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sábado, 21 de março de 2015


People forgive my poor English terrible ... thanks google translate!

Resultado de imagem para admiravel mundo novo filme room Process Bokanovsky:  fertilization,  embryo-free replication of human reproduction,  then room Predestination or social castes who decide the social place occupied by the created being,  Decanting room,  hypnopaedia rooms or conditioning and acceptance of social place (pre) for.
Marina da Silva

Of all the utopias on the "creation" of a world or sociability where reign peace between owners and dispossessed, exploiters and exploited, capitalist and proletarian [obsolete concept] the most intriguing, scary, sinister and why not say terrifying about the depreciation of the human condition is portrayed by Aldous Huxley (1932) in Brave New World!

Neither the extreme selfishness of capitalism or the collectivist communist deception or "possible socialism" and much less co-responsible capitalism.   In the new society conceived by Huxley class conflict is abolished and aborted through "brain washes" associated with drugs or super drugs that inhibit or extinguish not only the natural human reproduction but also the freedom of thought and free will.

Love servitude is inculcated by genetic engineering (bioengineering) leaving the members of the new society each in his square, productive and happy anesthetized by bombing and dictatorial use of directed advertisement for consumerism, induction and control of the minds (wants and needs) with the power of super drugs "anesthetic" as SOMA.

Resultado de imagem para admiravel mundo novo soma SOMA, dampens minds and keep the conditioning. Pill of happiness.

The brave new cattle, dehumanized, would not be driven by the capitalist individualistic alienation and expropriation of the means of production and know-how  or by deception of ideologies socialist, communist, religious and her cruel and violent authoritarianism (physical / spiritual) justifier of expropriation, exploitation and extermination of entire societies.

The struggle between the "scythe and the robot" envisioned by Huxley was in full swing in the major economies of the world destroyed by two world wars and financial crises, the crash of the Stock Exchange in 1929; exacerbation of labor conflicts and the rise of mass unionism of the Fordist era; low labor force, workforce reserve shifted mainly to the First World War, etc. Rebellion against the "working masses who lives labor"** and the power of unions ... AUTOMATION, robot!

Mechanization in agricultural fields, automation based on microelectronics and robotization in industry, information technology, revolution in communication and transportation means genetic manipulation create the paradise of "engineers" and an army of unemployed and the increase of poverty and misery in geometric scale! But the technology boom of the twentieth century, for many fruit of "efforts" of the two World Wars not only attenuated the capital conflict / work as promised a heavenly life on earth possible by bioengineering, genetic engineering, automation engineering ... etc. Not everyone can be happy in "Brave New World" moved the battery-human and sustained by the fictional marketing a "Matrix" that hides the inexorable increase in the exploitation and expropriation of work and of life in a new globalized world controlled by fake coin validator .
Resultado de imagem para metropolis 1927 legendado Metropolis(1927)

The revolution of the animals, Modern Times, Metropolis [1927], A Clockwork Orange are masterpieces that unmask the fallacy of universal happiness created by the replacement of defenders increasing of men and women of all ages by machines! "Why every time I ask arms send me men" is the terrible question faced by Henri Ford.
Brave new chip! Not a panacea for complete happiness in a world dominated by machines or the nightmare of the end of "class who lives labor" much less the end of the human world! It is the capitalist logic break down barriers and obstacles of any nature with clear objectives: to reproduce as "commodity production system" and ensuring extremely high rates of profits for their "employees", also known as "capitalists".
Neither prophecy or fiction, only a necessary condition for survival: to reproduce always magnified, if innovate, be renewed even if raising and deepening cruel forms of exploitation of human labor as slavery and precarious labor relations [outsourcing, subcontracting, or second-generation autonomous, false cooperatives, internships, authoritarian ideological voluntarism].

A century of "engineers" created robots, computers, nanotechnology, bioengineering, automation (microelectronics) revolutionizing the media, transport allowing fragmentation of production steps and even the entire production facilitating the geographical dispersion of industries for cheap labor niches, low or no unions, abundance of raw materials, lack of legislation and regulation of workers' rights and all bathed in fat tax largesse of receptors or host countries. Globalization / neoliberalism: mere words that condense an entire revolutionizing economic, political, cultural, social, scientific / technological in ways to manage, govern, produce, manage production and social relations of work and life in society. Reconfigured, the "new world" can be synthesized in China [universal industry], India [universal office], Brazil [world's barn and provider of basic raw materials]. Henfil in China before the Coke*** saw "900 million Chinese; As induced as our children are in the repetition of phrases exaltation; You have no identity card with picture, fingerprints, finally, there is no individual bureaucratic document in China; (...) Showed us how are a poor country; Children have a practical experience that is not toy. Go to sweatshops where they produce real parts; At station I work for 60% of staff are female; All for export; There is obviously no artistic freedom (...) Her role [factory] is reproduce in dozens, hundreds and possibly thousands of times..."

 The capitalists were produced in China and the world was never the same, especially the goods. In 1999 China joins the WTO- World Trade Organization with laminated products and production for varieties of the first world, third world, developing countries, etc. Is thus officially founded LIFE STYLE $ 1.99*, corrupt, corrosive, generic, falsetto, pirate, where increasingly produces extreme luxury for rich, millionaires, billionaires and generic and pirates for the rest of the world slag on five continents, highlighting Latin America and Brazil.
Foto Marina da Silva. Belo Horizonte. MG.

"(...) Story I heard that the Chinese often invite the great nations to make industrial exhibitions ... (...) they disassemble and copy everything," Henfil in China.
In his book "The Corrosion of Character" R. Sennett senses that the possibility of human construction material and spiritual and strong social ties were weakened by "replacement" of the Fordist / Taylorist production [long-term] for immediacy [Just time] and "dispassion" general Toyotist production and variants. The same sentiment felt "Henfil in China- Before Coca-Cola" in 1977, but ecstatic to be in the military dictatorship and go visit the "Purple Communists" failed to apprehend or focus on what the "bother" the visit to factories farmland, kindergartens and schools in Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou. Some impressions of Henfil about China and the Chinese:

Resultado de imagem para mao tse tung frases Cult of Mao Zedong, is the re-educator SOMA, dampens minds with terror and cruel violence. Drug nightmare.

 "advertising is the soul of power in China, (...) emphasize the indisputable achievements of the Revolution through advertising and decorated lectures; The Red Guard is who runs the country, are so cruel and refined in torture, that all world's armies train to resist the famous Chinese brainwashing; I say that advertising takes a critical spirit of the people and makes it easy prey to dangerous mystification, comes to the conclusion that the mass of the police is the actual mass; I do not know if I admire or if I'm afraid of that. " Henfil na China.

"The mass participates actively in the massification. (...) So, it is double edged sword, as an active participant, the mass can resolve massify your way or, even more crazy, the mass can take command of the massification. I hope you understand why I can not repeat it again ever." Writes in his "logbook" Henfil. Visiting Beijing feels that "There is something wrong here" and gets confused with all the fantasy instilled in your head about the fantastic life in "communism" and suspected of himself: "I'm going crazy; It was the first sign. "

The articulated explanation for his brain that insists praise "communism" is phenomenal, "Would my bourgeois antibodies, held in check to react? Or my humanists antibodies inflaming the reaction; They want to show that produce all the capitalists produce, but in a different system. But it will be the product of equality does not change the system? All this was not moved the capital was moved to ideology. " Deng Xiaoping and the American president J.Carter. Deng Xiaoping took forward the "new revolution" in China, opening the economy to foreign and preparing the country for the XXI Century with the "Four Modernizations": agriculture, industry, science and technology and military sector between 1976-1997.

"Are they hiding the wealth and only showing me poverty?; gives laziness look at the scenery; China is a task force; no tractors, no drills, with his bare hands, picks and shovels ?; (...) the image a tribe of 900 million Indians pure, innocent, ingenuous and saints; They are still the Hitler Youth, but anyone can use them, (...) we were crazy to come back to Western Christian civilization, corrupt  but delicious ... "Henfil. (emphasis mine)

Mosaic from Marina da Silva photos in Belo Horizonte and images. Trash 1.99

2007: The Chinese invasion in Brazil completed all stages [import by natives; legal and illegal mass immigration; Chinese importers in the territory; occupation of important commercial centers once occupied by street vendors [São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro highlighted]; invasion of all trade of camelódromos or street vendors malls with pirated products, gross falsifications, piracy of everything; occupation of camelódromos and competition with native; occupation of shopping centers after 2005 (nationalization of foreigners in the country); employment for Brazilians only provided for by law; property speculation boom and buying shops in the areas of hipercentros; bring Chinese wives, is born the sinobrasileira generation; Chinese mafia boss has imprisoned.
All that is authentic can be faked!

2007: Europe and the United States: strengthening of goods Made China; unlike Brazil, Europeans resent the Chinese invasion in department stores (galeries) and department stores like C&A and all the famous sights in Paris (piracy famous brands sold by African immigrants) and Italy (Vatican - Chinese and African); "salvage yard" of imported US famous cities, famous brands made RPC  Republic Popular of China. The difference between the first world and the rest of the world is that the falsification of brand products have best quality raw materials than ones sold elsewhere in the world; there is a greater concern with the supervision, fines, taxes, arrest, extradition, sins not that there are the "underside of Ecuador."

Mosaico from photos Marina da Silva (R) e images England X Brazil. Life style 1.99

Wars, political strife, hunger, Mao and the Long March, Gang of Four, X Maoists revisionists, extreme poverty of the people and especially the geographical dispersion of production to China [Western industries were producing there] facilitated and strengthened the implementation of a system hybrid communist / capitalist, ie, capitalist production under the "voluntarism" ideological authoritarian, authoritative (re-education) and cruel totally geared for export and "occupation" of the world market China preparing to take on the economic power station in the twenty-first century! 

The restructuring process, the geographical relocation of production with corrosion, corruption and faithful marriage of capitalism / communism systems besides exorbitant profits, concentration of wealth, increased structural unemployment, poverty, misery will found a poor sociability materially and spiritually mainly! Corruption of politicians, desempoderamentodos citizens, apathy and low confidence in politics / politicians, colonization National States by companies and financial speculators, xenophobia, etc. will generate a process of "dehumanization" creating, to paraphrase Karl Marx, individuals eating potatoes, and worse, eaters of rotten potatoes; also known today as luxury fatigue and democratization of generic life, falsetto, poor!

  * Life Style $ 1,99- expression created by me, Marina da Silva, to denominate and try to learn and understand a little of the phenomenon of accelerated depletion of human, material and spiritual impoverishment and apathy and subsumption of first-world people front the life style $ 1.99 before characteristics of underdeveloped countries.

** "class living labor" concept used by Ricardo Antunes replacing the proletariat class in the work The senses of Labor.
***Henfil in China before Coca Cola: book authored by Henfil 1977.