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quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2016



Hello people! Forgive my English terrible and thanks google translator. Marina Silva "It's, they are all housebroken!"

Marina da Silva

Day after post-coup that deposed President Dilma Rousseff, elected democratically by the sovereign vote [54.5 million voters], metamorphosed in impeachment:  "AND NOW JOSEPH?*"
Plan A was to remove "The power of crap **", read: put an end to the Age Lula or Lulism and the strong presence of the Brazilian state in the consolidation of national sovereignty and emerging power pretensions with a relevant role in the sharing of world power after all, Brazil is the B in BRIC's!
Fait accompli in the deposition of Dilma Rousseff on 05/12/2016 was time to move to the neoliberal prescriptions the next day. But what the post-coup plan? Dilma left, vice President Michel Temer becomes president of the republic, the PMDB assumes power and call new elections ... But no!
What went wrong? What it is and has always been behind the coup? The simple and single issue capital to neoliberalism: What is the size of state that Brazil should have? Minimal State? State Required? PSDB Co-responsible state or any state locking the geoeconomic, geopolitical and geostrategic pretensions of capitalism led by the United States! The Brazilian state of size is a matter of sustainability, that is, support the fundamental principle of neoliberalism: free markets! Broad and unrestricted opening of Brazil to productive, financial, speculative capital, all together and mixed with free distribution and circulation of goods except the commodity labor power (attached to human bodies). "God made the world, the rest is made in China."

If you thought of democracy and principles and human rights as pillars capitalist ... Never mind! If you still believe that the coup against President Dilma Rousseff was to save the nation from communist lulistas hands, lost the visit of Barack Obama to Cuba. Just to clarify: communism has always existed in real life as a control, domination and ideological torture, authoritarian, cruel, murderous to subjugate, dominate, expropriate and exploit human beings! The largest communist country in the world is now the second world capitalist power: China!
The arrival of Lula to power represented a brake in the neoliberal greed that has taken the country by storm with Collor and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the FHC, from 1990 to 2002. The neoliberal practices impose a minimum of State and have the PSDB - Social Democratic Party Brazil its best representatives and better governance. Toucans rationally follow his master sending unchallenged and clear that social democracy, whatever that means in the PSDB acronym goes away from people, poor, miserable, included middle classes, especially the middle class dubbed "coxinhas***" in the demonstrations which preceded the infamous "impeachment.
Democracy is not a necessary condition for neoliberalism, as it is Augusto Pinochet and his cruel and bloody dictatorship in Chile who first welcomed the neoliberal primer of the Washington Consensus in 1973.
Power would be living a refulgent PSDB government for over 20 years - initial claim - whether gross mistakes, included, internal geopolitics errors had not been committed. Chief among them: excessive profanity with the Brazilian population, literally treated as second-class cattle, monkeys, rabble!
The neoliberal point of view, FHC did their homework:
· * Privatization of state enterprises;
· * Concessions and other tax handouts;
· * Pension Reform;
· * Reduction of the "Brazil cost": deep cuts in spending in social areas: emphasis on health, education, public transport, sanitation, housing, etc;
· * Reduction and freezing the basic minimum wage;
· * Insecurity in the world of work: super outsourcing, subcontracting, false-companies (oranges), pejotização-CNPJ (workers disguised in company), false cooperatives, etc;
· * Downsizing of public administration: buyouts, restructuring abuse of outsourcing labor-work in public services;
· * The Labor Judicial Reform with great loss of social rights of workers through the "flexibility" of the Labor Code;
· * Banks Rescue - PROER;
· * And the biggest blow to the nation: wealth distribution via PPP- public-private partnership where companies have full logistical / financial support via BNDS; shady deals that are surfacing in the crime of corruption Lava Jato and others.

Arquivo Aecio-o-PSDB-and-allies

The truculence, arrogance, disrespect and authoritarian when dealing with other political parties, society in general and the "little people" in particular turned out to dethrone the toucans in 2002. Brazilian people and their demands, toucans pressed the button F * ! Translated the speech to do what is necessary to raise the country's competitiveness, boost economic growth, raise Brazil to the status of the first world, reduce the "Brazil risk" to give blows to the financial speculators and all in unintelligible economic terminology for doctors economy . Cursing and ranting against pobrália ****, general workers, civil servants, unions, trade unions, popular social movements and even against retired workers [FHC called retirees vagabonds], the toucan government only opened its beak to say: I will fuck you in the short, medium, long-term and forever and it's just that I can promise!
Resultado de imagem para henrique meirelles This is the old minister of FHC and Lula: Henrique Meirelles and the old speech "new" to the coup Michel Temer: welfare reform, tax increases, CPMF, relieve foreign capital and F * Brazilian pobrália!

The economic rationale IMF delivered to PDSB not realizes the political irrationality of toucans that come accelerated and pillaged up the population with a giant tractor, running over conquests and historical battles of the working people, for they called "cursed inheritance Vargas" that it is: the state-daddy, State businessman, nationalist statism and focused on general pobrália!
Not need to know the work of Machiavelli to know that would give shit, but a quick reading of "The Prince" would have helped the toucans. Let's see what Machiavelli says about the conduct of the ruler over the people if they want a good foundation, conservation, consolidation "states" new:  "However, it is observed that men should be treated well or subjugated, because although not revenge of serious injuries, they can take revenge of minors; therefore any offense should be the type that does not generate reasons to fear a vengeance. " What José Serra is doing next to the coup plotters Temer and Cunha? Paying ... MICO!

If toucans wanted to destroy the "cursed inheritance Vargas", statism, should have created a speech for that or just appropriate Collor's speech while imposing the nation a project ordered by another nation, the United States, using a minimum of ethics, respect and political and social elegance, consistent with the title of "prince of sociology" given to FHC.
The PSDB has never "left" red, purple or pink here or in China and even left was, Perry Anderson, British historian, already denounced in the late nineties, that the power, the left, mainly European, was more neoliberal than neoliberals themselves to dismantle and destroy the welfare state and the social security system.
Despising governance with other parties, F* the public and governing for the rich and native and/or foreign increasing the gap of social inequality, deepening poverty and misery of millions of Brazilians was a huge mistake that played in the lap of the PT four consecutive mandates interrupted on 05.12.2016 with the coup!

And now Joseph? Make matters worse and take "the power of crap" was not easy and super exhausting, but what to do with an PMDB interim government coup, corrupt, statist, centralist and swamped with historical crimes of corruption and especially in crimes of Lava jato and that judges lawful? Expect Michel Temer convoke new elections was stupid! Make charges of ethics, honor, honesty to PMDB, symbol of political patronage and the face of corruption is pathetic! Allying the PMDB is suicide! What was the plan for the Day after coup d'État? They not made plans? Or toucans dreamed be conducted to the throne, ops, the Planalto Palace with support and exclusive transmission and arms organizations Globo or suffers even stupidity. To corrupt the PSDB all silence and protection organizations Globo, SBT, Bandeirantes and Record.

Shield the PSDB corruption crimes of media  is part of the plan of Globo Organizations and globally would work if the toucans were not so corrupt and investigated in Lava jato as PMDB, PP, PR, DEMO's and PT. Probably even more corrupt than the PT, which only find out if the shield to the PSDB were not so essential to the  USA  neoliberalism[FMI/WORLD BANC]. How long can still shield the PSDB? What it takes to remove the interim government entirely corrupt coup, giving the orders in the nation, most in the Planalto Palace, threatening the Supreme Judiciary and asking the head of Janot, president of the Federal Prosecutor? Eduardo Cunha, Michel Temer, Renan Calheiros, Sarney, Romero Jucá and Co., heirs of cursed legacy of Vargas, statist, centralist in power and more alive than ever! Toucans bet on the worse the better to dethrone the PT and managed. Only now, in addition to worse,  social and economic fear landscape, political terrorism and other spurious actions, toucans put the country on the dirty paws of the PMDB. 
Something is drawing on the Brazilian political scene and it's not pretty: the country will continue in the hands of thieves, and has much to do with BREXIT! You know what this is? No? Br = BRazil +   EXIT=outputPSDB  output for Brazil is not neoliberalism, but the strengthening of the Brazilian state of nationalism corruption! After the vote on impeachment and consolidation of the PMDB coup d'État what will happen to toucans? Run, ops, fly!

Translating BREXIT UK: the departure of England the European Union is a blow to neoliberalism and indicates strengthening of statism! And the correct and ridiculous answer  FOR BREXIT BRazil  means the subsumption of the PSDB and Globo organizations   was given by William Waack on Globo News panel on 18/06/2016  highlighting the Gordian knot *** impossible to disentangle Toucans: accept statism back via coup d"État is prostrating to the PMDB; accept the return of Dilma Rousseff, in addition to admit participation in the coup is sanctifying Saint Lula and  the state-daddy. It remains only around the facts and versions and admit that "It is better to a tragic end (oligarchy landowner statist PMDB) than a tragedy without end (read swallow Lula, Rousseff, PT, PT, finally, the crap back to power) !

 "AND NOW JOSEPH?* It's a name of poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade.
**The crap in power. Read text on the blog
*** Pobrália, pobrologia, pobrologistas: pejorative terms to refer to most of the population; read TREATIES "POBROLOGIA" Leandro Narloch. Veja magazine. Ed. 2054, 41-year n.13 02-April-2008. Year in which the average Class C became the ruling class, over 86 million Brazilians and growing.
**** Gordian Knot. Gordian gór.dio adj (of Gordian, np) 1 Belonging or relating to Gordian, former king of Phrygia, or the famous knot tied by him. 2 Antig Qualifier of the games by the end of December, were celebrated in Rome in honor of the Emperor Gordian. 3Gordiídeo. sm 1 Gordiídeo. 2 Zool Genre (Gordius) typical family of Gordiídeos. Cut the Gordian knot: get out of an awkward situation. Gordian knot: a) node that does not untie; b) difficulty seems insuperável.http: //
Translating BREXIT UK: the departure of England the European Union is a blow to neoliberalism and indicates strengthening of statism! And the correct answer ridiculously FOR BREXIT BRazil  means the subsumption of the PSDB blindadores BREXIT reality was given by William Waack on Globo News on 18/06/2016 panel highlighting the Gordian knot *** impossible to disentangle Tucanos: accept statism back via Blow is prostrating to the PMDB; accept the return of Dilma Rousseff, in addition to admit participation in the coup is sanctifying time are Lula and state-daddy. It remains only around the facts and versions and admit that "It is better to a tragic end (oligarchy landowner statist PMDB) than a tragedy without end (read swallow Lula, Rousseff, PT, PT, finally, the crap back to power) !