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segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2016

BRAZIL: OUTSOURCING is precariousness of work.

Dog and cat 
Hello people, forgive my poor english but..."Let me say what I think of this life , I need to vent" Thanks google translate. Thanks you! The precariousness HAS THE WOMAN FACE
Marina Silva

It is said that Jesus when he was on probation in the desert felt thirsty and then came to serve him, a dog and a cat. Jesus gave each of them a cup and had them look water.The cat knowing being in the desert and it would be difficult, arduous and risky to find such a treasure was hidden behind a rock, he waited a long time and then, taking advantage Wile peed in the cup and handed it to Jesus. But the dog, loyal, faithful, friend, walked for days through heat, hunger, thirst, braving the bitter cold of the desert night and the many dangers going to give to an oasis, where he first filled the glass of Jesus, then quenched own headquarters. And again experiencing everything again and gave Jesus the clear water. Then Jesus blessed the dog and the cat punished. I have often heard this story in childhood and left her well in the background memory and even have forgotten if it had not been me recently told only updated in these globalized economic times. And it all started with the following comment at lunch:
_People look at that strange: it's been a while I realized that these department stores, workers are being called collaborators!
Then an outsourced work saw fit to clarify my ignorance on the subject.
_ Is that nowadays we want to be like the dog! He spoke convinced.

I kept in ignorance, but she explained to me in detail. In a talk at his church, the preacher who is also a consultant in economics, used the dog  and the cat parable to explain the new worker's profile in this new millennium: loyal, faithful, collaborator, helpful, the best friend of man, here in this case, the big dog boss. The cat continues with the register dirty! The feline type employee is repulsed by being a lazy beast, kittle, individualist who works only right to see some reward it. Modern slavery.

_Businesses today need collaborators - informed me moved. I help the boss and it helps me! I was impressed with the creative appropriation of a parabola for taming and to train workers forcing them to accept, without bark, the precarious conditions of work, low wages, poor living conditions and no security any that will even being treated as a fifth category mutt dog, your guaranteed job!

A indoctrination, one coerced cooperation that went beyond the factory walls, invaded schools, churches, homes, in short all social relations of the individual and in a moment falls Jesus Christ as a carpenter merely that as the cat took a crucifixion in loin as punishment.

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