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terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2017



*Hello friend, forgive me the abuse with your English language and thank you Google translate. Marina da Silva

Resultado de imagem para defensores de marine le pen Hate speech, politically incorrect speech, defense of the indefensible: expulsion or death of immigrants and second class citizens. Donald Trump attacked immigrants in general, Latinos, especially Mexicans and Muslims; Promised to put an end to Obama's attempts to regulate financial orgies and use the state to pay the bill and expropriate and penalize Americans. He used and abused the buzzwords: social parasitism and social populism, appealed to patriotism, to the Army and greatness of the Americans. He used lies and fallacies spreading intolerance and hatred on social networks and received help from Republicans  and Russian hacker to demoralize Democrat Hillary Clitnton and reverse the outcome of the election. The same discourse used in the coup d'état in Brazil to destroy Lula, Dilma and the democratic PT government that made choice for the poorest and most miserable (2003- coup 2016) .Inglaterra: hatred and intolerance of immigrants and Muslims led to Brexit, exit Of the United Kingdom of the European Union. And more hate is already being appropriated and spreading to the 2017 elections in the European Union: France, Germany, Italy, Holland, etc!

Marina da Silva

Who thinks that the class Coxinha appeared in Brazil and "from the middle of nowhere" is misleading. And he will certainly be more lost and confused if he looks for the Coxinhas in the classic history of class struggle envisioned, delineated, unveiled and dissected by eighteenth-century thinkers such as Adam Smith, Ricardo, Stuart Mill, Max Weber (1864-1920), and That -what-should-be-named: Karl Marx! Did you think about Voldemort? Pity!
Another bizarre mistake is to look for the genesis of Coxinhas in remnants from Paleolithic Jurassic Park as do many with "communism" and more coarse will be to delimit the socio-economic-political-cultural-geography of these individuals only in the so-called Middle Class!The Coxinha class has a date of birth, identity and address in Europe. Not existent  at the time of Machiavelli (1469-1527), Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), Voltaire (1694-1778), a period identified by Marx (1818-1883) as the phase of primitive accumulation of capital.1

"The original accumulation of capital at the end of medieval times in Europe, says Mr Harvey, was based on violence, depredation, theft, fraud and theft. By these extra-legal means, pirates, priests, and traders, supplemented by usurers, gathered sufficient "initial money power" to begin circulating money systematically in the form of capital. The Spanish theft of Inca gold was the paradigmatic example. free translation"2

The origin of capitalism is thus defined by Marx: "The capitalist economic order left the gates of the feudal economic order. The dissolution of one produced the constituent elements of the other." And the class struggle, ironizes the author paraphrasing the myth of original sin: (...) there would have once been ... a time when society was divided into two camps: elite, industrious, intelligent and, above all, , With administrative skills; Here a lot of follies, amusing themselves from morning to night and night to next day, of course, they accumulated treasures on treasures while they were soon devoid of everything. (The origin ... p.12)
Resultado de imagem para exploração mão de obra no capitalismo Any resemblance to the present is just neoliberalism and return to abject practices of the early wild capitalism XVIII-XIX centuries).

And paradise was made on earth for the expropriators and exploiters and owners of the means of production, the wealth produced, the economic-political-social power: the capitalists; And hell, too, came to the immense masses, destitute of everything, who alone owed their labor power to sell to the capitalists and to ensure the survival of their progeny (sons and daughters) hence the name of the proletariat! And so "family, private property and the State" was made, and patriarchalism and the subsumption of women in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the State, brothers, uncles, tutors and husbands! Amen!
This text seems to be a class of Geography and History and it is precisely because the greatest deficiency of the World Coxinha class, especially in the "first world" is the total lazy ignorance - in this Information Age - of World History and Geography and especially of its own countries . A disability regrettable, but crucial because the best way to understand Coxinha's head is to identify in History and Geography the myths, beliefs, moral and ethical values, cultural and folkloric that they defend like theirs and that in fact only base,  Justify and give legality to the dominant interests and  always others to their own interests and even harmful to the Coxinha class. It is an ignorance produced and manipulated consciously by those who hold the economic-social-political power, and want to continue in power. One would say a salutary stupidity for the bourgeoisie and its domination, mainly from the advent of modern industry (late nineteenth century).
This is what Paul Kennedy says in Preparing for the 21st Century on The American Dilemma.3 For the author the US has a serious  failure in the Teaching system, because:

"(...) although "spend large sums on education as a whole, the disproportionate margin of 40% goes to higher education (which might explain why American universities have high performance by international standards), while the portion allocated to other levels education is less than other countries in standardized tests applied to the seventh grade students in 17 countries, American students were behind the Japanese, south Korean and all the countries of Western Europe (1990's) -. and continues P . Kennedy - Studies on the basic knowledge of history (...) showed great ignorance (eg the meaning Reform), obscured only by their ignorance in Geography."

Not knowing how to locate their own country in the Atlas, and supporting sending troops to wars, especially in the Persian Gulf ignoring where, why and even what is Gulf and Persian (Governments Bushes, 1989-1993 father and son 2001-2009) it is the privilege of the Americans; is a global shortage above and below the equator, Brazil included!
The Coxinha class, still beardless, will only begin to delineate and show its "reason for being", the defense of the indefensible, from the definitive and incontestable establishment of the charm, virtue and dignity of the bourgeoisie and, of course, the global expansion and imperialism of order Laissez faire, laissez passer; Which translates into unconditional economic freedom, without any interference by the state regulating the activities of production, exploitation and expropriation of natural resources, means of production, extraction of absolute surplus (profit) on workers in relations and working conditions Ever more inhuman, unhealthy, degrading and terrifying!
Coxinhas beliefs range from female inferiority and guilt to the misfortune of the world (philosophical, historical, literary, scientific and religious texts such as the Christian Bible and the Koran); The inhumanity and inferiority of the black population of Africa (papal bull Dum Diversas (1452) which for many justified black slavery in European colonialism - Spain, Portugal4 - from the commercial and maritime revolution to white racial superiority (theses that "justified Hitlerist Nazism), trivialization and perpetuation as a "natural and divine culture" of all crimes of violence, rape and murder of women, the poor, the black, the immigrants, leading to persecution of Jews and falling into intolerance of general and ethnic diversity in And the justification of many other beliefs and myths that justified and justify atrocities against minorities in the world.
coxinha-revoltado This one looks like that party snack, but it's a Coxinha ready for demonstrations in favor of corrupt!

The greatest fear Coxinha today is that of Communism, which justifies his apathetic position to attacks on Freedom, Democracy, Fraternity, Diplomacy, Solidarity, respect for the sovereignty of and among peoples and even defense of authoritarianism, dictatorships, military coups, murders of the poor , Women, black, homophobia, killings  in Brazilian chains, invasions and unjustifiable wars as the Syrians are currently suffering.
But what is even communism for the Coxinhas? How was it manifested in reality, for example in Cuba, Eastern Europe, Asia, and especially in the USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and China? Communist ideology and practice are one and the same thing? Is powerful China, the second capitalist power of the twenty-first century, truly Communist? The Communists are red, use sickle, hammer and star and still eat little children and shepherds? Coxinhas know who, how, when, where did the socialist, communist ideas come about? Do you know what utopian socialism and real communism mean? And what is the "cold war"?

Resultado de imagem para comunismo assusta coxinhas SPEECH OF HATRED. Coxinhas saving Brazil from the communists Lula, Dilma, PT and number 13, star and red color in Brasilia. Encounter sinobrasileiro (Japan and Brazil): Coxinha confuses and points the flag of Japan in the National Congress as unquestionable proof that COMMUNISM has taken Brazil!

Poor Coxinhas! The idiots do not know that communism is nowadays an ideological weapon that justifies exploitation and expropriation of peoples, cruel and bloodthirsty dictatorships; Is the powerful geo-strategic and geopolitical weapon used by ultra neo-liberal capitalists against the rise of statism, the power to regulate markets, control and restraint of greed among players such as George Soros, Madoff, Donald Trump, Nigel Farade, JP Lemann, citing some who get along in the financial speculations that break businesses, families, entire national economies in the casino in which the financial world has become!
Communism has been used to terrorize peoples, for example and refreshing memory, covering up the real guilty by the speculative crises of 1986-87, 1996-97, the 2008 crisis that destroyed the US economy, European Union, Latin countries like Mexico and Argentina [Less the Brazil that was economically strengthened in the Lula government]. And the Communist fallacy serves to cover up and hide the speculative gambling and greed of the current capitalists that in the last major crisis in 2008, the subprime crisis with the epicenter in the USA destroyed the economy and life of the Americans and many countries in the five Continents. The communist horror of the Coxinhas, astonishing, is above all against the domination, regulation and management of economic activities and financial attacks on the nations by the State against the fury and savage voracity of the speculators to the financial system leading to crises, creating "bubbles" and Losses through rumors and insider trading on stock exchanges like Wall Street.
Resultado de imagem para occupy wall street speculative subprime real estate crisis 2008, ruined and UNEMPLOYED millions of people in the US, European Union and other continents. The reaction came from the United States in the Occupy Wall Street movement denouncing the government for saving the rich 1% and penalizing the 99% of the American people. This same movement broke out in the European Union in 2011 when  happened  the spreading of the crisis and bankruptcy of nations like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, the most affected

Coxinhas fervently believe that the Communists are red, atheists, Marxists, leftists, terrorists, eat little children, and take the property and wealth of the rich people to give to the poor and miserabl people! Innocence? Of course not! It is stupidity, laziness and intellectual indulgence. They have attachment to poor spiritual life, to "life style 1.99 $" made in China: fake, pirate, generic and material and especially abominable and abject intellectual needs! Necessary, only the necessary and ordinary interests and moves the Coxinha class; The hard, the wealth, especially the intellect, the extraordinary for human sociability, reflection, spiritual enrichment are too much for both comfort and nonsense! The Coxinha class, in addition to the apathy and low intellectual and cultural information and formation, moved through the "oba-oba" carnival acting through feelings of hatred and intolerance and phobia inoculated in Brazil by Globo Hate machine and allies Bandeirantes, SBT, Record, Rede TV. Brazilian's Coxinhas manifestation against democracy, against social public policies aimed at the poorest (more than 150 million Brazilians middle class CDE, unemployed, miserable) that the Mafia Globo, SBT, Record, Bandeirantes call economic populism, social parasitism and other shit . Coxinhas gave voice and support to the coup d'etat from March 2015 following GLOBO HATE MACHINE! Scientifically speculated and exposed as the possibility of political manipulation on a scale never before seen and without the least possibility of immediate and simultaneous control in the sharing of lies of the Information Age by H. Kissinger in World Order.6

VemPraRua.Net [come to the street] and there they go the obedient Coxinhas wearing the soccer team's shirt, carrying the flag and behaving like cattle, a mass of maneuver to the appeals published in the official media, and by politicians / entrepreneurs smart guys and bastards linked to the 1% rich , magnates, and their parties, federations , Associations, NGOs, philanthropic entities that use and abuse hate speech! Liar, fallacious and irresponsible speech in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, What'sApp, Google, Youtube! It happened in Brazil, happened in the United States in the 2016 elections and will happen in the rest of the world, especially in the 2017 elections in the countries of the European Union! Nigel Farade (UK) has appeared alongside repulsive Donald Trump (USA) and is shaking the nations of the European Union demonizing Angela Merkel and the powerful Germany feeding  The "fascism", hatred of immigrants in general and the Syrians in particular
  To free the guilt of European speculators: bankers, insurance brokers, real estate, insurance and speculators, the real guilty of the European financial crisis and the collapse of countries in 2011.

What the Coxinhas defend without thinking is the end of democracy, freedom, citizenship, the use of social networks to spread hate, anger, intolerance, lies and the total absence of regulation of economic activities! And of course, the imperialism of the powers over the natural resources and riches of the peoples considered "third-world" like Brazil that possesses a weapon more powerful than the atomic bomb, mega fields of oil and natural gas of the pre salt! The coxinhas support the speculation of financial capital in negotiations that led and led the world to serious financial crises such as the crisis of 1929 in the United States; Wars and invasions of sovereign nations.
Speculative capital has supplanted the capital invested in production and since the 1980s has generated serious crises in the system and culminated with the subprime crisis of 2008 that destroyed the US economy, spread to Latin America and Europe destroying life and leading to poverty, unemployment And misery to millions of human beings! Back to class Coxinhas!

It is this ignorance and voluntary and conscious insistence on the imbecility of the Coxinha class the essential quality for the attacks on the economies perpetrated by that  1%rich which controls global wealth and holds and maintains planetary economic, geopolitical and geo-strategic power! It is the taste for ready answers and the political, humanistic, humanitarian anemia that has the Coxinha class that so pleases the liberals or currently the neoliberal and ultra liberal! The great GUILTY for all the misfortunes and economic crises, especially since 2008 are the financial speculators on the stock exchanges! But as Coxinhas understand nothing and still less about the economy and geopolitics and geostrategy of global capital, it is easily CONVINCED that it is the fault of legal and / or illegal immigrants; Of homosexuals, of women who have taken the jobs of men; The Jews, the Negroes, the Muslims, the poor, the favelas, the Communists, the anti-patriots, the anti-nationalists, the second-class citizens; Of the economic blocs that allied to compete for the market; Of the Africans and Syrians that invade Europe fleeing of wars or in search of better opportunities and even extra-terrestrials! At last the fault is of the losers, losers, pariah Of humanity! Of course, Coxinhas are not included in this class!
Resultado de imagem para comunismo assusta coxinhas is a Communist! shout the Coxinhas of the whole world! TRUTH OR LIE? Affff I could swear that Barack Obama was a terrorist of the Islamic State as I was told in What'sApp. Damn it!

The Coxinha class encounters satanic Communism in the Stone Age, the Old World and Feudalism, but both communist / socialist ideas and the Coxinha class gain only body and soul from consolidated capitalism and in the face of the rich 1% X 99% of the population deprived  (Open conflict from the mid-eighteenth century - the first industrial revolution, the American Revolution, the French Revolution and more strongly after the second technological revolution (1850) and the emergence of Modern Industry (late 19th-20th century). 
Initially linked to the "petty bourgeois", the Coxinhas class gains strength in the twentieth century with the industrialization and "appearance" of the middle class, a class displaced between Magnates,  Billionaires,  Millionaires, Rich and workers, poor / miserable  is that,  though Coxinhas work hard to survive and have a little more dignity than most low-income workers defended with nails and teeth and shouts the values, beliefs, myths, folklore and bourgeois dictates for their horror and hatred of the "classless" and communism! Coxinhas are ignorant and very useful to crooks  like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farade, etc!
Breivik ergue o punho direito, em uma saudação de extrema-direita, nesta sexta (24), na Corte de Oslo Noruega. Nazist Coxinha Anders Behring Breivik "77 deaths caused in a double attack of 22 July 2011 in Oslo and the island of Utoya in Norway."

Capitalist greed has led the world to various disputesaAnd regional wars; To the two great World Wars in the twentieth century (1914-1918, 1939-1945); The wars for control of oil in the Persian Gulf against Iraq; To the US and USSR occupation of Afghanistan; To the separatist wars after the collapse of "real communism" and disintegration of the USSR; Russia's ruthless aggression against Georgia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics; To the emergence of the Islamic State and its terrorist attacks; To the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and there are various insanities in Europe, Asia and Africa generated by intolerance, xenophobia and the cult of hatred of diversity; Partisan praise for racial supremacy, patriotism, etc., as occurred in Norway by the "psychopathic terrorist" Coxinha Anders Behring Breivik, 33, author confessed of the massacre that killed 77 people "in 2011." 5

FIRST MUNDISTS WHO HAS THE MISSION TO BARRATE THE STATE PROVIDENCE AND STRENGTHEN ULTRA NEOLIBERALISM THE 21ST CENTURY? United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy and other European countries that will "live and suffer" the ultra neoliberal worship of hate and   Politically incorrect speech. In the photo, abject politicians,  magnates conservatives, rightist, authoritarian Nigel Farade (UK), Marine Le Pen (France) on the left and Putin (Russian bloodthirsty dictator) and Donald Trump (magnate,  financial speculator, doll of ventriloquist USA)

They are all those anywhere in the world, billionaires, tycoons, super rich, wealthy, middle class [in middle class A to Z], high-income, low-income, poor, any to give up the human being, to cultivate knowledge, to reflect, to act according to moral, ethical values. They give up the Rule of Law, the Constitution, the judicial system and do justice with their own hands; They do not choose to build a more human, universal sociability. Coxinhas are those who get carried away by the "Wave" of discourses of violence, anger, hatred and intolerance and support the politically incorrect discourse and follow the HATE MACHINE of the owners of economic power [fallacies, gossip, gossip scattered in social networks]. They fight against freedom and democracy and the democratic rule of law; Defend the indefensible and in Brazil led to the coup against the democratically elected president Dilma Rousseff on 08/31/2016 putting the country in the hands of bandits, US-backed criminals. Uncle Sam wants full control of pre-salt! USA (republicans) elected the xenophobic, racist, the magnate financial speculator Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States in the 2016 elections.

An ignominy never expected in the country "owner of the world" and hatched through hatred, intolerance, disrespect for the moral values of democracy, freedom and American diplomacy, using power Of the money, the moral corruption of the Republicans, the interference and support of Nigel Farade ("Brexit's father") and Putin (accused of interfering, via Russian hackers, in the 2016 elections attacking his disaffected Democrat Hillary Clinton) by downplaying the powerful nation First worldview to the status quo of Brazil!
They are also those who consider themselves "superior because of skin color, geographical origin, classification of citizens as first-, second- and third-class beings, hate racial and cultural diversity, miscegenation between peoples, religions Or even, in the case of Brazil, those who hate the poor, blacks, favelados, Northeastern Lula and number 13.
Coxinhas are conservatives, servants, the weak, cowards who consciously let themselves be treated as fools, who are attached to the beliefs and myths that justify murders, wars, arrests, torture, dictatorships against the weak and passive or assumed interference of the USA, IMF, World Bank and here  I quote In Brazil Fernando Henrique Cardoso - PSDB and the other colonels, mafia of the PMDB, PP, PR, PRB, DEMO's and right-wing allies and ultra right wing parties and their Co-dependency thesis, co-responsible capitalism, dependent capitalist development. PMDB, PSDB fight each other to prostrate themselves from four to the dictates of the United States. In the photo the current rulers investigated in the crimes of Lava jet toasting  the coup d'état with the incompettete delegate, protector of corrupt and dishonorable Sergio Moro, who shields corrupt and criminal oOf other parties denounced in the operation Lava jet for the mission  USA to destroy the government and the PT workers party, arrest or kill Lula and accelerate the destruction of the state and sovereignty of Brazil. They are all Coxinhas with much economic, political power; Control all the powers and has unrestricted support of the Organizations Globo, SBT, Bandeirantes, Record that report and act under orders and in the service of the USA!


The tactic is to divide the nations into two groups WE X THEY; To divide the European Union into nationalist units (BREXIT), to take ownership of the very high level of general mistrust in politics and politicians generated by the European Union's weak public performance and general dissatisfaction with aid to banks and other institutions that have led to Several countries bankruptcy, very high unemployment, lower income, impoverishment of the population.
The strategy of the neoliberals is to blame current rulers, to preach intolerance and hatred against minorities in general and Syrian and African immigrants in particular for the misfortunes of European economies, to raise the banner of patriotism, populism, nationalism, to create "the SAVIOR"; Put in their ultra neoliberal shouts all the yearnings of the population and forge a discourse that diverts to the population and remove  the guilt of the real criminals, the corrupt: the ultra neoliberal players!
The mission and goal of the presidential candidate, who can be any speculator without political experience and administration of the great national powers to weaken and destroy any type of regulation to the gambling in the financial market generating more crises and penalizing the people, who, of course, will pay the bill of National Treasury robberies as ever! Meme: Obama arrested by Trump, Farade and Putin! Good  humor  It is  all!

Is there a way out of gossip, lies, gossip spreading at the speed of light on social networks? Is it possible to bar the hate speech in social networks and in traditional forms of "aproaching"? Will the European Union succumb like the peoples of the United States and Brazil?
Is it possible to use the same weapons against HATE MACHINE AND THE POLITICALLY INCORRECTED SPEECH IN THE IMPERIALIST FIGHT across world markets (USA, England, Japan, China, Germany, Russia)?
Who will take the first steps to save freedom, democracy, the process of building human sociability less unjust, more tolerant, integration and respect for peoples? Which country will go forward in defense of democracy, diplomacy, "concertation" between powers and policies of non-confrontation, dissolution and wars? We must start all over again and hope is in continental Europe! Of course, against the hate machine ... THE GOOD HUMOR  IT IS  ALL!

1. MARX, K. THE ORIGIN OF CAPITAL. The primitive accumulation. São Paulo, SP: Global, 3rd ed. 1979.

2. HARVEY, David. THE ENIGMA OF CAPITAL: and the crises of capitalism. São Paulo, SP: Boitempo, 2011.

3. KENNEDY, Paul. PREPARING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. Belo Horizonte, MG: UFMG. Org. World Politics, booklet 1996.

4. The Dum Diversas is a papal bull published on June 18, 1452 by Pope Nicholas V, addressed to King Afonso V of Portugal, and believed by many to have inaugurated the African slave trade. To conquer Saracens and pagans and to make them perpetual slaves.This bull was reiterated by Pope Callisto III in 1456 and renewed by Pope Sixtus III in 1481 and Pope Leo X in 1514. The concept of remitting spheres of influence exclusive to certain The nation-state was extended to America in 1493 by Pope Alexander VI.Dum Diversas was a bull, with essentially unlimited geographical power in its application, perhaps the most important papal act concerning the Portuguese colonization, stating the following: We grant you [ Kings of Spain and Portugal] by these present documents, with our Apostolic Authority, full and free permission to invade, seek, capture and subdue the Saracens and pagans and any other unbelievers and enemies of Christ wherever they may be, as well as the Their kingdoms, duchies, counties, principalities, and other estates... And reduce their persons to perpetual slavery. On January 8, 1455, Pope Nicholas V clarified a problem between the Portuguese and the Spaniards about who would own the Canary Islands, deciding this question in favor of the Portuguese, in the bull "ROMANUS PONTIFLEX" where it reaffirms everything that was said in the bull "DUM DIVERSAS". And in this bull, the Pope also sanctioned, that is, made it very clear, that the Portuguese should carry out the purchase of black slaves along the African coast using gallows or exchanging them for merchandise. "

5. On the subject see: Norway: -the-massacre-of-77-in-norway.htm