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quinta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2014

BRAZIL: reflecting on humanized birth

BRAZIL: reflecting on humane childbirth ...

People apologize my terrible, poor and horrible English and...thanks google.translate. rsrss

Marina da Silva
Putz! Same as PQP * (untranslatable). Was my exclamation when I saw defrauded the banner of "humanized birth" on television, in novels such Globo TV there in the late nineties / early two thousand.

"Strange"! I thought to myself.

And along the lines of the character that would be seen in a biased debate about natural birth versus cesarean hiding logically between otras cositas, orders from the IMF to contain public spending to a minimum state as the only way to overcome the global financial crisis of Brazil !
 Amazing how the United States is rapidly recovering from the crisis sub-prime/2008 and Brazil... not! Detail: the epicenter of the crisis was in the United States; waves defiled the European Union's -2011/12 countries (Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy)
 and our country cling tooth and nail all the political parties in other people's crisis to under-invest in public safety, education and especially HEALTH and divert public money into scandalous crimes of corruption! President Lula said that the global financial crisis has been a small wave in Brazil. Afff disgraceful small wave!
But back naturally ... childbirth, ops, starting point ...How to bring our children into the world: natural or cesarean delivery? How to bring our children into the world: natural or cesarean delivery?

Undergrowth and bizarre discussion prey to the clichés of infinite benefit of naturally vaginal delivery versus the terrorism and demonizing cesarean considered a mercantilist and market "vein" of hospitals, clinics, doctors doing a service to God ... Kapital and a disservice to the SUS - Health System, much important thing is being lost in this atrophied dispute involving beyond the dichotomy natural versus caesarean delivery: humanized birth in its various versions: A Baby By Minute. Documentary. "From the reception to the delivery room, the operating room to the pool, this series observes the dramatic, emotional and often funny moments that precede the arrival of a bebê." Discovery Home & Health.

1 - humanized birth: with medical prenatal care at term (end of pregnancy or childbirth itself) in hospitals;

2 - humanized birth in institutions prepared for the "humanization of childbirth": where pregnant women are accompanied by their partners or family, a midwife (specialized nurses births), "doulas" or midwives (trained to deliver babies).

3 - Humanized Childbirth done at home: where the woman is accompanied by a companion, and others who choose assisted by doctors, nurses, midwives or doulas. 

4 - Humanized Childbirth extremely radical: the woman refuses any direction and makes childbirth itself allowing only person chosen to watch and call rescue if something goes wrong.

Natural birth  or cesarean: that is the question!

"In response to high rates of operative deliveries recorded in Brazil, started a strong movement in favor of natural birth. Government instituted campaigns in favor of the method and much of the media supported the initiative. Regarding the obstetricians, there was some apprehension when the campaign began to encourage the use of "birth centers" often located far from hospitals and especially the fact that there is, in these places, possibility to convert a natural birth to cesarean delivery in the event of an emergency. "the initiative of homebirth has been gaining strength for some years, but in this situation the possibility of an emergency rescue is too small. " Maria Marruá, Cassia K iss, birthing her daughter Juma Marruá (Cristiana Oliveira) in the novel that changed Brazilian teledramartugia in 80': Pantanal!

"Mother is mother paca is paca*. The Woman?  Woman NO! ALL WOMAN is  cow"! Sang the idiots Casseta & Planeta in the 80s and everyone was amused! 

Jokes aside, Brazil is not India nor women, ops, cows are sacred animals despite being "good blood" and the human animal mistreated! What is best: natural or cesarean delivery? Nobody asked at the time, early in the new century to the interested party, the cow, ops, woman

But they were asking the right question? Of course ... not! A few said they were interested in knowing how best to come to the human world! The experts (read politicians / businessmen / GOVERNMENTS submissive to the IMF / World Bank) interest only reduce costs and opt for less onerous government. The result always depends on cutting public spending! "My Gabriel was born a year ago, in Recife, in a wonderful natural birth (no intervention), in water, with virtually no pain, a private hospital here, where my doctor, fierce advocate of humanized childbirth, worked. (.. .) How was the delivery room and not in the surgical ward, the hospital board was outraged (among other arguments for not being able to recover the use of surgical services and supplies, medicines, etc, even though I paid, and expensive, . to stay in the "suite") the result was the dismissal of my doctor months later, despite her having an opinion of Cremepe stating that she did nothing more than follow the wHO recommendations -. World Health Organization, etc. and such "

WHAT's humanized birth? 
Mosaic from

Humanized birth = WOMAN AND RIGHT TO CHOOSE: VIP with prenatal care, doctor visits, tests, ultrasound, medicines and hospitalization if necessary [when the pregnancy is at risk], vaccines, OTRAS cositas like BASIC INFORMATION AND FOOD is ... a situation utopian for most Brazilian women because Brazil, one of the ten economic powers of the planet, is one of the countries with the highest concentration of income and social inequality, bathed in an ocean of ... corruption. And it is the Ministry of Health, the essential services to the people that deviates more and more public money!

"The Unified Health System (SUS) in Brazil has been building over the past few years a solid legal basis and a set of public policies to guarantee the rights of the mother and baby. However, the country still faces significant challenges to ensure the right to survival and development of each child and the health of each woman, especially in the Amazon and Semiarid - regions which are most critical social indicators and the highest rates of maternal mortality and Kids - and in metropolitan areas where there are large social inequities and a large number of pregnant women ""Maternity Sofia Feldman: delivery can be made ​​in the water".

Anyone in their right mind and sensitized by official and unofficial media defends the "humanization of birth" as such is virtually presented the nation, mainly cows, ops, women: humanized birth is healthy, humane, safe, exciting experience, gratifying, can be lived with a partner without fee of companions without doctors or hospitals in the "equipped houses" [equipped with gardens, baths, beds, chairs and assisted "doulas" - trained volunteers and a midwife (which is assumed is a registered nurse)! 
BUT ... "

"Two hospitals in Belo Horizonte are being accused of negligence by the family of a pregnant woman who lost her baby. The child's father said that his wife was sent Odilon Behrens Hospital for Sofia Feldman Hospital, which has not received adequate treatment. '" The result was the death of the child, who had a normal pregnancy, even in the womb "

. "Police heard on Friday (22) two directors of Sofia Feldman Hospital in Belo Horizonte, where a newborn baby died after being discharged on the 10th of this month" 22/07/11
"About Sofia Feldman, the hospital of the poor beyond the North Zone, you can say" Oh, Edward, but there are many complaints against motherhood ... "And I'll ask you how many are born, how many mothers with labor pains just find that door open ... "

But not only that: in São Paulo, also known as Brazil, "everything is done on the side and near the hospital with all comfort and convenience," iso9000 - certificate of excellence in care and services provided in case a little something out of the script! But we're talking about Brazil where the law of ... Murphy: If something can go wrong will!

"Pregnant Women denounce public hospitals in Rio for infant deaths. Pregnant women complain that public hospitals impose normal birth, even in cases of apparent risk. Hospital Rocha Faria, would have been eight recorded deaths of babies in two days. " 

"Brasília - In the Federal District, 16 babies are in line for a place in the intensive care unit (ICU), neonatal in public, according to the Department of Health site. Two premature babies died yesterday (8) at the Regional Hospital North Wing (Hran), integrating the public system, waiting for a bed. The Health Department of the Federal District argues that the deaths are unrelated to lack of care or structure, but with the fragile state of health of babies.” 

The death of 11 babies at St. Joseph Hospital, since 2010, is being investigated by the Civil Police in Nova Serrana, in the Midwest state of Minas Gerais. It is suspected malpractice during childbirth.,307991/policia-apura-morte-de-bebes-em-nova-serrana.shtml

And how fiction has very little reality, the novel humanized birth IN BRAZIL is not "all that Coke!"

The truth is that since the 2000s this REORIENTATING Brazilis land rehabilitated by birth in the street, in the taxi and in the bush!

The number of women neglected and exposed on the streets, on google and youtube  is increasingly scary, as well as inhumane and poor conditions of Brazilian hospitals, not to mention the increasing number of deaths of babies!

To be cared for in these conditions, what woman does not want to do, alone with the basic kit, your home birth, a fashion of the last century, which has been gaining momentum in the world (eighties) and in Brazil since Cardoso / Lula / Dilma! "It's my body and my childbirth"

 WOMEN CLAIMS AND FIGHTING FOR THE SAME PURPOSE?"Lying on with tied legs?Thank you for your beliefs. We are not little mothers but citizens who read evidence

Officially, someone has already asked the women why the "wrath" against doctors, hospitals, health plans and etc? WHO ARE THESE WOMEN MARCHING BY BIRTH AT HOME?
"my body 
my birth 
my choices"

Something was complicated and / or is going wrong and the official humanized birth is being left out and being replaced by humanized radical labor naturally done by the pregnant human own home, many dispensing any aid, either from doctors, nurses, doulas, prenatal care, medicines etc etc etc! In the United States and England, 1% of births fall into the category "make easy" your home birth! Simple? Of course not! Doctors warn of major risks to which they are exposed women and infants in ultra radically natural childbirth:

"Conditions for the humanized homebirth" according to Jorge Kuhn:
As I stated to the Fantastic, I support the initiative of humanized childbirth since it has three basic conditions:

 The first condition is that the desire of the woman and leave her husband. This is the fundamental condition. The home birth is not a suggestion of the health professional, ie doctor, nurse or midwife. The initiative has to come from where the woman, she will say "Doctor, I want to make my delivery at my house" and then I delve into the conversation by asking her how she wants this home, and the reason for this desire. I will deepen the questions like a tree, you start with a question and from the response, has branches that go ramifying. "

"The second condition is a gestation of absolute normality. She may not have any problem, no health problems, neither she nor the baby. Any complications during pregnancy should take delivery on the hospital.'s Called a high-risk pregnancy. "

"The third point is that, being a low-risk pregnancy and be able to turn into a high-risk pregnancy during delivery, there may be a need for removal, transportation of maternal or infant to a hospital, then it is essential that she has a plan B. that is, a referral hospital that it is less than 20 minutes from your house. "

Yes, We can: growing in the world the number of women who prefer delivery done in the recess of your home: the fortunate can have monthly monitoring and a super humanized natural childbirth with a qualified doctor ... paying about 8,000.00 dollars! The not so fortunate can afford a more modest amount for "nurses", "doulas", "midwifery distance course with the doctor... google ". 

parto normal na naturez

For the "fanatics", the cost in money is zero, not being touched by either the partner or companion, usually a family member (but will that gives something wrong ...)! British doctors warn that from the moment we increase the number of deliveries made ​​by the woman herself without any professional help will certainly appear that gave birth complications and put mother and baby at risk of death! Delivery of a homeless woman.

For cows, ops, immortal women, has nowhere to fall dead and need ardently SUS ... real life belies the fiction!
If the box deaths of mothers and babies is increasing in Brazil, imagine what will happen when the "delivery make easy" stop being fashionable and turn the rule of the nation?
But we marching? Walking and singing and following the official and / or unofficial song you want to put a veil on the tragedy that transformed the simple simple's birth in Brazil!

*The paca (paca cuniculus) is a species of rodent in the family Cuniculidae. Previously it was called Agouti paca.