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quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2015


Please forgive my bad english and thank you google translator

PIGS IN POWER *Resultado de imagem para a revolução dos bichos

"Even then, after so much abuse, it was impossible to distinguish pig man." G. Orwell in Animal Farm.

Marina da Silva

No no! Before you think it is about pigs or on "The revolution of the animals, the work of George Orwell, where masterfully the author unveils the illusion of communism, a partisan oligarchy (PC-Communist Party), authoritarian, cruel dictatorship, ideological alienation and manipulation of popular imagery to cover the enormous exploitation and expropriation of the working masses under Communist domination; read some more.
The crap in power, the mess in the government were obtuse and idiotic phrases journalist William Waack in Panel program (Globo News 08/11/2015), played in air all rancidity, losses, rejection and resentment of a classic middle class AAA + in scale ... Standard & amp; Poor's in relation to the PT-Workers Party, there are four terms as president of Brazil!
Since the nineties, the twentieth century, the classic middle class has suffered relegation, income erosion and economic strangulation [governments Collor / Itamar / FHC / Lula / Dilma], but resentment, disgust and deadly hatred only touched upon when, in 2003, Lula, northeastern, metallurgical, "illiterate" assumed the presidency of the Republic, ie the "crap" arrived in the government of Brazil. This "crap in power" was the phrase pronounced sometimes by William Waack, not to use, elegantly, to Aurelião, Dictionary of the Portuguese Language in search of less pimps terms,

seen driving one at the Global TV program pays arguing with the cream of the the intellectual elite on call on the theme: The Brazilian serious economic crisis.
Before Lula, Brazil was "Belindia": a small group, 10% of the population living in the top of the pyramid of the richest, [and here the classic middle class settled comfortably] with standard of living of Belgium and the bulk of population, pariahs of India. A large Brazilian contingent "less poor, poor, below the poverty line and miserable."

Sarney, Maranhão colonel, chief PMDB (1985-1989) ruled by the motto "worsen what is bad (hopefully pessimism) to improve Brazil" (hopeless optimism); Collor, riding Jet-ski defended "the shirtless" opening fire on the civil service, maharajas bunch - most members of the classic middle class - and the legs of the country facilitating the penetration of foreign capitalists. Itamar Franco had very tuft ... and nothing else! The savior, the bet middle class, FHC- Fernando Henrique Cardoso, a sociologist, social democrat PSDB dreamed one PSDB for over twenty years.
 But the cyclical challenges were actually deep structural changes in the first-world capitalism: flexible production, automation based on microelectronics, information technology, robotics, unemployment, the labor market casualization, outsourcing, slavery return and ultra liberalism led by the booklet "Washington consensus" and applied by the International Monetary Fund - IMF and World Bank. But of course William Waack know much about Globalization, Neoliberalism and IMF-World Bank rules delivered to 1990-1992 Collor / Itamar 1992-1993).
They are:
· The state needed to realize cuts on civil servants' wage;
· Cuts of public funds for social assistance programs;
· Courts of investments in the areas Health, Education, Public Safety, Housing, Sanitation, Public transport rotting the "fabric" social;
· Privatization geostrategic companies, geopolitical and geoeconomic as the giant mining company Vale do Rio Doce;
· Fiscal Reforms Tax (never carried out), reform of the judiciary (especially the collapse of the meager protection of labor rights) and Pension Reform;

· Voluntary layoffs, etc.
This "barreling" FHC classical middle class flattened if strangled, cut its "luxuries" and distanced himself more and more from the top of the pyramid (rich) and dropped very close to the pyramid base, instead of remedied, not poor, poor below the poverty line and miserable!
When the PT of Lula, ops, the "crap" arrives at the sunken power in PMDB oligarchy, it "appropriated" the PSDB government program, in fact, the IMF rules, moving forward with pension reform, judicial reform, Super created the recipe ... and opened fire on the classic middle class, a vengeance that has the body attached to the dictatorship (1964-1984), military coup that had broad support from the classic middle class that still feels homesick Division "Big House and Slaves ".
The government of "crap" disdains the classic middle class and the reverse is true and more intense, reaching the paradoxical Manichaeism: Lula / Dilma is the Good, the poor and Serra / Aécio are Evil, the classic middle class / wealthy.
But back to Willian Waack panel ...

"The current serious Brazilian crisis", informed by the PMDB chief, Vice President Michel Temer, took the country to the intergalactic highest unemployment rate and the super hyper mega very low rate of economic growth. And the blame ...It's the fault of Dilma! The solution to the plaintiffs: the impeachment of Dilma already; "The crap" out of power and resume to steamroller the rules of the IMF, which are eternal and the Eurozone crisis in 2011, has been prescribed for Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy!
The novelty of the panel in revenue: return to the permanent CPMF, the funding cuts to health, education, etc; "Desengessar " the budget to make the cuts; crush the classic middle class, ops, civil servants, applying Aécio management shock in Minas (cutting bonuses, merit, performance evaluation, salary freezes, etc.); New pension reform raising the minimum age [and here one of the intellectual think an outrage workers to retire at 53 years]; more privatization and blah.
But what if the "coup" against Dilma doesn't work and fulfill her mandate until the elections in 2018? William Waack think "this crap will not 2018"; guests suspect that yes, both the "Melting Luis Eduardo Cunha" on suspicion of corruption (and it is he who will accept / reject the application for Impeachment) and also because Brazil has POLICY DOMINANCE is 50% PMDB and 50% rest + PSDB; is the country's "political dualism"; is the "country of Midway," "country of compadres" and here cite BNDS.
At this point, the discussion ECONOMIC DOMINANCE (serious crisis) fled the context and threw open the real issue in screen: a DOMINANCE POLICY Brazil. Someone mentions the PMDB strength and eternal absence of the PMDB government programs, the PMDB's economic program because the PMDB is the group rules the country. William Waack, blatantly proposes despise the PMDB in the panel discussion, keep the invisible PMDB.
What do you mean? The PMDB has the super godfather chief Sarney, vice president of Brazil, Michel Temer; President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros, president of the Federal Chamber, Luis Eduardo Cunha [except Temer, all others were cited in the crimes of corruption of Lava jato]; several ministers in key folders; several congressmen, governors, state legislators, mayors, councilors; several important management positions of banks and state's interprises, is the "big receiver" of the nation since the birth of the Republic and we despise the PMDB?
Why not attack the "crap" of the PT? Simple: both PMDB as PSDB has not only the same root as the same progressive and liberal government program!
Bravely leading the "crap" William Waack the discussion is "the brain" and his infallible plans (IMF) to master Brazil. Suggestions? SABOTAGING The DILMA GOVERNMENT until 2018! An alliance between PMDB / PSDB-intensive media will lead the government to Dilma higher "stress"! The media will have the lead role in "psychologizing" the popular imagination to knock the crap: "It is good that we are pessimistic for optimism"; it gets worse much! "
It's the recipe for "Coup!" This is the "little way" Sarney PMDB / PSDB to govern, the hopeful pessimism": bombarding the media with an apocalyptic vision of severe economic crisis and lead the nation to the general collapse of the PT, afff, the "crap" in the government, crap in power. Finishing ...
A quick Google search on the story of political parties in Brazil discovered shall be easily than PMDB and PSDB are the same single party dominating the politics and economics of Brazil's private and liberally gradually playing more and more Brazilians in poverty, concentrating wealth, a fact that was stopped (four terms) with the adoption of policies and social programs in the government of crap, that is, see, government of the PT!

*On the subject matter hereof watch the program in full and find out what the panelists think the MIDDLE CLASS CLASSIC.