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quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2013


Nationalization POVERTY
* people apologize my poor english! thanks very much google translate."Excelencia what you're doing? Duh! ending poverty in our country."

Marina da Silva

The phrase sounds weird and meaning even worse - the state taking care of the poor - especially if it's stylish Rep. Justo Verissimo, the political character of Chico Anísio [comedian]. Justo Verissimo had a project to end poverty by eliminating the poor in Brazil. Killing without mercy to the poor of the country! Justo Veríssimo: "What I want is that the poor explode!"

And that phrase was there in the midst of a story where "a distinct" stretched in a magazine  _ VEJA 2054 _ a 'quarrel' scholarship on socialism, equality and social justice against a "vocal minority", deeply regretting the lack of a Voltaire to combat the ideas of Rousseau, indeed, judged not by their Enlightenment ideas, but for their moral conduct reproductive abominable: do children and throw them into the world for others to create them!

For the "silent majority" that most of the time plays and repeats the foolishness of academics and peers by sheer laziness, complex-church or LIVESTOCK COMPLEX, His Eminence, when the theme is social equality is red and creeps against what _ _ understands today for justice, socialism or any combat social injustice with a mere nationalization is poverty. "There is a remedy for such" social injustice "? Sure! Respond with the nationalization of the poor. ""Country is rich parents without misery!"

What you do not know or understand "the doctor" is that poverty, capitalistically speaking, is not only injury, but rather a source of enrichment! What? No doubt about it, at least for the IFC - International Finance Corporation of the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank has published a study proving that the four billion poor in the world is a potential market of capital: can generate 5 trillion dollars!

"More poor in Brazil 'market is U.S. $ 181 billion.' Poorest represent 34% of consumption in Brazil. A study institutes linked to the World Bank report released Monday says that 70.7% of Brazil's poorest represent a market of $ 181 billion (approximately R $ 376 billion). According to the report titled the Next Four billion - which uses data from the IBGE of 2002 - the 124 million Brazilians who have annual income of less than $ 3000 (about R $ 6.2 billion) accounted for 34.5% of household consumption in the country."
"Promised by the city of Belo Horizonte for the first half of 2012, the Metropolitan Hospital do Barreiro, which is 65% of works completed, will only be opened in January 2014, almost two years late." Cost: 80 million dollars!

Titled "The next four billion" lifting sells consulting to entrepreneurs, based on the following observation: "there is an" additional cost linked to poverty ", ie," the poor often have access to products and services more expensive, lower-quality, and sometimes in difficult conditions and even impossible "! Bingo! Without realizing the doctor hit the target: nationalization of poverty!

DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH OR BAGS ALMS? Keep the population in misery and poverty  SOCIAL PROGRAMS is a political strategy, then we HAVE  BAG-FAMILY, SCHOOL BAG, BAG CULTURE BAG, BAG GAS,  BAG BANDIT, BAG SOFA [MONEY of Caixa Econômica Federal- CEF to furnish PROGRAM MY HOUSE MYLIFE],BAG RAPIST...are social programs with a very high level of misuse of public funds and political corruption!

Social programs to fight hunger, poverty, disease, violence and many other social ills and even distribution of income via stock market alms very common in Brazil. Everything for the poor is more expensive, warns the IFC, then the profit is clear and certain in both large public policy as in shares of OG's [government organizations] and / or NGOs  national, international or global bodies such as the UN.   
                                familia: government program of transfer income, better known as alms bag keeps people trapped in poverty and misery and manipulated elections!

Poverty is also profitable for politicians as an inexhaustible source of electoral speeches, keeping corrupt, thieves and incompetent administration in the nation, ratified by the vote of millions of low-income citizens and destitute who believe that participating in elections law confers citizenship.
Nationalization of poverty, the remedy to counter discourses of equality and social justice since the fall of the Berlin Wall removed the veil on socialism: a tyranny and bloody expropriating over entire nations. presses button is a paltry monkey, who puts digital literacy is not!
Left dead, buried, without archaeological paleontological remains, one lives one step glittering capitalist and invigorated by new technologies and the possibilities thousand extraction  absolute surplus value in an absurd and inhuman exploitation of the work of men, women, children, the elderly. And yet many fear and insist on seeing a left-socialist-communist-marxist developing rapidly in Latin America and anti-capitalists cells linked to al quaeda invasions student, landless, homeless, car-less, without -nothing, blind to the geo-strategic and economic changes, political, social, cultural and global capabilities gaping Brazil, which has emerged as very strong candidate for high power ... capitalist - without exaggerating too much - for the next 30 or 40 years, or tomorrow!   

Photo Marina da Silva. Brazil. Belo Horizonte. partial view of the complex of slums of Serra.
Even so prevalent positions and speeches Shiite (read: name in Portuguese Tarzan's monkey friend) that aim to hide and justify the dispossession of millions of Brazilians responsible for all this wonderful wealth making use of the old tactic of bread and circus disguised in: for the poor to give  milho[corn] e to the rich... millions!