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terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2016


Teori...zing the "SPIRIT OF THE LAW" IN COUP impeachment ROUSSEFF!

"The 11 ministers of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) validated yesterday (5) the preliminary decision of the Minister Teori Zavascki, which determined suspension of the mandate and removed Eduardo Cunha of the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies. The Teori minister, who reported the case, responded to a request made by the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, in December last year. "Http://


 Marina da Silva

Another chapter in the coup tragedy against the democratic rule of law and the sovereignty of the vote of Brazilian voters under the fallacy of impeachment against the president re-elected Dilma Rousseff took place on 05-May 2016: In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court suspended the mandate and removed Eduardo Cunha, PMDB, the presidency of the lower house of Congress!

"'Do not renounce anything, neither the mandate nor the presidency," said the deputy removed. "I will appeal and I hope to succeed'" (...) "Strangely this precautionary action is being voted on after the impeachment was approved. " emphasis added by Marina

The "false strangeness" of Eduardo Cunha is actually checkmate, the LAWFULNESS veil that is giving the coup against the sovereignty of the 1988 Constitution and against the results of 2014 elections that have led Rousseff to a second term as president of Brazil! Calmly, Eduardo Cunha gives interview and warns it will appeal and will win! In the championship of Brazilian elections, we would say that Dilma is losing the trophy, ops, the president of the band "Tapetão"! His first term, in addition to the global context of the global financial crisis, demand for commodities fall, the European crisis in 2011, decline in China's growth was tumultuous and sabotaged by the league anti-Lulism PSDB / PP / DEMO's and tiny parties; PMDB, most corrupt party, ally and holder of seven ministries, more than 50% of the House of Representatives / Senate and more than 600 senior positions in the administration of the country and, believe me, PT allies!

Authoritarianism in Congress, a landscape of fear and terror of the return of dictatorship and communism imposed on the population by the Globo obstinately attack the PT government [since 1989 Collor X Lula] for the sole purpose: to remove, in the words of William Waack-Globo News, "Crap in power"! For "crap", it is understood, the maximum representative of the largest Brazilian "fans", poor and miserable people, Lula, Dilma Rousseff and all PT!
The overall plot, a powerful web undertaken by Rede Globo, its affiliates and allies like the Bandeirantes group, focused heavy artillery in the Workers Party!
golpe_globo-582x330 COUP
Target: all possible presidential candidates who would keep in power the design of a Brazil with a bit of Social Justice programs in Health, Education, Housing and the Bolsa-Família(alms bag); nothing exceptional for a party that promised paradise, but enough to annoy the rotten side of the country that does not support live without the slave quarters, whip, whipping post and hot irons in their hands!
In government FHC- Fernando Henrique Cardoso [1994-2002] the real allowed the poor buy denture and a kilo of chicken; Lula and Dilma government, especially in the Lula period, the poor can travel by plane and live in My house My life, go to college, to technical courses, socially undertake their "beaks" the same informal work! If social programs give title maternity / paternity, Getulio Vargas, the father of the poor, loses the title to the Lula / Dilma government.

Zero hunger, affectionate Brazil, a country of all, All for Education has sanctified Lula and made Lula Untouchable, so far, and secured two more mandates to the PT in power, although it can not say anything of the second term Dilma not started yet so the "blockades and latches" in Congress as the unlimited traps of the global media that exposes openly and shamelessly every day in Globo News / TV Globo your project to destabilize and derail the government Dilma Rousseff. Lulafobia, Dilmafobia, PTfobia is the free daily network BBB! 
What is behind this "wave" of global manipulation? Which part has to Brazilian media this landlordism corruption?
Most serious crimes of corruption, theft of public money diverted to tax havens, shady deals between politicians, contractors, bankers, large farmers, investigated, especially in the Lula government that came to light in March 2014,  one of the stages of investigation Lava Jato PF-Federal Police.
Rousseff resisted in the first term as was convenient to the PMDB party base, which invaded the power after the crimes of Mensalão in 2005. Mensalão was  a stage of coup against PT: zero  possibility of important names of PT come to play positions politicians in this incarnation.
But the coup failed to destroy the PT forces, both the investigation, arrest of presidential defendants in 2006 and Lula's charisma associated the "Great Expectations"  of  distribution de wealthy brought by mega discovery oil fields and natural gas in the pre-salt layer in 2007!
But greed, hunger for power and corruption grew stratospherically in Brazil and Mensalão became a dab of crime near the unacceptable crimes of corruption Operation Lava Jato, involving DESPITE -focus only on PT- the major parties in power PP, PMDB, PT, PSDB and 23 parties! For many brazilians, The Operation jato ends with the impeachment coup against Rousseff.

"Operation Lava Jet works to expand the evidence of transfers to PMDB politicians from the data accounts and offshore bribes operators, the assault on the PMDB coincides with the probable arrival to the presidency of Michel Temer, Vice President the Republic and honorary president of the PMDB, the task force is close to reveal data and transactions capable of producing direct impact on so-called political core of sustained scheme for the alleged bribery operators PMDB Fernando Baiano and João Henriques, thus, are in sight the party chairman, Senator Romero Juca (RR) - tipped to be Minister of Temer - the president of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (AL), the President away from the House of Representatives, Eduardo Cunha (RJ), former Minister and Senator Edison Lobão (MA) and Senator Valdir Raupp(RO)  Free translation Marina

As in 2005, where PT leaders were "taken out of the field and the game" strategically to influence the 2006 elections, the crimes of Operation Lava Jato were and are conducted partially and unilaterally against Lula, Rousseff and the Workers Party-PT, to remove "The Crap in power"! The most corrupt parties and criminals in Lava Jato are "saved" for justice and protected shamelessly by network Globo reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, in an article by David Miranda, entitled "The real reason why Rousseff enemies want their impeachment ":
"But what many outside Brazil did not see was that the plutocratic media the country has spent months urging these protests (while only intended to" cover them "). The protesters did not represent nowhere near the population of Brazil. Rather, they were disproportionately white and rich:. the same people who opposed the PT and its anti-poverty programs for two decades Gradually, the rest of the world began to see beyond the simple, two-dimensional caricature created by the local press, and to recognize who get power since Rousseff is dropped now become clear that corruption is not the reason for all the effort to remove from office the re-elected president of Brazil;. in fact, corruption is only the pretext. " emphasis added and free translation "I am not a hard person, AM HONEST! Italics added

Hatred, aversion and phobia to the PT, Lula and Dilma forged and spotted on the head of Brazil by Globo. The globe want, as the popular saying, "kill a rabbit with one stone." The great difficulty is to stop corruption and crimes against the public coffers of the country taking only one o'clock PT rabbit amid numerous criminal rabbits, thieves, oligarchies PMDB, PSDB, PP, DEMO's, citing the big bosses rabbits gang!
How to clear the field for the most corrupt delivering the head of a little bunny without reaching the super rabbit thieves? Simple.
In the National Congress through impeachment or in court. The global problem however is that in the middle of the corrupt rabbits there is a guerrilla rabbit, "ugly, fat, hard, lesbian" to the media, but with clean slate: Dilma Rousseff!
And now Jose? The poet would say of Seven faces **: World world vast world if I call me Raymond would be a rhyme would not be a solution "!
If Eduardo Cunha was removed from the presidency of the lower house and lost the mandate for corruption offenses, account secret in Switzerland, threats, intimidation, bribery charge and so on and so, it can be inferred that there is no possibility Legal, Ethical, Moral in abide by the request for impeachment in the senate, the chamber of high corruption, starting with the president Renan Calheiros, much less be judged. Fact! Simple like that? But no!The Senate received and accepted the request of impeachment with the table the rapporteur's request, Antonio Anastasia-PSDB, denounced the investigations Lava Jato, twice governor of Minas Gerais and malpractice suspected of public money by MPMG- prosecutor of Minas Gerais.
And this is spurious and abject Senate will judge (?) In favor of impeachment and we have the results published to the four winds by the national media!
Coup against the democratically elected president! Dilma, HONEST, will and Brazil had been 180 days in corrupt hands of the PMDB and its "governance" strategy that includes: centralization of power, social programs cuts and deliver and annihilate the PSDB presidential candidates, especially the miners Aécio Neves and Senator Anastasia, both investigated in Lava jet. What do you mean?The same power, PMDB oligarchy controls the legislature controls the two chambers, judges impeachment forged by opposition PSDB, with two chances to overwhelming approval! The first took place under the baton of Eduardo Cunha, whose political record is dirtier than stick chicken coop. The second, in the Senate, has been sealed!
What is the logic in "unseat" Eduardo Cunha now? The presidential succession from 12.05.2016.
Dilma out with a single blow, would assume Eduardo Cunha, president of the Federal Chamber. The removal request in December 2015 to materialize because now the real chances of corruption assume the presidency would not have a good international repercussions! The truth is that this abject politician had "full ball", for at this stage the process, ops, the coup against Dilma Rousseff, won the shirt LEGALITY!
Changes to the criminal suspects investigated in Lava Jato, but remain the crimes of corruption, corrupt contractors, corrupt politicians and the SWAT against the democratic rule of law, the sovereignty of the vote, the president elected by the people, for two terms consecutive!
To be fair, the Justice fulfilled its role: judged partially and unilaterally and politicized to the present time of this article. May 11, according to the announced and published and noised and celebrated Dilma Rousseff will have the presidential office confiscated until the end of the process that will take six long months. The PMDB officially assume the presidency of the Republic for which it was never elected since the end of military dictatorship in 1984; the PSDB accept the "governance PMDB" occupying ministries and high positions and delivering the head of presidential candidate Aécio Neves and Anastasia senator now the new targets of "Legality impeachment" and toucans with presidential aspirations in the 2018 elections.

There will be no plebiscite! there will be no call for new elections and Investigation Lava jato will stop where it should have gone if it was not relevant meddling Sergio Moro: the Legislature, a CPI- Inquiry Parliamentary Commission bathed in corruption Lava jato crimes and end  on Pizza, the same as filed!
The only variable, the X Brazilian endemic corruption issue that can mess up the middle-of-field, goes by the name Lula! But Lula is the guy! Deslisemore than
okra in the pan. Lula survived a disappearance in the late 70's in the hands of dictators; survived the ill-fated bomb at Riocentro in 1981; He "cut his beef" on Mensalão crime in 2005, He was re-elected in 2006; He made Rousseff the successor for two terms and  he beat cancer!
There is only two ways to end the Lula Lulafobia, Ptfobia! First, end poverty and misery by raising the income, quality of life and social well-being for more than 150 million Brazilians, the new middle class Cde Brazil, included! Utopia.
Second: end Lula now!
What inevitably turn Lula into the holy miracle worker and strengthened the PT-Workers Party! By "end the Lula ' read: arrest, judge and condemn Lula without touching a hair of other corrupt of country always stuck in Lula's figure!

* See the article here "The Crap in power"
** Carlos Drummond de Andradre- Poem of seven faces!