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terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2017

BRAZIL. ELECTIONS 2018: "We are seeing something happen"


Resultado de imagem para a bela e a fera filme "We are seeing something happen" is a phrase from the book Beauty and the Beast about an impossible love relationship between the purity and simplicity of Belle imprisoned in the castle of the Beast, a petty, selfish, intractable, despicable individual who was punished with Physical disfigurement portraying his true being, a beast, the Beast that really was, soul-corrupted,  human character  and  spirit distorted .

                                                                          Marina da Silva

MARCH 31, 2017: three years of Operation Lava jato and closed, intense marking, with dirty plays, kicks below the Equator, flying heads, punches in the face, kicks in the scrotum and carts murderers; Faults for red card and even a B.O- Police report and arrest.
"What about you, Galvão Bueno? What did you just see?"
"Was it disloyal Judge Márcio Rezende?"
This was the public and private life of Lula, former president of Brazil for two consecutive terms [2003-2009] and Dilma Rousseff, president elected for two terms [2010-2013; 2014-2018] deposited last 31-08-2016 by a corrupt National Congress, where more than 62% of the politicians are corrupt and are involved in some type of crime and whose main chiefs of the parties PMDB, PP, PSDB, DEM, PR, PRB and two dozen more nannies parties are involved in the "greatest crime of corruption of all time"!  

From March 2014, the election year, when Operation Lava jet and the crimes of corruption and theft of public money involving politicians, party treasurers, lobbyists, marketers, doleiros, directors of Petrobras came to the public in agreement with the four largest Contractors of the country, Brazil, the beautiful nation, The Beauty was dominated by the corrosion, misrepresentation, prostitution of the democratic State of Law, immersed in corruption, robbery and illegality, in the hands of  Capitalist pimps, the real owners of power in the country. The concrete cartel, pimps that have dominated Brazil since the mid-twentieth century and that after the discovery of the pre-salt in mid-2007 entered a spiral of greed by assuming literally the government of the country under the dominion of ODEBRECHT!

Odebrechet, key head and leader of a spurious championship of robberies and overbilling of public works formed a league of corruption and payment of bribes, purchase of politicians, biddings and other crimes against the nation together with Andrade Gutierrez, Queiroz Galvão and Camargo Correia. The "Cement League or The Four Sisters of Concrete"! Together, these companies have stolen billions of dollars in overpriced public works by controlling the National Congress, the Union Budget and making decisions about which works should be built in the country, always involving illicit acts and very concrete! Brazil, sil sil sil!

This was in the works of the PAC's-Growth Acceleration Program as of 2007, in the works for the FIFA World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016. But the history of appropriation of the Brazilian State comes from long dates, specifically in the twentieth century and from Getulio Vargas!

"The contractors - In a normal scenario, contractors would compete with each other in bidding for Petrobras' contracts, and the state company would hire the company that agreed to do the work for the lowest price. In this case, the contractors were cartelized in a" club "To replace real competition with apparent competition.The prices offered to Petrobras were calculated and adjusted in secret meetings that defined who would win the contract and what the price would be, inflated for private benefit and to the detriment of the state's coffers. In order to disguise the crime, the written record of the distribution of works was sometimes done as if it were the distribution of prizes of a Bingo (see here documents). "1

Picture from Brazil first! Brazilian's people first! We are more than 205  millions of people! #we'reONE

THE BEAUTY, also known as the Federative Republic of Brazil is inhabited by the Brazilian people, about 205 million citizens who work, pay their taxes and build one of the ten capitalist powers of the planet, from the PT government to the coup on 31- 08-2016  was a super power BRIC's2, GDP above the trillion dollars.
Imagem relacionada 08/31/2016. Historical photo of the impeachment trial: "We are seeing something happen." Will it be a tangle between the pairs [Dilma PT and Aécio PSDB] involved in corruption? YES. BUT...IT was the PSDB who fought to destroy the PT, LULA and DILMA

The truth behind Dilma Rousseff's impeachment was to staunch the Lava jet's bloodletting, using the Workers' Party as the ONLY villain of robberies against public coffers, while the judiciary  protected  the real "sharks", high-ranking corrupt politicians like Sarney and family, Renan Calheiros and family, Edson Lobão and family, Sérgio Cabral and family, Serra and family, Aécio and family, cited here as a didactic resource; The list of Janot and Fachin ministers is comprised of dozens of thieves and family members. But something went wrong: the PMDB took over the Executive, commands the Legislative and holds the Supreme Judiciary. The PT was strengthened, the militancy filled with courage and went to the streets! Lula came to dominate all the political scenarios for the 2018 elections, including himself, if the election were today! The PSDB, the second largest party in power sharing in Brazil is ... 

F *!

Mosaic from THE BEAST  owner of the Federative Republic ODEBRECHT do Brasil!

Corruption in Brazil is endemic, physiological, patrimonialist3, the same as all wealth, public patrimony is appropriated and divided among families, true oligarchic mafias, each with its fief, vassals and servants, or people, electoral cattle, in the 26 Brazilian states and DF- Federal District, Brasília. Roberto Campos, to hell with him, said that the stupidity of the people was to think that the public thing in Brazil was something of the people. And yes, the people not only think that they are sure of this, so much so that from the end of the dictatorship they are dreaming of the arrest of politicians and / or corrupt businessmen and the return of the robbery to the public coffers.
It is these political groups, these corrupt families that concentrate the wealth of the country and maintain poverty material and spiritual misery salutary to its domination, forming a country of beggars living as cattle, a bunch of monkeys and mutts always waiting for the blessings of the godfather, boss and our "Odebrecht politicians" and sisters of corruption: Camargo Corrêa, Andrade Gutierrez and Queiroz Galvão! A history of robbery in Brazil in verse and prose, infographics, videos, memes, etc. An Odyssey of endless pillage of public coffers. Here everything ends in pizza ... is what this bastard intends controlling the JUDICIARY POWER!

Brazil Republic: in the twentieth century, the entire "effort" of development and economic growth of the country, centered on industrialization and urbanization and the advance of CORRUPTION has strong connections with contractors4: mainly with the "FOUR SISTERS": ODEBRECHT, ANDRADE GUTIERREZ, QUEIROZ GALVÃO, CAMARGO CORRÊA! In the beginning, it was Vargas up to Juscelino Kubitschek that the "division of works" and destination of the Budget was directed by the politicians representing these companies in their niches or regions of Brazil, a regionalized action of robbery of the public coffers and unfinished works, the "white elephants" whose existence only aimed at the election [electoral promises and robbery] and the perpetuation of families in the public power, mainly in the LEGISLATIVE. Citing an example: in Minas Gerais at the time of the dictatorship, Eliseu Rezende was voiced by voters as "our Odebrecht Member, our Senator from Odebrecht"!
From the mid-sixties, during the military dictatorship, the regional character was replaced by the "division of tasks" across the Brazilian territory among the FOUR SISTERS through consortia! The domination of the country was completely cemented and made concrete and in the globalized era ... The cement league expanded its tentacles abroad! In 1990 Odebrecht5 arrives in the United States of America - USA!
Mosaic from THE BEAST!


The Lava jet, led by federal judge Sergio Moro (incompetent, unethical federal public servant, "suspected" of the atrocious persecution of Lula and PT's supporters and shielding and sham encounters with investigated (known corrupt politicians denounced in LAVA JET) made fame by both those involved , bosses of the Brazilian politics as for the number of phases and prisons as for the taste of the media tribune compacting and serving as advertising boy for the media, that in Brazil is controlled by five families, emphasized to Marinho family, involved in the Panama paper phase6. Lula's coercive conduct was a true media disaster and a setback in wide support that the Lava jet had been getting. Still REST ONE, ops, Lula!
Mosaic from "Today you're the boss, he said it's spoken, there's no discussion" because in Moro there's the truth, the coxinhas cry out in 2015 and 2016. THEY WIN, that's what was thought when Sérgio Moro carelessly went to the BEAST workers' ball ! The history of the 1964 coup repeats itself?

Sérgio Moro: He likes the spotlight, but he is a mere pawn and judge of the black box that is the Lava jet full of selective leaks and armor of corrupt, award-winning delusions and toy of Marcelo Odebrecht.
Usable and disposable Sérgio Moro is being considered as the best antagonist to Lula in the 2018 elections. He was unable to arrest Lula, to open proceedings and make his candidacy unviable for the 2018 election. The other option to stop Lula, Fr. Beto told the newspaper El País, It would be Lula dead. Only Lula does not decide to die ... to the disenchantment of Coxinhas, too.
In December 2016 a test was performed to see the "Moromania force". A demonstration called on social networks for the 4th and that came to nothing! Reason: denunciations of receiving bribes, ops, donations from politicians and industry federations for the main groups of "Out Dilma and lead Lula and PT together", "Impeachment already", "Moro me represents" - MBL and It was a real failure!
Meanwhile Lula is increasingly claiming to be president in 2018 and with the help of another failure, even before the premiere: the film commissioned on the Lava jet, focusing only on Lula, the supreme commander of corruption in Brazil for the MPF - Federal Public Ministry and Federal Police: PF: The law is PT!
Resultado de imagem para FILME PF A LEI É PARA TODOS If the LAW IS FOR EVERYONE ... chain for all who are on the list of Janot- MPF and Fachin- STF more than a hundred corrupt politicians. Lula and Dilma are not on the lists, only cited by Emílio Odebrecht who assumes his modus operandi of corruption and appropriation of the country from Sarney to Michel Temer. Emílio Odebrecht is a great liar: the corruption and appropriation of public coffers has long existed, from Vargas, through the military dictatorship (1964-1985). Corruption and theft of public money is part of the Odebrecht tradition.

Michel Temer's post-coup government (after a coup d'état), bathed in corruption, slaughtered the general faith of Coxinhas, defenders of the indefensible: Eduardo Cunha is corrupt, but he is the evil favorite; Only Cunha is in prison!
Can not it get worse than it is? Gives.
Cornered, the corrupt seek to please entrepreneurs by pushing reforms against labor social rights achieved throughout the twentieth and twenty-first century through strikes, confrontations and deaths: the targets are the reform of the Pension, the reform Labor, the approval of unrestricted outsourcing and everything with contempt and disrespect to workers and especially working women. Michel Temer-PMDB and Rodrigo Maia-DEM fall in disgrace offending and making explicit the disgust for women, in the month and day woman, 08-03-2017:
"If they want equality" it takes 49 years of contribution and 65 years of age to retire as men, "and" Labor Justice should not exist, "summarizing the speech of the lower house president, Rodrigo Maia. He puts in a vote   the project  of law of outsourcing of 1998 that is approved in the plenary and sanctioned by Michel Temer!
16-03-2017."You attacked a woman? You attacked with all Brazilians! No Right Less!;  Out Michel Temer and Take Rodrigo Maia!  A movement that took the streets with music: Lula la la there shines a star (election of 1989) in the main Brazilian metropolis and even in the mega show Lulapalooza, ops, Loolapalooza!
31-03-2017: another mega manifestation against the reforms and Out Temer, gathered thousands of protesters across the country! The left, political parties, trade unions, trade union centrals, MST and their counterparts gain strength, appropriate the "fight" against corruption and Labor and Social Security reforms, and Lula's popularity goes high! Lula president in 2018 in the first round!

But ... Something happened in this intermezzo! Something happened or was happening ... since the death of Federal Supreme Court Justice Teori Zavaski. "We're seeing something happen ... But what?"


"And who is on the list?" Fachin's list includes people who will be targeted for investigation in the Supreme Court, for having the prerogative of the court in this court or for being accused of crimes related to those allegedly committed by those who have a forum in the Supreme Court. The list has eight government ministers of Michel Temer, 24 senators, 39 federal deputies - (including the House and Senate president, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) and Eunício Oliveira (PMDB-CE)
  A minister of the Union Court of Audit, three governors and 23 other politicians and authorities. The STF inquiries champions are Senator Aécio Neves (MG), PSDB president, and government leader Michel Temer in the Senate, Romero Jucá (PMDB-RR). Each of them will respond to five actions. "7

Picture: "This is not a government! It's a criminal organization! They came together to destroy our country!" LEAGUE WORKERS! They help to realize more and more the gap between the 1% billionaires and 99% working people! All cited several times in the lists of Teori / Fachin and Janot.

DECEMBER 2016. Attempts to take Coxinhas to the streets against the corrupt and to support Sérgio Moro was a complete failure! The Coxinhas had already succeeded in getting Dilma and Lula out of the scenario and the other issues regarding the nation as a whole: Social Security Reform, End of Labor Justice, end of CLT- Consolidation of Labor Laws; Electoral reform, freezing social spending for twenty years mattered little to them.
 Moved by the hate machines of the Globo Organizations against PT supporters (Lulaphobia, Dilmaphobia, PTphobia) Coxinhas were satisfied with the impeachment little caring that the country is now literally in the hands of bandits!
Unlike Coxinhas, thousands of people were so outraged at the "reforms" that had been made by the Lava jet and the attacks on women's rights, rural workers, etc. The March demonstrations: "No less right, against welfare reform, outsourcing, political reform and end of Labor Justice have won in the streets, body, face and voice of ... LULA 2018!

It takes a serious and committed intellectual exercise to link the issues, the loose points thrown in the media from impeachment and the movements in the National Congress, Supreme Court, Federal Public Ministry, Federal Police to find the "trace of union" between Odebrecht's allegations and the political bets for the 2018 elections!
What has viralized, using current language, in the social networks beyond the manifestations against the reform of the Social Security that stopped being a ministry and became a mere appendix of the Federal Revenue Service was: the approval and sanction of unrestricted outsourcing by Rodrigo Maia and Michel Temer; The imminence of the end of the confidentiality of Odebrecht's allegations (which leaked inside the STF and Globo spread across the globe); The frontal attack on the Tucano nest, ops, PSDB, owners of the largest electoral corrals (São Paulo, Minas Gerais); The false attack of Paulo Paim (PT) against Rodrigo Maia (DEM) in the case of the vote of PL 4330/1998 of outsourcing; The false fight and disruption of Renan Calheiros (PMDB-northeast) against Michel Temer (PMDB-Southeast) including on Facebook [big plot]; The Globo being forced to speak about the corruption of presidential toucans: Aécio Neves, Anastasia (my guess for 2018), José Serra, Geraldo Alckmin and the "speeches" of Emílio Odebrecht admitting to own all presidents since the democratic transition to the present day ...
You can not throw it all in the blender and booom response ready! All the presidents of the beast, ops, ODEBRECHT! Of course we are talking about Noberto Odebrecht, Emílio Odebrecht. Marcelo Odebrecht is still using  diaper  and pacifier in the school of family corruption.

It requires cunning, cleverness and intelligence to escape from the indoctrination of the Globo Organizations and allies, immersed in corruption, burn neurons in the History and Geography of politics and economy from the election of Lula and Dilma, unravel several phases of the Lava jet since 2014 and its unfolding Focusing on the destruction of the PT, Lula, Dilma, shielding companies involved of LAVA JET crimes and their politicians and assistants in government.
The role of Globo in the creation of a hate machine  to destroy the PT, Lula, Dilma; The PMDB / PSDB governance attempt.
Also, the role assigned to Sergio Moro in the LAVA JATO; The role of the Federal Public Ministry that in the website, since then only points as parties involved the PT, PMDB and PP; The role of Gilmar Mendes in the supreme electoral court; the defense of the Political Reformation by Vicente of the PT (closed list and robbery of the popular democratic vote by the district vote),The designation of Alexandre de Morais, a former attorney for the PCC - drug trafficking)
  To Supreme Federal Court; The strength of Eduardo Cunha in the Federal Chamber; Renan Calheiros in the Senate and Michel Temer interim government; The betrayal of SÉRGIO MACHADO that unveiled the impeachment farce, a coup plotted by the colonels PMDB and almost resulted in the arrest of Sarney, Renan Calheiros and Romero Jucá, etc. 
It is necessary to follow the steps in the media and to rumor, to philosophize, to metabolize particles of the negotiations of then [March 2014] and that are in frank process of construction since the post-coup d'état in the maintenance of the same groups in the power and for, perhaps, to allow elections In 2018! Official website of the Federal Public Ministry: Three years have passed since the investigations and crimes of Operation Lava jet and the infographic of the MPF came to the public, despite knowing that all the parties involved remain (17-04-2017) outdated? Why?

Why should there be no elections in 2018?
First because Lula wins in all the simulations made so far. Secondly, Dilma Rousseff remains as the democratically elected president and deposed by a corrupt and illegitimate Congress and is presidential, one of the "blows" of impeachment and takes crowds to the streets.Why should there be no elections in 2018?
First because Lula wins in all the simulations made so far. Secondly, Dilma Rousseff remains as the democratically elected president and deposed by a corrupt and illegitimate Congress and is presidential, one of the "blows" of impeachment and takes crowds to the streets.
Lula is the darling of Brazil, is on the rise, slips more than soap from the accusations and the chances of not being a candidate continue to be a prison by Sérgio Moro without facts and concrete evidence beyond  the "I think" or death (Lula won the cancer, just to record)! 
The PMDB and PSDB leading parties that dominate the country do not have a viable candidate, that is, policy bosses who are not involved in the crimes of the Lava jet. The difference between them is that the PMDB cares little about who is president, their colonels will be heading the country and attending contractors and bankers; Already the PSDB, in addition to being reluctant (I am being good) lives immersed in quarrels between Toucans, especially the eternal São Paulo X Minas Gerais dispute which allows the pemedebista advance! The PP, party of Paulo Maluf is the leader of corruption and collection of bribes in Lava jet and although Maluf gives testimony on Twitter that he is not on the list, he is corrupt from several eras and is wanted by Interpol. He owns historical phrases such as: "steal but do, relax and steal, ops, enjoy." Paulo Maluf.

Is already underway the change of the corrupt ... in search of another legend. Until yesterday there were 35 parties registered in the Supreme Electoral Court.

Having said all this, it is necessary to gather the facts, little by little and to compose the real political picture after a coup d'état and to make clear the riddle of the league of robberies, kickbacks, active and passive corruption, crimes against the motherland, social retrogression to Starting in 2014, Odebrecht dominance, Fachin list deployments, the official media attack and counter-attacks on cyberspace and of course, do all this in another text!

w  BEAUTY AND BEAST: Gaston, played by Luke Evans, killer of BEAST. I BELIEVE!