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segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2016

BRAZIL LULA LAVA JATO Republic Odebrechet


Photo Marina da Silva. Manifestation OUT Dilma OUT PT, OUT Lula. Brasilia. 13/03/2016. In the background Pixuleco doll, the name given the 18th stage of the operation Lava jato   José Dirceu-PT arrested]; as Aletheia, 24th stage that has led Lula to testify under forceful and set fire to the two supporters! Notice that the pixuleco took Lula's face, as uniformed bandit, one petralha (allusion to Metralhas brothers, cartoon villains W. Disney).

Marina da Silva
MARCH 2016.
To understand what happens in this historic moment in beloved homeland Brazil is necessary silence, reflection, escape the mega Maracana stadium in the country was transformed and think, rethink, think again, as preaches José Zokner, which reaches observations clear, light, humored, in exquisite rhymes, a compliment the beautiful Portuguese langue!

Anyone know it's dangerous to poke ounce with short stick and nothing intelligent mess with poisonous snake. In the case of Jararaca, the way is to kill the snake have the death certificate in hand and then run to hug, give victory dance in the stadium, ISTO É, VEJA [that is, View - magazine]: show the stick!
March 2016 - the date handpicked - military coup in March 1964 and the deadline for applications for registration for municipal elections 2016, The "OPPOSITION" stepped on the tail of the most beloved and soon, the most feared Jararaca of Brazilian politics: Lula, the illiterate metallurgical, twice president, owner of PT, owner of Dilma Rousseff, the current president, father and protector of the poor, weak and oppressed. Holy miracle of the New Middle Class Brazil Cde, Lula, for many, is the eminence grise who rules the country under the  Dilma' skirts , twice elected, known as jararaquinha Lula puppy and guarantee of PT / PMDB reign (?) To ever! For Barack Obama, Lula is "the Man"! The Brazilian way of opponents take advantage at all!

Unlike in Lula, Dilma was "gestated" to take the stones, punches, low blows, rule mounted on the craziest mechanical bull on the planet, whose control is in the hands of the PSDB / PP / DEMO's  the Katrina strength in southeastern Brazil!
In Brazil, everything is dualistic, without middle term or any term: it is always us and them, us against them! A political legacy of Vargas, who had expertise in abusing the charisma and geopolitical use of football to dominate the economy and the people  when he took in 1930, and everything and everyone after coup in 1935. Vargas used soccer to clamp down, manipulate, drive and control the masses, which could only agglomerate in soccer fields, marked and allowed dates or religious festivals!
The Old Republic [1889-1930] clubs were all Republicans: PRSP, PRMG, PRRJ, PRPB, PRPE ... PrPr and political power only "coffee with milk" [governments of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, global producers of these commodities Agriculture and Livestock]! The "principal football stadium" was in charge of the republican parties of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. With Vargas, the old policy won New State, the rearrangement of the same republican teams, commanding from then by engineers, but under the geopolitical and geostrategic look of Uncle Sam, the United States that capitalist power leader, took the twentieth century facing a weight of opponent: Russian socialist power, owner of the USSR - Union of Soviet socialist Republics. It's...Cold War!

BRAZIL from Getulio Vargas: The Four sisters of cement are born at this stage and share the Brazilian territory and public works. They form teams, clubs, associations and unions of the largest builders / contractors involved in the biggest "corruption crime of all time": Operation Lava jato, PF - Federal Police, unleashed in its 12th stage, March 14, 2014!

Photo Marina Silva.Getúlio Vargas and Camargo Correa, concrete friendship!   Four sisters actually are five: add the OAS that "includes Construtora OAS, OAS SA, OAS Real Estate SA, SPE Management and Operation of Multipurpose Arenas, OAS Empreendimentos SA, SA Infrastructure OAS, OAS Investments Ltd., OAS Investments GmbH and OAS Finance Ltd. "
Do You want to know the story and the business size of these companies? Visit the website of each and make the historical trajectory  of domination of Brazil!

 The capitalist development of Brazil from Vargas -  industrialization, will linked to the power of engineers / builders / contractors, initially each in its square, construction, and its units of the Federation; but soon spreading its cement, sand and gravel in large corporate diversifications and beyond its primary region. Small business with big profits. The Four Sisters [Camargo Correia, Odebrechet, Queiroz Galvão and Andrade Gutierrez] turned into mega companies, diversified activities, monopolistic conglomerates, forming trusts and cartels! Regional in the beginning, grew "50 in 5" in developmentalism of Juscelino Kubitschek, JK and reached a "general staff" with armed forces during the military dictatorship of the coup of March 31, 1964! In just over two decades, the power of contractors, coupled with the bankers, factory owners, large farmers, industry, commerce was concreted sealed enshrined within the entire structure economic/ political / administrative/ social organization  of Brazilian State!

Photo Marina da Silva. Odebrecht: Home "Odebrecht is a global organization of Brazilian origin operates in the sectors of Engineering, Infrastructure, Industry, Energy, Transport and Environment.." Even on the powerful United States: Miami's aeroport
"The organization operates in the United States since 1990, providing engineering services and construction with main focus on segments of highways, bridges, airports, ports and subways. Currently, it brings together members of 33 nationalities, working with public and private customers in the states of Florida (video), Texas and Louisiana.

Among the projects currently conducted by Odebrecht Engineering & Construction International - United States is the highway Grand Parkway, Texas; and the works of the runway at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida.

The company recently completed the construction of the highway SR 836 / I-395 in Florida; the highway Sam Houston, Texas; LPV-9.2 system, which protects against hurricanes pumping stations on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana; and infrastructure that will allow the Port of Miami receive the supercargueiros that will enter the route of the east coast, from the opening of the new Panama Canal."

"Occupying" the three powers, harmonics under the baton of executive power, head-key in authoritarian championships [Vargas-1930-1945 dictatorship and military rule 1964-1984]  the Cement League, ops, the Four Sisters, have bent his order and Progress: All together we go, to the front Brazil, save the selection!

All the "war effort" - techno revolution / scientific of the twentieth century - in facing two Great World Wars, the Russian Revolution in 1917, the global financial crisis in 1929, reconstruction of Europe and Japan, the Cold War, etc., will flower and give fruits called " third technological revolution. " And with it the restructuring and re-engineering companies, production processes, management, labor relations, return to economic neoliberalism, dispossession of production, labor, business, border destruction, opening the world market, etc, etc, in short,  finally came the "globalization"!
The country of "economic miracle" in the years of military dictatorship goes to street asking "Direct now" in 1984, the return of democracy, the new constitution (1988) and representatives of the people in power (multiparty)!
1985-1989: democratic transition period conducted by José Sarney, PMDB / Maranhão, one of the worst species of Brazilian politician. Heavy northeast weight, administered Brazil with maximum "Toma lá, Dá cá", that is, through buying and selling of votes, amendments, secret acts, public offices, groups and supporters of the opposition, provisional measures, doing home work dictated by the contractors and other owners of power, collaborating with the transition of the Four sisters to the legislative appropriation, through lobbying, the same as buying politicians and political parties to finance their election campaigns!

Photo Marina da Silva.  See in site Queiroz Galvão  in the world!

All political power of the people now in Congress, is maintained in the same status quo Vargas to Dilma Rousseff: are the same contractors, The League of cement, who decide nation budget, public works to be executed and which companies .  "The  four sisters" decide the overprincig the public works, They decide policy directions for strategic positions in Petrobras, ministries, presidents and directors of state enterprises, banks, etc!
The 1988 Constitution changed the form of government: authoritarian militarist republic with broad powers of the executive to democratic republic, a sovereign state of law, where the political strength force of the Brazilian people was concentrated in National Congress, legitimate representative of the... contractors Club! Money that purchase the military, buy executive and judiciary  and now also purchase the legislative.
"The cement League" purchase any politician every election on the dance chair of the municipal, state, federal every two years!
Moves pawn every election, on the same place and the same game of chess.
The National Congress is divided into "compartments": city councilors, mayors, governors, state and federal deputies, senators, presidents. They defend the lobby of who they "wets the hand", deposits in bank accounts "makes me laugh," send for the tax havens the "pixuleco", a large bribe of brazen robberies of Brazil.Globalized, the Club of corruption is the party from the "democratic transition to Lula's election in 2003".The four sister buy privatized state enterprises; grant themselves essential public service concessions, create for themselves the "ilicitação"  law. The Concrete's four sisters protrude outside using political and / or Brazilian businessmen as lobbyists, using BNDES-  NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL BANK -Brazil, as SAFETY's legality and guarantees to contractors.
A group enriched with poverty, misery, hunger and death for millions of Brazilians, They stealing money from public works: transport infrastructure, education, social security, housing, food, security! The Cement League overpaying and steals the subway funds, money for duplication and road construction, asphalt, ports, airports, railways, construction of hospitals, schools, viaducts. They steal the emergency funds every summer floods and the droughts  in the northeast, credits the school lunch, lollipop little children!
The people lives by faith in the political promises, and politicians live the kickbacks, bribes, the "pixuleco" charged contractors! Public works in Brazil under the command of criminal enterprises serve to steal public money while "clean up the poor" noble areas.
With the mega events (2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games) and the intrusion of FIFA, football before use to  controller of the masses became to co-operator of corruption schemes with contractors.
Only the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, more than 8 billion was diverted to build 12 football stadiums!
There is in the country extensive literature and documentation of crimes. "Honorable bandits, Ten of the greatest crimes of corruption in Brazil" undermine the geostrategic / economic  / political power  of Brazil in the  Privataria tucana ruling by Acts secret, Mensalões, propinoduto!
The "Brazilian left", EXCLUDED PSDB, but mainly the PT-Workers Party came to scare the "System". Lula and PT / allies were the Brazil risk of coming down the corruption of contractors Championship and concrete League fall the hands of police (thought communism?).rs
Consolidate the power buying politicians, the PT and supporters, following the same  "Washington Consensus" given  first to Fernando Collor / FHC,  fell in the song of the Sirens. They accepted donations from political campaigns, were sold and played the same game: Mensalão to purchase vote for the interests of "government of the Four sisters", "provisional measures" and propinoduto!
Within the Four sister's scheme, but out of the spotlight the politicians defeated in the election adopted a strategy to vandalize  PMDB-Lula government! The political crisis has not prevented Brazil from advancing, reelect Lula that "cut the flesh" - PT caciques of Mensalão, arrested and sentenced - made Dilma Rousseff twice president, resisting supported by the veneration of St. Lula, the orchestrated attacks by opponents:PSDB / PP / DEMO's believe me, the allies and aligned PMDB and the PT. The chance to return to power to serve and to blackmail "Four Sisters" by the party tucano- PSDB came with Operation Lava Jato Federal Police: nicknamed Petrolão by the defeated candidate Aécio Neves in October 2014!

Coup d'etat 13/03/2016. Duck FIESP-FEDERATION OF SÂO PAULO INDUSTRIES. Fans take to the streets throughout Brazil to fulfill "The agenda" of the League of cement controlled by Globo network!

In the field, without understanding chongas from behind "Out  Dilma, Ou Lula, Out PT", citizens alienated and manipulated in the Championship of corruption, hit the streets cheering against himself, against 205 million Brazilians, singing hymn, wearing shirt of Brazil team and abductees and conducted by companies! Guess who pays the "duck" [bill]?

If the contractors invested and invest in all the partisan acronyms, 28 ACRONYMS are investigated in Lava Jato, why the hell just lulistas / Dilma / Lula are condemned and investigated for corruption?

Answer: geopolitical and geoeconomic strategy to deliver the head of the "Baptist" and maintain the "Empire", ops, Brazil in the hands of Four sisters! Very Darth Vader? OK.
All ends well that ends well, Shakespeare says: But "the middle way" of the works of the League of cemen had ... Outsourcing!
With the growth boom of the first Lula government and the discovery of the mega oil fields and natural gas from the pre-salt layer, the possibility of extremely high profits, appropriation and expropriation of Petrobras, raised greed to infinity and the control that was previously verticalized  in the theft of the public coffers horizontalize.  The scheme of Four sister are: win the bid in overpricing of public works of the PAC - Growth Acceleration Program [Pac 2007 Pac World Cup FIFA Pac Olympics, Pac Logistics, Pac Infrastructure] and outsource the execution of works. And how "outsourcing" is not the privilege of big companies ... explosion of outsourcing to perform a single work and the scheme, ie the theft platform fell into the hands of PF- Federal Police!

infografico-geral Prosecutor: Understand the operation Lava jato.

The strongest and most important parties in Brazil, which has the largest number of investigated in the operation Lava jato are the PP [Paulo Maluf, wanted by interpol, lives in Congress as a deputy for São Paulo] and PMDB [party of José Sarney, 50 in politics and stealing Brazil]. BUT all the heavy artillery, all attacks have targeted only the PT, Lula and Dilma Rousseff. Attack centered by the Congress as the politicized judiciary and also by the powerful Globo network. Only from the 24th stage of Lava jato and forceful Lula is that Odebrecht [through the heir Marcelo Odebrecht, arrested], is that new names and parties became public.

March 2014: goes public the Operation Lava jato and "lese homeland" crimes before presented  scattered, without ligation, fall into the network of federal police that investigating tax evasion, money laundering, money changers. The investigations and the intelligence service, a lot of diligence, PF  discovery a lot of corruption crimes against Brazil and drew the union trace of endemic corruption and the role of contractors in the thefts to the public coffers of the Union completing  the History and story of corruption throughout Brazil!
The PT is not the oldest Brazilian party or more strong. The most powerful and old parties are PMDB, PSDB, PP, DEMO's! The Workers' Party is not the most corrupt.  The PP - Paulo Maluf, criminal  wanted by interpol is what has most corrupt investigated in Operation Lava jato and leads the endemic corruption  in the nation with PMDB, PSDB, DEMO'S all parties with DNA in the old Republic. PT party isn't that has most corrupt's politician investigated, indicted, etc. WHY OUT PT  DILMA OUT AND LULA OUT?
The Fours sistes finance all parties and politicians without distinction and with equal privileges.  To the Cement League little or not care who is or will be in power [from the center, right, left, or which of 32 acronyms], because the goal is to control the wealth of the COUNTRY. Why the PT is being forced to pay the bill alone?
STARTING reflect:

* Because the PT is the party of  poor people and the championship is  just to the rich people is coarse answer! The puzzle key is:  The Cement League!

* Because Lula is illiterate and talkative and his government is the most made by "shirtless people" are simple-minded response. The PT could do more for people  if they  has had  more areas maneuvers. Lula and Dilma had to "pedaling" on the Four Sisters Union budget (actually a family of corrupt companies grew much) to make progress in social, unfortunately, just doing "possible."

* work "Law & Order", "Criminals Minds" in Brasília's "House of cards"! In the country of football, carnival and novels with happy endings and pizza - say supporters of the military dictatorship That :all this liberality in Brazil must be stopped, barred! The leak out INTENTIONALLY communication Lula / Dilma  the Globo network wanted to discredit and deauthorize Sergio Moro and all investigation Lava jato and even destroy the credibility of the Federal Police! A coup against the Brazilian people! Remember that the Globo network was born as concession the military dictatorship in 1965! Therefore it can not be at the service of the  brazilian's people, but only  serve to  the championship of corruption of "Four Sisters"!
theme to the following chapters: How to stage a coup d'etat in the country of contractors using the global media and the judiciary massive support on the team now called "Opposition" (PSDB,PP,DEMOS ANDE PMDB]?
 How many actions and injuries and judicial MANIPULATIONS can give a coup in the DEMOCRATIC STATE LAW BRAZIL?
Why PMDB and PSDB are opening negotiations on the field of control in Brazil by  Odebrecht? 
Why PMDB is rupturing broke aliance with  Lula and PT? 
WHY THE DEADLINE PMDB / PSDB is MARCH 31, coincidentally the COUP'S DAY MARCH 31, 1964?

We need to unset our mind: voting is not citizenship; acting as a fan is to play against Brazil and 205 million brazilians. We need  TO TAKE PARTY of Brazil and not adopt acronyms to defend;" Political parties are small  companies and large profits" with corrupt contractors and the like. Take with you your vote! Voto is precious, save it as a treasure. The mind, reason, freedom are the only weapon we have to be able to reduce the high degree of power and corruption of these groups and get some punishment and barred the corruption before the country name change to Odebrechet republic.  Globonews covered "They" day 03/13/2016 49 hours followed BUT nor gave confidence to "we" complain supporters, advocates
  the sovereignty and the democratic rule of law in Brazil and Lulistas. Of course it is a fact and not... versions!