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segunda-feira, 25 de setembro de 2017



Marina da Silva

PUTZ! Untranslatable.
It was the exclamation I released when I read the theme of essays Uol-September, for students who will face the ENEM-National High School Examination! Fall in laughter! Clueless,  rude, bizarre and stupid!
And this  comma?
How to improve education? All Brazilians, illiterate included, (ex. Federal Deputy Tiririca1), know the answer by instinct, of course!
But then they put a comma when logic asks for a question mark there or that it, where it was positioned, at the end of the two grammatical structures.
How to coordinate, with a comma, historically subordinate prayers in the "Roots of Brazil"2 since the discovery?
Who created such a theme is totally devoid of intelligence, opportunism and bad character. But, smart, very clever, I admit.  Catarinense (SC) Marcia Friggi, who, in addition to being physically assaulted in the school board, was a victim of cyber attacks, by defenders of Deputy Jair Bolsonaro, such as federal deputy Marcos Feliciano a Christian, married and accused of rape. Cyberbullying in the name of hatred preached by the MBL and other groups defenders of the Bolsovomit, ops, Bolsomyth.

Taking advantage of course more an act of violence against teachers, this time against the teacher Márcia Friggi and viralizou on social networks, thrilling  the country, both for the image of the teacher and for the outburst, supposedly written by her daughter; and also by the wave of attacks on Marcia in the cybersphere for her posture on the left-wing policy against the bolsomínions3, a nickname given to Jair Bolsonaro's followers, mainly to the "geniuses" of MBL-Movimento Brasil Livre, recently in the media by FORCE  the Santander bank discontinue the GLBT Exposition Queer Museum Exhibition at Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre (RS).4 Exposition Queer Museum Exhibition at Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre (RS) LOVE, TOLERANCE, OPTION FOR THE POOR AND LESS FAVORED IN THE SOCIETY ARE JESUS 'TEACHINGS, TOTALLY CONTRARY TO ANY KIND OF VIOLENCE IN WORDS AND / OR ACTS.

MBL,, Revoltados online and other groups5 are "agents" mobilizing causes and interests against the Brazilian nation ... ONLY JESUS AND HIS MANY ARMS OF LOVE AND TOLERANCE IN THE CAUSE! They have very low educational, intellectual and cultural background and know little or nothing about the History of Brazil and World. His studies are directed against Lula, PT, left, communism! They deny that there was a dictatorship in Brazil, knowledge acquired after contacts and indoctrination with defenders of military authoritarianism or American intervention in the country. They hide behind the so-called "politically incorrect discourse", the same as the tactics of Donald Trump, American president: attacking the press, shouting, hitting, cursing, shouting, breaking, exploding, spreading fake news, lies; preach addictions, cyberbullying and hatred against Lula, PT's supports, against the miscegenation, diversity and multiculturality and multi-sexuality of the Brazilian people!6

Resultado de imagem para fernando holiday partido Holiday. MBL, anti-PT, Lulaphobic, defends the conservative right. He is nineteen years old and is the youngest councilor of São Paulo by the DEM party (former PFL). Ultra-conservative right-wing party and one of the most politicians investigated in the corruption crimes of Lava jet operation; after the PP, PMDB, PR, PRB, PSDB. Defends the School without Party, read, without PT and Lulism, third party more important of the country. Holiday "(...) is investigated by the MP for use of "box 2" in electoral fraud."

As good intentions hell is full ... a comma creates a puzzle for a sentence easy answer. I decided to test a girl who will do the ENEM telling her that I write articles about the themes proposed by the UOL newsroom. I explain that they are monthly themes and that the theme of September 2017 came out.
"What's the theme?"
"How to improve education -did I pause the comma-without valuing the teacher? "
"There is a way?  Has as?  Is there this?  This possibility? "
It was the hail of interpellations I received. She was altered and indignant and with much anger continued:
"Okay, are you going to give this cucumber to ENEM students?" "Beautiful!" "Are we going to respond to the government?  What is the purpose of this buffoonery? Do you want me to leave now and throw a bomb at school? "
I found phenomenal both the response and the indignation and with all the "literary license" I can afford, I agree with her: "What the fuck is that?"

Let's get to know a little of Education in Brazil where the "Brazilians have bad educational argumentation", theme of the writing ENEM Uol-august / 2017 and MBL boys carry banner of the School without Party, ops, without PT, Lula or defenders and teachers and politicians and PT students.
Let's go to the data of INEP - National Institute for Educational Studies and Research / Mystery of Education and Culture and the LEMANN Foundation: 186.1 million primary schools and 48.8 million enrolled students; 15.3 million in the first years of Basic Education and 99, 96% in the day shift, 84.6% in urban schools. There are 1.9 million students in  vocational  and 3,233,739 million enrolled in day care centers. There are 2.2 million teachers in Basic Education7.

Printof page J.P. Lemann is the Eike Batista that worked, with support and logistics and much information and financial speculation from the eighties and nineties, twentieth century, in Brazil "win win". He is the billionaire number ONE of Brazil and presents himself as Swiss-Brazilian. Symptomatic...

"There are 48.8 million students in Basic Education - 39.8 million of whom are enrolled in the public school system. In order to serve all students, Brazil has 186 thousand schools and about 2.2 million teachers spread throughout the country . " (Lemann, 2017)

Print of page


"Quality and infrastructure: Many schools do not have adequate infrastructure for learning, which is considered by experts to be one of the factors that contribute to student discouragement." The North and Northeast regions are the most affected - many do not have reading rooms , libraries or internet access. This hampers the development and encouragement of educational technologies that could be great allies of teachers and students. "(Lemann, 2017)
"Only 0.6% of Brazilian schools have infrastructure that is close to ideal for teaching, that is, they have a library, computer lab, sports court, science lab and adequate facilities to attend students with basic needs. (...) 44% of the basic education institutions only have piped water, sanitation, electricity, sewage and kitchen in their infrastructure. The survey included data from the 2011 School Census of 194,932 schools."8  author's italics


"✓Nearly 600,000 4-year-olds are out of school. At 5 or 6 years, the number is 300 thousand
✓ More than 99% of the population aged 6 to 13 years are in school
✓ About 1.7 million young people aged 14 to 17 are out of school
✓ According to the National Household Survey conducted by the IBGE in 2015, low-income students enter school later on leave early. From the age of 15, many leave school to go to work (26% among young people aged 15 to 17 years are not employed)
In the last 12 years, school attendance has fallen, but the black population and communities in rural areas are still more distant from formal education than the white and urban population "(Lemann, 2017).

Add to the INEP data that Brazil has about 13.2 billion illiterates in the age group of 15 years or more, IBGE-PNAD / 2014 data.


"Results - The new data show that 12.9% and 12.7% of students enrolled in the first and second year of high school, respectively, evaded the school according to the School Census between the years 2014 and 2015. The 9 th The third year of elementary education has the third highest dropout rate, 7.7%, followed by the third year of secondary education, with 6.8%. Considering all high school grades, dropout amounts to 11.2% of the total students at this stage of teaching.
The historical series reveals a progressive drop in school dropout from 2007 to 2013 at all stages of education, but behavior changes in 2014, when rates increase. Evasion is greater in rural schools, at all stages of education. Pará has the highest dropout rate in all stages of education, reaching 16% in high school "(INEP, 2017).

Print da página

Wow! Super phenomenal boost! It almost reaches 2.5 minimum wages for 40 hours a week! Pity that of the 5,570 Brazilian municipalities, 55% DO NOT PAY the national floor; of the 26 states and DF- Brasilia, only 14 pay the maximum ... that does not reach the national minimum floor!

"Among the municipalities of all states, including the Federal District, which sent the data, 2,533 declared that they pay teachers a salary of at least the national floor value, representing 45% of the total of 5,570 Brazilian municipalities."


Stop and breathe and process the information before we unveil the theme uol-ENEM

Without valuing the teacher, how to improve education? is the real issue behind the UOL / ENEM theme. The students will give a super favor with their innovative ideas or not, for an ultra-neoliberal "project of nation" established after the dismissal of President Dilma, who froze public spending for 20 years. First measure of the government Michel Temer-PMDB and allies, PSDB, DEM, PR, PRB, PP (and 20 parties and politicians involved in Lava jet crimes, including PT) approving Constitutional Amendment PEC nº 241 (Federal Chamber) and PEC  nº 55(Senate) on 13 December 2016.
There is no intention to value the teacher who will remain working in poor material conditions and precarious infrastructures, unworthy salaries, disrespected by students and family, without the minimum protection of life, or bullying and cyberbullying of government and media, students and families! IMPROVING AND VALUING EDUCATION AND TEACHERS are actions that are outside the current political horizon and any other if the current government remains in control of the three powers, including LEGISLATIVE, EXECUTIVE, JUDICIAL, even Federal Public Prosecutor; with all the corrupt politicians and their executives in high positions  from first to last step.
If the improvement of education depends solely on the VALUE OF SALARY paid to the category, we will not leave the place and still aggravate the diagnosis of education in the country until 2036. The solution to the serious bandit crisis that plagues Brazil is not in Education or chalk , blackboard and teachers hands!
"It is inappropriate for a government that has not been elected to propose such radical measures," Philip Alston, UN Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty.


What would improve in education and in the life of the Brazilian people (middle classes as well) who lives from work the simple increase of teachers salary? Would it end corruption in the Brazilian government? Would it stop or reduce general violence and against teachers in particular? Of course, improving education in Brazil does not depend solely on the salaries of teachers, nor does the salary mean any appreciation if it is detached from the Brazilian reality of a very high concentration of wealth in a small group and an abyssal gap of inequality / economic disparity for the rest of the population!
Mosaic from Exam. Billionaires are a dozen; millionaires  about 4 dozen, the rest of the population, 207 million people live from work and millions go through perennial to survive.

topic of writing for the ENEM? Why is it important not to value the teacher? What kind of improved education do you want for Brazil in the twenty-first century without valuing teachers? And what kind of SCHOOL and TEACHERS are needed to maintain the expropriation and exploitation of the people? What are the VALUES that the "theme" seeks to conceal by inverting the value of education and teacher to the Brazilians and stealing the "intellectual capital" [ideas] from the students who are preparing for the ENEM?********

How much is a teacher worth to Brazil?

The teacher is worthy of greatness, recognition, appreciation, praise, importance, value and worldwide prominence in the face of the great capitalist powers that divide power like the United States, China, Germany, England, Japan, France, Russia, citing the greatest powers of "first world" that are being killed in disputes to control geoeconomic, geopolitical and geostrategic areas vital to the imperialism of each and every one on the planet. Brazil is the power of time and always for its vast wealth of mineral wealth, vegetables, animals, labor, consumer market and especially the vast fields of oil and natural gas discovered in the pre-salt layer, the main currency  geopolitical in the plans of Americans, Chinese, Russians, etc!
Teachers add value, knowledge, science and consciousness, human-sociological-critical-philosophical-scientific thinking to the Brazilian people treated as mutts, subhuman race, bunch of underdeveloped monkeys; showing truly the value of our people, our land, and the importance of the country and national sovereignty so that we will not be sold as slaves and colony of exploitation / expropriation to national and / or foreign capitalist players like J. P. Lemann!
Who wants to change this dismal picture of Education and the negative view of the people about themselves? Leftists, leftists, leftist parties, that is, politicians linked to humanistic, egalitarian, freedom, socialist, democratic-socialist, and communist ideas, the most prominent of which was connected to PCB, PC do B, PDT and PT. , who for 13 years in the presidency of the Republic, had the greatest achievement, to achieve and elevate the morale of the people and make them see their potential and pride of being Brazilian, TO BELONG TO THIS NATION. Although with fragile social economic policies due to alliances and coalitions with conservative and powerful oligarchies and constantly sabotaging social and economic policies, especially since the election of Dilma Rousseff for the second term.
Petism and its populist discourse did not contradict neo-liberals or bankers nor impede privatizations and blessings for national and / or foreign capitalists. His biggest mistake in history was to let the mutt people feel like people, citizens, dignitaries, creators and entrepreneurs! And this was unforgivable, a true revolution: the great Lula / PT enigma, in the words of Emir Sader.
To keep the Brazilian people physiologically as cattle reels, hungry material, educationally and spiritually, "looking for a doctor somewhere" and "a Brazil that eats with silverware and another that only eats with the hands" is the conditio sine qua non (essential, necessary) to maintain the status quo rich X poor;  favelas X mansion; They X We; Lula of the poor X (?) Of the rich by 2018 and seculum seculorum (for all ages), amen!


Not valuing teachers is part of the geostrategy and global economic geopolitics since the neoliberal return and globalization of markets from the end of God age
  in the late Sixties in the "first world" capitalist countries. Meanwhile in Brazil industrialization, in addition to the "economic miracle" of the early 1970s, has given rise to a middle class, strengthening the class of teachers, doctors and health professionals, banking, metallurgists, electricians, road, subway, and a "new unionism" of mass, combative and also popular movements such as the MST-Movements of the Landless and resurgence, strengthening and creation of the new parties of the left, among them the Party of the Workers (1983).
Although declared "Decade lost" in fact the Eighties were of great political and cultural and economic effervescence to leverage the new rich or emerging rich who made fortunes with hyperinflation of prices and interest and great speculation in the stock market that led to bankruptcy many entrepreneurs who delivered their assets at a banana price to the players, or spreading rumors that led to the general corporate crash, manipulating data, a worldwide phenomenon that turned Hollywood films like The Wall Street wolf starring Leonardo di Caprio and recently The Big Bet (on the real estate bubble or subprime crisis in 2008- States United States and that spread to Europe in 2011); another great moment of high profits!
1990 is the historical mark of the arrival of neoliberalism in Brazil in the jet-ski of Fernando Collor, who immediately opened the national market to foreigners and set fire to state companies, in the excess of bureaucratization and in the civil servants, a band of maharajas. Neoliberal orders followed course with FHC (1994-2002) attacking teachers, doctors, retirees (bndo Ba) and privatizing geostrategic companies, known as Phase A PSDB privataria (PSDB) involved in a lot of suspicion of corruption and theft of public money, laundering of money and evasion of it to tax havens.
The guns used? Sub-investments in key areas such as health, education, public safety, basic sanitation, public transportation, housing, middle-class wage burdens, lowering of minimum income and income transfer to the rich through benefits and tax exemptions, and establishing PPPs - private public partnerships, where the state enters with BNDS money and entrepreneurs with ideas and projects. See case Eike Batista, the serial entrepreuner.

Resultado de imagem para greve professores 2017 2011. Minas Gerais. A strike of more than 100 days without negotiation! Education and teachers, intentionally despised by the teacher Antônio Anastasia, twice deputy governor of Aécio Neves, twice governor of MG, current senator.

THE PROPOSED THEME How to improve education without valuing the teacher? is placed for a generation that knows little or nothing of the history and formation and economic-political-social-religious-cultural-folkloric evolution of Brazil and of the evolution of Education in the country that until the mid-twentieth century was weak! The Millenium generation was born in the globalized era of the internet and with the spreading of the personal computer competing and overthrowing the power of TV's in homes; it was the videos, mobile, Google, Orkut, Iphone, Smartphone, tablet, Twitter, blogs, Facebook, What's App, Instagran, RSS, etc, etc, etc.An ultra high tech world, accelerated, no time to eat, play, meet people of flesh and blood and make friends; averse to attending old-fashioned, falling-apart schools, deprived of new technologies and unprepared professionals to deal with them; in schools that anyone can be a solidary teacher only with the fourth primary year; without bathrooms, desks, libraries, with teachers and other professionals of the education devalued, where the education is terrible, little stimulating and creative, using outdated and alien language to an informed generation, plugged in 24H and more than ever preoccupied with having a great idea, creating innovative startups, ["a startup is a group of people looking for a repeatable business model and scalable, working in conditions of extreme uncertainty."], deliver them at a good price, becoming a millionaire in a short time and perhaps a billionaire like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zukerberg.The best of the school for this generation are THE GREVES OF TEACHERS FOR SALARY AND BEST CONDITIONS AND WORK RELATIONS
who came outsourcing through the DESIGNATION or temporary contracts.


While productive restructuring and privatizations were causing mass unemployment and weakening trade unionism in the primary, secondary, tertiary, the power of trade unions and associations related to Health and Education, two branches belonging to the public service.
Destroying the power of HEALTH AND EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS took place in the late 1970s and especially in the 1980s and 1990s in an abject and execrable way with broad support from the military and the support of the media. DEVALORIZING the work and importance of health and education professionals was easy, quick and pitiless by turning classes into villains, using long strikes, playing daily on all radio and television programming, population against doctors and teachers or accusing labor claims as a political game. The strikes were presented as of interest to the left, mainly linked to the PT. The "atomic bomb" on these categories came with a reduction of public tenders, funding cuts and "outsourcing" or increase of temporary contracts, also known as designations. The result is in the Census of Inep, since 2007, year that instituted the National Institute of Studies and Educational Research. The result of such policies resulted in the general precariousness of Education in Brazil, which had a brief respite in the policies of Lulism / Petismo, but they fell in disgrace with the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff in 08-08-2015. The new education reform prompts the discrediting of disciplines that can lead the student to think, criticize, and oppose the establishment, that is, "the ideological, economic, political and legal order that constitutes society, the State; social elite that controls the wealth produced by the people, controls the economy, political power "and of course, the people! 
This is the "school without party", translated into the elimination of petistas (and any left thought) in all sectors of the school: from canteen to administration; of teachers and students; denying students the right to think, criticize, rebel and revolt with theft and degradation of the nation. Forging conservative voluntarism and workers, "conservative soldiers," vigilantes against ideologies that preach pluralism  and multi-diversity  racial, cultural, religious, sexual, partisan, democracy, freedom, caring for one's neighbor; denying historical facts such as the military dictatorships that took place in Vargas' Brazil (1937-1945 coup) and the military dictatorship (coup of 1964-1984); preaching the inferiorization of blacks, mestizos, women and praising military intervention or US intervention on Brazilian soil, despising our Federal Constitution and national sovereignty!


1.BRASIL. CONGRESS ON FOCUS. Tiririca. Francisco Everaldo Oliveira Silva is a clown, singer, comedian, used as a "pull-vote", that is, celebrity votes or outburst as happened with the Tião monkey in 1989. His motto in 2010. Worse than what is not the illiterate and illiterate reached 1,300 million votes. "Accused by an electoral prosecutor of having omitted information that he was illiterate, Tiririca had to take a test to prove that he could read and write (a mandatory condition for someone to run for an elective office in the country.) The case was only filed by the Supreme Court Federal Supreme Court (STF) in November 2008. The ministers of the Brazilian Judiciary's maximum court concluded that he has "rudimentary knowledge of writing and reading" and that to withdraw his registration would be a discriminatory decision. "Http:// .br / noticias / tiririca-termra-mandate-with-100-of-presence-but-without-ascending-of-

2. BRAZIL. On the historical formation of Brazil, especially on miscegenation see: HOLANDA, Sérgio Buarque de. Roots of Brazil.pdf; Freyre, Gilberto. House-large and Senzala. and RIBEIRO, João Ubaldo, Long live the Brazilian people.

3. Bolsomínios, nickname given to followers and defenders of the political platform of Jair Bolsonaro, homophobic federal, racist, misogynist, armed (supposedly lobbyist of billionaires of arms industries) and anti-Federal Constitution 1988 by requesting military intervention and preaching military dictatorship in a country that opted for democracy and the Democratic Rule of Law. Bolsomiones alludes to the minions, character of the movie My evil favorite who love to follow evil and suffer from intelligence.

4. BRAZIL. MBL x ARTISTS AND GLBT WORKS. Exhibition canceled by the imposition and closure and threats of the MBL group to the Santander bank that ceded and canceled the Queer Museum Exhibition at Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre (RS) "The exhibition, curated by Gaudêncio Fidelis, gathered 270 works of 85 artists that approached the LGBT themes, gender issues and sexual diversity The works - which span the historical period from the mid-twentieth century to the present - are signed by such great names as Adriana Varejão, Cândido Portinari, Fernando Baril, Hudinilson Jr., Lygia Clark, Leonilson and Yuri Firmesa. " About international repercussions see

5. TO UNDERSTAND THE MBL you need to know who is behind the group by funding and giving training for acting through Students for Liberty and Atlas Network. See "Guardian report published yesterday, emphasizes that several members of MBL, one of the main agents of this new right, responsible for the street demonstrations in favor of the coup, were trained and financed by organizations that receive funds from the Koch brothers, owners of industries related to the oil and derivatives sector.

6. BRAZIL. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION / INEP. School Census of Basic Education. 2016. Statistical notes. Brasília-DF / February 2017; Education Census in Brazil, available on the Lemann Foundation website.

7. BRAZIL. About this research see:, http: // simaojacinto This is the result of a study done by the researchers Joaquim José Soares Neto, Girlene Ribeiro de Jesus and Camila Akemi Karino, from UnB (University of Brasília), and Dalton Francisco de Andrade, from the UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina), titled "A scale for measuring school infrastructure".

8. on the national teacher salary floor see,