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domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2016

BRAZIL: GOVERNANCE POLICY- The Brazilian way . Donald Trump...

Hello friend, excuse my terrible english and thank you google translate and Amanda Aleixo!:)

"Outsourcing"  THE FIRST  WORLD!*

 Marina da Silva 

Mosaic from Brazil; one-party, PC-PARTY OF CORRUPTION in more than 35 acronyms!

Two decades ago, when it was discovered that the First World, a.k.a the United States, they were "studying" Brazil and the Brazilian people seeking to understand how such a huge and complex nation could keep the population united without civil wars, major disturbances and social disorders, obedient laws and docile - despite the huge social gap between rich and poor - it was thought that the focus of this research was to "grasp and understanding" the phenomenon of racial diversity of Americans, reducing the white population, the miscegenation and typical population heterogeneity of the Brazilians!
"Our Japanese are the Best" - slogan of a multinational based in Brazil epitomized what the face of the country. 
The United States was becoming a Brazilzão (big Brasil)? Wondered our intellectual aristocracy. Pero Vaz de Caminha warns to the Portuguese court: On this earth all one plant gives. Brazilians are the happiest people in the world! Brazil is nice! Brazil never gives up! If all this were proven scientific truth to validate the Developed World the Brazilian way of being and rule!
What would be an unspeakable disgrace; an unthinkable human backtracking to the First World,  it is "populism-coronelismo-paternalism and the high degree of corruption in abject policies and administrative practices that keep the population in eternal state of mendicant cattle and the way mutt (vira-lata dog)!

Photos Marina da Silva. October 2007. Paris versus Belo Horizonte [in the background, the extensive area of one of the complexe's slums Morro do Papagaio . South zone BH / MG. Brazil.

Extreme luxury and extreme poverty; big house and slave quarters; loft and tenement; mansion and slum (favela). This "landscape" Brazilian interest not only  to first-world's people lives in Brazil but  the same landscape present in Latin and Central America, Asia, Africa.

"Once a Third World backwardness symbol, inequality has come to developed countries, especially the United States. While in Brazil the social divide is shrinking in the United States the gap between the richest layers and the poorest of the population only increases. the process has been exacerbated by the current economic crisis, but a survey shows that American inequality has been accentuated since the late 1970s according to a survey of the US Congress, the income of the richest 1% increased by families impressive 300% 1979-2009, while the middle class has advanced only 40%."2013

The face of the twenty-first century 

 But why are there so much interest in Brasil's land?

Because we live in a new phase of capitalism or stage of flexible accumulation, neoliberalism, globalization. Since the end of Gold Age: end of the Second War, economic recovery in Europe, Japan; technological outbreak that allowed fragmentation and deterritorialisation of production; increased competitiveness of world markets - Asian Tigers and Bric's. The most powerful nations of the world seek to control raw materials, labor, cheap labor and / or slave, handouts and tax breaks given by Third World governments as a way to lower the costs of production and increase the rate of profit beyond " financial and property speculation This way, they are"seizing the state and the public coffers capturing political power and robbing nations. And all thanks to the hosts as BrazilDID NOT ONLY create ways to transfer wealth to the rich, such as   PPP-partnership public-private , BUT also created laws that benefitcorruption, shut the population with ghost public works, laws that also approveunfinished public works, approvepartnerships between state and mafias [native and / or foreign]. And it is known that the Private overprices projects and /ghost projects! This corrupt PPPs strategies are inside Asia, they have one eye in Africa, one feet in the Americas. Public Private Partnership is the LAW LEGAL CORRUPTION. 

Leaving the other countries aside and concentrating on Brazil: the unfolding of the infamous research has found the  golden pot at the rainbow's end, ops, tunnel, highway, metro, bridges, etc! Some results have exciting and promising theories, capitalistically speaking: 
1. The Brazilians have a passion for luxury, 
2. Poverty and misery of millions can generate billions of dollars; 
3. Slums can save the world...capitalist; 
4. Lethargy and low politicization of the Brazilian people is through disempowerment and DISQUALIFICATION OF CITIZENSHIP; 
5. The classic middle class and the bourgeoisie are undesirable in today's flexible accumulation phase; 
6. It is extremely easy to create a "new middle class" totally detached from reality metaphysics popularizing feel "middle class" with nothing; 
7. The role of the media is blaming the population for political corruption; 
8. Outsourcing and/or lowering of individuals, citizenship, hand labor, business, public service, civil service, the human spirit, etc;
9. And this is also a lifestyle and way of healthy government to capitalism and named by me "$ 1.99 Lifestyle"  or 99P or  10 dólars.

Mosaic from de explosion stores 1.99 in Brazil and the first world. London and photos Belo Horizonte's city by Marina da Silva.

In England, Portugal, Nigeria or even in the United States, the status and the $ 1.99 Lifestyle can be applied in any country. And this is shocking and terrifying: you can globalize the "Brazilian way" to the “First World” and the rest of the world! Centuries of civilization that have evolvedand built its ways towards a more humane and richer sociability, both materially and spiritually, are halfway to the trash can!

2010. "115 million people, or 23% of the EU population, were considered poor or socially disadvantaged. The main causes were unemployment, old age and low wages, with over 8% of all workers in Europe now belong to the group of "working poor" (...) The growth of poverty and social exclusion is not simply a result of the economic crisis, but rather the result of a deliberate policy on the part of European governments and the European Union. Despite these alarming statistics, the authorities continue to cut social spending, increase retirement age, eliminating public sector jobs and expanding the low-wage sector - all measures that enhance and deepen poverty ". 2011. Occupy Wal Street, Occupy Europa, Enough corruption! The answer of the capitalists? Extreme violence against citizen demands!

Adaptability is the main feature of this happy, kind, flexible, moldable people. Primarily through the use and excessive abuse of legal violence [ex. UPP- peacekeeping unit poor, ops, police peacemaker] or ‘legalized’ by governments [corrupt military militias and / or drug traffickers] combined with a slow justice PPPP – initials of: pune pobres, pretos, prostitutas e perifeira- which translates intopunishes poor, blacks, prostitutes, periphery inhabitants. And conniving and submitted tocriminals of white collars which are corrupt politicians , vandals from public coffers. It is missing many politicians, but in the current official list are Senate President Renan Calheiros and President of the Federal Chamber Eduardo Cunha, both super corrupt party that controls 50% of the power in Brazil- PMDB: PARTY OF MOVEMENT  DEMOCRATIC  OF Brazil.

 If the main characteristic of the Brazilian people is adaptability and the motto: never stop dreaming, the profile of Brazilian politicians in all three branches of government is COLLABORATION. Politicians are assault's facilitators to public coffers [read about the crimes of corruption of Operation Lava Jato] and everything within the law, conspiracy, distribution of senior positions in government by contractors indication [but not only these] and kickbacks! The main electoral acronyms CORRUPTION are: PMDB,  PSDB, PP, DEM, PT, in that order and allied acronyms. 

Corruption in Brazil has acronym, logo, uniform, flag, hymn, etc! In the political crime is organized, made in championships, with 04 contractors as head-to-key: Odebrecht, Andrade Gutierrez, Queiroz Galvão, Camargo Correia.
Made in Brazil direct our social democracy party PSDB via PPP: The PPP is a political practice or Co-responsible  Capitalism which conceals the theft of public funds to corporations, philanthropic institutions, large domestic / foreign companies, banks, mill owners, large farmers (agriculture industrial) with speech: PRIVATE INVESTING IN SOCIAL WITH PUBLIC MONEY! A win-win game, in the words of Hillary Cliton! If it is possible to govern Brazil, a giant with about 8.5 million km2 and 204 million inhabitants why not apply the same modus operandi in First World countries in crisis?

"Metamorphosed into Co-responsible capitalism, the Brazilian way of left-wing governance enabled  the Possible socialism for exportation.
"Socialism possible" is the social regulation and neoliberal domination via voluntary ideological adherence or voluntarily imposed with the help of media the empire of Populist and fallacious discourse   covering the increasingly concentration of income! Domination / ideological alienation transforms the welfare state in utopia and imposes on people the life style 1.99, Generic (material and spiritual) "

"[Ideas, innovations, partnerships and public service are all part of the ethics and values that have become a way of life for; Hillary Clinton.]" idem

The garbage generates wealth everyone knows, but the poverty and misery of large numbers of the population generates easy wealth? It was only possible to prove through scientific studies! "Study by the IFC (International Finance Corporation) the private institute linked to the World Bank and IDB (Interamerican Development Bank) on world poverty is a potential capital market, ie, poverty can generate a lot of wealth. The report said that "the four billion people living in poverty has a power purchase 5 trillion dollars!" "All for the poor is more expensive! Concluded scientific studies easily and the money goes to the thief!**
Explaination: in Brazil billions of dollars are stolen  day after day from social programs and public works! There is a riding and historic promiscuity among politicians / businessmen, especially contractors, factory owners, bankers, large farmers, etc., that finance political campaigns all candidates with chances in the elections to ensure favoritism in procurement scheme known as "Toma lá da cá"
Here in Brazil the slums can save the world ... capitalist! And it's not through the logistics, "andabilidade"[weft between houses] but by plentiful cheap labor, vast potential consumer market, agglomeration economy,  green sustainability!
In Brazil 65% of the new middle class Brazil lives in slums, they receive scholarships alms and form a population quota of 12 million households, about 50 million Brazilians, officially. Slums are a consumer market literally captive, slave, surrounded by militias of drug traffickers and police AND WITH A enviable GDP!
 "[The annual income of 11.7 million Brazilians living in slums - population greater than that of Rio Grande do Sul, the fifth most populous state of the federation - is estimated at R $ 63.8 billion]." The minimum wage in Brazil after a decade of communist / socialist in power is R $ 880.00. While 65% of slum dwellers have been labeled as "new middle class Brazil", the classic middle class, squeezed, strangled, frozen wages, paid excessive taxes, goods, food services, etc. hyper inflated rebola and turns in the thirty to not go and live in overcrowded slums!

The Brazilian government this infested with parasites, viruses and worms that use the media to their fallacious speeches, more concerned with illicitly enrich opening the public coffers to who funded their campaigns and strategically placed in the chambers, the Senate, ministries, presidential ! Our democracy is fiction and the elections a sham, a mere push button on a voting machine highly suspected fraud! 
Citizenship in Brazil comes down to this: confirms corrupt politician! The disempowerment of the people is by confining citizenship to the mere act of voting every two years and culminates with the push button that emits no proof to voters about the real target your vote! No representatives [there is no opposition between political] the country is easily dominated by companies holding economic power! It is the empire of corruption! "Who said that misery is only here?" Save Ney Matogrosso!

Resultado de imagem para revolta do busão 2013

The media has a strong role in social formation of mind in life style 1.99! Both on TV and in the print newspaper ; internet e social networks! 
Atrophied, human life is confined in basic consumer needs and "desires C class " in lethargy by the constant replication of fear of landscapes as forged in revolt busão / Jun.13
 Photo Marina da Silva. /06Jun/2013. Revolt of busa. Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.
The media called us "vandals", but we are happy  Brazilians giving a "stop corruption"! 

Worse than being an outsourced people, underdeveloped, Third World is the cattle living fifth category! The recent Obama pressure on Republicans with speeches La "Lula" kill the American dream, Yes I Can, Yes We Can and the subsumption of super powerful capitalist power, owner of the world, the process "Brazilianization"! 
The First World wants in Brazil is ... donwloading this knack sordid and abominable to govern and administer the nation disempowering citizenship, killing processes of growth and human development in sub-investment in key areas such as health, education, culture, security, housing, leisure, etc; extinguishing the Middle Class Classical "; rocking the world of work feeding two classes of workers: contractors and slaves! Outsourcing in Brazil is synonymous with precarious, low-paid, poor conditions and labor relations, lack of legislation (there is only a summary 331 to regulate so extensive category) .The humanity of individuals is brought to the minimum consumption necessary to survival, one return to ape! The household debt is brutal both for food speculation, real estate, such as the overvaluation of goods and fraud in consumption.

"US approves raising the debt ceiling and avoid default." Before the Senate vote, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, considered one of the greatest leaders of the Tea Party (the most conservative wing of his party), he said in his speech in the plenary that the agreement was "terrible" and that northern people -American "has no voice in Washington." If the rise of Obama and lifestyle 1.99 may have confused the intellectual elite for the 11 September 2001 attacks, the sub-prime crisis of 2008 [still diffuse traits in populist speeches, paternalistic and strengthening the state's role] the recent election of the mayor of New York, Democrat Bill de Blasio is clear and evident C uS option in full development! The next act will come with promiscuity, ops, "governance" Democratic-Republican!

"New York, with 8.3 million inhabitants, is mostly Democratic and is home a multi-ethnic population, with 33.3% white, 25.5% black, 28.6% of Hispanics and 12.7% of Asians. (...) proposals is to raise taxes for wealthy New Yorkers to finance a garden-of-childhood to children as young as four years, the construction of 200,000 housing units and the maintenance of community hospitals. (.. .) the de Blasio's critics accuse him of "populism" and have made a "racist" campaign. He is also attacked for its "limited experience in executive positions".

Resultado de imagem para trump presidential slogan US presidential elections 2016  fuck, ooops,  Putz!

FINISHING: This text is not work of fiction and any resemblance ... It is no coincidence, believe it or not!

 * Posted: updated text by Marina da Silva

**Read here the article The next four billions by Marina da Silva. In Portuguese.