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sexta-feira, 28 de julho de 2017


*Hello people, forgive me the abuse with your language. Thanks Google Translate


"... if I say to you that for man no good excels at discoursing about virtue and other subjects ... and that life without examination is not life worthy of a human being you will believe less in my words. "1

 Marina da Silva

This yes, it is a question, at least tricky, malicious and of an unspeakable bad attitude towards the young people who will undergo the National Examination of the Secondary School - ENEM in November / 2017. It brings with it such depth and philosophical complexity that it has challenged great minds since . It carries within itself such a depth and philosophical complexity that it has challenged great minds since  "God has cast out Eve and Adam of Paradise" and left them face to face to deal with the "Brave New World "and satisfy their needs with the blood and sweat of their own work! First let's take a quick look at Aurelio, the donkey's father, as he is known The dictionary of the Portuguese language of Aurélio Buarque de Holanda, in the meaning of corruption: 1. Depravity 2. Bribery 3. Alteration 4. Seduction.2 In Houaiss there is a more substantial explanation Corruption: 1. physical deterioration of something (Eg of food), in the figurative sense is: 2. depravity of habits and customs, etc., debauchery (antonym of decency), 3. money supply or advantage in exchange for a generally illegal benefit. 3
As Brazil lives bathed in corruption, since the days of Cabral (the discoverer of Brazil in 1500. Not to be confused with Sérgio Cabral, former governor of Rio de Janeiro, arrested for serious crimes of corruption in the investigations of Operation Lava jet), of course that the subject that we are going to discuss refers to the process of formation of the society and the Brazilian people, finally, of the country! What is impossible to do without a wider historical rescue of Western civilization from the invention of the politics or art of administering by the Greeks!
To try to answer or approach this Herculean work, ARE WE ALL CORRUPT? It is necessary to adopt the philosophical stance of Socrates (366aC - 399aC) and admit "I know that I know nothing"; Deconstructing the perfect Platonic world (Plato 427aC-347aC) that never fits the real of real human life into society; Drinking the wisdom of Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama, 563aC - 483aC) to understand and accept that the All is in the One and the One is in the Whole, Fleeing from the dualistic poverty of Mani (Manes, Maniqueu - 2nd century AD) 4 imprisoned between Good (God, Light) and Evil (Darkness, devil) and nothing else; Having the affection and care of not reducing the thought of Niccolo Machiavelli (1469dC - 1527dC) to the simple statement "The ends justify the means" because men are evil by nature and only do good to justify a greater evil impinged on many others!Translated by the Western Republicans or the "conservative right" (to protect exploiters, expropriators, and owners of the wealth produced socially by all) in the phrase "Doing Evil to do Good" ie, favoring addictions, evils, greed, individualism, selfishness, Ethical, moral, religious corruption to the detriment of the virtues of goodness, solidarity, compassion, love, charity, respect, honesty, equality, sharing, caring for all! "In a society, the lives of all human beings matter!
Turning our eyes, thinking, criticizing, philosophizing, creating, discussing the virtues of human life in society is an inherent concern for the human being in the process of civilization, in the construction of human sociability. What promotes the stability, order and progress of kingdoms, principalities, republics? A millennial concern that distressed Augustine (354dC - 430dC) for whom Evil is the departure from God and his laws and commandments or Jean-Jacques Rosseau (1712dC - 1778dC) who believes in human kindness the closer to the wild stage and far from Human creations or civilized societies! In the civilized world order and stability would be given by the Social Contract between the citizens and their legal representatives and all within the Spirit of the laws as Montesquieu professed and affirmed (1689dC - 1755dC). The Legislative is the representative of the people, the Executive executes everything for the good of the people and the Judiciary enforces the laws and does "justice" keeping in line those who do not follow what the people demand for all!
What leads to the corruption and corrosion of the social body (individuals) and the body politic (administrators / rulers / holders of wealth and political-social power)? Why have some empires had a long life and others have not? What led to the decay, for example, of the Roman Empire? It is in Machiavelli's work that such a concern gains prominence and will influence the rulers from the feudal transition to the modern state and mode of production and capitalist economy whose operation is given by the "invisible Hand (god) of the market" created by the classical economist Adam Smith (1723dC - 1790dC) in "The Wealth of Nations".
Many have been concerned with understanding "corruption," especially of human life in the infinite process of building sociability toward civilization, where stability, permanence, immutability are out of the question! We are social beings, we form social bonds relating to each other and with nature (the environment in which we live) to satisfy our needs and nothing has ever been or will be satisfied with our needs, which, from the moment they are satisfied, generate new needs every time More complex and diverse, and "This is how humanity goes" at the beginning of a tortoise steps, after a trot of horses, steam engine, electric light, Ford T, Ferrari and now in the instantaneousness of the internet! Of course, they are civilizational steps differentiated in time, space; Stages that today, twenty-first century, astonish us when we know of the human capacity to produce food, vaccines, to go to other planets, to robotic the production of goods, but to the exploitation, expropriation, dehumanization and pauperization of billions of human beings !
What is the Face of Brazil? The poet asks: Is Brazil the one with the silverware or the one who only eats with the hand? Or is it that Brazil is the one who does not eat the fat Brazil in the contradiction? "5 The country has the face of inequality and a huge economic gap between the 1% of the population that owns the wealth and 99% that lives / survives job!
Having made this small prelude, we will answer the ENEM question:

Resultado de imagem para lixão alimento de gente 2012. Rio de Janeiro. Garbage from Itaóca. "The search for food lasts for almost an hour. As if it were not enough to have to stir up all the garbage under a strong sour smell in the air, there is still a dispute with the horses, pigs and vultures for the remains of food.6

YES, answer for all that is alive, vegetable and animal kingdoms! If we were talking about the bio-psycho-physiological condition of the human being. Corruption begins as soon as the male gamete merges with the female gamete and ends in a period more or less, now, ninety years. The average life expectancy in some places and for some humans is close to 78/80 years!
YES also for the mineral kingdom both naturally, a process that takes millions of years (geological scale) without human interaction / intervention beyond the satisfaction of real needs, usage values. From the moment one begins to use this kingdom for values of exchange, commerce (rampant, unsustainable) such as building houses, soccer fields, useless Olympic villages-RJ and Amazonas stadium or to make jewelry to "Corruption" can be accelerated. An example is the mining of the Curral mountain range in Belo Horizonte, see image. Just over 50 years of MBR mining and where are the rocks that were here?
Resultado de imagem para serra do curral mineração Aerial view of the Curral mountain range, Belo Horizonte. MG.

DO NOT. The answer is NO if the question is related to human beings living on planet Earth and to human character, virtues and values: moral, ethical, religious, ethnic, honor, honesty, cultural values, folklore, etc. If the approximately 7 billion humans were all corrupted this question would not have the slightest fit and it would be foolish to ask for a dissertation on such in an ENEM! ARE WE ALL CORRUPTOS? DO NOT. #WEAREALLHUMAN

The ENEM question "we are all corrupt" is actually part of a "super hyper mega plus blaster" 7 political strategy within the context of a serious crisis of illegality, unconstitutionality, very high levels of corruption, thefts and crimes against the public coffers of the nation and That put in check the Brazilian political practice of oligarchies (colonels and barons) that dominate the power since the establishment of the Republic on November 15, 1889 and was unsustainable in the outbreak of the greatest crime of corruption of all time, at the moment, crimes Investigated by Operation Lava Jato. 
Are we all corrupt? Is an adventure so complex and deep of possibilities that only to unlock the verb "we are" would give a doctoral thesis! We are: Who, what, when, where, why, to which is sent this link, auxiliary, irregular, anomalous, bipolar, dubious, unstable intransitive sometimes transitive indirect, yes, we are or are we corrupt? And in the question Are We All Corrupt? Why the "subject" of phrase was concealed, indeterminate, but clearly referred to us? And corrupt? Is it a mere adjunct adnominal / adverbial or a declared "state" of something, someone, everyone, everything?
Masturbations, ops, mental drift apart, what really matters is not the biopsychosocial, historical-economic-political-cultural depth of the corruption inherent in all forms of government in the civilizing process, in the humanization of man / nature, especially in the mode of Capitalist production; Nor even refers to the racial theme of the issue, because for those who are ahead, Brazil straightens "black standing is suspect, running is a thief"; Being black is a crime (in more than 50 shades) and the penalty is death; With the right to defenders of the death penalty in the municipal, state, federal and senate chambers! These are some of the main corrupt, criminals who stole and steal the public coffers by fraudulent bidding and superfilling of public works, pestering businessmen by taking tips; Denounced, recorded, indicted in the crimes of Operation Lava Jato and ... THEY ARE GOVERNING THE COUNTRY! YES, WE ARE ALL CORRUPT IS THE ANSWER FOR ALL ABOVE.8

THE QUESTION ARE WE ALL CORRUPTED? Asks students to write a simple ENEM essay that corroborates the current state of corruption and degeneration of the body politic in all branches of government (Legislative, Executive, Judiciary and Federal Public Ministry) through which Brazil passes, where "The law is for all" Except for the owners of power, traditionally corrupt politicians like for example Jose Sarney and family; Aécio Neves and family; Renan Calheiros, Sérgio Cabral, José Serra, Moreira Franco, staying in these not to lengthen the text! Except for the richer class, the richest 1%, other classes are subject to justice (middle classes of white skin). Except to  Black, Poor, periphery  (Including blacks, mulattos, half-breeds, 50 tones of morenos, favelados, low income and miserable) there is no justice or even the right to due process. 
For them is the death penalty is enforced by police and / or official militias and civilian extermination groups.
Resultado de imagem para parar em fila dupla valor da multa Stop in double queue in traffic It is INFRINGEMENT and the fine is R $ 195,23 as well as parking on the promenade, in the pedestrian area, in the vacancy for handicapped. Charging millions in Odebrecht bribes, act of many corrupt politicians, IS CRIME OF CORRUPTION, theft, as well as overpricing of public works values. Compare the two acts is ... Fuck!

Simplifying the magnitude of the current corruption crisis in Brazil to reach the ENEM issue; Are we all corrupt? Wants to just divert attention and focus on the real thieves, criminals, corrupt politicians, creators and perhaps murderers, throwing about 205 million inhabitants in the same box of crimes and corruption of these! It is to sell the idea and create landscapes of "We are all corrupt" equaling and validating corruption in power!
"You who advance the red light" is as corrupt as the corrupt ones who are in the government !; He talks in corruption and to double file to pick up a son at school; Corruption only of others, of his not! Only God can judge corrupt and other-worldly pastors! Social networks are flooded with theses and lectures We are all corrupt daily! Interesting in the case of corrupt evangelical pastoral politicians is that God allowed his beloved Son, Jesus, innocent, to be judged and condemned to death on the cross by the laws of the Roman empire here on earth, but will he judge corrupt evangelical politicians in the Hereafter?

The post-truth farceThe post-truth farce: Pope Francis supports Trump. news spread by Trump's supporters.

We are all corrupt is a spurious, immoral, ignominious, abject, and phenomenal political strategy for the psychological manipulation of the "masses," putting the population in the mode of "state agent" 9, alienated cattle, maneuverable with lies and detractions on the real facts , Spreading gossip, robbing us of the right of indignation and collection of justice; Deactivating our forces of attack against corruption / corrupt / corrupting and submitting to the illegality, unconstitutionality, immorality and banditry that took over Brazil in the three powers! Especially affecting individuals who love ready answers, suffer from intellectual laziness and cushion the conscience to follow and obey corrupt authorities! It's no news in World History (Hitlerism) and the latest wave of fake news has elected the White House, a deplorable Donald Trump!

"Agent status.People do not get to see the whole situation but only a small part of it.There is a division of small and specialized jobs and we can not act without some kind of command.I call this agent status.And individuals give in To the authority and in doing so they become alienated from their own actions.The individual defines himself as an instrument of realization of the desires of others. Stanley Milgram
But there is a possibility of reversion of this state of agent if the person makes use of his conscience, of his free arbitration.
But, alert Milgram, once made the choice of agent status, it is practically impossible to make the individual turn back.

How are we all corrupt? Eduardo Cunha,[ corrupt politician arrested] is corrupt but is on our side says the poster Coxinhas...afff.

Here is the play: every day we are bombarded by all the media, mainly TV's and the internet, with worship, praise and adoration of hate speech, racism, homophobia or politically incorrect speech, adoration of the "post truth" that Is nothing more than an inversion of virtues / vices, treating vices as desirable (remember the high degree of lies and corruption in Brazil and the world, even the United States). It is the empire of totalitarianism and imposition of intolerance, immorality, anti-ethical, anti-democratic, against individual liberties, freedom of the press, imposition of lies, gossip, gossip, detractions, screams, moral and physical attacks as normal and Salutary both in private life and especially in public power, public administration!


Fake News. Folha publica reportagem sobre sites de notícias falsas e por modéstia (?) esquece de se incluir no grupo

"Folha published a report on sites that produce false news. Curiously, there is no reference to Folha itself, nor to Globo, Veja (soon she, of boimate), Estadão, not to mention the smaller ones - Época e QuantoÉ.

For example: Everything is fake in this news reproduced here [image], that the Folha published in a Sunday (day of greater sale of newspapers), at the top of the page to the left (more noble space).

Dilma's file is fake. The information that her group planned the kidnapping of Delfim Netto, ditto.

I can only consider that Folha was not included in the group of producers of false news as a proof of the modesty of its editor-in-chief Otávio Frias Filho." free translation


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7 "Super hiper mega plus blaster " é uma expressão  usada nas redes sociais e se relaciona com algo surpreendente, fenomenal, inesperado. Tem como emoji a carinha "de boca aberta e queixo caído".


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