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quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2013


LIFE STYLE 1.99! "Considered one of the most famous symbols in the world, Uncle Sam is the personification of the planet's most powerful country, the United States of America (USA)."

Marina da Silva

The twentieth century also known as the "short century" - boom scientific / technological drastically changed the ways of production and the world of work changing the perception of space / time was marked by two world wars, the stock market crash in New York in 1929, revolutions by socialist / communist, by the collapse of utopian socialists / communists - with its apex in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany in 1989 and still, for bloody separatist wars in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Socialist Republics, countless conflicts in the Middle East and the African continent and in the economic capital of the inversion of production for capital and financial speculation boom that painted and embroidered with national economies into bankruptcy taking several countries, including: Japan, Asian Tigers, Mexico, Argentina (to name a few), leading millions to abject poverty and misery.

Polarized in two imperialist blocs: capitalists led by the United States and the socialists dominated Union of Soviet Socialist Republics terrified the world lived with the imminence of a third world war in the period of the "Cold War". Hegemonic in the West and with good allies in the rest of the planet, the U.S. dominated the world scene in every way imaginable, especially: economy, war, techno-scientific, cultural, geopolitical and geostrategic (owners and police force in the world)! The world, shared, classified and labeled properly received skin, veins via the brand's owner: USA!

The central and Latin America with complete acquiescence, submission and subordination of local government laws IMF / World Bank were almost exclusively a barn, pasture and yard of Americans! Nobody dared to question Uncle SAM and style "Yankee" was imposed on the population with the help of mega Disney and Hollywood productions! All roads lead to the United States and such veneration rendered what was called "Coca Cola generation" where the alienated youth, acculturated, set "is a band in an advertisement soda".

And as in capitalism "all that is solid melts into air," the American empire came crumbling with increased competition for markets, productive restructuring and deterritorialization / geographical dispersion of production (mainly China and India), the deindustrialization by geo-strategic and economic misguided war of Bushes (father and son) who led the country to two bloody wars against Iraq and turned the world into a financial circus!
Os ataques terroristas de 11 de setembro de 2001 e a grave crise financeira 2008 (sub-prime) derrubaram as torres gêmeas e prédios anexos, o moral dos norte-americanos e deixaram abertas, expostas, veias, chagas e fraquezas da “Ilha da fantasia” e do “American Dream”! Robbed and betrayed U.S. citizens go to the streets in Occupy Wall Street.


"In the fall of 2008 (...) the" subprime mortgage crisis "(...) led to the dismantling of all the major investment banks on Wall Street, with changes of status, forced mergers or bankruptcies. (... ) stock markets crumbled in that particular bank stocks have become almost useless; pension funds cracked under the strain; municipal budgets shrank, and spread panic throughout the financial system. (... ) it was as if Wall Street had opened a financial coup against the government and people of the United States "D. Harvey. The enigma of capital.

And since the world is an "empire" falls another rises! And this other, mounted on a red dragon, mutant communist-capitalist helped and is helping to establish a new sociability: the Life Style $ 1.99 in the United States known as "Syndrome Wal-Mart," character so corrupted in the new forms of production and exploitation of labor-work as the subsumption of organized workers in the world! "A business of China" that guarantees exorbitant profits for capitalists, gives sustainability to neoliberal governments keeping even with low wages, the purchasing power of workers, supplied with cheap, low quality junk pirate, generic, made ​​in China, especially!


China prepared to self-sufficiency since the government of Mao Zedong that implemented communism and supported the production collectivist ideological voluntarism (the dictatorship of the proletariat) and the authoritarianism and made a mutant dragon unimaginable even to diehard neoliberals:-communist capitalism or socialism possible, baptized in Brazil jointly responsible capitalism!

But who woke the capitalist side of the dragon to the world?

The system developed capitalist countries or the "First World" at slow rates (declining profits) since the sixties, jammed with the oil crisis in the early seventies and the recovery of Japan, Europe and the rise of the Asian Tigers gave a turn 360 ° ultra-liberal with the help of new technologies of production, communication, transportation and were producing their goods in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Pakistan, etc.., and ... China, largest and most populous country on the planet! China not only embraced capitalism and communist-capitalist hybrid system gave new impetus to the capitalist system, taking off the political discourse of the left-social actions geopolitical and geo-economic neoliberal! The world's largest debtor (USA) and the world's biggest creditor (China). Who is in whose hands?

Hyper flexible capitalist production swelled the ranks in "red" eye in high profit and easy using and abusing the vast cheap labor and slave, raw materials and many blessings communists. In 1999 China joins the WTO, the World Trade Organization and the Dragon $ 1.99 takes the world by storm in the globalized era! Fragmentation, relocation and geographic dispersion of production showed that came: higher profits with very low direct investments in production and a mega orgy of speculative financial capital!

The cost Made in China: the concentration of wealth, social inequality, increased unimaginable pirate production, falsetto, generic products $ 1.99, ie, low quality and no compromise environmental or other, high levels of unemployment both productive restructuring the dispersion geographical areas for the production of vast cheap labor; flexibility and deregulation; precarious world of work (hyper outsourcing, increased informal employment, partial use and abuse of undocumented immigrant labor, the work of minors, trainees , the resurgence of slave labor and especially the exponential increase in the recruitment of women! Outsourcing is equal precariousness and has a woman's face


In Brazil the farce "social entrepreneurism" transforms employees in legal entities: system known as pejotização / laranjização - workers masquerading as businessmen. And many other forms of exploitation and expropriation of labor! Added to all this: the dismantling of the state of social welfare where this existed, and choke and almost extinction of the Middle Class Classical! Corruption and corrosion both in the production of goods (piracy and low quality) as deteriorating conditions and labor relations and mass consumption and herd life beyond the Great Wall! A nightmare Fordist: brave new livestock! The guy disappeared fulfilling the prophecy of Mao: "The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system, this is an objective law independent of man's will. Much as reactionaries tend to impede the progress of the wheel of history, sooner or later the revolution will inevitably win and conquer. ""You know those generic plastic decks you find any around 1.99? Incredibly, they are not self-generated, has factories in the country somewhere hidden large slanted eyes that make zillions of these / day.But if you think they use large machines and do everything robotically, much mistaken ... "Watch the video.

Wild capitalism? Sure ... not! It is possible to socialism or capitalism Co-responsibility where social demands are taxed costs, risks, and socialist utopias deficit / communists are more than ever Platonic dreams, fallacious corollary to be used in geo-strategic at election time! The infamous State hated by liberals and neoliberals, proper, became a corporate NOW! Neither global atomic war would damage size as did the current phase of capitalist accumulation flexible to people of the planet and the processes of humanization of men and women! Considered the worst crisis ever experienced by capitalism [2008] the U.S. government provided for 5/10 years to recover under the baton and skin democrat Obama, the guy!

Unlike Brazil did the "homework" the European Union has delayed a plan of action to avoid disaster and failure of countries like Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece! Action geopolitical and geo-economic intentional ... or not, the fact is coming out stronger France and especially Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe!

But what did Brazil to face the global financial crisis that came here a "small wave"? A plan to "stabilize" aggravating the economic Collor that began in 1990: economic liberalization, wage squeeze for public employees and retirees, public spending cuts, strangulation of the middle class, welfare reform, deregulation of the labor market, creation of CLT -Flex and the biggest blow of all: the privatization of profitable public companies such as CVRD-Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, now Vale! As Collor and Cardoso, Lula / Dilma continued the plan "stabilization" economic giving gas the concentration of wealth, but here comes the innovative element: maintenance of a minimum wage immoral strengthened by alms-aid for millions of working poor, near poor, with one foot on the line of poverty and miserable! Undisputed leadership of the class C

Attention that is INCOME FAMILY and not the individual! To be class C + is required at least two people working!
C is the revolution that created a "New Middle Class in Brazil" going shopping in the mall "peddler", and briefly shows shop in malls Favela-shop! Nationalization of poverty and maintaining the status "beggar people mutt"! If China used and abused communist propaganda and myth "Gang of Four" to gag, bullying, explore and expropriate the Chinese people, including training in the womb, The Brazil makes use of BAG-ALMS, condoning CLASS Cde (almost 130 the 192 million Brazilians) to transform citizens into a cattle helpless and apathetic! Note the impoverishment of the middle class!

Why deny the power and riches of Brazil pre-salt? Why in power "left" [FHC / Lula / Dilma] aborted plans "of social democracy and country for all" and adopted the Co-responsible capitalism, ie socialism possible, the state minimum? Why Brazil wants a people class C, forging a "new middle class" living in slums and mega housing projects living minimum and the alms and paying the most for products $ 1.99 legal and illegal Made in China market legal and illegal ? "It is a new discovery. A new war of conquest. New Incas, Aztecs new. A new colony to explore. Eldorado. In short: we take all the money the class C"

Foto Marina da Silva. Brazil.Belo Horizonte, a capital 1.99!

The forgery and corruption generally give strength to the Life Style 1.99 based on political actions / geo-economic neoliberal discourses supported by fallacious nature of socialist / communist, backed in the world 1.99! No one is safe when the world, especially the "first world" shamelessly flirts with socialism possible in Brazil to overcome the crisis by adopting the Brazilian way of "(des)administrar" investing in the state minimum necessary a new age flexible, global, foul, 1.99! !

Ps: people apologize me and tanks google translate!