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domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016


REMANIS ONE - LULA ARRESTED OR KILLED LAVA JATO. 24th stage (03.04.2016): TRIPLE X. Lula arrested ops, CARRIED in coercive conduct by "Japanese Newton Ishii" corrupt and criminal federal police !
Marina da Silva

There I am taking my coffee with cheese bread, when Chico Pinheiro, newspaper Morning Brazil / Globo makes the following call:
"And let's talk now of Operation Lava jato. Federal police on the streets doing now another stage of this operation, 33th stage, are in 6 states acting police. Camila Good morning!"
Live and direct from Brasilia. Well friends Globo  I smiles Galvao Bueno, sparked the thirty-third (33rd) phase of Lava jato: REMAINS ONE!
"It remains one because Queiroz Galvão is the last major construction being targeted by the Lava jato operation." Said the girl.
Uai? Hello? - I thought - how so? Queiroz Galvão is the last? And the Andrade Gutierrez, Minas Gerais company that has made many works in the State of Minas Gerais such as the Administrative City in the company of Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvão, OAS, Barbosa Melo at the modest price of $ 1,260 billion reais? I found it very strange and weird this speech without mentioning the name of the operation, REMAINS ONE, be very suggestive, paraphrasing a doctor in Rimas, José Zokner, "liable to misunderstanding"!
Camila reporter continued reading:
"23 mandates of search and seizure; 02 preventive arrests of Queiroz Galvão executives; 01 temporary detention not effective because the" suspect "is abroad, 01 carried in  coercive conduct ."
I was impressed with the operation name: It remains one! If it remains one (the female gender), I quietly swallow the PF- federal police were referring to the construction, the company. Lula just will not be candidate in the 2018 elections if he arrested or killed, predicted Friar Betto to the Spanish newspaper El País! A triumphant return to serious danger to accomplish.

The reporter continued:
"Remains One has two fronts."
One linked to cartel formation, the corruption championship of distribution and overpricing of public works of the Cement league or The Four Sisters of concrete: Odebrecht, Camargo Correa, Andrade Gutierrez and Queiroz Galvão. The other front is political, that is, VEJA, there are many time the Cement League is corrupting, ops, paying pixuleco [bribes, kickbacks] to politicians from various parties, the highlighted PMDB, PP, PR, PTB, PSDB, PT, DEMO's and 21 more subtitles both to ensure public works as overpaying accounts and theft of public funds and interfere in investigations of Petrobras CPI-Inquiry Parliamentary Commission in the senate in 2009. Twenty million reais for corrupt steal Brazil and the Brazilians!
Resultado de imagem para pato fiesp manifestação são paulo fora dilma The President of the duck, ops, Fiesp- Federation of São Paulo industries.

Jesus Mary Joseph! REMANIS ONE. What does it means?
The PF loves exotic names, I'm being a good girl, for its operations using Greek, Latin and other dead languages and still make jokes anticipating and giving tips about the purpose of the action.
"The case name," Lava Jato ", stems from the use of a fuel station network and wash the car jet to move illicit funds belonging to one of the criminal organizations initially investigated. (...) The initial name is consecrated. Operation Lava jato is the largest investigation of corruption and money laundering Brazil has ever had. it is estimated that the volume of diverted resources from Petrobras coffers largest state of the country is the home of billions of reais. Sum himself to this economic and political expression of those suspected of participating in the corruption scheme involving the company. (...) in this scheme, which lasts at least ten years, large contractors organized cartel paid kickbacks to executives and senior state other public officials. " free translation
Resultado de imagem para lula e dilma sabia do roubo da petrobras VEJA See they knew all 205 million Brazilians knew except coxinhas ... they are Brazilian?

Since deflagration on 03.17.2014, the first phase, the Lava jato phase phase has been seeking to impute only the PT all the blame for crimes against the Treasury committed by these same "agents" of the Cement League, even before birth Workers' Party on February 10, 1980. In an election year ... all VALID! What the newspaper Folha de São Paulo and toucans call Petrolão (to destroy the PT), the Federal Public Ministry and the PF call operation Lava jato. The power of PF grows every phase and nomination of operations:

10th stage: What country is this? Same as "You know who you're talking about?" He said Renato Duque former director of Petrobras service to be arrested;
7th stage (11/14/2015): Last Judgment for search and seizure in the OAS, UTC, Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvão, Engevix, Galvão Engenharia, Mendes Junior and Camargo Correa companies;

11th stage (10.05.2015): The Origin that linked them to PT corruption crimes. The PF holds former deputy Andre Vargas (ex- PT and ex- PR) and 14.05.2015, João Vaccari Neto, PT treasurer;
"14th stage (06/19/2015) -" Erga omnes ".. The Federal Police arrest the presidents of Odebrecht, Marcelo Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez, Otavio Marques de Azevedo (...) Latin expression meaning" valley for all"

17th stage (08/03/2015) - "Pixuleco [bribes, kickbacks]". "The name refers to the term used by João Vaccari Neto to talk about the money charged cartel contractors who worked at Petrobras. The former ministerJosé Dirceu and his brother, Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira e Silva were arrested ."
Agente da PF, Newton Ishii está em todas prisões da Operação Lava Jato"Now it's not normal what gives regular trickster, professional. Save Chico Buarque! Afff" Japanese "federal contrabandist"!

"Head of the Federal Police Operations Center in Curitiba, Newton Ishii agent was present in major prisons, such as the former minister of Staff José Dirceu, the businessman Marcelo Odebrecht, the former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto, and the farmer José Carlos Bumlai. " Free translation
Pixuleco and Pixuleco 2: Lula wins dress doll condemned and Pixuleco name. The doll has  official store on the internet; is taken every manifestation of "online angry and Brazil Free Movement both with suspicious financial support -a Bag PT out, bag Lula out bag Dilma out - by political parties (DEMO's, PP, PSDB, PMDB) and the powerful FIESP-Federation of Industries of São Paulo, the owner of the duck.
2015 was the year that dynamited and imploded the PT, PT members/affiliates and especially Lula and Dilma. "For Moro, proclaims the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Lava jato is "the voice preaching in the desert" against corruption." Super Sergio Moro is now more than a super hero, he is John the Baptist announcing the new neoliberalism Gospel. The Bible and history tell us that he had the head delivered on a platter! Just remember.  See SPOTLIGHT VEJA, PT!
But back to REMAINS ONE, remembered the operations: Sathiagrara , Zealots, orations, Nessun dorma, Cratons, Triple X (not the film, but the triplex apartment Lula bought (?) Guaruja / SP; Aletheia which means hidden, truth, reality and He led Lula arrested ops, led the man coercively, almost at dawn, to testify at an airport and gave almost shit! This prison was redemption for the PT and Lula, the defender of the weak, poor, shirtless, oppressed, excluded and a shot at the foot of Lula's detractors. Lula cried! Lula, the poor president, northeastern, illiterate, trade unionist, after being carried in coercive conduct, ops, arrested, cried with joy!  National uproar!

If most of the investigated corrupt politicians, denounced, arrested by the Federal Police, involved in crimes of Lava Jato and others is the PP-Progressive Party (Paulo Maluf, just to remember the corrupt) the Folha de São Paulo should not call the Lava PePelão? Ou PMDBelão(PMDB) and only as a last resort and while not leave the PSDB full list of  PeTrolão? Last row, first to the right, political investigated in Lava Jato, Antonio Anastasia, senator accepted on 02.08.2016 the coup, ops, impeachment against Rousseff in the Senate, that by the time of writing, NEVER appeared in list or corruption or was cited by the Federal Police.
Senator suspected of crimes in Operation Lava Jato, Anastasia's coup against Dilma rapporteur, accepted impeachment of another corrupt, Eduardo Cunha, the Untouchable. Anastasia said categorically that the president "did attack the Constitution" pedaling and signing unauthorized decrees by a corrupt Congress, corrupting and corrupted! Now only REMAINS ONE ...
I finished my coffee and went to work thinking REMAINS ONE: what PF think you'll find out the arrests and seizures of the 33th stage with executives Queiroz Galvão?
Why not get out of my head that the name Remains one does not fit with the description of the operation? Why Camila reporter reiterated and repeated that: "Despite this name, remains one being the last major construction company to be the target of an operation of Lava jato, but the Lava Jato has a lot to investigate, this is not the end of the operation" and this left me worried?
It has a very strange thing in this speech! Why do I relate to "misdeed" or "early enjoyment" phrase "is the last major company " and "this is not the end of Lava Jato"? Contamination Freudian and Foucault? It can only be this!

LULA LEADS VOTING INTENTIONS 2018 Data Folha warns 46% rate of rejection and does not speak of approval 54%, so LULA PRESIDENT 2018!

  "Research has shown that in an eventual second round, the PT lost in any of the scenarios The biggest defeat was to Marina:.. She would have 44% and he, 32% Datafolha set up a scenario of the presidential race that included the judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the operation Lava jato. in this case, Lula would get 22% of votes, Marina 14%, and Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB) and live with 10% each. " Free translation

REMAINS ONE might even go unnoticed if a direct link with Lula was not the first thing on the mind of people who think too much! Lula not only will compete the elections, Friar Betto told the Spanish newspaper El País if you are arrested or killed! With PT key leaders arrested or discredited  Dilma out the coup applied by the PMDB with the help of PSDB who dreams of new elections in 2016.  Toucans not afraid Michel Temer ... 
Really only REMAINS ONE: the Northeast, poor, fingerless, wrong speech, illiterate, metallurgy, trade unionist, PT, pobrália, Lula!

"Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva presented today [28-07-2016] a petition to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations (UN) claiming to be victims of human rights violations due to the actions of Operation Lava jato. According to the petition Lula is said chased by judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the operation in the first instance, who accuses him of abuse of power. " Free translation VEJA "Ten years trying to destroy me to destroy the change in Brazil". Free translation

Lula is really ONE to fear! Research voting intentions for the elections in 2018 show Lula favoritism. Arrested, the problem would be solved, dead, even better! But come on! Not on the agenda of anyone dying much less "no one" goes by the name Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the union leader, metallurgical, donkey,
frog  bearded, morubixaba, hard to kill since the 1989 elections!

"What enigma is that? It is the ability to build an alternative to neo-liberalism in absolute neoliberal hegemony times, global, regional and local. Lula knew how to translate historical position of the PT - social priority - into concrete policies, which had to build the political scheme that enables creation of a government with this priority, in conditions that had no majority in Congress and the left was not majority in the country. Able to build an alliance with the business community sectors, to enable overcoming long and deep recession inherited from the FHC government. "Http:// -Lula / 2/34423 Lula and the "Enigma called Lula".

It remains one, still thinking, I read something in that really gave me the impression that the 33th stage, if you can hide a lot against corrupt PSDB, perhaps even be the end of LAVA JATO OPERATION:
"Andrade Gutierrez tries to anticipate the Lava jato with audit work" and cited work is the Administrative City of the Minas Gerais government that consumed more than one billion reais during the administration of political PSDB Aécio Neves and Anastasia!"Aécio throne is a monument to corruption" 

"Aécio throne is a monument to corruption

Administrative City (PSDB / DEM / PP / PPS Aécio - protected Moro and co.): A monument to kickbacks "