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quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016



ATTENCION: Hello friends forgive my terrible English  and thanks google translate. Marina
Resultado de imagem para se gritar pega ladrão bezerra If you shout catch the thief...  Save Bezerra da Silva!
Marina da Silva

Wednesday, June 2016.

"Even Jesus Christ was crucified between thieves - an emphatic  and assertive voice inside the bus - and even forgave the good thief!"
She looked shocked at the man who was speaking about Brazil's political situation, the elections for mayor and city council and the serious crisis of corruption involving the legislature in Brasilia traditionally dominated by corrupt oligarchs of the PMDB, PP, PSDB, PR, DEMO's.
"And you are absolutely right! All were punished by crucifixion - lowered Millôr spirit: Jesus for  vandalism or "hooliganism" against the Roman Empire and the other two colleagues for theft, that is a crime too! And Brazil needs to be like Rome! And that to forgive  good thief  is to the "other world." Jesus warns that his kingdom is not on earth, not in this world! " Leilane Neubarth, employee Globo News. Uia!

The rest of the trip passed in silence. Call Jesus Vandal? Contamination leilane neubarth, News Globo screamed leonine against the Brazilian people who took to the streets against corruption and corrupt in the "bus Revolt", June 2013! Elections 2014. Dilma wins Aécio Neves and remains president. Piaui capital Teresina, is located the ...  where Lula was born, NORTHEAST!


 will not discuss republics that never existed - warns Machiavelli in "The Prince", famous manual about power: how to have, conquer, save, expand the power. Simple, clear, objective, practical and accessible to anyone who has power (hereditary) or desire the power (conquest); Machiavelli gives knowledge about political art, that is, manage, govern. In The Prince he speaks of principalities, because, warns already talked at length about republics in other works, especially in "The last decade of Livy." Machiavelli defends the republic as the best way and teaches how to fight agaisnt corruption (republics and principalities) and maintain the stability of the political body and the social body as long as possible. The more corrupt a state, the faster the decline and fall! Corruption and corrosion of the political / social nature are inherent to human societies, says Machiavelli that divides society into "two moods": those who want power (control of wealth and all) and those who want the freedom (to live, practice their business in peace, etc.). In the struggle for power both in the "old states" as in "new" the end justifies the means: legal or illegal; honorable or dishonorable; honest or dishonest; violent or peaceful; human or monstrous. Machiavelli defends the republic, freedom and all that can be done for the good of the republic and freedom, that is, stability and longevity. And he cites the five most common mistakes that lead many governments to failure, decline and fall.

Mosaico a partir de A long history of corruption told in verse and prose...

Brazil was born corrupt, tells the story, as a colony of Portugal where was sent criminals, thugs, thieves, convicts. So it is common sense to accept that the country was born crooked, he went from colony to empire in the same vein perpetuating the vices and corruption and expanding them in the republic. The vision and negative feelings toward politicians and the administration of public affairs is constant complaint in the history of Brazil: Gregorio de Mattos Guerra,  the Hell Mouth spared no one  until the most celebrated today the writer João Ubaldo in work the Viva Brazilian people.
In politics the vote bought, alienated legitimate corrupt  in the expropriation and exploitation nation and people and have little or no representation in addition to private oligarchic interests and foreign groups. Politicians are all corrupt, parties are all corrupt and every election the choice of voters is related to those who: steals less or more steals and those who steal and do ... more public money theft. Nothing ever changes and  if change is to leave everything the way it is! Honest person enters politics and becomes dishonest.
At low education, participation in public affairs, material and spiritual misery (no class distinction), joins the feeling of powerlessness creating a generalized apathy, laziness in relation to politics and administration and all are induced and / or conducted to treat the exercise of citizenship with the mere act of voting every election, which occurs in Brazil every two years strengthening the dispossession strategies, blackmail, bribery, finally, corruption.
So when on 12.05.2016, after a long process of discrediting, fomentation of hatred and intolerance government workers' party-PT by Globo and Bandeirantes especially the democratically elected president by 54.5 million votes was deposed and replaced by one corrupt mafia PMDB, PP, PSDB, nothing more natural to accept that the coup against the 1988 Constitution and the sovereignty of the popular vote was and is legitimate.
At least so they thought corrupt that usurped power and its "marketing machine", the Globo network, affiliates and allies (Bandeirantes, SBT and Record) groups that holds the control information of the traditional media. Lula is the guy! Said Barack Obama! Of Course.

The first strategic mistake was not to know the country itself, its people, the immense social inequality; underestimate the charismatic force of Lula and the power of the Red Army, read up militancy PT. Plan A was to sabotage the PT government since the first term in 2003, sabotaging the PT and the country, seeking to disqualify and discredit the PT flag of honesty, transparency, strengthening of institutions, etc., leading accusations of Mensalão and pasting all corruption and evils of Brazil in PT [Mensalão PT] and Lula, the donkey unionist, illiterate and northeastern president of Brazil. PSDB BLINDAGEM? WY?

The second error: use the PSDB and Aécio Neves to forge the coup d' état with the impeachment of Rousseff. Toucans comes PMDB nest and are known for braggadocio left and reluctance to take "party" at decisive moments.

The third error: Repeat the first mistake not dropped Lula, now seeking overthrow Dilma, leading and controlling investigations, trials and prisons of the "greatest crime of corruption of all time" - the crimes investigated by Operation Lava jato Federal Police again only against the PT, especially Lula and Dilma.  Afff!

The fourth mistake: excessive greed of the PMDB, PP, DEMO's PSDB and PR, parties with the most investigated in Lava Jato and more demanded kickbacks from contractors and state-owned enterprises involved in crimes of corruption, public works overpricing and theft from public coffers. A great canaille denounced the accomplice, Sergio Machado, PMDB senator, former PSDB who recorded the frauds and sang them in winning delation.
Fifth and most of all errors: the PMDB want to come to power with a coup and without the support of the "weapons of the military" counting on the efficiency of manipulation of the electoral cattle and people's apathy towards politics and politicians and paralyze immediately the investigations of Lava jato that  incriminating then. Michel Temer, conspirator, corrupt, coup leader.

But halfway PMDB ... A delation leaked and the plan against the Lava jato, the bribery scheme, the coup of impeachment and other corruptions come to light!
Forged coup from the Mensalão 2005 crystallized on 05.12.2016, the most corrupt group that dominates the legislature, the PMDB, now dominates the executive and bragged about of having the judiciary with lashed to your hands! The House fell!
The corrupt PMDB coup leaders were not chosen by the people in the presidential elections and has claim to be an interim government as judge forged impeachment of the elected president. All the main chiefs of the PMDB, removed or ruling are being targeted of justice. Everyone has application for arrest and removal from public office, not legitimate and will not stand long in power.

A sixth mistake: although the crime was organized, Sergio Machado is the "motherfucker" who operated the FDP kickbacks distributing fund, forgot to create a fidelitiy pact or anti-treason code, above all, equitable distribution, because after all are Republicans, liberals, Democrats and raining dollars in Edison Lobão, Renan Calheiros, José Sarney and Collor and very little drop in Heraclito Fortes was a very communist attitude in China's business!

Resultado de imagem para sergio machado e o fundo de distribuição de propinas Sergio Machado, former PSDB, PMDB, FDP- operator fees distribution fund. Operation Lava jet. Author of "clips" against José Sarney, Renan Calheiros and Romero Juca, all PMDB.
"José Sérgio de Oliveira Machado best known for Sérgio Machado (Fortaleza, December 18, 1946) is a former senator PSDB, currently affiliated with the Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, and current Brazilian entrepreneur, operating in Ceará. [1] He became known nationally for making audio recordings in which overthrew the ministers Romero Juca (Planning) and Fabiano Silveira (Transparency) at the beginning of the interim government of Michel Temer."

You want to know everything that Machado "sang" to the Federal Police?