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quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2016

BRAZIL: The bacchanal COUP-impeachment Rousseff

Hello friend forgive my English horrible, but I need to tell you what really happens in my country! "Let me say what I think of this life [corrupt] too need to vent! Thank you google translate"ORGASMS A SYSTEM ROTTEN. Clovis Rossi." It is eloquent, highly eloquent, the two sides of Lava Jato, the investigators and the investigated, express the same position. After all, a statement issued by Odebrecht to announce its readiness to cooperate with investigations also ranks the party-electoral system of the country of "illegal and illegitimate" .The Odebrecht, funding of almost all political parties, know perfectly well what you're talking about. After all, as recalled Transparency Brazil to "the New York Times, "60% of Brazilian congressmen face serious charges such as bribery, election fraud, illegal deforestation and even kidnapping and murder." italics mine. Free translation by Marina da Silva

CONGRESS orgasmic ... The bacchanal "impeachment"- COUP Rousseff! Dilma Rousseff, democratically elected for two consecutive terms [2010-2014; 2015 and 2016 ... COUP, ops, IMPEACHMENT]
Marina da Silva

"ORGASMS A SYSTEM ROTTEN" Clovis Rossi text title published in the "Day after" the vote on the impeachment against the elected President Dilma Rousseff summarizes the "orgy" and bacchanalia, the climax and federal enjoyment of members of the "lower house" the National Congress, where by 367 votes in favor was approved impeachment, a COUP AGAINST tHE SOVEREIGNTY OF tHE VOTE OF VOTERS oF BRAZIL!

Dilma Rousseff is the first woman elected to govern, and for two consecutive terms, one of the ten most important capitalist nations of the world, Brazil. Rousseff has suffered "impeachment" because besides his party, the PT, give support to research Lava Jato neither she nor the PT, supported Eduardo Cunha, president of the Federal Chamber in the case in which it is accused by the Ethics committee of lying about secret accounts in Switzerland. Eduardo Cunha is also investigated for corruption offenses along with wife and daughter. It is investigated in Operation Lava Jato.
"The news of the five secret accounts fell like a bomb in Brasilia Suspicion was already old and even generated squabble in Congress Asked last March, Eduardo Cunha vowed standing by who had no account abroad -.. Which complicates even more your situation. Now, it is the prosecutor from Switzerland who informed the Brazilian authorities found about $ 5 million in Eduardo Cunha all, the woman Claudia Cruz and one of his daughters. "
 17-04-2016."Bye Dear"! A long enjoyment broadcast live and in color and driven by good boy William Bonner, the chief of JN / Globe, promoter of the coup with an abject inexpressibly impartiality! All corrupt country are the PT since the discovery in 1500! Dilma against Globo does not turn off ever! The movement "Bye baby" refers to a wiretapped conversation ILLEGALLY by Judge Sergio Moro between Dilma / Lula where it says goodbye with a "dear bye." Of course, banners and posters are paid with public money, as well as t-shirts, dolls Lula and Dilma have been "donated" to the pro-impeachment population by politicians and businessmen from industry federations, especially the SP- Fiesp.

Orgasm is the perfect word and the title chosen by Clovis Rossi is impeccable, irreproachable, Freudian and mischievously talking! The way truculent, authoritarian, violent, sexist and sexualized, finally, neanderthal, imposed on President Dilma Rousseff, from the reception of the request for impeachment, crossing the madness, sadism and it was really a degenerate and debauched bacchanalia! Freud explains the orgasmic character, but Machiavelli and Henry Kissinger playing the "light" on the PT, PT supporters and Dilma advocates classify as a "coup" against democracy and sovereignty of the vote of the Brazilian people! If taken to the cable, this scam can be applied easily across South America, Europe and perhaps in the United States, AMBIVALENT power, according to H. Kissinger.  The U.S.A  preaches noble principles of justice, democracy, freedom and PRACTICING  the free market, American world order and WAR against nations who want sovereignty and a more social and fair state for their people! AGAINST nationalisms, and an EXECUTIVE facing Social welfare, nothing more logical than dictatorships (two lived in Brazil) or subservience and control of a bloated Legislative and with superpowers; a nepotistic and politicized judiciary, stealing the representation of citizens and leaving them hostage to the "House of cards, the National Congress prostituted, corrupted and dominated by thieves!
Nine requests for impeachment against the elected president, among them the Alexandre Frota, porn actor in a free physical decay and "aspirations" policies, its latest Viagra! He has serious ties to extremist politicians like Jair Bolsonaro, Congressman suffering with his own sexuality and preach homophobia. Both aspire to the presidency in 2018: Jair Bolsonaro head in front and the Frota behind him as vice! Alexandre Frota performance. Frotinha can give Jair Bolsonaro? Votes. Of course.

But the request complied left a "study" conducted on the actual impeachment possibilities of Miguel Reale Junior - is spoken through the alleys and published, that such a request was commissioned by Odebrecht - and carried out by Miguel, Hélio Bicudo and Janaina Paschoal, professor of Law at USP. From left: Miguel Reale, Janaina and Antonio Anastasia, senator and twice governor of Minas Gerais, denounced the operation Lava Jato, PF- Federal Police.

28-04-2016. The USP professor, Janaina says categorically and emphatically that the crimes investigated in Lava Jato are one of the three grounds of complaint against Rousseff. Janaina stands beside listed corrupt politicians to, defendants in the investigation of PF in LAVA JATO, including the president of the Senate, Renan Calheiros PMDB, PSDB Anastasia, Fernando Collor de Melo. Rousseff NOT APPEARING IN NO LIST OF CRIME!

"In a report published on Thursday, the American newspaper The New York Times questions the profile and the reputation of pro-impeachment leaders of President Rousseff. In the report, the vehicle said that the PT is judged by the process of tax pedaling and not for committing crimes for personal benefit. in a comparative tone, the text lists corruption charges against names like the mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), which is defendant in the Lava-Jato, and congressman Paulo Maluf . (PP-SP), known by the slogan "He steals, but does" "Dilma is rare among the leading political figures in Brazil: it was not accused of stealing for herself," says the newspaper. " Free translation by Marina da Silva
The face of corruption that wants the presidential sash: Temer, Cunha, Renan [ALL PMDB] mired in corruption and Lewandowski judge. It is a disgrace to make a mosaic and put Dilma Rousseff [without any suspicion of crimes OR ENRICHMENT OWN ILLICIT] between suspected of "misconduct" and administrative "corruption", thieves ,  said Mario Sergio Conti- Folha de São Paulo! Free translation by Marina da Silva

As the impeachment, and glaring vices, blatantly false statements and conducted by a Federal Chamber "rotten" where 60% of the deputies are "suspicious" and whose leader is a corrupt politician who responds process in the Ethics Commission [plus several very serious crimes in Lava Jato] nothing more logical than to say that the political system is rotten, that the sessions in the chamber reek of baseness, orgy, bacchanalia. The same is happening in the SENATE, the upper house, the most powerful corrupt and make turn a blind eye to the coup against the Brazilian people.

"Some of the congressmen who press more strongly for the presidential impeachment, however, face serious charges of bribery, election fraud and human rights abuses, sparking a national debate about the hypocrisy among Brazilian leaders." [Dilma] may have reneged on what he promised . [...] May have dug her own grave. But in a filthy political world from high to low, Dilma does not stain, "said Mario Sergio Conti, a columnist for" Folha de S.Paulo. "" Do not steal, and will be judged by many thieves."  emphasis added

"João Roberto Marinho, one of the owners of Globo Organizations, sent to the British newspaper The Guardian a letter questioning the article by David Miranda, pointing to the participation of the Brazilian communication network in the coup against President Dilma Rousseff. What mogul not imagined is that its text would be exposed in the comments box reserved for ordinary readers. "
A fascist climate, belligerent, authoritarian and intolerant orchestrated by the Mafia, ops, Globo Organization, invaded the country after the election of Lula in 2003 by forging and promoting a horror and disgust the President, PT, PT initials and the number 13! With this stupendous support by network Globo and affiliates and allies was impossible to know where's the Ethics, Honor, Justice, Freedom and especially the TRUTH! A network of lies, intrigue, forgery, aversion and deadly hatred against Lula, Rousseff, PT's important politicians, PT voters and supporters created hatred and phobia: Lulafobia, Dilmafobia, PTfobia! The main target demonization: traditional Brazilian middle class, brainless, no life beyond mediocre life and fictional forged in the novels of TV Globo!

"Writers of the mainstream press declared themselves in unseemly fashion on Lula: Paul Francis commentator called it" rabble "," moron "and said that if he came to power, the country would become a" big shit. "" Elections 1989.

A "wave" irresistible that gained tremendous force in the fourth consecutive term of PT / PMDB's THIRTEEN consecutive years, forged mainly on voters PSDB party defeated in the elections 2002; 2006; 2010; 2014. A period recognized worldwide as fruitful and reducing social inequality in Brazil, one of the first countries to improve and seek, the PT government, the implementation of the eight MDGs - Millennium Development Goals proposed by the UN-United Nations, between them: end hunger and poverty; quality basic education for all; reduce child mortality, etc.
Resultado de imagem para diogo mainardi lula é minha anta  Diogo Mainardi is the classic image of the classic Brazilian middle class: aversion and gaping hatred and death to the poor, black, favelados, Northeastern, PT, PT supporters and ... the LULA!

“Como hagiógrafo de mim mesmo, eu, o santificado Diogo, noto que o assunto de minhas colunas nunca foi propriamente Lula, e sim os instintos malignos que ele era capaz de despertar em cada um de nós. O conformismo. O analfabetismo. O parasitismo. A venalidade. A poltronice. A desfaçatez. (…) ele era o símbolo de nossas características mais regressivas, de nosso atraso.”

The global persecution of PT begins theatrically in daily show with the votes of shopping crime in Congress, known as "MENSALÃO" in 2005, dismembered in general Mensalão and Mensalão PT, where only  PT politicians were judged, convicted and serving sentences! The Globo network took care of the moral lynching of PT shamelessly, 24 hours a day! And covered up other criminals in the same "Mensalão", mainly politicians of the PSDB-party  of  SAO PAULO / MINAS GERAIS! EDUARDO AZEREDO, Former governor, deputy, senator guilty on crime Mensalão, tried to 20 years in prison and was not arrested
Resultado de imagem para MENSALEIROS PETISTAS PRESOS Political PT, moral lynching, execrated by network Globo, tried, convicted, imprisoned. Marcos Valerio, arrested, is the link that makes clear that the scheme began in Minas Gerais, Eduardo Azeredo, PSDB.

Lula promised in 2005 to cut the flesh; PT were investigated, tried, convicted and imprisoned. This attitude of metallurgical president gave him a second term as president in 2006 defeating PSDB candidate Geraldo Alckmin. In 2007 came the discovery of the mega oil and gas fields of the pre-salt layer. Came an economic growth boom leveraged by PAC's- Growth Acceleration Program, known as Accelerated Pact Corruption and ... WHO IS OUT EITHER STEALING! The PMDB enters the Lula government.
 Neither the global financial crisis of 2008: sub-prime crisis, the epicenter in the United States or the crisis of commodities from 2009 and the European crisis from 2011 managed to take the PT four terms in power! In 2014, even with the outbreak of mega operation Lava Jato involving crimes of corruption, bribery payments between politicians 27 acronyms [PP, PMDB, PT, PSDB, citing the most indictees] / directors of Petrobras / contractors, all charged by the network globe only the PT managed to overthrow the Dilma government. Where is the Amarildo? Dead. And  "Careca" the senator whistleblower  Anastasia PSDB, rapporteur of impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff?

A hate landscape, anger and revenge took shape and body additive by the power of Globo and its partial, one-sided positioning, anti-PT increasing resentment and revenge against PT / Lula and Dilma and eroded the reason, discernment and the common sense of Brazilian voters at this point, bipolar, divided into two large twisted: Lula and Dilma advocates for the poor and Aécio / Serra / Mr. Cardoso-FHC defenders of the elite. Everybody hates Dilma! Dilma death! Any corrupt is better than Dilma! Lula Out! Out Rousseff, PT out! Impeachment Now!
Foto Marina da Silva. You decide!

The Rede Globo globalization makes the stupid citizens, marionettes, but it is the individual himself who SELECTS behave as maneuver mass, ignorant cattle, irrational wave and IN FAVOUR OF CORRUPTION AND CORRUPT!