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sábado, 20 de agosto de 2016

BRAZIL: Geopolitics US x BRAZIL


Hello friends forgive my terrible English and gracias google translate. Marina

Resultado de imagem para tio sam e brasil Outside Dilma, Impeachment already. This is the synthesis of the philosophy of life and national project for the coxinhas! Authoritarianism, military dictatorship and Brazil "prostrate" to the United States.
Marina da Silva

What Uncle Sam never led Brazil seriously as a sovereign nation, always ridiculed Brazilian politicians a bunch of provincial and despised the people as mere monkeys is historically known; as well as the Brazilian aversion to the United States, except for the drumsticks (a middle class faction irrational, selfish, conservative, whose consumption peak is in New York, Miami and Disneyland) and now and again clamor for foreign intervention USA in Brazil worth If the maximum: the Americas belong to the Americans!
The giant pushover, as is known in Brazil, sleeping in the splendor of wealth, never put fear to anyone let alone the United States. Brazil is the country of the future or "The key to the future," said Richard Nixon [1968-1974] his adviser Henry Kissinger National Security; It is what counts in Matias Specktor Kissinger and Brazil. The truth is that reading Matias what is apparent is that the United States did not care for Brazil and his generals and even less for Brazilian diplomacy! The Americans had no intention to "empower" Brazil, even if it were to handle it, because the giant goofball was considered friendly country, read it, does whatever his master sending and nation "unimportant" in chess bipolar world match against powerful Russia!
The US had great things to win among them: the Moon (1969), open partnership with Communist China (1972), close the Treaty of non-proliferation nuclear weapons with the socialist / communist russos- USSR (1972), close defeat ops war with Vietnam (1973), police issues between Israel, Egypt, Syria; deal with the oil crisis in the Middle East, etc. and Watergate that led to Nixon's resignation in 1974!
The risk of being seized by the Communists Brazil was zero after the military coup of 03.31.1964. The "uniformed cows," self-designation given by a general, were concerned only with trade surpluses, persecute, imprison, torture, kill  sadistically Brazilian that fighting against dictatorship and parading their uniforms, forces!
The partnership United States - Brazil, if it existed, did not leave the paper and head of Kissinger and Silveira, Brazilian diplomat; fact that concludes the research and analysis of the correspondence between them by Matias.
Kissinger said the United States is an ambivalent power "Acting on behalf of all mankind" and of course, imposing your world order, included Brazil! By ambivalence we mean: in the long veil of "manifest destiny" has the USA divine mission to bring the infidels worship and praise to the values ​​of "freedom", republic and democracy (is last not necessarily lauded outside America) camouflaging ambition, greedy imperialist motivation, cruel and endless Uncle Sam!

For the record: every nation that seeks to amass an empire received the same "divine mission"!
Since the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the United States admittedly were a great power that has settled once as a superpower with praise in the short twentieth century marked by the stock market crash in 1929; two Great World Wars that rocked with the European powers and Japan and with the opponent only one formidable rival: the super hardened and Russian imperialists during the Cold War. The world was divided into two blocks: capitalists led by the United States and communist led by the USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (read Russia). What prevented a superpower to swallow the other? The atomic bomb, because both Russians and Americans knew that a third atomic world war would come to an even greater cold!
The Americans were building a nation "middle of nowhere" from the fifteenth century,  the period of discovery for new world while the Russians were expanded territorially expelling the Tartars and imposing and building an empire to envy and incite greed European powers with Ivan- the great; Ivan - the terrible; Pedro -the great; Catarina - the great. In fact, everything that concerns Russia is great and terrible: a vast continent cold, powerful, great and geopolitically astute, intelligent, ruthless, owner of immense wealth as oil and natural gas which supply a multitude of countries included Europe. Energy dependence is a major geo-strategic weapon that allows "abuses" of Russia against neighbors and silent Europeans before all the war atrocities committed by the Russians against their own people, the Soviets throughout the twentieth century.
The difficulty in winning the Russian force: territorial vastness, extreme weather and mostly loyalty, courage and resilience of the people to the many adversities, beyond the hard, callous and bloody character of that command eventually create the common sense of Brazilians expression: thing is Russian to great difficulties and hassles of life! When in Brazil someone says, "The thing're Russian" know that it is virtually impossible to overcome the obstacle even expending much effort and extra strength! If the business is Russia going to shit! It is law.
While the US created a powerful nation in the same period Brazil was a explotation Portuguese colony [1500-1822] the empire exploited by English, Portuguese, Dutch, French and etc [1822-1889]. Old Republic 1889-1930 dominated by oligarchies coronelista, landowning, slave, the country enters the new Republic [1930-1935] founded by Getulio Vargas then creates a "new state" cruel dictatorship, bloody [1935-1945]. With a blow, Vargas reoriented the economy to industrialization marking the beginning of capitalism in Brazil encouraging "import substitution", the basic industry.
In common, the US and Brazil has the "birth" and colonization by Europeans (Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Dutch ...). Are two nations that founded "the middle of nowhere"  on land "not inhabited" by millions of Indians. It is said that "Before the man here came the Brazilian land was inhabited and loved by more than three million Indians, happy owners of land brasilis": Tupi, Guarani, Tapajós, Aymorés, Carijós, Caetés, citing some examples. The same is singing about the American land: Apaches, Sioux, Cheyenne, Cherokee, Comanche, etc.
If Brazil "inspired care" geostrategic and geopolitical to the United States, these were caused by Fidel Castro which opened to the "Latins" the alternative to capitalism, the Russian communism. The spread of communist option attracted Latin America and rekindled communism in the country that was practically dead and buried by Vargas in the persecution and decimation of the "Prestes Communist Conspiracy and fundamentalists." Vargas was not Uncle Sam fan and flirted openly with Hitler; flirtation aborted there in the bud when Brazil was World War II tricking both Greeks and Trojans, ops, Russian and German.
The geostrategy of the US to Brazil from then was capitalism's consolidation with the transfer of industries, particularly industries "dirty", highly polluting, turning a blind eye to the absence of freedom, justice, democracy, human rights and "purges "dictators. The internationalization of industries and capital killed two birds with one stone: strengthened the US hegemony in Latin America and barred the communist aspirations of socialist Order / Communist USSR-Russia below the equator!
The flood of capital fueled the developmentalism of Juscelino Kubistcheck, JK and the dream to accelerate growth in Brazil - 50 years 5 - appealed to conservatives and dictators and threw the country into an absurd foreign debt and captive to the International Monetary Fund.
Brazil who you USA (Unit States of America) not love you denounced the "left" in the first free and democratic elections in 1989! Brazil shows your face I want to see who pays for us to stay that way. Brazil what is your business, the name of your partner trust me turned hymn in the Eighties.

 Considered lost decade, but in fact a period where the arts flourished, increased popular participation, the actions of civil society; but also the increase in debt by exorbitant interest rates paid to the IMF, the horizontal geographic expansion of slums, increasing social inequality, huge pockets of poverty in cities, large and medium cities, concentration of wealth, corruption and overpricing of public works, speculation financial a "landscape" is being worth all which will lead to the rich "emerging"!
The "thing" for the United States was going wonderfully and blue in Latin America both economically, financial, political and diplomatic and tended to improvements with the new "wave" of the empire: globalization and neoliberalism that was first an experiment in Chile in full Pinochet dictatorship in september 11, 1973! Chile to the world: Thatcher in England (1979); Reagan USA (1980); Helmut Kohl in Germany (1982) and Brazil (1990). Neoliberalism arrived in Brazil on the jetski Collor who opened the "doors and legs" of the nation to the unique neoliberal discourse and the Washington Consensus prescriptions. Praying to Cartilha neoliberal Collor focused fire Vargas statism with heavy artillery against the civil service. Corruption down Collor in 1992, but the neoliberal plan blossomed and thrived with FHC, the king of privatization, rescue banks, concentration of wealth, pension reform, attacks on social and labor rights (Brazil cost), wage squeeze and cuts Public spending. The sub-investment in areas such as food, housing, public safety, health, education, public transport will increase violence, general dissatisfaction with politicians and corruption and increase stratospherically the number of poor and miserable throughout the country! The dismantling of the state and the attack on economic populism (social gains, labor rights) will handle the FHC-PSDB and will rise to the PT and Lula.
The US also need not worry about the PT government because of communist PT never had nothing but speech. The Lula government did not interrupt profits capital of capitalists and neither would and could all be "the same no Abrantes" was not the revenge, the feeling of revenge, anger, hatred, bitterness, the PT embedded in its beak and heart PSDB ops of toucans! After four consecutive defeats PT members, two for Lula and two for Dilma, the PSDB and its allies, especially Uncle Sam, organizations Globe and FIESP - Federation of Industries of São Paulo, decided to apply a real coup in Brazil. Deposition of the PT or "The crap in power" starts the day after Lula's inauguration in 2003, gaining monumental force in 2005 with the Mensalão PT and is realized on 12.05.2016 with the deposition of Dilma Rousseff in a coup state Lava jet PT! The problems for the US in Brazil ended. But no!
But what made Lula to displease Uncle Sam? Practically nothing, if nothing is on the social programs for low-income workers, poor and miserable, a real misery, but assured the PT four terms interrupted by the coup "impeachment".

What really happened in Brazil for the nation turned mission and geoeconomic and geostrategic goal for the United States?
curt response: the main and most deadly war weapon today: the discovery in 2007 of the mega oil fields and natural gas from the pre-salt layer! All the time, all the strategies and stratagems plotted against the PT were linked to the geopolitical weight of the pre-salt would give Brazil the world balance of power sharing between the powers and especially the mega power that gives the United States that not only would release in a single shot of impositions and threats of the oil exporting countries of the Middle East and especially the Russian control over Europe!
Oil is the world's energy base and will continue to be for a good centuries, is what they want the United States and what would keep them with the scepter and crown of emperors on the planet! The mission to hold the pre-salt could be barred by a "populist government" that not only re-elected Lula as elected and re-elected Minister of Mines and Energy, Dilma Rousseff. Pre-salt heritage of the Union. The oil is ours! This is the true horror geoeconomic, geopolitical and geostrategic for the USA!

The exit: put out "The crap in power." How? Invalidating the first government Dilma Rousseff; coup frustrated by economic growth boom in the country since 2007 and the euphoria of the population with the discovery of pre-salt! The solution was to bet on the greatest crime of corruption of all time - the crimes of Lava jato - selectively investigating crimes linked to the PT and psychologically manipulating the population against Dilma, Lula, PT and the number 13!
The operation that triggered the start of Lava jet went public in March 2014 presidential election year and an agreement between the parties involved allowed no contamination of the elections (both PT and PSDB were suspected of crimes in Lava Jato) and Dilma Rousseff won the new election! Frustrated dreams to hold the pre-salt via PSDB, the way was Uncle Sam, with media help (Globo, Bandeirantes, SBT, Record) and FIESP create a horror landscape against the PT and lead both the impeachment as large demonstrations from March 2015 to justify - anchored in the new USA diplomacy - to an intervention of the Americans in the country!

Destroying the PT, Lula and Dilma the way was open to put an end to investigations of Lava jet, clean the plug of the main political parties and corrupt and to take possession of the pre-salt! The Odebrechet "suggested" the possibility of impeachment through deep studies of Miguel Reale Junior and Janaina Paschoal, both linked to the PSDB and supported by Bicudo former PT, whistleblowers. Dilma's crime: Pedaladas (cycling) and signing decrees without congressional authorization. He was armed the coup that crystallized on 05/12/2016. Plan A: out Dilma enters Michel Temer, call new elections and triumphant return of the PSDB to a bright and effulgent PSDB GOVERNMENT! But...
Resultado de imagem para pre sal lula dilma Self-sufficiency and expertise in exploration, refining, distribution and sale of oil and natual gas, but the order is "sit in the barrel" play prices on the ground and F * OPEC and Russian! That simple! Poor Joy
  little harsh.

The thing was getting Russian; along the way there was a stone: PMDB, coronelista oligarchic group, large landowners and slave, most corrupt party in Brazil! The PMDB dominating corruption in Congress with Eduardo Cunha and Renan Calheiros now has the presidency of the Republic, Michel Temer and unlike the PSDB party subservient to the United States, PMDB corrupt do not deliver the bone, ops, pre-salt without ensuring their hereditary parasitism and of the division of wealth and assaults on public coffers so easily! Do not deliver cheap, they are experts in charge extremely high kickbacks. It is not the only corrupt party but takes pole position with the PP, PR, PSDB, PRB, DEMO's, PT, mentioning some of the 28 parties involved in crimes of corruption of Lava Jato. 28 parties received and demand kickbacks; PP is the party that has investigated more in operation Lava jet; the Federal Public Ministry focused only on PT PP, PMDB; Aécio Neves and sister, Anastasia, Romero Juca and many other politicians of the PSDB are involved in crimes of Lava jet and are SHIELDED! The mission is to destroy the PT.

August 2016: Now, from any angle you look at "The thing're Russian!" Ninety days after the usurpation of power and the bastard can not govern the country or lead the "deep reforms and necessary privatization" to take the country out of the political crisis that they themselves have created and all because in a year of municipal elections in 5,570 municipalities, there is a internecine struggle for mayors and councilors! The PT went ahead: retreated to base, let alone Dilma on the front line to save his "biography" of the struggle for freedom and democracy against "uniformed cows."
Dilma does not return? Dilma returns?
Michel Temer, Eduardo Cunha and Renan Calheiros, key players in Lava jet, gold medal in corruption, will be in power until the 2018 elections and called for new elections from 08.29.2018?
 And the PSDB? In addition to plotting a coup against the PT and deliver the country for free for the the PMDB corrupt accept mere "governance" and be the biggest loser in indigestible Temer management?
Of course after the PT PMDB target will turn to the toucans, the second largest party in number of municipalities and deputies and senators and corruption! Parliamentary my dear Watson, ops, elementary!