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quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2016

ORGASMS A ROTTEN SYSTEM: Dilma out yes, i, yes yes, again, auuuuuuuuu!


Resultado de imagem para somos todos cunhas COXINHAS. Psychologizing pathetic, more efficient! But you can get out of this WAVE!

Marina da Silva

Provisionally We will not sing freedom - to think , criticize, innovate, look , act , love
Because this freedom settled himself under our putrid robes.

We will sing repetition, the tedium, the boredom, copy, the sameness of everyday life  what sterilizes consciousness and kills the soul.
We do not sing why? The how? The Where? The who? Who is guilty? Because it is no longer necessary. We have a global answer to everything. Everything is natural, is like that, there's no way to change, God did, does not help us to do something or move on.
Think annoys, tired. Criticising requires reflection. Fighting expends energy and we are only worms, small and worthless worms.
We'll sing just keep quiet, the let it be, I have nothing with this, the government or God who should give us answers, TV is who decides.
We will be inert, quiet, blunted, the deadened conscience, deformed knowledge, character corrupted.
And when we die not rotten because we fetid corpses in life. Remain our skeleton only. And not born flowers or yellow or black or purple. No flower born on our graves and will not serve either as manure fertilizer.
Resultado de imagem para somos todos cunhas 
"1.Eduardo Cunha. Leader of the corrupt.
2. Marcello Reis, vulgo Retarded Online, T-shirt seller without an invoice. Tomfool required of all Carnival Coxinha.
3. Kim Katuguri, begginer political illiterate, famous for outsource ass in a photo during the course of Coxinhas, when he traveled 1000 km to this day deliver a request for impeachment to a gangster.
4. Jair Bolso Vô Mito, ops, Bolsonaro, mythical idol of coxinhas. Racist, homophobic, sexist, stupid.
5. Carlos Sampaio, toucan extended spout, graduated with Aécio president of the insane asylum. " Free translation

* ORGASMO DE UM SISTEMA PODRE  é o título do post de Clóvis Rossi, Jornal Folha de São Paulo/18-04-2016