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sábado, 16 de abril de 2016





Hello people: forgive my terrible...afff Thanks google translate.

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                                                                                                                                                               Marina da Silva

It might be thought that the most serious political crisis plaguing Brazil today, in 2016, began with the victory of Dilma to second term as president of the Republic in the 2014 elections, but ... In DEMOCRACY not tolerate versions, but only facts Historic!
2014 represented only the "lost illusions" and the end of "Great Expectations" colonels linked to the PSDB, especially the southeast-south midwestern Brazil, read: São Paulo and Minas Gerais, return and resumption of power against colonels PMDB, especially the northeast, Midwest, north.
The thunderous "defeat" of the oligarchy of the colonels, slave, landowning ARENA-MDB * acquired the current form already in Collor's election in 1990. The "option" neoliberal: market opening to foreign countries, the reduction of the state to the minimum required, privatization of state enterprises powerful, profitable, geostrategic and geopolitical, the "flexibility" of the labor market in the name of "competitiveness" were the requirements imposed on the country by the United States - US even before the end of military rule [1964-1984 ] and the "democratic transition" [1985-1989] via International- Monetary Fund IMF.
Of course dictatorships in Latin America, Brazil included, have not gone to a US geopolitical strategy in the context of polarized global division of power in the "Cold War" between Russia (USSR) X USA. All the atrocities committed in Brazil and neighboring countries was orchestrated at the White House, just ask Henry Kissinger **, a war criminal to the Latin nations, where he was the mentor and "delegate" of coups and war crimes !
Collor fulfilled its part especially during the election campaign to impeachment in 1992 and FHC- Fernando Henrique Cardoso carried out and touch 1994-2002 box. At the end of Cardoso's term, Brazil was dilapidated: a small group perfilava covers of Fortune and Forbes billionaires and multi-millionaires; the classic middle class was lowered; the minimum wage of less than US $$ 100! The entire infrastructure [deficit] of Education, Health, Public transport, Security, Surveillance, Housing, Sanitation, etc., was scrapped. Poverty and misery reached unacceptable levels: about 40 million people! FHC -PSDB ideal type for the purposes of the world order the United States!
"Your dog is happy today huh Bill?
It is not every day that he can enter into the house."

The "contempt" intentional by the economic sovereignty and Brazilian politics [dependent capitalism] and subservient and prostrate posture the United States led in the beginning, the glory, the PSDB speech, but also the debacle in the 2002 elections paving the way for the Workers' Party Lula!
High unemployment rates (layoffs in the automobile sector and in privatized state); high risk Brazil; high inflation; general dissatisfaction; hunger, poverty, misery and violence in geometric rise; exponential increase in the slums coupled with disrespect and wage squeeze the general working masses and the civil service in particular worsened the fall of the PSDB. The dream of a country ruled by a cult sociologist and a social democracy along the lines of the welfare state Europe proved more a farce of toucans! Huxley, autor de Brave new world.

The DNA oligarchic, authoritarian and submissive PSDB [Arena-MDB] was exposed, unmasked and "open veins" as its capitalist proposition dependent, co-responsible and mutt for Latin America!
Lula assumes the presidency in this historical context both by the global economic situation (terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 and economic crises USA in the nineties) as by his charisma and political marketing force that lifted off from metallurgical pawn, illiterate, without a finger on hand, the radical communist image type dictator Fidel Castro and glued it to the "Socialism possible," pink via! is supporting him in the phenomenal performance of PT members, supporters and the work of Red Army Apparated by new information technologies and social networking armoring Lula, the "red wave" gained strength against the "global wave manipulation" of coronelista media, oops, " opposition "!  Lula and Dilma "paying blessings" José Sarney, Collor and FHC!

The phenomenon "Wave" or continuous reworking, strengthening and changes in behavior and attitudes forging old autocratic practices and presenting them to the public as the "new" has historically been tried and tested in April 1967 in Palo Alto, California - USA by Professor History Ron Jones in a weekly course on Autocracy.
The "experiment" got name: The Third Wave [Third Wave] and turned the book of the same name in 1981. Adapted for film turned the film "Die Welle" or "Wave" - 2008. In the German film, the year is 1981 and Professor of History, during the weekly course on autocracy is faced the question: How did the German people so easily followed Adolf Hitler? It would be possible to reoccur in Germany a government in Hitlerian manner? Since then the teacher puts into practice the "experiment" involving, enticing, leading and manipulating students, affecting them and being affected pelaTerceira wave!
Autocracy is defined as the appropriation of political and social forces by an individual or a group of individuals in an authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorial as it did in Germany, Hitler. centralized leadership in the figure of the leader, surveillance and absolute control, strict discipline and psychological manipulation. Hitler, Franco (Spain), Salazar (Portugal), Mussolini (Italy), Getulio Vargas (Brazil) are examples of totalitarian autocracies centered on a leader! The scheme focused on a group's example military dictatorships [Army] in Latin America: Brazil and the military coup of 1964-1984; Argentina, Chile. The mind behind the atrocities committed under the military dictatorships in Latin America: Henry Kissinger.

"Through successive coups, Latin America saw in the 60s and 70s the rise of numerous military dictatorships."
Between 1985/89 Brazil began the slow democratic transition [five years] controlled by the military.
We arrived at the twenty-first century, twenty six years of democracy and not a single day that the Brazilian people was not and is terrified by the "return of the military," especially since the last term of FHC. A landscape of constant fear, falsetto, anchored and worked in the horror and fear of the Communists, the return of the military dictators, Brazil Risk, inflation dragon, unemployment, etc., involving in fact, geostrategic and geopolitical strategies and stratagems of the United States on countries key on the control of imperial power US, of course, in contrast with Russia, Japan and China!

"If on the one hand relations are evident between such military coups and the interests of American capitalism, the other is also undeniable support poured for most of the Latin American population to the arrival in power of these governments. It was believed that only through strong government, led by the military impetus, the urgent defense against the communist threat would be guaranteed. "

This is the great lie that hides the manipulation of popular imagination today given the name of "psychologizing of fear"!
But what is the real danger that the PT-Workers Party government can bring to US hegemony in the world? None. First the PT governs in restricted margins of power PMDB, PSDB, DEMO's PP, etc. Fates areas maneuvers mainly related to the social field.
Second, Brazil has always prostrated, ops, posted as a country line and friend of the United States "spontaneously" at no cost, either in power oligarchies Republican coronelista dictatorial or democratic from north to south. The only real danger to the insurgency or American power on the planet took place after the Second World War with Getulio Vargas, a dictator with a Nazi fall! Vargas had put an end to Communist Conspiracy in a coup! In Brazil all political roads lead to the US! Dilma and Obama, love and sex, ops, war?
If the Lula / Dilma government really bother him, Uncle Sam would have already aborted even before the election in 2002 or in 2005 in the corruption crime "Mensalão PT" ***! The US order is obeyed blindly by aligned groups, one submissive band, rotten, who shamelessly plays to destabilize the country, generating national insecurity, a climate of fear imposed by the desire to "INTERVENTION" of foreigners in national sovereignty, on national affairs! Much of the submissive are bosses of the strongest parties and rooted in power and corruption: PMDB, PSDB, DEMO's PP and tiny parties purchased with office and public money.

But then what is behind this "Fourth Wave" of intrigue, conspiracies, espionage, breach of confidentiality, leakage of the federal police, complaints of hands and requests for impeachment (nine applications, one on the commission) against Dilma Rousseff?
Why lie about serious economic crisis when the reality belies?
The Brazilian crisis is imposed detached from the "oil crisis" and the global context of China's growth slowdown, the basis of the current global economic environment, Brazil included. Why stop at the Congress, the second term of Dilma trying, words of William Wack - Globo News, to boot "crap in power" ****
Why target only the PT on all sides and the three autonomous and sovereign powers (?), The PF- federal police and the Brazilian media? The "support" via PMDB Michel Temer, vice president of the republic and Eduardo Cunha, president of the Federal Chamber smells Machiavellianism fifth grade! Both are "suspected" of corruption. Rousseff is accused of "tax pedaling"; the population translates to a beautiful technique of football, currently held by the player of the Brazilian team Robinho!

Curt response:
The thirst of autocracy, the totalitarian hunger, slavery, anti-democratic Brazilian coronelista oligarchies in the eternal battle for power of the spotlight is on the door of a coup against the democratic rule of law. The colonels deal well with republicanism, but not with democracy without the 4x4 relay in the presidency of Brazil! Even if the PMDB, the strongest and traditional oligarchic group is ruling the country with the hand "left" PT, the pemedebistas and pessedebistas Southeast / South / Midwest [read: São Paulo and Minas Gerais] require game of danse of chairs and the "coffee with milk"! Dispute "big dog"!
The PSDB party does not admit stay four consecutive mandates outside democratically disputing the Presidential Range, which inevitably will fall into the arms of the PMDB in case of impeachment of Rousseff. The PMDB party shamelessly manipulates the PSDB toucans, second strongest party in Brazil, forging a shutdown of the PT and a national party dissidence!
As the PT is not alone, the PSDB has yet to "dissenters" PMDB and also has the most phenomenal handling and psychological control of the masses weapon: the media, read network Globe and consortiums that bipolarizaram the dispute as always between We X They; Poor X middle and rich class; north / north / central west against southeast / south/central west! Aqui no Brasil, o crime é organizado!
Misinformed the population behaves like a flock, validating the "Third Wave experiment," by getting rid of of conscious judgment, the own reasoning, filtered, buoyed scientifically and that can be substantiated and confronted by this same media daily! All are taking advantage literally a political party, an acronym, a legend as automatons and not as citizens in the correct meaning of citizenship exercise!

"One of the most basic human needs is the need for social belonging. To meet this need we stand the risk between good and bad, between what we know is right and we normally do and what, somehow, we know that is wrong and we should not do. But just for once we step on the risk, because the group is pressing in this direction. Philip Zimbardo. "****

And this global scheme betwen PSDB / PMDB and Globo organization, a question already has an answer historically given in two coups (Vargas and military): Can the Brazilian people easily move towards the coup, ask the intervention from abroad (USA)  and support the dictatorship?
Our history with the Freedom and Democracy is extremely fragile! Corruption and politics / politicians are virtually synonymous in the popular imagination. Low political and educational [more than 205 million people] becomes the  people easy target to  political stratagems and replace a corrupt government for another corrupt government is super natural fact and trivialized for most Brazilians. The brazilians confuse and are induced to think of political representation; care and protection of public affairs, efficient and honest administration, with the simple act of voting! Like a monquey, they press button in  the electronic machine every two years! Here we go like cattle elect mayors and councilors in October 2016, another fact that serves to attack the PT, one of the parties that grew most in number of municipalities since 2002! Titans. TV: "It's that television has left me donkey, much too dumb
  And now I live in this cage with the animals. "

"Another aspect of the human mind is that infinite power to justify any behavior. Whether before we do to explain why we do or we do it after to explain why we did (...) we are people able to go back and explain what happened to frame in good social values. " Philip Zimbardo.
"If Eduardo Cunha is a corrupt above suspicion ...

For many who say they are outraged by the corruption post to his side? Simple.  Against Dilma the Enemy of my enemy is my friend. To defeat Dilma, that there is a drop of suspicion of corruption, who is allied to corrupt what is otherwise corrupt ?!" Trad. livre Marina da Silva

While preparing this text for publication, millions of Brazilians are just like zombies front the TV, for several months, waiting and hoping for the impeachmente or against the impeachment. Two supporters zombies do vigil against the coup and in favor of impeachment! And corrupt political speeches and follow the leader of the impeachment committee, Eduardo Cunha, corrupt cited in crime Lava jet together with his wife and daughter! This here is the Brazil of corrupt oligarchs! The vote tomorrow, Sunday, 04.17.2016 depend on the power manipulation of the nation's two biggest corrupt parties in Brazil: PMDB and PSDB (and allies)! That win Brazil, democracy, the sovereign state, the Brazilian Constitution of 1988!

* Read here "The PMDB farce" to understand the DNA of the  parties: PMDB, PSDB, PP, PR, DEMO's.
** About US power in Latin America read "The World Order" H. Kissinger.
*** The Mensalão offense of corruption or vote buying, common practice since the democratic transition led by Sarney, policy father takes beyond the here began with the PSDB of Minas Gerais, govenador Eduardo Azeredo. The Mensalão was divided desmenbrado the judiciary autonomous (?) And presented to the people just as Mensalão PT. Azeredo was tried, convicted and roams freely throughout the country. Already the PT suffered daily BBB trial, sentenced and convicted since then.
**** Ron Jones: The Third Wave; Die Welle [Wave]