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quinta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2016



Hello friend forgive my terrible English and thank you google translate. Marina
Resultado de imagem para mortos pela ditadura militar brasileira Herzog, killed journalist barbarous and cruel manner; tops list of 25 journalists exterminated in [1964-1985] dictatorship.
Marina da Silva

Brazil is a tiny step, in a few days, to ruin a long and painful process of democratization.It is considered as democracy or government of the people, the period of the Old Republic and New  Republic 1889-1930 and the period before the coup of Vargas 1930-1935; and 1945-1964 the period before the military coup, cruel and bloody dictatorship that lasted 21 years confiscating civil rights extinguished political parties, arresting, torturing, executing and excluding the coup opponents.

"During the so-called years of lead, as well as the dictatorship Vargas (period called Estado Novo, or New Republic, referring to the Old Republic, which was ending), there was a systematic practice of torture against political prisoners - those considered subversives and allegedly They are threatening national security. " Free translation

A coup is being carried out in Brazil by the National Congress led by the parties PMDB and PSDB. The coup has been incredibly forged, manipulated and conspired since the 2002 elections that gave victory to Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, the northeast trade unionist, poor, illiterate who since taking office in 2003 had the greatest historical deed connected to human development in the country with goverment actions and policies for low-income working class, poor and miserable.
The economic growth and social development within the global neoliberal context and in full activity in Brazil from the government Collor / Itamar 1990-1994 and especially the PSDB government of FHC with full support of the media in Brazil in the hands of four to five families (Organizations Globo, Bandeirantes, SBT, Record) and oligarchic groups linked to banks, industry, agriculture, mining, construction companies, speculators, etc. and their agencies, associations, federations, confederations, churches and countertops in the legislature, legitimate representatives of such groups! Neither the IMF is able to deny the phenomenal Brazil's economic growth in government Lula / Dilma Rousseff interrupted by the coup in 05/12/2016.

For those who are aware and have everything to do with organizations such as Globo and its allies, the administration of the country is not adhered to the "rule of the game" and did not pass the economic populism; and of course the " Globo network" is the legal representative of the PSDB, the party that lost the government (1994-2002) for the Labor Party, the PT in 2003; besides being leader, commander and manipulator of BBB Mensalão PT in 2005 and BBB impeachment coup Rousseff (2015 to 5/12/2016).What the PT government has done to most Brazilians goes far beyond distributive programs of income and social policies; Lula and Dilma, these thirteen, interrupted by the coup, increased the morale and self-esteem of the Brazilian people, used to be seen and treated as paltry cattle fifth category and bunch of monkeys, mutts filthy!
We are all Brazilians! The Brazilian never gives up! The giant awoke! Wake up Brazil, I am Brazilian with pride, with love! It was chic and fashion is Brazilian!

The political party PT achieved with the few options of maneuver within the impositions of the IMF and neoliberal prescriptions of the Washington Consensus, to the "possible": lifting millions of Brazilians out of extreme poverty and misery. A puzzle very didactically explained and deciphered by Emir Sader:
 "(...) He [Lula] knew, as no one intuitively decipher the contradictory conditions he inherited from neoliberal era and build an economic and political model which made the greatest social transformation of the country which was the most unequal continent more unequal.
But what is this puzzle? It is the ability to build an alternative to neo-liberalism in absolute neoliberal hegemony times, global, regional and local. Lula knew how to translate historical position of the PT - social priority - into concrete policies, which had to build the political scheme that enables creation of a government with this priority, in conditions that had no majority in Congress and the left was not majority in the country. Able to build an alliance with the business community sectors, to enable overcoming long and deep recession inherited from the FHC government. " Free translation
Resultado de imagem para the economist brazil fhc e lula The whole world knows!

This is not the only achievement of the PT government: the fight for transparency in public administration, strengthening of the collection with the creation of "super Revenue, surveillance, research, strengthening of corruption investigations against public coffers, power investment, health, education, transportation, housing, basic sanitation, infrastructure [PAC growth acceleration program from 2007]. of course, the PT is not owner of ethics, morals, good customs, family tradition, property and had serious lapses and the words Lula and Dilma: cut in  own flesh! Mensalão. Political PT members who were judged, convicted and imprisoned: José Dirceu, José Genoino, John Paul and Delúbio Soares. The Mensalão was divided into Mensalão PT and PSDB and Mensalão detail: Eduardo Azeredo-PSDB, DNA and paternity mensalão continues despite tried and sentenced to 20 years in prison, it's FREE!

The PT members are not the only ones who lead the ranking of corruption and assault to the national coffers. In fact  the PT government is the one who introduced the Anti-corruption Law, Clean Record Law and others. The podium is occupied by coronelista parties, physiological, corrupt and corrupters in the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary: PMDB, PP, PSDB, PR, PRB citing unpunished and armored stars in investigations of crimes Lava jato!
Resultado de imagem para investigação de corrupção fhc e lula Combating corruption in the FHC and Lula and Dilma Rousseff.

We have abundant literature, documentaries, films, soap operas and "infographics" on corruption and theft of public coffers in Brazil and with the same "actors" among them, José Sarney, more than 50 years in power and crimes against the nation.
A young democracy traped in corruption. Here's Brazil from 1985 Sarney government, sullied, corrupted and becoming increasingly unequal! Concentration of income, impoverishment of the majority of the people, stupid and innocuous plans, foment inflation, unemployment, violence, slums; feeding a gang of corrupt and criminals who have damaged and harm the country billions of dollars shamelessly: cases Banespa, ferrovia Norte-Sul, caso Collor, Pau-Brasil, máfia da Previdência, escândalo da Parabólica,  LUNUS, SUDAM, Máfia dos Fiscais, compra de votos para reeleição de FHC,  Atos secretos, Caso Satiagraha, Correios, Mensalão PT, Valerioduto ou Mensalão Tucano, Mensalão Dem, Sanguessugas, Mensalinho Severino,  caso Antony Garotinho e turma do chuvisco, Bunker petista,  violação do painel do senado, roubos de verbas da construção do TRT/SP, Pasta Rosa, Frangogate, Precatórios, caso Marka/Fontecindam, dossiê Cayman, grampos BNDES,  caso Celso Daniel, Privataria tucana, etc, etc, etc and the greatest crime of all time corruption the CRIMES LAVA JATO that the global media criminally calls Petrolão the involvement of the PT, but investigating 28 legends, among them, the most corrupt PP, PMDB and PSDB, DEM!
Mosaico a partir de Robberies widely documented! Empire of impunity until the arrival of Lula's government.

To save space I quoted just a few of corruption crimes; more information is available on the websites of the Federal Public Ministry, Federal Police, Transparency Brazil and even in the powerful Organization Globe sites. It has never been so many investigatigations and sanctioning to so many corrupts and corrupteds (lobbyists, accountants, politicians, businessmen, state directors, etc.) until PT government. To the common sense every time the media announced a CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) of a "new greatest crime of corruption of all time", a choir was formed in every home following the global anchors: is a shame! It will end in pizza!
What the PT government brought as innovation and puzzle addition to the cases cited above, was the exercise of freedom, citizenship, democracy! And democracy bothers, especially for business / corrupt politicians who are shamelessly practicing practical guide Machiavelli to have, to gain and maintain power: the work The Prince.

Machiavelli defends the republic by "freedom" restricted to those who have or can control the power, the same as wealth and hates democracy that gives voice and time to pobrália, which was made in the government of Lula and Dilma! The government is for the powerful few (oligarchy) and does not match with broad and unrestricted freedom, sovereign state, citizenship, participation and then with democracy! It survives only with authoritarianism and totalitarianism, finally, with dictatorship!

Resultado de imagem para constituição 1988 1988. "This will be the Citizen Constitution, because it will recover as citizens millions of Brazilians, victims of the worst discrimination:. Misery The people sent us here to do it, not to be afraid," spoke Ulysses Guimarães, president of the Constituent Assembly, ceremony of completion of the work " Free translation

The PT government,  Lula and Dilma [2003-2016], is characterized by the defense of freedom and democracy, within a context of strengthening of conservative currents, reactionary, intolerant and appropriation of the state by powerful groups (eg .: contractors) represented at all levels and powers, especially in the legislature; with the growing use of political faith by corrupt that transform faithful in cattle, churches and temples in stockyards  electoral.  In Congress we have the "evangelical bench"; whose gospel is the Gerson Law, take advantage of everything; profit, wealth, power for their "elected", many of these leaders, corrupt and investigated for crimes of corruption, rape, murder and lots of intolerance and violence! An example is the famous BBB-countertop of Bullet, Bible and ox.
Mosaico a partir de Secular state  and Politics of Faith:
  faithful treated as electoral cattle and the National Congress before the House people turned temple of scoundrels and thieves!

The president democratically elected in 2014 for a second term Dilma Rousseff, was deposed by forged impeachment  and with ulterior objectives will testify in impeachment committee in the Senate whose members, both the Commission and in general has serious complaints [of public money theft, collection and receive bribethe crimes of Lava jato and everything to defend freedom and the democratic rule of law, but knowing it is useless before such a framework of corruption! This is all because, even politicians perceived as honest, respectable and who believe no crimes of responsibility by Dilma, will deal with such absurdity and ignominy and allow the coup and corrupt interim government [governance PMDB / PSDB] to remain in power by mere vindictiveness, envy and revenge, feelings vile and so harmful and corrupt as the lese homeland crimes because these honest politicians forget that represent 205 million Brazilians and not their own egos!
Resultado de imagem para cristovam buarque impeachment Cristovam Buarque, former PT member, voted for the impeachment alleging a favor to the PT that have to spend the clean, a kind of purification!

"Dilma described the process as a" parliamentary coup "and returned to say he did not commit any crime of responsibility for his government. She stressed that will personally the Senate next Monday to make his defense." We are democrats, our greatest weapon it is to expand the space for discussion and group discussion. So, I'll rather the Senate because I believe in democracy in this country, I owe it to the people of this country, "(...)" Free translation

29-08-2016. historical date that will forever keep the day a "parliamentary coup", applied against President Dilma Rousseff leave the people and Brazil powerless and controlled by corrupts! Brazilian democracy as well as fragile, will further weakened; can not curb the attacks on the Federal Constitution, the citizen constitution, as this was known or corruption and corrosion of the political body that already extends to all spheres of society and tends to undermine and erode further the social body Brazilian society is no way out, manipulated and induced to blame for the country's ills because it confuses voting with act of citizenship and have to choose every election: the least corruptwhat robs least; one who steals but does or any thief and criminal because politics has only corrupt!
Blame the voters !?
It is a coup, there's no denying; soft because there was no participation and assumption of power by the military. There was no bloodshed and death. The president is still alive, against the coup, in which Sergio Machado recordings make it clear how the coup was forged and which output they want: a way a la Vargas, that is, VEJA, suicide. But Rousseff decided not die and face the coup!
Resultado de imagem para dilma rousseff frases sobre impeachment

A unconstitutionality show, vandalism against the democratic rule of law, disregard for all legal standards and transmission commented daily, live, as any football match of third division teams! The sovereignty of the vote prescribed in the Constitution has been transformed by by corruptin trash and shit whose only value is to confirm the disempowerment of the voters, turn into farce the elections and establish as legitimate a state of corruption!
How was this possible? By contamination and theft of representation by the legislature over the years, especially in the last term of FHC-1998-2002, a fact reported in Lava jet through promiscuity and prostitution among politicians / businessmen powerful! Every election, city council, state and federal deputies, senators are purchased with funding of political campaigns in municipalities, states, nation!Who pays a political owns this! Eliseu Resende was presented as "our deputy, senator Odebrechet"!
From the purchase and possession of the legislature, representatives of the people have been captured! Chambers and Senate turned outsourced the contractors service, banks, large farmers, financial speculators, sugar mills, mining, domestic and / or foreign companies, etc!
The overall contamination of all the powers [legislative, executive, judiciary, prosecution] from buying politicians eventually engendering such a state of things where thieves, criminals, rapists, drug traffickers, murderers rule the country and depose an elected president by creating a circus of horrors in Congress!
Mosaico a partir de bandit:
  corruption is the order of the day every day in Congress. illegitimate representation: Professional corrupt politicians who defend interests that hurt the rule of law, the sovereignty of the nation and the Brazilian people!

Something new is presenting to the Brazilian nation and it is corrupt, corrosive, necrotic, promiscuous, dirty, rotten! The Parliament took a stroke on the Executive and Judiciary and now
represents Spurious interests against the nation! Impotence is the main feeling about this state of affairs, but it is urgent RESIST AND refound STATE SOVEREIGN, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and hope is a hell of a paradox: dream of democratic elections in 2016 in 5,570 municipalities clearing the city councils and 2018 elections [excluding the corrupt state and federal chambers and the Senate]!


"What Dilma is accused?:

"Pedaladas( tax ride) de 2015

Indictment: The government delayed the transfer of 3.5 billion reais to the Bank of Brazil for payment of the Harvest Plan agricultural credit program. With the delay, BB paid farmers with their own resources. The practice is seen as a tax ride (attempted tax makeup), because in practice, the Government took a loan from a state bank, which is prohibited by law. Failure to comply with tax rules and the lack of transparency that would signal field, according to the indictment, the deterioration of public accounts and, ultimately, the risk of insolvency of the country. Conduct falls within article 11, item 3, of Impeachment Law: is the responsibility of crime undermine the budget law "contracting loan, issuing currency or policies, or making credit transaction without legal authorization."

Defense: Tax rides are simply delays in payments, and do not constitute loans. The Union's Court of Auditors has not yet manifested on possible pedaling in this case, because they have not judged the 2015 government accounts "

Signature six supplemental budget decrees in 2015

"The  indictiment:  Signature of additional credit decrees in 2015 occurred without the consent of Congress and were issued after July, when the government had already admitted that he could not fulfill the goal fiscal year. It is considered that the conduit disrespects Fiscal Responsibility Law (FRL), 2000, which became part of the scope of Impeachment Act, relating to Articles 10 and 11: it is the responsibility of crime undermine the budget law and against "the guard and the legal use of public money."

Defense: The decrees in the amount of R $ 96 billion (R $ 2.5 billion based on new revenue), not expanded, only remanejaram spending. Rousseff signed the decrees at the request of judicial organs, and even the Federal Audit Court (TCU), and only after evaluation of the technical staff. Even if there were something wrong, there would be no bad faith of the president, and therefore reason for impeachment. The pro-government consider that the decrees would not need to be endorsed by the Congress. " Free translation