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quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2016



Marina da Silva
"Democracy means not only elections to choose leaders, but also active citizens and a free press, independent judiciary and transparent and responsive institutions that are accountable to all citizens and protect their rights equally and fairly. In democracies, respecting rights is not a choice leaders make day by day; is the reason they govern. "Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, Georgetown University. (Washington, DC, December 14, 2009) emphasis added

ATTENTION: People will forgive my poor, tattered English. Thanks Google Translate. kiss Marina.

                                         1988 Constitution, known as the Citizen Constitution, democratic, republican and sovereign! NO NEED justice or vigilantism! BRAZIL IS A DEMOCRATIC STATE LAW!

Why Barack Obama - US president - is silent against the Coup given to the democratic rule of Brazilian law and the sovereignty of the citizens' vote?
Why the US does not demonstrate against the impeachment coup that deposed Mrs. Rousseff, elected president in 2014 by more than 54.5 million votes?
The answer is "simple": Uncle SAM just watches Globo network! The mafia, ops, organizations Globo [groups included Bandeirantes, Record and SBT] globalizes the coup d'etat disguised as "impeachment" and conducted by notoriously corrupt politicians like Eduardo Cunha-PMDB, Michel Temer, PMDB and Renan Calheiros, PMDB, citing only the coup trio that usurped power day 12.05.2016. All explained and broadcast by Globo network in real time included crimes. Globe and OBAMA, all agree. The same speech coup in 1964: the Communists will take their homes, their land and eat small children! Part of the elite graduate, informed and intellectually lazy love prompt and simple answers. They defend the indefensible: DISHONOR, CRIMES, THEFT, CORRUPTION. Blame it on the Globo network?
As simple answer is no answer, it is necessary to deconstruct the coup, removing walls, veils, forged smokescreens by corrupt oligarchies that took power via legislative (false representatives of the people) on behalf of investors / native / foreign corrupt businessmen with ample and unrestricted coverage and support / interests of Globo.
Globo organization is the powerful liberal incarceration machine and manipulating the population and the main creator, disseminator of hate, racism, intolerance against PT, Dilma, Lula, number 13, northeastern people! Anti-Lulism, anti-PT, anti-petismo (PPP-poor, black, periphery)! Here   THE GAME RULE** who conducted an enormous " electoral cattle - PSDB" especially dressed in the uniform of a botched selection dominated by corrupt FIFA!

golpe_globo-582x330 Globo organization imposed  The game RULE: in the absence of facts and evidence against PT politicians, especially Lula and Dilma Rousseff comes to force the "Domain of the Theory of the facts": Dilma knew; Lula knew, the PT knew; the number 13 knew! Anyway, Lulafobia, Dilmafobia, PTfobia! The game rule: name of a recent novel network Globo on corrupt politicians in Brazil.

The economic and political power of Globo give the organization authority and Nazi-Fascist-JosephGoebbels authoritarianism to act against all the principles and universal human rights, against the Brazilian Constitution of 1988, against democracy, rule of law; administer justice [PF, MPF, STF] and against the sovereignty of the popular vote with the US World Order!
The Globo extrapolates his character PUBLIC LICENSE and acts privately defending and enforcing individual rights spurious, corrupt, corrosive to the nation wants to own as coronelista oligarchies and foreign groups. These groups, under the veil of NONINFRINGEMENT conferred by the sovereign vote, legislating against the people, against the democratic rule of law, against freedom and social and labor rights acquired with many deaths and fights! Globo is imposed on the Brazilian judiciary judging and condemning contrary politicians to their ideals / neoliberal allies, going over even the STF- Supreme Court,  as happened with the crimes of Mensalão in 2005 that was investigated, tried and condemned only political PT, trampling constitutional and legal norms and all with daily global broadcast!

"In an interview with BBC Brazil, the bank's chairman, Claudio Lamachia, did not indicate a specific act of responsibility of crime committed by the president. He said the OAB Federal Council considered that Dilma must be processed  "In an interview with BBC Brazil, the bank's chairman, Claudio Lamachia, did not indicate a specific act of responsibility of crime committed by the president. He said the OAB Federal Council considered that Dilma must be processed by the" body of work ". Emphasis my or by the  " conjunto da obra ". Emphasis my
Resultado de imagem para eduardo cunha Eduardo Cunha, corrupt, criminal with secret accounts in Switzerland, reported by the Ethics Committee, MPF, PF- Lava jato  investigation away by the Supreme Court continues to govern Brazil. he initiated the coup against the elected president, HONEST, by "pedaladas "!

"The shadow of Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) away deputy chairmanship of the House and the mandate from the last day 5, has aroused criticism and fears of Michel Temer's allies and members of the PMDB in the Senate. The core of the interim government working hard to minimize the appointment of people close to Cunha in key posts in the new administration, but the deputy demonstrates willingness to impose people you trust as inevitable interlocutors Temer with Congress. " 22/05/2016 free translation

With the powerful force of the Globe "Organization" (affiliates, affiliated), the "Legislative power PMDB, PSDB, PP, DEMO's" hit and usurped the executive power unseating Dilma Rousseff on 05.12.2016; politicized, corrupted and weakened the judiciary [PF, MPF, STF], the OAB (Organization of Lawyers of Brazil) and set up a feud of corruption and corrupt to take the country out of a political crisis created to give the coup, and the more serious, prevent investigations of crimes of corruption Operation Lava jet of PF- Federal Police against allies of the coup [PMDB, PSDB, PP, DEMO's PPS, PR, a total of 27 subtitles] and against the "Four sisters": Odebrecht, Camargo Correa, Andrade Gutierrez, Queiroz Galvão also known as the cement League and corruption Championship donnas known in Operation Lava Jato in March 2014!
Gilmar Mendes (à esq.) e Aécio Neves em visita ao Centro Integrado de Atendimento ao Adolescente Autor de Ato Infracional, em 2009. Foto: Omar Freire/Imprensa MG/DIVULGACAO  

"By suspending the proceedings of the investigation against Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), Minister Gilmar Mendes, the Supreme Court (STF), barred the testimony of parliamentary and witnesses initially scheduled to meet within 90 days, and collection of evidence in the documentation and files seized by Operation Lava jet that could help in the case. in the decision to bar the investigation forward and sends the request for verification back to the attorney general of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot for reevaluation, the Minister considered that no new elements that justify further research. Between the opening of inquiry to investigate the senator and the cancellation of the proceedings were about 24 hours. " Newspaper Estado. free translation

"Gilmar Mendes suspends collection of evidence in research on Aécio. STF Minister had authorized inquiry to investigate Senator toucan. Research refers to suspected corruption in state Furnas." Http://


The "Globo organization" not only passed and passes over the democratic institutions, the judiciary and defecates on the 1988 Constitution, all legal norms of the country and provides huge geopolitical service WORLD ORDER of North Americans! The United States has rules and principles for the rest of the world, including: FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, JUSTICE, EQUALITY! All complex principles dear to the US and capitalism, translated into Laissez faire, ultimate symbol of economic liberalism: no statism, no or minimal intervention of any national state in capitalist things! The less state, the better!
It is the freedom that defines the system and the capitalists who do not accept "handcuffs", controls, barriers, boundaries, limits on their activities, profits and expansion in ever larger scale, an inexorable condition of its existence!
Democracy, justice, equality are thus linked and conditioned to liberality, permissiveness, promiscuity that national states allow native capitalists and / or foreign, and mixed together! Recalling that the first neoliberal historical experience in Latin America took place during the military coup and Chilean dictatorship! So ... democracy is not a principle so valuable to US AND ORDER Imperialist USA! Jose Serra, PSDB defeated by Lula and Dilma, investigated the CPI "Sanguessuga" [ambulance overpricing], São Paulo subway, among other corruption crimes reported in the book "The PSDB privataria"! It is the current defense minister who threatened Latin countries against the Coup applied against Dilma Rousseff.

05.13.2016 "Foreign Ministry criticizes five countries by governments 'untruths' about Brazil"

Returning to Brazil: Globo says the Brazilian has no memory ...
young country maturing, was born in "1500" colony and empire dominated by Portugal / England. Latifundia of monocultures and slavery, Brazil closes  nineteenth century like Republica  in partnership and mounted in "uniforms and forces"! Patrimonialist, treating public affairs as private; coronelista / populist exchanging vows for bread, scuff, dentures; authoritarian and nationalist! These are indelible traces of the political / national economic culture that moves between the "big house and slave quarters"; mansion and slums; economic growth and disparity / inequality; national sovereignty and prostration to the US imperialist outrages!
Getulio Vargas puts an end to the old Republic and establishes the state novo broken  the  "coffee with milk" political hegemony of coronelista oligarchies of Minas Gerais and São Paulo and marks the capitalist beginning of the former colony of exploitation promoting industrialization under the leadership and investment the "state-daddy-entrepreneur"! It was in Varga's era that football, English's thing, is imposed as a national passion and drive and used to frame the social body, read the electoral cattle! Slavery and militaristic authoritarianism are the nation's historical defilements that "grows into  itself" via import substitution.
Between a populist dictatorship (1937-1945) and a bloody military dictatorship (1964-1984) the country experienced brief moments of liberty,  probation, gagged and confined in vital capital space to the US  and against the communist order! It is the cold war in the  name of unimaginable atrocities which were foisted the Latin people. The "middle class flock Globe" is not dumb, just need to change the media retrograde, obsolete by new information technologies accessible in "Google Doctor" and social networks. Going back to school is asking too much for now!

The real "democracy," comes late to Brazil and in a historical context of neoliberal advance that stormed England (Margaret Thatcher-1979); United States (Ronald Reagan, 1980); Germany (Helmut Kohl, 1982). The collapse of the state welfare was completed by the neoliberal advance across Europe. In 1989 falls the great communist symbol, the Berlin Wall. "Socialism / Communism real" decays with separatist wars in Eastern Europe, with the dissolution of the USSR and the opening of neoliberal policies and modernization of the Russian Gorbachev: glasnost and perestroika!
Neoliberalism in Brazil came in 1989 mounted on the jet-ski Collor who wins Lula in elections under the spurious command Globo network that forged facts, research doubtful opinion, intrigues, manipulated data and psychologized the popular ideology like communism, unemployment, inflation and the return of dictators!  The Abilio / Globe farce changed the outcome of the elections in 1989. In the 2000s Abilio starred in the largest global scandal to cheating the French group Casino, current owner of the Network Sugar Loaf, which once belonged to the family of Abilio, the failed corrupt!

First democratic election and it was clear who's service and has always been a public concession given to the entrepreneur Roberto Marinho, owner of the Globo! Control, manipulation, opinion formation, creating "fear of landscapes," is the psychologizing bling bling! The corollary of Globo worked wonderfully well, barring the left until 2002! New information technologies, mobile phones, internet coupled with the context of the terrorist attack on the US on September 11, 2001 and the "invasion" of the planet for life "Made in China" attenuated red Mao Zedong, rusted hammer and sickle and a charismatic star, Lula, supported by the militant red army (PT, unions, trade unions, associations and NGO civil and religious's movements homeless, landless, without food, shirtless, supporters, etc.), knocked neoliberalism FHC disguised in pseudo social democracy-PSDB who wanted a PSDB for over twenty years in capital prostitution via privatization geostrategic and geopolitical state, Welfare reforms, theft of labor social rights, scrapping of education, health, transportation, housing, etc., and PPP enforcement -Partnership Private Public, the same as transfer of national wealth to national and / or foreign corrupt groups! "Socialism possible" within the neoliberalism. Strengths Lulism: to fight hunger, poverty, misery; Bolsa Família, sanitation programs, lighting; higher and technical education; Incentive to culture; housing programs, health programs, SUS PROTECTION - Universal Health System, the diversity of the Brazilian people; more women in government, respect the Constitution and democracy, etc.

Globo mafia calls "economic populism" and "The crap in power," but the truth is that the PT has kept the country in the neoliberal direction, and with margins of maneuver meager, expanded the "country for all" to public actions and policies social quite timid for the greatness of election promises. The era Lula is undeniably economic growth and social justice recognized and acclaimed internationally; a nationalist discourse and geared toward low-income workers, poor, miserable, but with attention to the real owners of power: contractors, bankers, large farmers, sugar mill owners and similar. Brazil was the first country to reach, seven of the eight ODM's- UN Millennium Development Goals [UN] in government Lula / Dilma Rousseff. Social programs to all Brazilians as PRO-UNI, SCIENCE WITHOUT BORDERS, MEDICAL MORE, MY HOUSE MY LIFE, ZERO HUNGER gave the PT four consecutive mandates interrupted with COUP against Rousseff on 05/12/2016.


First revanchism oligarchies PSDB, PMDB, PP, DEMO's and network Globo because the Workers Party put themselves as the sole bearer of honesty, ethics, morality, transparency, defender of minorities, the nation's defender and the Brazilian people, mainly the most "oppressed"!
Second, unable to put up with the fact that a Northeastern union leader and illiterate and poor won the election against the "intellectual aristocracy" embodied in Fernando Henrique Cardoso - FHC, University of São Paulo-USP and São Paulo!
Demonize and dethrone the banner of ethics and transparency of the PT became "The agenda" and starts immediately, a second after Lula's inauguration. All comedy shows, novels and newspapers undervalue the illiterate president who talks too much and wrong and gives answers acid and bananas to the power of "educated and millionaire elites" EXCLUDED middle class!  Cassetas. This group is the spokesman imbecilization of the population, using stupid humor to propagate racism, intolerance and hatred against the Brazilian people and the country. Humor poor, asshole. In March 2014, Marcelo Madureira calls  Lula pickax and a vagabond on a vagabond Globo News program: Marmots Collection, ops, Manhattan Connection.

"The Cassetas not skimp on their Gagues, different ethnic groups, religious minorities (abound jokes against Portuguese , Jews, gypsies, politicians, homosexuals, drunkards, gauchos, Bahia, Argentina, among others) and on  eventsatuais.O group founded company Toviassú Artistic Productions (the name is a Toviassú siglema composed of the initial syllables of the phrase All fagot is deaf). " Free translation

All "gaffes" Lula are repeated millions of times in the media, the same with Rousseff! The destruction of the PT's image and PT is carried out in Mensalão crime in 2005 and important PT politicians were tried and convicted and dishonored by the Globo network even before the process is open in the Supreme Court. The trial of the PT put the country on the route of Coup: both the dismemberment of Mensalão crimes freeing Eduardo Azeredo, PSDB of Minas Gerais, the firstborn of the toucan Mensalão judged in common, convicted and still free justice as attributing the crimes only to PT, PT Mensalão! That the Supreme Court is this that prostrates Globo mafia?
In 2007 the discovery of the mega fields of oil and natural gas in the pre-salt layer sharpened competition, greed and corruption of several groups: politicians of all parties, Globo Organizations, contractors, bankers, lobbyists, money changers, Petrobras, fake companies , foreign investors, in short, a myriad of corrupt, corrupting and corrupted that will star the greatest crimes against homeland corruption that this country has ever seen: the crimes of Operation Lava Jato, federal police, triggered and welcome the public in March 2014 !
Mosaico a partir de The network Globo says that corruption in Brazil has a name: PT, Lula, Dilma, number 13! And everyone agrees with this? NO!
Twenty-seven legends, politicians, Petrobras directors, entrepreneurs of mega multinational companies: Odebrecht, Camargo Correa, Queiroz Galvao, Andrade Gutierrez, OAS, UTC and many other branch created a corruption championship in government FHC [1998-2002] WINNING FORCE with the discovery of pre-salt in 2007 and involved politicians from the PSDB, PP, PMDB, PT and twenty-three parties.
If the "Mensalão only judged, condemned and arrested petistas political leaders, why not throw all the blame for the crimes of Lava Jato and put an end to the Workers' Party, Lula and Dilma Rousseff and usurp power break in the infamous coup impeachment ?
And that's exactly what happened and again with the phenomenal little help from Globo Mafia mobilized first, from March 2015, the cattle, ops, candidate voters Aécio Neves - PSDB, who lost the elections to Dilma Rousseff and was extending its action on the entire forging population along with FIESP- federation of industries of São Paulo, a wave of anger, bitterness, hatred, demonization and phobia against Lula, Rousseff, PT and number 13! Crime Dilma: SHE KNEW, and me too!

The goal: to accelerate the neoliberal actions of privatizations [Petrobras target], meet the interests of foreign investors, accelerate reform of Social Security, labor law, end social rights and social policies of the PT government, tearing and shitting in the 1988 Constitution and legislation of Brazil!
This neoliberal commitment BRAZIL expropriation is the real SINCERICÍDIO *, read: Coup that Globo orchestrated, led and paid themselves and the powerful oligarchies of the country and to foreign speculators day 12.05.2016! Everyone involved in the fake impeachment of Rousseff and assumed the government of Brazil are known corrupt, listed and indicted in Operation Lava jet and other crimes against Brazil and are daily in the Brazilian media!
No ministério do presidente interino Michel Temer, oito nomes aparecem envolvido na Lava Jato  Ilustração reproduzida do Jornal Extra Both the Federal Public Ministry, the Federal Police, the figure of Sergio Moro and the Supreme Court acted under political command and corrupt contractors and Globe mafia and bad faith, bad-character individualising and restricting investigations to PT and imputing and condemning only Lula, Rousseff, PT supporters, PT, number 13! Lulismofobia!

The deconstructed COUP...

Why Barack Obama, the US president is silent against the Coup given to the democratic rule of Brazilian law and the sovereignty of the citizens' vote?

Imperialism: Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, rich in raw materials and various minerals natural resources, agricultural commodities, animal, hand-cheap labor, consumer market, strategic regional power in Latin America and has the main weapon geostrategic and world geopolitics, higher than the atomic bomb: OIL! The pre-salt layer has hyper mega plus high quality oil and natural gas fields that will give the US control over the world, a power previously confined to the Arabs who controlled prices and allowed excesses in the Middle East region. The PT government bar the US imperialist pretensions of ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF WEALTH OF PRE-SALT LAYER. Faith and hope for a more just country for all is the "faith" in the PT government, the Star of David, ops, Lula's star for the Brazilian people!


What is behind the COUP AGAINST BRAZIL is the geopolitical and geostrategic interests of the US to control and strengthen its imperialism on the world dominating the wealth of the pre-salt, our oil, which will give the UNCLE SAM manumission , absolute freedom of blackmail and racketeering oil owners, the Arab countries, which until the discovery of the largest oil fields in the world, the Brazilian pre-salt layer, dictating standards and oil prices at the world through the OPEP- 8 largest producers of the world's oil, Mexico and Venezuela, included. Dominating the PRE-SALT, the United States gain years of research and exploration of oil and natural gas in deep water [Petrobras owns and dominates deep knowledge in this regard] and may impose assertively, read with brute force, its power in the Middle Middle killing several birds with a Brazilian exploration platform: dominate world energy platform (petroleum); strengthen Israel; control the price of oil and prevent energy crises like the one caused in 1973 by the "Arabs"; establish imperial peace on Palestinians, Jordanians, West Bankers, Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Libyans, Kurds, Yemenite, Kuwaitis, United Arab Emirates, etc; reduce energy power Russia over Europe and so on and so too! 2004  Absolute power of the Middle East and Europe and Eurasia (CEI- Commonwealth of Independent States) controlled by Russia THAT CURRENTLY exceeded the production of the Middle East.

PHYSICAL DOMAIN AND TOTAL CONTROL, geostrategic, geoeconomic and GEOPOLITICAL PRE-SALT, even without fully into effect, gives an undeniable imperial power to the United States, "the owners of the piece," read to the Americas and the rest of the world. The US power even after the strikes of September 11, 2001 and the global financial crisis (subprime) in 2008 is dominant! The ownership of the pre-salt via BLOW TO SUPPORT strengthens the discourse of sustainability, fake ecodiscurso, farces like other principles of freedom, equality, justice, democracy in America.
THE CORRUPT AND CRIMINALS THAT deposed Rousseff, the ELECTED PRESIDENT, HAS AMERICAN SUPPORT TACIT, supporting the geostrategy and geopolitics Imperialist US ABOUT BRAZIL! The US tactic: allowing the corrupt provincial oligarchies ego inflated to use, narcissistically, even if illegitimately because gave a AGAINST COUP STATE DEMOCRATIC AND AGAINST SOVEREIGN VOTE THAT ELECTED Rousseff IN 2014, the Republic President track to publish in facebook profile!

Mosaic from I Marina da Silva only recognize Dilma Rousseff, the legitimate president of Brazil [2015-2018] and I'm not alone!

* SINCERÍCIDIO: word created by the Organization Globo for each UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ilegal act decided by the ministers of the coup government: end the Unified Health System;  the Ministry of Culture, Welfare, Bolsa Família, More Medical program, return to the CPMF and many other criminal actions of these rascals who have usurped power day 05.12.2016!
**The game rule: name of a recent novel network Globo on corrupt politicians in Brazil.