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domingo, 14 de setembro de 2014


BELO HORIZONTE BAD ADMINISTRATION: dialogue on invisibility.

Hello people 

Thanks for visiting the blog, sorry my poor english. Thanks google translate!Marina da Silva

Square of Fish:"Photo details 
Posted on 20, March 2009 © All rights reserved by Wanderer Gusmão.Câmera: Canon PowerShot SX110 IS.Tirada on 1980/01/01 00:01:38 "In 2010 a minnow disappeared!

Marina da Silva

Started still there, 10 years of the new XXI century, gaining immeasurable strength, the abject abominable phenomenon that comes devastating one of which has been titled Garden City and one of the best places to live, finally, Belo Horizonte, capital of rich state Minas Gerais. Since then and from the end of 2009/10 some important actions to the proper functioning of the social body began to deteriorate, to disappear, to become invisible in Belô. Political / administrative and even "Aurelião" dictionary words lost body strength, no longer exist: care, sustain, do, protect, replace, repair, recover, preserve, restore, manage, govern, clean up, collect, pruning, gardening, weeding, watering, are some examples. A huge number of important words related to urban essential services to society, to entire communities have been replaced by: outsource, scrap, neglect, overpaying, indulge themselves, cheat, mislead, steal, to corrupt, consorting, ally, collude ...

Photos Marina da Silva

The city turned enterprise, the citizens lost their citizenship status [today restricted to finger which tightens of electronic voting button] and are treated as employees, taxpayers, consumers fifth category, electoral cattle! Several historic buildings have disappeared from the map of Belo Horizonte in the speculative and irresponsible spurt of the real estate vertical.
Several historical buildings were literally fallen and many others dying, are about to collapse! The dirt and graffiti became part of the landscape of the metropolis. Never did so ... disregard, disrespect, social, environmental, fiscal, cultural lack of commitment, history, etc, one of the most important capitals of Brazil.

Photos Marina da Silva

"How much more building more tedium"

A huge population "homeless" occupies overpasses, streets, squares, sewage, sidewalks, parks Belo Horizonte and wander here and there without what or why! The live in subhuman conditions these human beings is commonplace in explanations that not only justify current "bad administration" as clean souls: are not people, are vagabonds, druggies, social parasites, some radicalized; are people who like to live on the streets, say others; is a lifestyle; most have family and home. 
The main squares and sights of Belo Horizonte are occupied by those people who loves living in the "nice" harassing good people in small robberies or the eternal "gives me a handout, give me some money" without even saying thank you or "for the love of God,  for charity"! 
And as there are no public restrooms for invisible - this miserable specimen homeless with nothing - Beagá live shit, piss, unclean, mired in the trash, especially in the central area of trade and neighborhoods around it.

Fotos Marina da Silva

Seem junk but they are human beings

The invisibility took especially viaducts and streets and squares: Freedom Square, plaza Raul Soares, plaza Baron of Rio Branco, who also serves as Square the Highway, Plaza of Station and the most intriguing case of invisibility...Fish square. The current  invisibility* is date, government, holds all powers, especially the legislative and executive whose goal, mission and vision (blindness) is to transform the state and capital in enterprise, governs through shocks PPP- promiscuity and public-private on public works and treat the population as worthless cattle!  
The shock management in Minas Gerais [2002 to today], in two stages, condemned generations to terrible basic services: health, education, public safety, transportation, sanitation, housing, food, gestating invisibility, blindness, deafness, dumbness, silencing the voice of the majority and minority too!

Bank of lacerda
Photos of Marina Silva Revolt Busao / jun 2013 lacerda, current mayor, was secretary of economic development of Aetius / anastasia government and one of the managers of the shock management.
Welcome to Belo Horizonte city that has the best mayors in the world!

Photo Marina da Silva "I want to live in the advertisements of Minas Gerais"

Returning to the square of the Fish ...

Invisibly embedded in complex viaducts Lagoinha is popularly known so there  are around fish shops that supply the city. In one of the interventions in the square gained trees, tended gardens, ornamental plants, some trees and three beautiful colorful fish. In 2010 a minnow disappeared and the other two paled amazed and shocked!
Photos of Marina Silva. I can pretend they do not exist, pretending blindness, but how to avoid leaving the photos, which show all our misery through the windows of cars, Busao?

With the works of doubling Avenue Antônio Carlos [2003-2010] the square of Fish received new occupants displaced in evacuation of buildings, vacant lots and Crackland. Currently, as even billions of World Cup 2014 gone to the accounts of contractors consortium members, the whole area of the invisible complex Lagoinha and squares and attached invisibly areas are occupied by shacks of cardboard, plastic, grocery carts, wagons environmental agents, better known as collectors of recycled materials. Since outsourcing the Urban Cleaning Service in 2010, the city lives in the trash!
Photos Marina da Silva

And are the homeless, this humble, poor, miserable people who, with inhuman strengthin addition to ensuring the survival and false citizenship, leave Belô cleaner or less dirty! Although most are black and / or brown, this population is invisible to "desadministradores"  of Beagá that spend millions of dollars with not so reputable companies and electioneering advertisements boasting works half-assed, unfinished, suspected of overbilling and not resist a breath. Even a good portion of the population  belorizontina that see practically non see anything! 

Photos Marina da Silva

A square of war, bombed, devastated, a refugee camp is what think,   if the population  not miserable affected by invisibility,  look to the square of fish. 

 What happens in the square of Fish is truly a war...for survival! The square, the viaducts, the areas around the invisible viaducts Lagoinha complex, is housing, place where the separation of recyclables and garbage to sell for serving food, clothing, materials to build shacks and protects them against sun and cold! Garbage is profit, but not for them! It is also in this area that focuses recyclable buyers, intermediaries of the "auction" garbage; there is a stock exchange in the trash where transactions generate profits unthinkable! 
The complex of invisibility slaughtering-from north to south, east to west, in the nine administrative regions of BH, spreading over sidewalks, streets, marquees, historic buildings or not, squares, parks, abandoned buildings, vacant lots and in dozens viaducts built in the city in recent interventions [2003-2014]! Although ignored, are human beings, people who insist on show in daylight with impunity, parading their junk - 500-800 tons of recyclable - the streets and avenues, troubling the world and disrupting traffic!

Photos Marina da Silva

The weight of the garbage erodes their bodies robbing them of an absolute surplus value unimaginable! Garbage is dirty gold of the century, but fails to provide visibility to workers, men, women, children of all ages, the pariahs that make ugly  Belo Horizonte and "reject" public shelters for love living in inhumane conditions by streets of the metropolis! In 2005 politicians tried electorally see the "tragedy invisibility" selling motorized carts to accelerate gains with recyclable and even stimulate the absolute and relative cooperation of workers with alms-state: the purse-pickers[monthly allowance]. It all but disappeared when the scandal PSDB / PT "Mensalão" exploded! What came after was the second shock management that worsened what was already bad, with public spending cuts, wage squeeze of civil servants, absurd increase in outsourcing in city administration.

Photo of Marina Silva. "They are miserable people and I want to" ... SCREAM! 
"Minas Gerais, with 241.3 billion reais, holds the third largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Brazil, behind only the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Their contribution to national GDP is 9.1% and . regionally, its share is 16.1% the composition of the mining GDP is: agriculture 8.4%, industry 31.9%, services 59.7%. "Population estimated at approximately 20.700 million.

In 2011 back the scene the alms-bag; in 2012  the "honorable" state chamber approve the purse-pickers, but you must be   affiliated with a cooperative. However, thousands of pickers in the state and capital does not belong to any cooperative! 
The invisibility grew even more, by the impotence of civil society against the state and the smokescreen of "great works Aceleration Growth Program or PAC's I and II Cup PAC, PAC mobility.
Blind in Belo Horizonte are very few, most who sees but apathetic, under-represented in a false representative democracy, ultimately doing nothing to overcome the invisibility, clinging to to brighter days are ahead, the next government will change... But in Minas Gerais and Belo Horizonte politicians live married, corrupted, without dissension, conflict of interest, are socio-mutualísticos competitors taking turns in office every two years by applying the law of Gerson**: take advantage of everything!

BH mismanaged: the case of disregard more impressive is what happened with the Ficus Bernado Monteiro square in the hospital area.

Shame, dishonor, disgrace! It is what they should feel Brazilian politicians, Minas Gerais included, if the policy or public administration moved in the field of ethics, morals, good customs or if the concern of the representative powers heed to the good performance, stability and health of the social body for which they were elected and are paid royally and logical, of all the thousands of dollars of public money pocket!

* Until 1889 Brazil was a slave monarchy. Blacks brought here had no "souls" as white Europeans and were mere commodity. The abolition of slavery happened a year before the proclamation of the Republic in May 1888 The invisibility in Brazil, therefore, can still be traced in the first Republic, gaining strength and scatters the territory with the advent of capitalism, known as Vargas .

Law of Gerson**: Gerson was one of the most incredible and important soccer player from Brazil. After making a cigarette advertising jargon which was "like to take advantage of everything right." The phrase became popular and today represents what is worst in Brazilian politics: the high degree of corruption!