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domingo, 14 de abril de 2013



Marina da Silva

In order to learn and understand the idea behind the title of this article you must be naked [no pun intended], you must undress literally deleting centuries of suppression and repression, Freudian speaking, moral, ethical, cultural, religious - not exactly in that order - and many other dogmas and (pre)concepts rooted in the deepest abyss and the abyss of the soul.
The Corrosion of Character and Fifty shades of grey are titles of two interesting books, in their own way and have a common interface: the current phase globalized capitalist or flexible accumulation of capital and its effects and "defects" on either side mode to produce and manage the production and the social relations of labor and human relations as a whole! 
Written by economist Richard Sennett and published in 1999, The Corrosion of Character brings to the fore discussions about "Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism" theme also addressed properly and thoroughly by David Harvey in 1989 in his work "The Postmodern Condition ".
So, how flexible accumulation is not "news" in the work of Richard Sennett, the theme erotica / porn / sex / masochism / sadism treated in the Fifthy shades of grey is not the "discovery of the new world of sexuality"!
Even before Freud [1856-1939] treat sexuality as a category "life drive" were used and abused by many others: Boccaccio [1313-1375]; Marquis de Sade [1740-1814]; Bocage [1765-1805] and Carlos Drummond de Andrade [1902-1987] stumbled on the way to stone such sexuality! This without downloading the Kama Sutra and life in Pompeii!
"Ao delicioso toque do clitóris, 
já tudo se transforma, num relâmpago.
em pequenino ponto desse corpo, 
a fonte, o fogo, o mel se concentram.
vai a penetração rompendo nuvens
e devassando sóis tão fulgurantes
que nunca a vista os suportara
mas, varado de luz o coito segue.
e prossegue e se espraia de tal sorte
que além de nós, além da própria vida,
 como ativa abstração que se faz carne, 
a ideia de gozar está gozando". o amor natural. Drummond

Mosaic from

But then? What is the merit of The Corrosion of Character and Fifthy shades of grey? What connects viscerally? First the language is simple, easy, straightforward, clear, fast and uncluttered, dispensing help manuals economic-scientific-philosophical or dictionaries to become intelligible, characteristic of the current phase and face twenty-first century, especially in the trilogy of Fifthy shades E. L. James, which in addition, it's simplistic, repetitive, and poor foul, literarily speaking.
Both works whose theme is flexibility. Sennett, like most thinkers today emphasizes flexibility as conditio sine qua non of capitalist accumulation since the end of the Gold Age, stage of economic recovery of Europe and Japan after the Second World War, the rise of the Asian Tigers and return the neoliberal wave.
The emphasis on flexibility changes not only the way Fordist / Taylorist produce, distribute and market goods and alters the character of labor (intensive use of information technologies, automation based on microelectronics, robotics, bio-engineering, etc.), but also the life of the worker, his personality, building your identity and personal and social relationships!
These flexible features are likely to be captured in the trilogy E. L. James on fifthy or more shades of grey! The first is the timing ... or maybe opportunism?! EL James, the wave fanfictiontake advantage of other people's art, a large balcony decided to use the work of Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight trilogy and create a pornoerótica  version of the love triangle between Edward Culen (vampire), Jacob (werewolf) and Bella Swan (teen misfit and helpless damsel). The bet not only avenged itself came to life as the author's site and contract publishing and film version ... millionaires! / images. The trilogy Fifthy shades of grey ousted Paulo Coelho, Sthefenie Meyer, JK Rollings, champions and ticket sales!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, the saying goes and at risk is one of the characteristics of flexible accumulation and theme of Chapter 5 in The Corrosion of Character!
More than ever the capitalist world which is 
extremely individualistic, divides people into winners and losers. Rigidity, repetition, routine, long-term accommodation are linked to the past, the old, outdated, obsolete, same as failure, is mass production Fordist / Taylorist. Already flexibility, innovation, creativity, high risk, fluidity, detachment, youth entrepreneurship, are characteristic immediacy of today - and toyotist production and variants embodied in Christian Grey, 27, winner, entrepreneur, creative, innovative, immediate, and billionaire CEO Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc! Mr. Grey is the guy ... of acquisitions and mergers and speculations!

Anastasia Steele represents the  flexibility and adventure. Willing to take risk  in a relationship without "hearts and flowers" accepting high risk contract that imprison, tie, gag, hurts and desires to submit sadomasochistic Christian. Virgin who barely knows what is vanilla sex, Ana is seduced and wants to try the "new bastard sex, rough, hard and depraved" in the "red room of pain"!
If the Fordism / Taylorism time routinized, the repetitiveness, the term allowed forge strong ties, [personal, social and whith company], build a life story, the immediacy, the short-term, the current fluidity and flexibility forge social and personal  bonds  fragile and degraded surface, says Sennett.
The dominator Mr. Grey is untouchable; his relationships with the opposite sex takes place in a "perverted" through confidentiality agreements and "work," which guarantees that nothing "will stick" on him!
The way to approach a woman is innovative: a service contract short-term (3 months) where he, the Master, has the obligation and duty of taking care (physical, material) and sexually satisfacting a woman leading her to the discovery of her own body pleasure limits in a sadomasochistic employment relationship 
of total submission, bathed in luxury and wealth restricted to "winners"!"I can!"

Curiosity, flexibility, risk, search for the new is reflected in the character of Ana, college, middle class C, part-time contributor who falls literally four and loves an interview with  the inaccessible Mr. Grey. Graduated in Literature, Miss. Steele fits like glove in the role of sex slave, ops, submissive, which is the same thing!

"Though really, wanna know? I want to explore this world of which I know nothing? (...) I'm sure you want to know how far the depravity of Christian?) Book I. p.143
Mosaic from / images. LUXURY INDECENT, IMMORAL,VERY EXPENSIVE, FINALLY, TO DREAM "WINNERS"! Mortals are left to the fakes, generics, pirated products MADE IN CHINA!

Both D. Harvey and R. Sennett realize that there Flexible Accumulation in the formation of a select group of employees, who are highly qualified for products and services of the highest quality and luxury! E. L. James not only hits with "sex pervert" and gives a wonderful stroke of genius: his trilogy makes a catalog! Each "fucking", and the average is three sex by chapter, E.L James is keen to publicize brands, fine shopping, famous labels tied to its price! Anastasia can not hide hers fascination with the richness of Christian, despite moralists rashes; fear being labeled a opportunist or mere luxury prostitute! "My subconscious purses her lips and articulates the word bitch."
      Mosaic images from OBSCENE prices!

There is no more "long term" and new technologies dramatically affect the perception of time / space. In flexible capitalism everything is "due yesterday", the responses must be immediate, innovative, creative and generate profits and this is only relevant to young people! It is the time and place of generation Ypisilone who sees problems up ahead of time and give immediate answers to facilitate and fulfill life in cities and who have money! Mr. Grey has all the qualities and profile of flexible accumulation: youth (billionaire before age 30); business diversification [information technology, through shipbuildingbeauty parlor to the risky game of speculation with acquisitions, mergers, destruction or re-engineering firms and even food speculation]. Mr. Grey is "The master of universe"! / images. Fever among women worldwide, the trilogy fifthy shades invades the cinema. Above the author and famous, including some quoted in the skin to fall Ana Steele!

The changing character of Fordist/ Taylorist production  based on mass production, routine, repetition, sameness to flexible accumulation toyotist / and variants agile, flexible, speed, diversity of products can be detected in Fifthy shades of grey on the distinction between "vanilla sex" (routine, traditional) and sex depraved bastard (fast-paced, explosive, full of possibilities kama sutra / Marquis de Sade, insatiable) temperate with a lot of pain! New positions and experimenting in sex, new approach with emphasis and concern for women's pleasure, after all, more than 50% of the economically active population in the world today are women! / images. kkkk Fifthy shades of grey become fashionable! Women love men hate, ignore, fear or make sexist jokes!
Book for moms, twenty porn only written, Privê BandTV session, book woman, book bitching and obscene, profanity! These and many other pejorative definitions accompanying the trilogy Fifthy shades of grey, especially from the mouths of those "who did not read and did not like"However, all the features of flexible accumulation discussed by Harvey and Sennett in The Postmodern Condition and The Corrosion of Character are present in Fifthy shades of grey: innovation, high tech language, virtual dating, workplace hazards. Grey  commands virtually his empire at home and using your Blackberry and MacBook Pro Aple. / images. "Fifthy Shades of Grey? I do not read because I'm afraid of falling in love for the guy!" Affirmation of a macho man MMM- macho mining [who's from Minas Gerais state of Brazil] movement! Kkkkkkkk

 Mr. Grey wants to "get" not dating, not want romance (or long term), he likes to dominate, submit, control everything and everyone around him; want submissive women, but flexible, accepting sadomasochistic relationships via contracts. A proposed "indecent," a consensual contract to painMission, goals, strategic planning and management, slogans of reengineering and restructuring of production are in the contract of submission drawn up to achieve his goals sex! Mr. Grey wants women "open" to new information and its mission and desire, is sexual satisfaction of both, is to take the woman to discover the limits of hers own sexuality through total submission to his playroom, or in the words of Ana Steele the "red room of pain"! / images Relationship Mr. Grey! You in?

Dominate, control, submit, arrest, beat, beat, beat! Mr. Grey keeps women "in your square", treating his women and especially Ana, possessively, as sex toys and confusing care and protect with domination, control and surveillance jealous women with buying expensive goods and refined!
"You are mine and I take care of mine," "I can", "because I can", "nobody touches what is mine"!
Ties, masks, handcuffs, sticks, whips, clamps, whips, etc., petrify the relationship between man and woman and strengthen the social role that was always intended women: submitted to man! speed ... only the best!

New technologies have definitely changed the perception of time / space and speed and quickness are represented in Fifthy shades of grey in cars, jets, jet-ski, helicopters, cell phones and computers in the last generation, the actions of Christian Grey in business, fencing, surveillance and suffocating omnipresence in the life of Ana and yet, in the ongoing explosion of sex and "hook" at the end of each chapter that holds and carries the reader the same anxiety and urgency of the couple in reading. One gets the impression that the book has a unique chapter with some pauses to enjoy, ops, breathe! Bingo and points to E.L. James!
If the substitution between modes of production [Fordism / Taylorism to Toyotism / variants] there is a transition phase and same return and resurgence of poor working relationships (outsourcing, slavery, for example) the same phase can be seen in the disruption of the relationship the couple in the book I, in trying to explain, adaptation / transformation / "healing" of perverted sexual behavior of Mr. Grey in book II and the adoption of the mix or rough sexpervert in variants  "acceptable" in Book III.
                               Mr. Darcy, character in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. He is  totally the opposite of Mr. Grey.

Madly in love, Christian is willing to be alone in vanilla sex, so does Ana, who wants to risk a game or another playroom in pain, to be with her ​​pervert prince!
The boldness and bet high on EL James's curiosity and sense of adventure Ana: "I can do that", "I can live with it" without fear of divine condemnation to hell of Dante! Soft sadomasochism!
The final card, a checkmate comes with marriage proposal, Cartier engagement ring, "hearts and flowers", veil, wreath, honeymoon in Europe aboard Fair Lady and "They lived happily ever after" in a hyper mega mansion plus ecologically sustainable with dog and children corroborating the current moment of flexible accumulation that besides not totally supplant Fordism mix Toyotism / Fordism and many corruptions, ops, variations in the way of produce, distribute and market their wares!

If the real world is possible this character corrupted production wy a traditional relationship, monogamous can not be peppered with an escape from routine experimentation and sadomasochistic?! It's bet E.L. James. "My bed is too big without you"

Fifthy  shades of grey wants to be a fairy tale with UP, the difference is that, unlike the princes saving princesses on his white horse and kiss chastely, completely asexual, Christian Grey, not the son of the king, no diplomas, built his own fortune before age 30, is gorgeous  and serial entrepreneur  (bet everything), comes mounted on an Audi R8, displaying and lavishing much wealth, "without flowers and hearts" and looking for submissive princesses
 to F*ck @. com.sadomasochism!

* I decided to write in English knowing very little of the language is ... risky? Live the high risk! Thanks google translate. Marina da Silva