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quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015


* People sorry my terrible english please and thanks google translate.
Resultado de imagem para luis xiv rey de francia Luis XIV, the Great, the Sun King.

Marina da Silva

For those who believe that this and that are the same thing know that the risk of being  globally wrong is very high!
To understand the complex phenomenon luxurious Fatigue
and Fatigue of luxury  it does not take on a grammar about preposition, article, contraction and ambiguity of the connection connective "of",  but is essential to understand the historical context, economic and social-political, cultural, etc. where such expressions win "body and soul "and make some sense in the construction process of human sociability under the aegis of capitalism, namely the exchange value of goods mode of production and the money like the goods what purchase any goods and human labor that produces the goods value above their value, generating profits of the capitalists.
It is in this system, especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, that luxury is splendor, rarity, noble, precious, elegance, single, unique, unprecedented, historic! Fatigue is luxury living to live the best, super, hyper, mega, plus that money and power can book a few! It is more than a king, it shine like the sun surrounded and enjoying all the good, better, excellent as Louis XIV, the Sun King, King of France and Navarre from 1643 until his death in 1715! Palácio de Versalhes, dormitório da rainha.

Majestic, unique, precious, limited, customized, unique, pure, refined, exotic is the  luxurious fatigue  this period bathed in much gold, silver, encrusted with rubies, diamonds, emeralds, spices from all over the known world, culture, philosophy , culinary refinement, drinks, clothing, jewelry, footwear, education, transportation and luxury toys, worship the fine arts, architecture, class! The more expensive, sumptuous, luxurious and richly unique, more splendor, glory and power!
The  Luxurious Fatigue  is for very few and cured with trips abroad, stays in the Alps, hunting in the vast rural properties, games and walks in the beautiful woods, fields and gardens, works of art, philosophy, science! Utrecht velvet, crystals Bhoemia, spices from the Indies, layettes Limoges, silks and porcelain from China, Champagne wines (Krug, Don Perignon, Veuve Clicquot), Belgian beers, Swiss watches, Scottish Whisky, tissues English, Italian shoes ... Vista parcial dos Jardins do palácio de Versailles.

Kings, emperors, clergy, nobility, and gentry endowed with securities purchased nobly spend a lot of money in ostentation tasteful, day and night in all seasons in a stressful and strenuous task and performed with refined pleasure at parties, dinners, soirees, games, travel ... A luxury!


Photo Marina da Silva. Belo Horizonte. Minas Gerais. Brazil. It is the State mining one of the best scientific observation fields of the country to Lifestyle $ 1.99 phenomenon.

The Fatigue   of Luxury  is a contemporary expression, twenty-first century, closely linked to the Life style $ 1.99 * created from the technological / scientific boom allowing the fragmentation of all production stages and even the entire production and transfer and geographical dispersion for abundant areas of raw materials, labor, cheap labor and / or slave, the absence of unions and labor legislation and many handouts and tax breaks of host States. The new phase of globalization (production, marketing, people) and interventions and neoliberal interference led by the International Monetary Fund-IMF in sovereign economies, administration and guidance of concentration of wealth and the pressure and insistence on privatization and cuts in social spending governments strangled the wealthy class and the classic middle class and promoted on a global scale unemployment, poverty and misery of millions of human beings!
Manage and dominate underdeveloped countries it was and is very common in the daily lives of Third World peoples, included Brazil, but incredibly were expanded and taxes [with the consent of the European Union states] to First World countries, economies weakened especially after the super Worls's financial crisis  2008 with its epicenter in the United States and   hit mercilessly the EU countries [Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy] in 2011 making the generic prescriptions of the Washington Consensus in Latin America for all First World Developed!
Photo Marina da Silva. Paris, October 2007. Tourists from all over the world buying Louis Vuitton handbags fake, pirated sold by Asians and Africans people in the square of Sacre Coeur. Detail: merchandise with best quality for first-world!

With the end of "Golden Age" of capitalism (post World War II to the mid-1960s) and the super technological explosion (robotics, transportation, information technology, bioengineering, mechanization based on microelectronics, etc) the global rate of profit slumps dramatically! Increases competition for markets and productive capital is supplanted by financial speculation. The mass production Ford / Taylor collapses and new forms of production make up the productive restructuring, the management, the work leading to an exponential increase in unemployment, precarious labor relations, wage lowering, "outsourcing way of life" in countries that served as economic and social development model for the rest of the world! "God made heaven and earth...The rest is made in China!!! Massification of low quality products [raw materials suspected of contamination, for example, indiscriminate use of plastic and synthetic fibers].

"China became the world's factory, India the world's office and Brazil the granary of the world" (agricultural commodities, mineral resources) an immense continent supplier of primary products! The First World was producing in China and  what it was luxury became, was transformed  in generic trash, falke, pirate! The result of this reorientation of production? All that is original, exclusive, unique, personalized, pure, precious, exquisite, history can be copied, fake!

Photo Marina da Silva. Bought for me at Shopping Oiapoque in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Brazil. The coolest illegal shopping Belo Horizonte. Nike, Victoria Secret, Louis Vuitton, D & C, Chanel, Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Christian Lobotin: everything is bought in street, fairs and shopping malls of imported!

"Corruption and corrosion" character of  production engulfed labor relations and human relations. Corruption has spread the "factory invading the houses," the administration, politicians, capitalists (high level of corruption and theft of public funds), poor Brazilians poor, miserables and even the old classic middle class! Poverty and misery material and spiritual has taken the world by storm! Known phenomenon  is classified as democratization" of general life "in the Brazilian media is actually the Socialist imposition of communist-capitalism and its Lifestyle $ 1.99: pimp, pirate, falsetto, Generic made in inhumane conditions, degrading and corrupt! Luxury democratization, fatigue of luxury is actually a subterfuge, a huge smokescreen to ensure and justify a concentration of wealth phase in Brazil and the world never before seen. Two hundred million people, 54 billionaires in Forbes magazine, among them Jorge Paulo Lemann [$ 25 billion], the  mega capitalist  who turned a beer in  "Round liquid" and only God knows what will make  with the sandwich after entering the junk food companies in the branch! The crisis creates ... opportunists!

Photo Marina da Silva. Paris Partial view of the Eiffel Tower; Belo Horizonte, landscape (view) common in Brazilian cities, mainly   in  metropolis. Mega mansions surrounded by huge  favelas (slums).

"First world became a joke abroad ..." the Brazilian dream of first-world country for all never passed dream, but the "outsourcing" of the First World to Lifestyle $1.99 is the current nightmare and no one can wake up!

"Over the last few years we have seen two divergent currents when it comes to discussing the best definition for luxury. There is a chain of claiming that luxury is affordable and that would be accessible to all consumers and those who are adamant in say that luxury is not for everyone, following the French school of thought, with the authors Lipovetsky (2002), Castarède (2005), Allérès (2000), Ferreux (2008) and Roux (2005). The generally contrary empirical current and composed by the business community who present themselves as luxury scholars, bringing dubious interpretation of what really is luxury.  Some even provide sensible difficulty in the way that characterize it, is giving the impression that the luxury, in the plurality of times has been characterized as being accessible to the emerging classes, and therefore something to be popularized soon "http: // Luxury: is not for all.Tarcisio Campanholo, Solon Bevilacqua [Translation Marina da Silva]


The crushing of the middle classes become luxury products, high quality in an almost dream possible installments on the credit card. Fatigue of Luxury is an expression "FASHION, CULT" invented for dealing with the spiritual and material misery that fell the world from the seventies twentieth century. Fatigue of luxury involves a very serious process of depersonalization, undifferentiated, mass, spiritual and material misery  suffocating the desires and extinguishing and / or limiting the "want, desire" by the rich, unique, exquisite, special, unique, luxurious! It involves incarceration, control and mastery of freedom in all its facets and possibilities.

*Lifestyle $ 1.99 is an expression created by Marina da Silva in the fight to grasp and understand the current phenomenon of human depletion, material and especially spiritual.