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quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2016


People Forgive me my terrible English and thank you google translate! Thanks, merci, obrigada! 

Farce and hypocrisy hide the crushing of the traditional middle class in Brazil. The new middle class, the Cde classes are a reflection of the improvement in the lives of many poor and miserable workers in the current government and serves to justify the increase in income and the reduction of the gap between rich and poor, but far from the status of the middle class classic.  "The New Middle Class Brazil" serves to sustain the current populism, but still eat pumpkin, have low education, is discriminated and lives in slums and housing
Marina da Silva

The Bourgeoisie, bourgeois, petit bourgeois are derived from nouns burg word or revived or cities arising from the commercial revolution there in the Middle Ages. With the end of the Roman empire and the barbarian invasions, life became very dangerous, so dangerous that entire populations began to live over the fields, entrenched (feuds) and under the protection and service of the feudal lords. With the expansion of trade and revival of trade routes reemerge and bloom cities or towns and with them the bourgeois, those who lived and worked in the towns. Neither poor nor servants, bourgeois is the free individual who carries out its activity linked to trade giving life to the burgos.Tells the story that in spite of kings and nobility, life and money were concentrated in entrepreneurial hands of the bourgeoisie and are the global interests of this class that detonated the bourgeois revolutions of century of Enlightenment giving out the power of the monarchy, the Middle Ages and leveraging the capitalist mode of production. Concentrating economic power and economic activities revolutions gave the bourgeois political power and control of nations. Bourgeois has become synonymous with deep-pocketed. Neither slave nor noble, bourgeois are wealthy, have power and will be ahead or behind the socio-political-economic-cultural revolutions and techno-scientific of the modern era!power brokers bourgeois meet the simple name capitalists. From the Middle Ages to the modern world created national states, expanded borders, dispossessed, exploited, appropriated wealth on five continents, decimated people, broke the world between capitalists (holders bourgeois capital and the means of production) and proletarians (those who sell their labor power to survive and its just have their offspring, the children). The world changes, centuries pass and capitalism develops rapidly and with it comes the techno-scientific revolutions, mass production transnationalization, wage mass, Labour, trade unions, political parties, justice, fight, rights, living wage, strikes, deaths! Born the middle class, some above average are the "new bourgeois". A revolution especially countries of the "first capitalist world" and some developing countries below the equator, including Brazil, from the mid-twentieth century.The middle class is going shopping and manipulated in the "Cold War" between the United States and the former Soviet Union for control of markets is terrorized by Maoist communism support usurpers, bloody dictators in Latin America. It is the "dumb middle class that gorges of cracker" and shop in New York and Miami! They are new bourgeois and we are all bourgeois? Very privileged bourgeois? Of course not! The middle class is called "intellectualized elite, thinking, is actually made up of people "Individualists, wing conservative, elitist, stupid! The Brazilian bourgeois middle class alienated" consent "the coup in 1964, protecting your small and rotten powers as currently is supporting impeachmente against the elected President Dilma Rousseff. How are beautiful bourgeois and the Japanese, but everything is always the same, "Sing Caetano Veloso. Everyone sings against  Brazilian bourgeois middle class, full of resentment and slave cares little about the poverty and misery of millions of Brazilians! Two decades of violent and cruel authoritarian "uniformed cows" and Brazil giant woke up dizzy in a very slow and gradual democratic transition within the accelerated process of the Third techno-scientific revolution, productive restructuring, neoliberal, globalized here began with full opening, fast broad, non-stop of the Brazilian economy to foreigners! Privatization of profitable and geostrategic state enterprises; mass layoffs, squeeze and wage freeze; submission of workers' unions, deterioration of income, strangulation and dismemberment of classical middle class that had been strengthening since the beginning of industrialization in Vargas and especially from the 50s. Brazil is poor! OBSERVE that is INCOME FAMILY and not the individual! Currently the minimum wage is only 880 real!

The miracle of the middle class gave his last breath with the neoliberal righting the "left" pseudo-socialist PSDB led by Fernando Henrique Cardoso  Mr. Cardoso and pseudo-communist captained by Lula.
The classic middle class comes in multiple bankruptcy with FHC and possible socialism Minimum State (the state was a major employer in Brazil), which promoted the "streamlining of the administrative machinery" and played the middle class increasingly closer to the base of the economic pyramid, where the bulk of the population lives on a minimum wage, immoral, undignified and unethical!
Although the historical facts show that the social losses and income by economic stabilization plans, economic liberalization, reduction of the state to the necessary restructuring of companies, privatization of state, etc., have roots from the governments of Sarney [1985-1989] Collor [1990-1992], Itamar / FHC [1992- 2002] the middle class back all your anger and rage only against the PT and PT supporters, especially Lula / Dilma [2003-2014]. A bestial fury that bounces and rebounds with equal hatred and resentment.
Lula and Dilma and his populist and nationalist discourses are the targets of gall poison, bitterness and deep hatred of classical middle class.
The middle class stinks? The profile of the farce, middle class $ 1.99 made in China!

"Middle class is a class present in modern capitalism that is conventionally treated as having a purchasing power and standard of living and reasonable consumption, in order to not only meet their survival needs but also allow yourself to different ways leisure and culture, although without reaching the consumption standards may be considered exaggerated the rich classes.
  The middle class has emerged as a consequence of capitalist consolidation and not before due to social segmentation factors in layers, resulting from economic development; midle class is a typical phenomenon of industrialization. "[Free translation by Marina da Silva]

Wy the party is entitled defender of the people, the party that has the best proposals for all Brazilians excludes, marginalizes, execrates the classical midle class and outrages them? 
If even the "dogs deserve the sky", wy the Brazilian middle class not? Why settle Amnesty that freed the face of uniformed killers does not extend to the middle class for its membership and participation in the 1964 coup? The traditional or classical middle class not only lost their income and status, mainly lost its representation in Brazilian politics, being "barred at the party", soiled and trampled on by hypocrites who, though call themselves simple, poor, workers, supporters of peace doctrines, well, forgiveness, social welfare and country for all are nothing but miserable petty bourgeois!

Mosaic from de sustains consumerism New Midle Class of Brazil is the trash produced in China: piracy, illegal products and crude forgeries. Brazil has opened its market to promiscuity and illegal imported products Chinese.  Welcome to lifestyle $1.99!

"I hate the middle class!" Cried the philosopher and professor at USP Marilena Chauí at a lecture in May, causing furor on the right and perplexity of the left. "The middle class is a political abomination because it is fascist; It is an ethical abomination because it is violent; and is a cognitive abomination because it is ignorant. End".[Free translation by Marina da Silva]

The middle class stinks, eat polenta and belches caviar and is dumb? Courseeeeeeeeeee ... NOT! The world has changed, Brazil has changed, we come since 2007, announcement of the pre-salt discovery, the twenty-first century lying in splendid cradle of oil and natural gas and only lack the sharing of wealth FOR ALL!" 
Bitterness and hatred prevent the middle class perceive, understand and fight against your current political sub-representation and that put in motion to compose Brazil. Hatred and resentment limit Party PT-  the party for All and its allies to realize the stupidity and foolishness they treat citizens and Brazilian citizens with their sweat, work, struggle has a more human, material and spiritual levels than the most Brazilians. They pay their taxes on time, and participate with their income giving sustainability public policies and government social spending to the poor. Unfortunately the traditional middle class abhors the poor and fixation with the ostentatious and luxurious style of the richest segment of Brazilian society. 
2014 could have been the year to end the hypocrisy and this bizarre situation where we Brazilians dear ones, comrades and companions we were involved strategically in a dualistic media dispute, primary, abject between the marketing of "defenders" of the poor ( Lula / Dilma) and "defenders" of billionaires, millionaires, rich emerging (Aécio Neves). All captained, led and manipulated by Globo, Roberto Marinho family.
BUT ... who represents and defends the middle class? By whom or for what the middle class goes to demonstrations in the streets? Whatever the traditional middle class? Why is there not a country project championed by the middle class? Why the middle class hates the "left" or the PT? "They say that the middle class can end. And then how it gets?"
"The rich will continue to exist. And there are the rich have to be poor. Only the middle class is dispensable. You understood?"