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sábado, 9 de abril de 2016



Before, hello reader, forgive my poor English! Thanks Google Translate!

 "PMDB x PT: 13 year marriage ends in 03 minutes "says

Marina da Silva

Before entering the "PMDB farce" is NECESSARY talk farce. Of Latin origin farcire, is the name given in the literature, theater, art that has as objective, through the social nature comedy, unmask the excesses, lies, deceptions of reality, INCREASING THE human characters within the organization political, economic, social, religious, cultural! The purpose of farces is through sarcasm, irony, paradox, hyperbole and comedy, show the political, social , human dramas, unveiling them "a farce and fakers." For common sense, farce is a lie, deceit, deception. In Portuguese, "Farce of Inês Pereira," Gil Vicente, is a good example. But come the Lusitanian poet Camões in "Lusíadas" epic poem [cites the heroic feats of the Portuguese - among them the discovery and possession of Brazil, is the birthplace and source of Portuguese Language] tells the farce of Inês de Castro: A queen crowned dead.

The farce of the PMDB party has deep historical roots, patrimonial, monarchical and inherited from the Empire [1822-1889] and Old Republic [1889-1930]; a Republican past with strong features - at birth - militaristic, dictatorial, authoritarian coup! The Brazil Republic was born mounted in uniform and weapons in hand; a state of Force Majeure that overthrew the Anglo-Lusitanian empire to be willing then to the capitalist rising power orders, the United States, which in the post World War took the economic, political, cultural power and especially military on the planet. As in Empire, where conservative political forces [full support to the emperor], liberal [full support for the free market and the emperor] and restorer [full support to the imperial return Portugal / England] pullulate and they conspired, but supported the monarchical government. 

The PMDB party has itself the same DNA tracing in the Empire. The PMDB is the party that coalesces into an acronym all conservatives [defend the republican provincial oligarchies], liberal [full support to the provincial oligarchies and the free market] and restorers [full support to the provincial oligarchies and return to uniformed authoritarianism, armed coup]. 
The power of the PMDB is in gravitate in all spheres of political, buying and / or co-opting all oligarchic forces "insurgents" or those contrary to the power of the oligarchs. And yet, manipulate and amputating people's political forces using and abusing the military and the media, which in Brazil is awarded to a group of three to five families. In addition to perpetuate social inequality in the country, the PMDB concentrating efforts to divert and keep the riches linked to the same group. Colonels in the PMDB swing, ops, coffee with Lula. 

"The meeting between PMDB and toucans occurred in the senator's house Tasso Jereissati (PSDB-CE), the same day that Renan and other senators PMDB had breakfast with former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva." Translate by google

The PMDB not only appropriates the "wants and needs" of the population and counter parties as presented as the author of ideologies, social demands and stands as the sole defender of the republic, democracy, freedom, sovereignty of Brazil. Of course, the same status quo and one-party: oligarchies republican federative landowning and slaveholding! A brief history of Brazil Federative Republic and the emergence of oligarchic political parties slavers and there we find the roots of the current PMDB party and its "modus operandi": change everything to leave everything the way it is. That is: every oligarchic group in its square with its electoral cattle and slave quarters, appropriating and expropriating the wealth, blood, sweat and lives of the Brazilian people! Five regions twenty-seven states, the Federal District - Brasilia. Five thousand five hundred and seventy municipalities, most belonging to the PMDB that runs the show by joining any party EMBLEM, now 32, in favor of control and defense of the Republic be it, oligarchic military totalitarian or presidential democratic oligarchic, but always with the "occult forces" armed and ready for the coup!

The Old Republic [1889-1930] all parties were Republicans and the country controlled by the São Paulo and Minas Gerais oligarchies [PRSP, PRMG]. In 1930 some colonels soured the Republic of "coffee-lait de Minas / São Paulo, who took turns in power and Getulio Vargas assumes the presidency by the Republican Party PRR- gaucho [Rio Grande do Sul]. The other republican parties lined up with each other and the PCB - Brazilian Communist Party, founded in 1922 by Luis Carlos Prestes, the communist threat who tried to seize power in the so-called communist revolt in 1935, accelerated the Vargas coup and the implementation of the known dictatorship as New State [1937-1945] and banished the existing political parties! Highlight of this period is the ideological approach of Vargas and fundamentalists led by Pliny Salgado to Nazi-fascist ideology, a fact that will bring geopolitical and geostrategic concern to the United States that do not accept dispute of "vital space" in your backyard, after all, was the Monroe doctrine [1823]: America belongs to Americans.
From 1946-1964, the date of the Coup and deployment of the military dictatorship, had the major parties:

* PSD- "Social-Democratic Party, conservative right, linked to Vargas, including JK, Ulysses Guimarães, Tancredo Neves, José Sarney;
* PTB- Brazilian Labor Party created by gaucho Alberto Pasqualini on Vargas, João Goulart, Quadros, Leonel Brizola, Itamar Franco, Pedro Simon are important names in the acronym. The PTB is the party that dominates labor unions and left brings nuances in Brizola and "Jango" that after resignation of Janio Quadros, comes the president. João Goulart is accused of being a communist, suffers persecution and is devoid of power by coup on 31 March 1964;
PSB- Brazilian Socialist Party. leftist ideology. Key representatives: John Mangabeira, Hermes Lima, Domingo Velasco, Rubem Braga, José Lins do Rego, Antonio Candido, Sérgio Buarque de Holanda.
PRP Party of popular representation; radical right-wing, originating in Aib- Action Brazilian Integralista Pliny Salgado, turns ARENA- National Renewal Alliance and bolsters the military dictatorship;
PTN- National Labour Party, formed by dissidents PTB elected Quadros;

* UDN- is the national democratic union of super conservative party landholding right, slave, oligarchic. Aureliano Chaves, Carlos Lacerda, Abreu Sodre, Antônio Carlos Magalhães (ACM), Raul Pilla, Daniel Krieger, Adhemar de Barros, José Sarney and Eduardo Gomes are top leaders. The UDN supports the removal of João Goulart and the coup of 1964. "

The DNA of  Brasilian's Political Parties

With the end of the political parties in the coup of 1964, there were only two subtitles: ARENA  - National Renewal Alliance or all of the conservation of landowners oligarchies slavers and MDB-Brazilian Democratic Movement. The MDB legend aligns the other parties and opponents of ARENA, but the presidential oligarchic democracy, "welcoming" in your network parties with leftist ideologies banned by the dictatorship.
1966 - officially born the PMDB and shamelessly living the farce of democracy within the military authoritarianism. 

ARENA: "Main ARENA leaders: Daniel Krieger (ex-UDN), Adhemar de Barros (former PSP), Delfin Neto, Paulo Maluf, José Sarney (was party chairman), Aureliano Chaves, Pedro Aleixo, Nelson Marchesan, Marco Maciel Jarbas Finch, Antônio Carlos Magalhães (ACM), Fernando Collor de Mello, Jorge Bornhausen, Espiridião Amim, Jair Soares and Roberto Campos. "

PMDB: "Key leaders: Tancredo Neves, Ulysses Guimarães (both former PSD), Mario Covas (former PST), Franco Montouro (former PDC), Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Pedro Simon (former PTB), Itamar Franco and Márcio Moreira Alves (for many his speech as candidate for the Guanabara government in 1968, was responsible for the launch of AI-5). 
In 1980, with the political opening, the party was renamed the PMDB, with the number 15. In 1988, after the constitution, the party split into PMDB and PSDB (this with the number 45) "http: // www..

At the end of the military dictatorship and the period of "democratic transition", dominated by the PMDB / military [1984-1989], Brazil by the 1988 Constitution, adopted as a principle the multiparty system. There are new acronomys with the same ideologies on the conservative side, liberal, restorative, renewing power of the oligarchies and ideology of parties opposed to the oligarchies or coronelismo and aligned to the socialist left, social democratic, communist world, including the most important: PT, PCB, PCdoB, PDT. The reality is that moves acronomys among nonconformists rightists inside and / or outside the "ox-sharing" Brazil, but politicians are always the same, the father's business for son, see the Sarney clan!

Brazil's current political crisis has its origins in dissenting parties PMDB: PSDB (Mensalão Eduardo Azeredo, crime Lava Jato Petrobras Anastasia, Aécio Neves, Andrea Neves), DEMO's (until Mensalão Arrudas, governor of the DF Brasilia, was the PFL party ) and PP Paulo Maluf (PDS Arena, wanted by Interpol, crime Lava Petrobras jato).
With the impeachment of Fernando Collor in 1992, are highlighted Itamar Franco [PTB, MDB, PMDB, PL, PRN, PMDB], vice president assumes the presidency and FHC- Fernando Henrique Cardoso, one of the founders of the MDB, PMDB, dissident it is the main head in the PSDB foundation. FHC was senator for São Paulo, Minister of Finance, "father" of the Real Plan and twice president of the republic. With both feet stuck in the "Big House" and prostrated to the US, FHC correctly did the "homework" imposed on Brazil by the Washington Consensus / IMF-International Monetary Fund, deepening the neoliberal policies initiated by Collor in 1990, concentrating wealth, destroying labor legislation and Brazilian  small social protection [call Vargas cursed legacy] and expanding the immense gap of poverty and misery [about 40 million Brazilians]; a big mistake geoeconomic and geopolitical internal to destroy the dream of a "PSDB" for over twenty years. 

Or PSDB or PSDB, in the twenty-first century, the time is the PT-Workers Party. Is Lula, a prodigious feat, a risk-Brazil, accomplished with ... alliance PT / PMDB. Lula was elected president twice. Although his first government sees itself tainted by corruption crime Mensalão PT or vote buying, a common practice in Brazilian politics - but never expected the paladin party of ethics, morality, transparency and good examples - PT Lula was reelected! war climate since the rise PMDB / PT, the country is an "eternal political crisis" where the game of governance and division of wealth and Enrichment in corrupt schemes with contractors, bankers, factory owners etc., can not fondle the egos and revanchism's now called "Opposition" that needs titles, spotlight and red carpet!Unwavering charismatic force of Lula in the masses command leads to power in 2010, Dilma Rousseff, former Minister of Mines and Energy who took the Civil House, after termination of Mensalão PT-2005 in place of José Dirceu, chief PT, arrested , tried and convicted. Lula resists opposition cavalry supported by the charisma and the "Red Army", formed by purple PT, left parties, labor unions, the powerful CUT - single central of workers, CGT, MST and other social movements, supporters and the PMDB force ! Lula elect Rousseff to face both the infantry and cavalry of the "opposition" and believe the PMDB ally party and the PT! Unbelievable, until the outbreak of Lava jato operation in March 2014. Dilma  win a second term in a climate of war that contaminates the whole nation and divides the Brazilian people between supporters of the poor Lula / Dilma versus Aécio Neves fans of the rich and traditional  middle class !As said the political manual, if you can not govern with the enemy, could prevent his government ... with a request for impeachment! The PMDB that betraying covertly, in the second term Dilma Rousseff takes the treason, declared in the voice of Michel Temer, the ally Vice President (?). The PMDB farce is unveiled, faced both within the party and the pitiable and primary episode of "PT shutdown" with days in the calendar of Thr electoral district court has the effect of a shot in the foot: the red people, ops, the PT members and supporters of the Right to Democratic Republic take to the streets against the coup! The PMDB scam is the fake shutdown PT, currently in the fourth term in the country's government, to run in the municipal elections in 2016! At stake: 5570 mayors and thousands of councilors. This is the tactic of the PMDB take off policy to Rousseff image, the lady-in-iron accused of crimes "fiscal responsibility" in football jargon of politics / Brazilian football: pedaling!
Out Dilma! Impeachment Now! Phrases repeated every day, 24 hours a day, every second the network Globo and affiliates - the TV Bandeirantes / BandNews! Who will vote on a PMDB candidate Dilma linked?
The impeachment Dilma is another big scam mounted by the PSDB and PMDB of São Paulo! Impeachment for "fiscal irresponsibility" ops, "pedaladas" in 2015, even before the calculation of accounts 2015 TCU- by the Federal Audit Court, which received only at the end of March 2016 accountability 2015 Dilma Rousseff! As the request for impeachment, "disruption / shutdown" alliance PMDB / PT is merely a pothole political tactic in an election year.

Division of municipalities by political parties.  

5570 mayors and a chamber respectable councilors is what is at stake in PMDB farce! Already the impeachment farce led by weak link of the PSDB of Minas Gerais, Aécio Neves, serves to to ensure the absurdity "The rule of the game", the spite, resentment, revenge, ego provincial politicians, oligarchic, authoritarian! In the biggest crime of corruption in Brazilian history, the PeTrolão, the name given by the "opposition" to attack and overthrow the PT Dilma Rousseff, is actually a huge operation of PF- federal police, Lava jato, which is in its 27th phase and has investigated, sentenced and awaiting complaint, politicians 28 acronyms, including the  fakers of PMDB , PSDB, PP! The PMDB power in government Dilma was well positioned to the "falsetto shutdown": 7 ministries and over 500 key positions in the High Administrative clergy. Below lists the PMDB power and ministers in the Dilma government:
* Michel Temer [PMDB], vice president with strong desires of coup president;
* Eduardo Cunha [PMDB], president of the Federal Chamber, engulfed whole with wife and daughter in crimes of corruption and illicit enrichment in the operation Lava Jato (is this execrable politician who "directs" the impeachment against Dilma);
* Renan Calheiros [PMDB], president of the Senate, also cited investigated in several crimes in Lava Jato;

PMDB ministers in the government Dilma Rousseff:
Katia Abreu - Agriculture;
Marcelo Castro - Health;
Celso Pansera - Science and Technology; 
Eduardo Braga - Mines and Energy;
Hélder barbalho - Secretary of Ports;
Mauro Lopes - Civil Aviation;
Henrique Alves - Tourism.

The "shutdown" false eventually opened gap to other parties, such as PP, to political negotiations, conspiracies, sales, general prostitution of the administration of Brazil. Again the PT have on hand a chance to remodel and renew Brazil's policy against the provincial oligarchies or ... not! The cards are launched! On the positive side, Pollyanna, to the political crisis climate in Brazil is unquestionably the return of political effervescence, the exercise of democracy and citizenship, the people occupying the streets and squares, unfortunately wearing shirts, flags and fanatical supporter badges, but freedom in fragile Brazilian democracy!