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quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2016



Hello friend forgive my terrible English, but I need to tell you what is happening in my beloved Brazil. Thanks google translate!

Resultado de imagem para cunha meu corrupto favorito " This is" [Isto é] Eduardo Cunha. My favorite CORRUPTED - more shared phrase and much touted by Coxinhas. Pictured Eduardo Cunha, deputy, ex Chamber President away for crimes of "ethics" and investigated with wife and daughter in the crimes of Lava jato. This is 30 million stolen from public coffers - Petrobras published by Transparency International

Marina da Silva

Defense of the indefensible, collude with dishonest, dishonorable, corrupt, criminal, immoral, shameful, unconstitutional. Justifying the unjustifiable! This is what is theology and apologetics of the current corruption in Brazil.
The first time I heard such a thing, the country had just get rid of the dictatorship of the military [1964-1985] and Collor [1990-1992], the president forged in the media, "The savior" Maharajas hunter; read destroying the Brazilian state [cursed legacy of Vargas, labor social rights, according to FHC-1994/2002]. The goal: destroy administrative bureaucracy, destroy essential public services and the civil service! In fact Collor initiated the neoliberal attack in Brazil: economic liberalization, reduced state to minimum (cut in social spending), attack on labor rights, pension, wage squeeze, tax increases, privatization, finally, a set of rules imposed by the IMF-Washington Consensus, braked by Itamar Franco and took off once with FHC. Of course nonsense, intolerant and unconstitutional speeches were in network programming Globe / Bandeirantes: attacks and discredit doctors, teachers and even firefighters; death penalty, homophobia, violence against women, rape cult of, demonization of the poor, black, slum dwellers and other aberrations treated as jokes, especially in Globo that puts each in its square and praises corruption and vices of politics!
Resultado de imagem para somos todos cunhas Eduardo Cunha, my favorite corrupt? Take photo with corrupt and post on facebook, this is Life style Coxinhas.

The fact that I was told to reporting an ignorant naivete: the child told the mother that Brazil would change only after all her generation was dead and this because, even agreeing that Lula would be an option that could do something for Brazilian low- income, poor and miserable, her three times, defended the neoliberal program Collor-Cardoso. A decade and a half later I get the "What'sUp" a video in support of "machismo"[ "chauvinism" done or read by a girl, so convinced and ignorant as the mother there nineties! The two had something in common: a lazy ignorance, typical of those who accept ready-made answers provided by religion or media religion! literate and graduate stupidity, if it is possible and it is such absurdity; unfortunately not unique in Brazil.
The theology of corruption expanded with capitalism (is adoptable shamelessly by Democrats, Social Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Nazis, fascists, fundamentalists, monarchists, liberals, conservatives, and so on and so)!
The theology of corruption was not born here and now and we find in the literature of the sixteenth century, denounced the works of Shakespeare and defended staunchly by Machiavelli, especially in Prince, a practical guide on how to achieve, maintain, expand the power using abjectand corrupt means  [the end justifies the means] and that will guide the modern political thought from then!
Capitalism is born in Europe and is imposed on the world; blooms brightly in the United States, knocking dogmas, borders, cultures, indigenous societies; expanding inexorably the planet imploding and destroying everything that opposes its logic: continuous expanded reproduction, commercialization of everything and everyone, appropriation and inhuman exploitation of  workers, concentration and monopolization of raw materials, the wealth produced socially, the power, the family, the state! All for an increasingly select group, small, stateless person; and misery and destitution of all to enormous population on the planet!
Resultado de imagem para occupy wall street Occupy Wall street. Protest movements against the rescue of banks and [other companies] in the financial crisis of 2008, known as sub-prime crisis. Obama saved 1% billionaires, has left 99% of the population paying the bill and millions Americans demoted, unemployment and misery!

How did we get to this? It's what Noam Chomsky tells us in Requiem for The American Dream: ten quick and clear lessons. Available on youtube and logical, suitable for those who are willing to break, using drugs against worms and against the media, the generators of intellectual laziness and atrophied knowledge; the indulgence, the extreme individualism, selfishness and comfort sheep with the current situation we reached in Brazil since the elections 2014 and still try to understand how was the coordination of the coup against the elected president and the judgment that gave an air of "legality" to the usurpation of the elected government by a senate and lower house with over 60% of corrupt politicians, many of them denounced the greatest crime of all time corruption: Lava jet crimes! The ten principles of concentration of wealth and power, according to Chomsky:
1. Reduce democracy;
2. Shaping the ideology;
3. Shaping the economy;
4. Shift the burden of supporting the society for the poor and middle class;
5. Attacking solidarity;
6. Control regulators;
7. Control the elections;
8. Keeping the rabble in line;
9. Manufacturing consensus and create consumers;
10. Marginalizing the population.

The theology of corruption, adopted this name or steal from someone, because it fits exactly the most fruitful and powerful religion in the world: worship, adoration, praise and faith in God MONEY! Money is great, buy it, buy all (everyone has a price, preaches economic gospel, political and even religious), gives pleasure, shopping pleasure, turns wolf in sheep, faithful in electoral cattle, finally, serves for everything. But the phenomenal power of money is to transform,  to change

all at its opposite!

Resultado de imagem para renan aécio temer Conspiring governance after the coup: Michel Temer (PMDB, coup president), Renan Calheiros (PMDB, president of the Senate); Aécio Neves (PSDB senator, candidate defeated by Dilma Rousseff in 2014, coup ally). All cited and investigated for crimes in Lava jet. Brazil is administered   by criminals, bandits!

"Gold! Yellow, glistening, precious gold!
No, gods, I do supplications in vain (...).
So, somewhat it will make white black,
the disgusting  beautiful, right wrong, vile  noble,
old young, the coward brave (...)
This yellow slave will weave and smash religions;
bless the cursed; will the whitish leprosy adored;
lead thieves, giving them title, reverence and approval,
the bank of the senators (...) Shakespeare in Timon of Athens. *  Free (and abusive) translation Marina da Silva

Resultado de imagem para temer renan calheiros cunha aécio anastasia Money takes power! Then "the wrong
  right, the vile  noble,the old man  young, the coward brave (...). "Honest president  Dilma Rousseff by  Michel Temer, the coup president, corrupt!

Perhaps and certainly understanding and apprehension of all this should from the historical construction of human sociability. The civilizing process (over 5,000 years to anchor in the Chinese civilization), the man went from nomadic, collector, hunter inventor of agriculture. Sedentary, domesticated animals, forged the formation of "Family, State, private property", making the policy to manage and master the social forces (society), the wealth produced socially through the "body politic" because since the world began preaching the defenders of the rich and powerful: man is evil by nature and also the man is a wolf to man, justifying the status quo Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes. The solution: the state invention.
For survival, the need, the (bad) social character of "being" human, for power, for control of resources, application of violence and surveillance by domination, come to state where human hand over their social forces for all turning them into abstract forces, crystallized political forces in the figure and  structure of state.
Politics is the art of managing on behalf of all [the wealth and all goods produced socially] and in the interest of the whole society aimed at cohesion and stability of the body social / political and survival of the state as long as possible. This would be the First and Only commandment.
Corrosion of the state and social and political instability is by appropriation, exploitation, expropriation of that is all, for a few citizens, concentrating power and wealth in a small group, creating major distortions and social inequality: 1% concentrated super riches and 99% pay the bill - complaint made to the movement of demonstrations Occupy Wall Street exploded in the United States in 2008 (financial crisis sub-prime) and spilled over into the rest of the world, especially the European Union in 2011 and Brazil in "Revolt bus" in 2013.
Resultado de imagem para pre sal china e estados unidos ficam com a maior parte do pré sal The pre-salt is ours! Cry Uncle Sam.

Brazil began to take off in the [economic growth and social development] XXI century after Lula's election in 2003. The PT government in four terms, the latter usurped the parliamentary coup against the elected President Dilma Rousseff, 31.08.2016, it was beneficial for rich and poor, reviling not against  the neoliberal prescription and giving a gas in the lives of the poor and miserable. All the facts leading up to the coup against Dilma comes just gas ... natural and oil; the discovery in 2007 of the mega oil fields of the pre-salt layer that made Obama down from the First World heights and eat  "buchada de bode(goat) in Brasilia! The "our" oil is the most precious and coveted geopolitical currency on the planet to keep the US capitalist world order on the world, especially against  Russia and China!

Resultado de imagem para pre sal china e estados unidos ficam com a maior parte do pré sal

2015: "Raphael Padula showed how working in Brazilian foreign policy from 2003 until then totally favorable to US geopolitical interests, starts to bother the great power the Brazil takes his starring role in its strategic environment, strengthening. the integrator ideal Mercosur, plus a free trade area and expanding their actions towards West Africa, the south Atlantic neighbor. With the discovery of pre-salt, Brazil's decisions on how to exploit this wealth increased tensions between diplomatic between Brazil and the USA. The emerging protagonism of Southern poor cousin bothered. The rich cousin US tried to reactivate the 4th Fleet, specific to the South Atlantic; He rejected the UN resolution that guarantee Brazilian law in continental 200 miles. And he spied, as disclosed in WikiLeaks case."
Resultado de imagem para Obama visita brasil Obama em visita ao Brasil. Março/2011. Conspiracy theory? But no! Search doctor Google! More school and less laziness, this is the program!

Fortunately for Brazil, the United States   put yourself in more financial trouble in 2008 and led to the ruin Greeks and Trojans, read: EU countries (Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland - the most affected), China (the largest US creditor and largest exporter of goods to the planet and home to thousands of multinational companies); Japan, Russia. In Brazil it was really a "small wave" and the data (IMF) growth and social economic development corroborate the "achievements" of the Lula / Dilma. In 2011, after general rescue banks, Obama comes to the country to give orders about the pre-salt and cut of the  tuft  the giant  Brazil that was already the BBB of Bric's, the owner of the piece in Latin America and wanted a place in the G- 7+ Russia and of course, time and vote at the UN! Lula's charisma, not only ripped Obama's praise as elected and re-elected Rousseff as President of the Republic. From the pre-salt discovery and PAC's-growth acceleration program: PAC 2007; PAC Cup FIFA and PAC Olympics (2010) levels greed and corruption in the country rose to the stratosphere!
Resultado de imagem para CLASSE MÉDIA E GOLPES who's plotting against the country and millions of poor Brazilians: crisis, unemployment, psychological terrorism against Lula, Rousseff, PT and number 13! And the Globo network is not alone: Bandeirantes, SBT and Record! Now it is to kill Lula, ops, arrest Lula!

2013 is the year of the great demonstrations against corruption had to trigger an increase in bus passes. And were suffocated with brutality and violence throughout the country by the police and army, especially in the year of the FIFA World Cup 2014. A landscape of terror and fear has cooled demonstrations until March 2015, when the "social forces", or people returned to the streets against corrupt Lava jet and other crimes against the Treasury.
Mosaico a partir de The media's role in the coup: appropriating the popular dissatisfaction, deepening pessimism generate a fake grave economic crisis only the PT government, instigating hatred and revenge: PTfobia, Lulafobia, Dilmafobia! Arrest or kill, not necessarily in that order, Lula and Dilma Rousseff.

15/03/2015. Gradually, the demonstrations have been financed by political parties, federations of industry, highlight FIESP [Federation of Industries of São Paulo] super media companies, read: Globo, Bandeirantes, SBT and Record and its affiliates. Of contester citizen outraged by the high degree of corruption in Brazil, a large group of voters Aécio Neves candidate who lost the election to Dilma Rousseff, have been transformed into "bombs" of anger, hatred, rage against the PT, Lula and Dilma. "We are all Cunhas, Cunha my favorite corrupt, Cunha is the sewer pipe that will take the PT government of shit!" BUT EDUARDO CUNHA IS BANDIT Cited and investigated by Sergio Moro has thousands of evidence against the corrupt Cunha, but only want to hold Lula! Why my God!

Mosaic from We against Them, poor X  rich,  workers X Coxinhas. In a country as unequal, with millions of low-income workers, poor, miserable, the future can only be President Lula in 2018 and PT in government for eight years until the next coup! Kill Lula, ops, the better arrest Lula!

14-03-2015. Several labor groups, associations, cooperatives, NGO's, social movements like the MST, Homeless Movement, defenders of the homeless, movements against homophobia, feminists, etc., come out in defense of Petrobras (privatization) and to support the government PT Lula / Dilma. From 15.03.2015 the demonstrations took on the character of "fans" and then defense and resistance against the impeachment / parliamentary coup against Rousseff.
Mosaic from  Which side are you on? Brazilian team that lost 7 for the German team selection or PT? Wear the shirt?

Two teams and their fans, just like happened in the elections. PT and allies defend the poor X PSDB and allies defend the rich. But who defends the middle class and the Coxinhas(PSDB VOTERS)? And the media, read: network Globo, even with the winning DELATION, evidence and hard facts against PMDB politicians, PSDB, PP, PRB, PR, DEM focused its war arsenal to the PT only? Why the "coxinhas" helped to shield corrupt and facilitate the coup against the country applied for the PMDB they are actually fighting for PSDB?

"Presentation of the MPF PowerPoint [federal prosecutors] turns meme on the internet
See the best memes presentation that attempts to explain the involvement of Lula in Petrobras corruption scheme"

lula Lula crimes: cute, plays soccer, family bag, sensual, friend Dilma, beautiful, fragrant, has Lula Institute, father of the poor, hungry-zero, mollusk, free tomorrow.kkkkkk

Exactly the theology of corruption and the inversion of values, a historical process that reached a climax in Brazil with the deposition of Dilma Rousseff and the usurpation of power by corrupt politicians and criminals of the PMDB in close alliance with corrupt PSDB and several other accused parties for various crimes in the investigation of Lava Jato. A governance focused on municipal elections in October 2016 where a large number of candidates for mayors or councilors are investigated corrupt and only goal: stop the investigations of Lava jato!

Resultado de imagem para sai dilma e como devemos fazer
"Two days after the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff [08.31.2016], the Senate, responsible for the judgment of the PT,
passed a law that for flexible the rules for the provision of additional credits without the need for authorization from Congress. The practice became known as one of the "tax pedaling" that supported the process of impeachment against the PT government."

If corruption, receiving kickbacks, coups, crimes against homeland crimes (theft of public funds), overpricing of public works, political thieves, criminals, murderers or linked to drug trafficking, narco-terrorism, etc. are considered the best of the human, a just and dignified society, the better for Brazil's government, defended as virtues that must be copied and taught in schools, churches and various associations, included football, only it means that part of Brazilian society is in the inverted world, upside down, changed the values for vices and proclaim dishonor, dishonesty, corruption, crimes, murders, etc., VIRTUE! 


Dilma Rousseff is elected president democratically and sovereignly by a vote of 54.5 million voters, use BAND PRESIDENTIAL constitutionally; Michel Temer, is the coup, corrupt who took power conspiring with other corrupt your PMDB party and corrupt other legends, highlight PSDB, DEM, PP, PR, PRB. ENTERED BY THE DOORS OF FUNDS WITHOUT LEGAL RIGHTS, USE OF CONSTITUTIONAL BAND PRESIDENTIAL!
Resultado de imagem para tIRIRICA Vice becomes virtue!

Resultado de imagem para lobão impeachment Singer lobão leading demonstrations out Dilma! The power of money changes "(...) the stupidity of understanding (...)"

"According to this allocation money is the general inversion of individualities which turns them into their opposite and that adds to its contradictory properties properties.
As such power inverter, money also acts against the individual and against the social ties, etc., who say they are essential. Transforms fidelity infidelity, love into hate, virtue into vice, vice into virtue, servant into master, master into servant, stupidity in understanding, understanding into stupidity.Marx. Grifos meus

Resultado de imagem para cristovam e romario Money transforms "understanding into stupidity." Senator Cristovam Buarque, honorable, honest voted with the corrupt,  corruption and coup against Dilma Rousseff  by resentment? 

For the judiciary, group allied to corrupt, Lula is the "maximum commander of Lava jato." For poor Brazilians, Lula is the best president since Getulio Vargas! Lula just will not be president in 2018 if it is arrested or killed! But Lula has no intention of dying. So ... Ave Lula!

* Shakespeare, Timon of Athens cited in Marx. Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 economic.
** Karl Marx, Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844. In economic Thinkers, Vol XXXV (3rd Manuscript). SP: Cultural April 1974.