cane, the other younger man was gone. She breathed a sigh of relief. Frightened away the political spirit of football Hoolligans shaking head, shoulders, arms like dumping garbage stuck in the body: "Get me something bad!"
She was jubilant, radiant, pure adrenaline for danger that had imposed to test the climate for the manifestation of Sunday, March 13, 2016.
"This old man gives to run fast, run, but if the other guy ..."

The dilemma now was different: she, the old lady of the crack *, will be in both events. But pray to God to be each as far away from each other as possible; because if CLUBS OPPONENTS AND ITS FANATIC FANS...
The war was ordered, prepared and additives by:  Globo TV,  Band TV, Rui Falcão, national president of the Workers Party and Datena a miserable buffoon who wants to be mayor of São Paulo!
If the blood roll and if  happen misfortune,  if someone "rumala the disgrace*":

* The old lady of crack : chronic published here on the blog.

**Lava jato: Lava jet is the name of the Federal Police investigations. Even forceful Lula are 24 operations. Federal Police investigating Lava jets for adulteration in petrol and ended up discovering a corruption scheme involving large Brazilian construction companies, Petrobras directors, lobbyists, politicians (senators, congressmen, governors) of 28 parties, treasurers parties, marketing operators political campaign, money changers, etc. So far 62 people have been investigated and some convicted, among them Marcelo Odebrecht, the construction company Odebrecht.

*** Bahian way of saying "pack a disgrace," commit a folly.