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segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013



People apologize my terrible english and thanks google translate

"There's a question that hangs around street protest Brazil: how is it possible that no one can say that it is against?" Juan Arias

Photo of Marina Silva. "Lacerda Dance, dance to the ground, because  arrived in  BH the  Revolt of BUSA". 06/15/2013

Marina da Silva

This is the biggest miscalculation... mathematical, economic, political, geopolitical, geostrategic, cultural and philosophical of thinkers of all Brazilians, today-called "intellectual aristocracy" official or not, the media and administrators of Brazil, which totally lost, not even find a thread that links the events of "Revolt of the BUSA" that spread throughout the country in 2013. Unfortunately, for "owners of power", nothing allows them to immediately restrain, control, dismantle and make political capital of the demonstrations for the 2014 elections and perhaps for the elections of the rest of their lives!
1001046_677959745563386_1679990571_n / images. Maranhão, land of Sarneys... indignantly!

The increase in bus tariffs, subway, free passes to students who have a long history of struggle in the current phase was only triggered the bomb, which since time immemorial armed and very connected to the political system coronelista, populist, subordinated to  foreign, which divided and classified the territory and citizens Brazilians between dominant groups, now known in the national congress for your countertops ... exploded!
And most degrading, the holders of power not only labeled, marked with a hot iron and imprisoned, gagged Brazilians as livestock in electoral corral, feeding and handling them with electoral promises, favors, crumbs, the alms (Gift milk, gas vouchers, bag-family, citing some halter) but also applied a bit of coercion: what does not come for love ... pain, fear, terror! Without leaving aside slavery - indeed impossible and unthinkable, because it is the main economic  / political / historical / social pillar, Brazil came building its complex identity bipolar: big house X Slaves;  oppressor X oppressed; poverty X wealth ; landlordism X landless; big house X slum ; political X people ... etc. and such too!

Photo of Marina Silva. BH MG. Enough! March against corruption!

A Manichean division contrasting with the formation of the Brazilian people, characterized by diversity! Brazilians are a people nice, accepts all silent! God is Brazilian, carioca, like samba, novel and is the king of football! This is the face of the people sold abroad who come here looking for easy riches, carnival and beautiful mulatas! "There is no sin on the low side of the Equator"! / images. The magazine VEJA has a ranking  "In-depth corruption in Brazil." Http:// ediçõesAlpha

And politicians, administrators of the nation ... "turn the whole country into a whorehouse"; "in the slums, in the Senate, dirt everywhere. Nobody respects the Constitution, but they all believe in the future of the nation. What country is this?
"Steal, but it does," adding - is overrated, by half, for many years, works half-assed and poorly made​​-this is the law of the republic Brazil who never got along with democracy, but always keeps carnal relations, faithful , granitic and well concreted with contractors, bankers, factory owners,  ruralistas, etc! / images.

This is a country that is going forward? There is the bet that the first world and Latin America, where Brazil has always been known as the giant fool a republic ruled by corrupt politicians bananas and inhabited by over 193 million of primates, mutts!
This earth, everything you plant  gives  ... then plant! In the international division of labor and world power Brazil is the barn and lungs of the world and a major exporter of crude feedstock and the largest importer of manufactured goods, high value-added ... until the Chinese invasion with their products and life style 1.99!
What is the face of the nation?
Reply curtly: Belindia! Despite being one of the ten capitalist powers of the world, the country is known for the immense social gap an abject economic inequality, where a small fraction of the population has the standard of living of Belgium and most live as the people of India! / images.

Teenage democracy, Brazil entered the globalized era replacing the "beasts in uniform" [1964-1984] by colonels and chiefs who left us a legacy of the "hopeful pessimism" (Sarney and the dragon of inflation) and hopeless optimism (Collor / FHC and terror the return of dictatorship, inflation and Brazil Risk "which enabled the party and speculative astronomical enrichment of" emerging " people with lots of money and smaller class! Sarney," the honorable villain "over fifty years suckling the teats of the government, led the paroxysm to tame inflation, the fear deploy the military, impoverishing the population, concentrating wealth and aggravating the "is in giving that we receive", that is, look, political horse-trading via bribes and unholy alliances, while keeping the people hopeful killing dragon the trigger! / images. Who said that the Brazilian accepted all silent?

Collor, the savior, riding Jet-sky, disorganized state, further weakened the fragile essential public services and ended with the civil service, maharajas responsible for all the misfortunes

the country. Collor opened the country to foreign capital and legs for corruption! Impeached him!
Still in the "democratic transition" the country paid to know: "Brazil what your business, the name of your partner, trust me!" Lost Decade for sociologists and economists on duty, flourished in the eighties participation popular at all, especially in the arts and the voice of the people took to the streets in a "voracious dawn" where the multiparty left raised flags, brandished star, sickle, hammer, created the Workers' Party, now in power with three dozen allied acronyms, very faded, defaced, disarmed the ideology of the country for all, transparent, corruption-free! / images. Allegations of corruption in Brazil turned fight between parties: CORRUPTION is frame of opponents or scandal is election time? You decide?

But before Lula came FHC, sociologist Weberian social democrat, known for calling retirees vagabonds during the pension reform and for carrying fire and sword privatization of state enterprises profitable, such as Cia Vale do Rio Doce - Vale today! The history of privatization became a book of complaints: "The privataria tucana" one of the ten books listed by Exame magazine for those who want to stay abreast of corruption in the country! / images.IT'S NOT ABOUT 20 CENTS!

At the turn of the century hope overcame fear! Lula, a metallurgist and principal leader of the PT-Workers Party comes to power! And fulfilling the prophecy of Murphy's Law that says  "Joy of poor little harsh"...
 Brazil woke perplexed and beige with Mensalão scandal, which also turned into literature, and denounced the main leaders PT, the champions of morality, ethics, honor and transparency in public spending and the acts of politicians who put the fruit of theft in underwear, bags of dirty money! Despite Lula's promise cutting our own flesh, the Mensalão PT turned book and CPI and judgment in the Supreme Court turned pizza!

Photo of Marina Silva. Thousands of young people across the country go to the streets demanding the account and change ...interest!

"Many are the labels placed on us:" vandals "," bandidinhos "," burguesotes "," criminals ". However, we know that it goes far beyond elitist and bourgeois ideology, it is the legacy of a country where it is believed to manifest itself is wrong. The error, however, is not in the fight, but in disrespect of the government to the people. "

Trivialization general thievery, corruption, brazen robbery of public money intended for essential services such as garbage collection, health, safety, education! The state turned  a company controlled by -politicians and businessmen supported by a false leftist ideology: socialism possible in the current phase of capital accumulation that has engulfed China creating the hybrid communist-capitalist and capitalist-socialist!
This company Brazil MISSION is to make the most profit in the shortest time possible for members-cronies."It says contractors financed 55% of Brazilian legislators!...
And the other 45% were the bankers?!..."

A STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT uses the "modus operandi" PPP-Public Private Partnership where the state should provide subsidies or all of the funds, tax exemptions and many other goodies via state banks such as BNDES (National Bank for economic and social development ) with strong ties ... between parties who are in the country about 30 acronyms that support the robbery in Brazil. All rob the country and no one has anything with it? / images."No one just gets donations from contractors without giving anything in return."
Movie name: I know what you did in past elections!

In Brazil S&A Ltda .. workers are transformed icollaborators and receive the minimum wage; citizens are like consumers, workers poor and near poor [formal or informal] receive title middle class and halter election, for this "new middle class Cde Brazil" is through the institutionalization of BAG-ALMS! / images. "Country  rich is country without poverty", another electioneering promise!

Citizenship class C, the new middle class, living mostly in slums, clusters, public housing! To provide governance and sustainability the government has initiated the life style $ 1.99. The classical or traditional middle class (college, home ownership, salary, cars, appliances art, foreign travel, leisure, culture, etc.)  strangled and expropriated, turned Judas, is spotted every day and shares space with the class middle C, d, e: one goes purchases made ​​in China and more and more into debt in installments, the other paying caviar eating pumpkin and go fight! Both tired of fighting with the same parties, unions, associations, NGO's and GO's and the same weapon - vote confirms corrupt in power-comes to the streets in known "Revolt of BUSA"! / images. Game win-win a World Cup corruption, only in the construction of 12 stadiums!

      Foto Marina da Silva. BH.MG"These 20 cents were only 2 a drop of water"

The difference between the "Revolt of the BUSA" and earlier demonstrations and strikes is that there is no longer the purview of political parties, trade unions and the like! The revolt of BUSA, like the movements Occuppy Wall Street, Indignados, Arab Spring, Anonymos, Pirate Party, not only these, and not in that order, is predominantly young and spreads in social networks! There is no Big Bhrotter, the great leader or a messiah! The network desconfigurou cattle, hacks and creates panic in the system from within, making downloading of past debts, creating virtual links in chains, likes, shares, and invites ... BORA PRA RUA! go to the streets! / images

It's not only 20 cents! The Brazilians are charging everything with interest and wanting payback spreading his grudge with politicians from all sides! "We will not pay anything!"

The giant woke up!
The excessive liberality and harmfulness, the high degree of corruption, prostitution of the state, the trivialization of crimes against the people and public coffers, the formation of mafias and gangs of corrupt politicians and their association with bankers of "Jogo do bicho" and  the drug traffickers exposed to Brazilian face of representative democracy: fake, a fraud against the population!
The election is a farce, a mere push of buttons or digital placement confirms corrupt in power who only use the media, keeping a distance  intergalactic of Brazilians and their yearnings, deaf, blind and dumb to the appeals of the nation outraged!

Photo of Marina Silva
Democracy fiction fully disconnection with society, the people, long drones and powerless, awoke from the lethargy and took the street when he saw the most precious asset of a social body be taken: freedom! / images. March for Jesus. 06/29/2013.

In the picture deputy and evangelical pastor marcos feliciano that preaches homophobia and gay cure and dessatanização the Brazilian Congress. Currently, by bargaining between parties, won believe me, COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS and crowds took to the streets calling for his resignation!
Photo Marina da Silva

"All power emanates from the people," declared one truism in the 1988 Constitution - the "constitution citizen" who became a frankstein as amended, and "In Your name must be exercised"! Bora to the street that "the street is the largest stands of Brazil"!

Photo of Marina Silva. Revolt busão.BH. MG

Photo Marina da Silva "No state violence"

Photo Marina da Silva

They say that it exists to help
They say that it exists to protect
I know it can stop you
I know she can arrest you

Police! For those in need!
Police! For those who need police!
Police! For those in need!
Police! For those who need police!

They tell you to obey
They tell you to answer
They tell you cooperate
They tell you respect

Police! For those in need!
Police! For those who need police!
Police! For those in need!
Police! For those who need police!

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