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domingo, 12 de junho de 2016


Hello forgive my terrible English and take the post because I was sick. Thanks.
Economic populism: The "SOCIALISM POSSIBLE Lulist" AGAINST 

IMPERIAL WORLD ORDER US Obama is a good boy, said Vladimir Putin.
Marina da silva

Economic populism is mediocre expression coined by Globo to refer to Lulism or to geoeconomic / geo-political / social and nationalist state practices of PT government Lula / Dilma and its "distributional" aimed at reducing the disparities / socio-economic inequalities between classes the richest and the poorest and most miserable people of the 7th capitalist power in the world: Brazil! The Lulism or "The crap in power*," ferocious curse of William Waack begins with the defeat of the "neoliberal minimum state" the toucan FHC- Fernando Henrique Cardoso in 2002 for "statism" or "cursed legacy of Vargas" in person metallurgical, syndicalist, poor, illiterate, northeast, Lula!
The the Lula era - 2003 to the coup d'État in 12/05/2016 symbolizes neoliberal defeat which came TAKING Latin America [Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru] in the twenty-first century and was marked by a boom economic and social development, crystallized in the emergence of new middle-class Brazil, Cde classes. The main, but not unique feature of Lulism is the reorientation of public investment with strong social nature and focused on the low-income sectors and the poorest and most miserable of the country, about 50 million people left behind in the governments of Sarney Collor, FHC [1990-2002].
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Investments in health, housing and particularly in education combined with the extremely high investments in energy and transport infrastructure would promote growth and  unprecedented economic/social development  were not the high degree of theft of public money in overpriced works and a championship abject of corruption, promoted by corrupt coronelista oligarchies PMDB, PP, PR, DEMO's PSDB and 22 subtitles, included PT, involving GREAT PUBLIC WORKS, Petrobras, officers of the state, the largest construction companies in the country, money changers, lobbyists, treasurers parties, enormously popular corrupt politicians: Sarney, Cunha, Calheiros, Romero Juca, Sérgio Machado, Anastasia, Aécio Neves, citing the main involved in the coup against the elected president Dilma Rousseff! And the corrupt PT? See now on Globo TV, News 24 hours and every second of the day! Center lies globo

Returning to the dilemma: state size.
Economic populism is only a revanchist jargon, but geopolitical imperialist character USA that seeks to discredit and destroy the Lula / Dilma and the actor claims and power of Brazil at the scene of world competition for power. And then, contrary to the United States who want the a vassal Brazil and adjuvant against its main rivals: Russia, China, Japan, Germany, France! Globo Mafia is the fear of the native / foreign neoliberal sectors, but mainly their financial interests, geostrategic and geopolitical maintaining Brazil in fool and sleepyhead mode and especially with an immense mass of maneuver bathed in misery and poverty "looking for a doctor in anywhere" to legitimize the power purchased by the vote.
All the necessary State speech PSDB and the fierce defense of economic growth without human development [co-responsible capitalism] and worse, tied to the capitalist powers, read: USA, captained by FHC- Mr. Cardoso went into space with Lula's victory. Since then all actions and political strategies were to make the Lula government as soon as possible. And at this point, Globo family (Bandeirantes, SBT, Record) were vital to the pretensions and American World Order! Destroy Lula, the Workers Party, the main PT leaders turned daily persecution and "The rule of the game"! In 2005, a major victory: all the presidential candidates of the PT were in jail and begins the coup with Mensalão that began in Minas Gerais in the figure of Eduardo Azeredo-PSDB [former mayor, governor, senator].
Dismembered by a judicial corrupted by a bunch of shit, in the words of Sergio Machado, Romero Juca, Sarney and Renan Calheiros, the Mensalão turned just Mensalão PT!

Since they have become the "owners and police" the world after the Second World War, the United States imposed its doctrine of "free-market":
"(...) The spread of democracy was therefore the ultimate goal of the international order. The free markets would end by making progress individuals, enriching societies and replace traditional rivalry International by economic interdependence "says Kissinger in the world order. emphasis added
But behind the pacifist discourse and its human values ​​and  democratic universal principles, the essence of US imperialism, is on its undeniable and unbeatable military and technological might spread across all continents, seas and oceans! tutored / protected by the United States countries put on a vassalage system, helpful, obedient, prostrate, giving up national sovereignty, borders, market, acting against the wishes and rights of the native population, something unthinkable for Brazil who refused colonialism proclaiming and paying to England its independence in 1822, the Republic in 1889, opting for the formation of a national identity and sovereignty: Long live the Brazilian people! Save forever João Ubaldo!

"You said it well: we are the people of this land, the rabble. That's what we are, the little people. So you remember it, boot it well inside the head: we are the little people! And little people is nothing little people is nothing, tell me where it is that you've seen people have importance? Even more black? Look at the reality, see the reality! This land is the owners, the lords, the rich, the powerful (...) ". Leleu in Long live the Brazilian people, João Ubaldo. Free translation

All interventions, interference and US investments in Brazil since the early twentieth century had and aims to appropriate the national wealth, expropriate and impoverish the Brazilian people with the help of national oligarchies, maintain Brazil as living space geostrategic and US geopolitical against rival powers as imperialist as they: Russia, China, Japan, Germany, France, England! The Brazilian strategy was and will always be partial alignment seeking to defend the imperialist attacks making bilateral and / or multilateral agreements with the US rivals.

"It would have pride, yes, and he was sure that one day even have that pride, the fight and suffering were not to preserve a Brazil where many worked and a few people won, where the Brazilian real, the people that produced the people who built, the people who lived and created, had no voice or respect, where the powerful saw their land just as something to be plundered and exploited with nothing giving in return, pirates of your own (...) "idem

Bipolar Empire in the "cold war" is "balanced" in expensive interventionist wars and bloody dictatorships (Brazil Coup 1964) in defense of capitalism or communism!
Brazil is the country goofball South America, the United States gave up the luxury of ignoring the Brazilian government and snub and laugh at coronelista provincial oligarchies! Nation friend, Brazil is the country of the future, but that would develop and grow becoming a regional power could become a partner in competitive and US rival in a not too distant future! And the Americans feared and fear it! prostrating under the "umbrella" of the United States was not the Agenda for the Brazilian government of the old Republic, Vargas, military dictatorship or the corrupt transitional government José Sarney, 1985-1989! A strong, sovereign national state in full development [economic miracle] put brake to US claims in the 1970s by both the global context troubled by wars and oil crises and by the military tax gap and ignorance of the United States on the history and geography of Brazil. William Bonner, Globo, he is the Homer Simpson of the National Journal.
The attack of the Globo to "economic populism" Lula / Dilma has two objectives: first is to get away with the complaints and suspected of involvement in crimes against homeland corruption that can come to the fore with the investigation of Operation Lava Jato if Coup 05.12.2016 fail. The second is the internal struggle against the "cursed legacy" that is, Brazil is put as a sovereign, autonomous national state, the owner of its wealth, ocean, rivers, forests, fauna, flora and mostly its people! Nationalization: has the same stigma that the word cancer and causes chills and mortal fear of the liberal groups, neo-liberal, prostitution and corruption of free markets! Lula / Dilma / PT symbolize STRONG STATE; FHC / PSDB means handing over, prostration, subservience, vassalage, minimum state necessary for US imperialism! Mr. Cardoso in two mandates passed over the country and the Brazilian people with a mega tractor: privatization geostrategic and geopolitical companies to Brazilian sovereignty; destroyed social rights and especially labor rights; He threw millions into poverty; He transferred wealth to bankers and mega native investors and / or foreign; destroyed the labor laws and the world of work freeing outsourcing, etc. and finally joined the corrupt in general thievery of public funds!
                                 Who owns the world? I'm this guy!

The whole crisis that will lead to the deposition of Dilma Rousseff turns on an issue of vital importance for the Brazilian people and to the United States: what is the size that the Brazilian state should have?
For the rule of free markets is the lowest possible state is the minimum, aligned and obedient to Uncle Sam! For the Brazilian people, workers in general and low-income, middle class [except drumsticks] CDE classes, poor, miserable in need of political and social public works, social, labor rights, respect for CF / 88, income equalization, reduction of poverty and misery, the largest state is the MAXIMUM!
Lula's re-election in 2006 and the pre-salt discovery in 2007 opened wide to the United States that Brazil is not only the country of the future, but a competing power! Rousseff was "Zebra" to Uncle Sam bet all the chips in Aécio Neves and Globe Mafia: Sabotage!
Only they did not have the charismatic power of Lula and the unbeatable power of red militancy coupled with the power of the internet and social networks, that is, gave Dilma in 2010 and 2014. It remained then the soft blow because another bloody blow call attention Greeks, Trojans and especially Russian, Chinese, German, Japanese, French and the devil to-four! Organizations Globe and affiliates and affiliates had role of transcendental importance in the coup against Dilma Rousseff, but something went off script BBB16 - impeachment! What went wrong? Why global and US intentions failed, ops, they fail? Wait.

*Read the blog "The crap in power."