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quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2016



Hi people, forgive my poor english and thanks Google translate.

Marina da Silva

"Congratulations to fulfill its obligations making housecleaning. "

There are here in this text no interest of transcendental importance in bringing light the "controversy" over who are the owners of the world, men or women, and even fewer discuss historically or any point of view (economic, political, cultural, social, anthropological, religious and etc.) of how was the hegemony process of man over woman because this Herculean work has been done by Friedrich Engels in the Origin of the family, private property and the State.

We try to understand only within the capitalist mode of production, how is the ownership, expropriation, absolute extraction of surplus value of men and women workforce from an early age and how the system uses sexism (war sex) to ensure for the capitalist an abysmal profit!
That men and women have always worked and there was always a social and sexual division of labor self-explanatory. The key point is - under capitalism - to know that the work of women and children (regardless of sex) always gave precariously downgraded, undervalued and underpaid for the work of men and worse, always using the work both (children, women) as the "ace up his sleeve" to lower salaries and nullify claims of higher wages and better working conditions and labor relations of adult males! 
Technological scientific progress of the nineteenth century "gives the phenomenon proletarization a new strand: next to the individualism the most complete depersonalization, favored by deplorable working conditions." (Emphasis added)

For Engels "The legal inequality, which we inherited from previous social conditions, is not the cause but the effect of the economic oppression of women." Woman's place is in the kitchen! Every day you hear this cliché, that although outdated seen PEA- economically active population is in some countries 50% or more formed by women, included Brazil, still exists as eternal general law nowadays!
"Women are long-haired beings and short ideas," jokingly said in free will, Arthur Schopenhauer not only conceptualizing as defining the social role reserved to these "beings"! In the same century Schopenhauer, the brightest minds were seeking to apprehend, understand and reveal the 'why' of the woman's role should always be: warm the umbilicus on the stove and cool the tank washing, finally, in housecleaning! And how "because it must be so" is not an answer the natural and divine veil of servitude / slavery of women to "government home" fell away definitely with the Second Industrial Revolution that again opened to women the opportunity to participate in social production!
"But - as Engels says - this was done in such a way that the woman [proletarian] to fulfill its obligations in the private service of the family, it is excluded from social work and nothing can win; and, if you want to take part in the social industry and earn their living independently, it is unable to fulfill domestic obligations ". Men and women fighting for rights, after all they are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandparents of all men!  Stealing women is the same as stealing all the whole family!

The struggle for women's emancipation is long, arduous and bloody: "It may seem strange to new generations the fact that at the time of our great-grandparents, most women did not work outside the home, did not have access to contraception, could not divorce and not even vote. All these achievements are the result of the movement for women's rights, the first International Day was celebrated 100 years ago. "A century of struggle for rights and women finally reach the XXI century dominating the world ... of work! But what it is the female power?
Destined the conditions and degrading labor relations, receiving lower wages than men, women are still used for the lowering of the male income and both end up entangled and bricked in alienating and miserable speech the "war of the sexes" that justifies greater job insecurity women, rights of inequality, covering a predatory exploitation of labor of men, women, children! Outsourcing, sub-contracting, social entrepreneurship and informal work (without labor law or any other rights), increase in formal employment of low qualification and low-paid (trade, services, etc.), domestic work, work almost to slavery, slave labor, work children ... THIS IS portrait WORK IN BRAZIL  OF TODAY AND FOR OVER CENTURY FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN!

The return conditions and labor relations similar to what happened in the nineteenth century is what has been happening in the last two decades (years 90/2000). The equality, ie equality between men and women is a fallacy! Either one or the other every day struggle for survival, the right to be explored! Divided, men and women become easy prey ensuring high profits to capitalist flexible accumulation that supported the new technologies can explore men and women in every corner of the planet! Even with higher education and qualifications women earn less than men (15% less in the United States before the 2008 crisis, more than 30% in Brazil); They suffer from sexism, sexual harassment, moral and etc. Girls, teens, babies, women of all ages are victims of domestic violence! They are murdered, raped, burned alive, cut into pieces and thrown in garbage dumps, etc, etc, etc! And all because they are "powerful (study, own income)," but "no more than a woman!"
How to turn this game? Every man for himself and save yourself who can! Of course not! Individualism and exacerbated competitiveness, rivals, enemies! This is the game of winners X failed! BUT WHO REALLY IS THE OWNER OF THE BALL? And Who has extremely high profits with income GAME?

The output is to play on the same team and side by side together and mixed: fighting men and women ... against exploitation of their potential stolen by the capitalists! Killing women is not the solution of the "puzzle"! 

A sociability founded on pillars of human values ​​centered on human beings, built by men and women "together and mixed" at work, at school, at play, raising children, the cleaning, the "Love and Sex"! This is a dream ... that many couples are experiencing in these modern times!
We need rather to a continuous female fight (in Brazil equality within the Laws near view is a setback for women's rights) and advance to the Men's Revolution (which should have followed pari passu with the women's struggle for rights), including studies /qualification; perception that violence and sexism feeds back the exploitation of both; the degradation and precariousness of women's work and children directly affects the work male and family income; the real gender equality must pass by revolutionizing and simultaneous emancipation of men and women and for equal rights (laws) that crystallize in real life suppressing once the farce of equality paper, mere fiction!

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