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quarta-feira, 24 de maio de 2017

WORLD ORDER: LIFESTYLE $ 1.99. Corrosion and Corruption of the Character of Human Sociability


Marina da Silva

"Occupy, resist and produce", any well-informed person knows that this is the basic principle of the MST- Movement of the Landless People of Brazil. Did you think it was the "principle" of the capitalist economy? Aff.
The basic principle or foundation of the market economy or capitalism is "to occupy, invade, take the market of others", forming trusts and cartels, cheapening the costs of production (labor, raw materials and machinery) and ... INCREASE THE PRICES!
Maximum profit with the minimum of expenses! A lesson in the real world applied to the "first world or capitalist economies of the center" and the "third world or periphery (rest of the world)", Brazil included, by none other than China! There is?
Foto Marina da Silva. Bedside book.

You make mistakes thinking that the "precarization, corruption and corrosion of human life", what I call "Lifestyle $ 1.99" (phase of the "flexible accumulation of capital") began in this twenty-first century and in Brazil.
Going back to history, a period after World War II (1939-1945) that killed some 50 million human beings, a new world order dominated by the United States-United States was established. It was necessary to rebuild the allied or not, devastated and bankrupt nations through the terrible war, and all under the baton and capital of Uncle Sam, through the Marshall plan, which not only capitalized the economies as it established and expanded in them the Fordist / Taylorist
The world has been divided into blocs: capitalist countries led by the United States; Communist countries led by the USSR-Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Russia) and non-aligned countries!
Gold Age, became known as the post-World War II era of prosperity: economic growth and social development, full employment, welfare state, strengthening the middle classes, mass production, mass consumption, Extremely strong, combative, and demanding mass labor union (working hours, salaries, salubrious working conditions, profit sharing, labor social rights, regulation of the work of women and children, etc.).
Reconstructed, the "advanced" capitalist nations expanded into the "underdeveloped periphery," a transnationalization movement.

Resultado de imagem para a historia da poluição do ar de cubatão CUBATÃO. Dirty transfer of polluting industries. "In 15 years, about 60 km² of Atlantic Forest had undergone degradation, forming a clearing that could be seen by those who descended the Serra do Mar. However, the rulers of the city , As well as the businessmen, did not bother to reverse the situation, since the pollution of Cubatão yielded billions to the year, causing the city to be one of the five major tax collectors of the state, about 76 billion cruzeiros. Accounted for 2% of the country's total exports. " Free traslation

Brazil, besides barn of the world, lung of the world, suplier of low added value raw materials turned host of dirty industries (chemical, petrochemical, steel, metallurgical) highly polluting, dangerous, unhealthy and dangerous to humans and nature (fauna, flora, soil contamination , Groundwater, rivers, lakes, seas) and atmosphere; And the "green revolution", intensive use of pesticides, herbicides and many other agrochemicals.
The city of Cubatão, the valley of death, is a historical scar of the Brazilian economic miracle of the military dictatorship and external indebtedness and interference of the International Monetary Fund in the country.

"Results of transnationalization: The transnationalization of the economy and industrial production has dependency Countries to the richer nations. The national economic spaces were modified according to the interests of multinational companies. This has caused a revolution in the world economy and brought some instability to the local production systems. Briefly, it is possible to say that the process generated an internationalization of capitalist production. The emergence of this world economic space has resulted in the internationalization of capital. In this context, the United States, European countries, Japan and some other nations have benefited greatly. Transnationalization also served to consolidate American power in the world. In short, transnationalization has affected capital, geographic structure, economy and, consequently, people's lives. The process of transnationalization of capital also altered the entire labor context." "Http://

The dominant powers, USA and USSR [Russia] sought to ensure the policing and security of their postwar niches: literal capture of brains and technologies  developed  and in development,  mainly from Germany (scientists, doctors, engineers and the like) who dominated and invested heavily providing of huge sums in researches and also of human lives, mere laboratory rats in concentration camps. Americans and Soviets began an arms race (atomic arsenal) and space race, ordering, each and every one, its world-wide space. It's war ... cold! 1 Henry Kissinger, is alive to see the most communist capitalist country in the world born: China!

In addition to economic support, nations have received economic, logistical support and armaments to establish savage and cruel dictatorships stimulated and / or imposed worldwide. Unspeakable atrocities were committed against immense population contingents in the name of the capitalist and communist / socialist empire all over the planet!
"Anyone who occupies a territory will also impose upon him his own social system, and all will impose their systems to the extent that their armies reach." 2 Stalin imposed the Moscow system throughout Europe East from 1945. Germany was divided in two by a wall in Berlin.
And as nothing lasts forever and / or bar and disrupts the inexorable expansion of capital and its foundations ...
The entry of "new players" in the competition for the world market threw the very high profit rates to an end, ending the "golden era of capitalism" still there in the late Fifties and beyond! The Century was short, in the words of Eric Hobsbawm! How to recover high profits again? There is a "law" and was disintegrated by Karl Marx in volume 1 of "Capital. Critique of political economy. "3 Translated into this text as a simplistic didactic resource; Profit comes from the "composition / combination" of two variables: absolute surplus value (labor exploitation) and relative value (machinery, technological innovations, use of science in industry). By changing one and the other and / or making simultaneous use of both the entrepreneurs manage to maintain a reasonable rate of profit between the competitors that now act as partners as well as competitors. The fall in the rate of profit is a trend and condition of the Capitalist system of production and  takes sleep and fills the life of businessmen of nightmares until the mid-1980s when capital went out of production and went to financial speculation, changing the face of the "cyclical" crises of the system.

Mosaic from What does China have?

Going back to the seventies of the twentieth century ...
The historic meeting between President Richard Nixon of the United States and Mao Tse Tung in China on 02-02-19724 is an important milestone in history, revolution, geo-strategic, geopolitical and geo-economic, but not exactly for North Americans and Soviets!4

"The White House knew that a crucial part of the trip was to convince American public opinion that many benefits would come from the resumption of Sino-US relations. He also knew that the meeting needed to impress his international allies in order to lessen the animosity surrounding his dubious foreign policy. Washington calculated the variables. Henry Kissinger, then US Secretary of State, made a previous visit to China to sew the resumption of relations in July 1971. He left with an invitation to Nixon, who promptly went to the TV to tell Americans that he would visit China soon . "(Idem) Free translation

China had already established a strategic distance from Moscow and had started to walk with its own legs! The "Great Leap Forward" 5 of Mao Tse Tung was joined by a new era for China that from then on was giving birth to a hybrid dragon: communist head (dictatorship and ideological authoritarianism over the population) and capitalist body (a system of Which has won several stages of industrialization receiving  in the arms advanced technologies). From the late Nineties, China was much more than the largest country in territorial extension, the most populous, the largest army on the planet! It was ready to rise to the podium and demand its place as a second capitalist power, surpassing GDP - the gross domestic product of the seven richest, most advanced and industrialized countries, the G-7: the United States (number ONE), France, Japan, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy! With Russia out of the way with the breakaway wave (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), general east European overthrow, unification of Germany (fall of the Berlin wall in 1989), the dissolution of the USSR is carried out by Mikail Gorbachev (1991 ).

Communism-capitalist or Capitalism-communist? It matters little and does, the truth is that China has adhered to and complied with commendation is transmutation itself "Preparing for the 21st Century!" 6
While the Chinese dragon did not reach "birth to end" advanced capitalist powers invested heavily in labor-saving technologies, lean industrial plants, and internal and external industrial relocation to break down organized trade unionism, forced lowering of wages, contracts of precarious work, abusive use of legal and illegal immigrants, and other riddles and corrupting the job market! Production restructuring, globalization, flexibilization, privatizations, outsourcing (subcontracting, commissioning, teleworking, etc.), verticalization of production are terms that synthesize the so-called "third technological revolution" and the resurgence of economic-political liberalism from the end Of the Seventies.
An unprecedented revolution in the means of transportation, communication, computer science, robotics, mechanization based on microelectronics, bioengineering, new raw materials and new niches of cheap and / or slave labor. The new forms of production made possible the geographic dispersion of stages or even of the whole productive process! It's "The end of jobs. The inevitable decline in employment levels and the reduction of the global labor force "7 - states Jeremy Rifkin in 1994. Indeed, there has indeed been an extraordinary reduction in the well-paid jobs of the" white " "And for whom Rifikin dedicated a Requiem to the working class," The other side of the emerging techno-utopia - that replete with victims of technological progress - (...) incidental stories of lost lives and abandoned dreams.
This other world, Rifkin should consider, began with that grasp of Mao, ops, hands between US and China in 1972. A short century, a century of wars, a century of capitalist and communist lies camouflaging the imperialist thirst of nations (Unit States, Russia), which Henry Kissinger affectionately calls ambiguity between the divine historical mission of bringing democracy and the principles of freedom (free market) to "infidels" and under the American empire! The same divine mission was granted to Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Rome, Greece, Egypt, Mongolia summing up not to lengthen much the rise and fall of the empires!

Mosaic from images and photos Belo Horizonte. Mg. Marina da Silva. Lifestyle $ 1.99 or 99p or Ten dolars

The world was to produce in China, the planetary factory and the forms of production, raw materials, goods were never more the same, nor labor relations and the world of work too! In 1999 China joins the WTO-World Trade Organization and the hybrid dragon takes the world by storm. The dragon age marks the Chinese invasion and the Chinese way of cloning, forging, pirating, smuggling goods!
Everything that is solid melts in the air!8
 The same goes for the quality of the goods and character of individuals: rare, unique, authentic, true, classic, individual, referential, noble, traditional, extraordinary. Everything that is original can be faked! "The corrosion of the character of production," says Richard Sennett,9 spreads to life! Increasingly human needs and desires are confined miserably to the rude, crude, false, necessary, reckless, pirate, ordinary! Unimaginable spiritual misery corrupts entire societies, especially those who call themselves advanced, First-Worldists!
An ordinary, foul, grotesque life in human relations, a very high degree of lies and corruption and blows in the economy, politics, religions, culture, finally, in all spheres of life coexists with a material opulence and concentration of riches ever bigger and corrupted! Another handshake and another geostrategy doomed to generate more tension between the  Powers and their divine missions in the sharing of world space. For the people: wars, losses, mutilations, deaths, destruction, horror, a continuation of the terror of the last century.

An unimaginable material wealth detached from the aggrandizement of the spirit; A life more and more inauthentic, apathetic, devoid of human values ​​that were dreamed to come tied to the progress and capitalist expansion and even with the utopias and real experiences of communism and socialism became "The postmodern condition", mainly for the middle classes Traditional


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