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domingo, 13 de outubro de 2013

BRAZIL: "WHERE THE STREET hoarse voices take us?"


 Marina da Silva 

This is what we want to know Sandra Starling-PT / MG, Uncle Sam, capitalists, socialists, fundamentalists, communists, finally, the owners of the world and this is a philosophical and scientific, shakeasperiana say, that needs an immediate response, it is essential a conditio sine qua non for the existence of politicians and the way of doing politics (ie, administer, control power) so far on the planet! But it is essential to know intelligible to ask questions and know what you want to ask scientifically and philosophically speaking! images "With campaign aimed at young audiences, the Pirate Party got 10% of the regional parliament.'s Party backed the young audience with a campaign irreverent. Created in 2006, the organization was beyond the topics usually covered - piracy, file sharing, and freedom of expression - and included social issues in his campaign.
" There is a "new wave" in the air and new boats sailing on the seven seas and continents in every dawn planetary voracious that intends to destroy and / or remove the power-gods dictators and fundamentalists all traitors of humanity, who have deceived and deceive citizens with fallacies of order, human and scientific progress for the human race, igualité, fraternité, liberté for all people's democracy, dictatorship of the proletariat, the state of social welfare in the mold capitalist, communist, socialist and social democratic (extinct welfare state or State of Social Welfare). The wall came down, the internet has globalized, the dream is over, lying leaked, fell into the net. Absent, "the future is not what it once was." It is today, here and now! "Where are the weapons'? Wonder netizens, facesfriends every googada, Bloggerized and twittada. Yahoo! Torpedeiam MSN: I want more Google plus ! Photo 1 - Occupy Wall Street, other photos Marina da Silva: "Occupy" Belo Horizonte "We want to know, What will they do with the new inventions We want more serious news On the discovery of antimatter and its implications The emancipation of man From large urban poor populations, the poor Men Of steppes of the hinterlands." Cassia Eller 

Lost dog as it falls when changing more than cockroaches dizzy, those in power and their representatives in the political / media Realize, cry, complain: "There is a deafening silence"! What do they want? It's a new wave anti-capitalist? Where, how and why it started? How can bring millions to the squares without the tutelage of political parties, associations, unions, OG's, NGO's? Who's in charge? What is happening? Where we take the hoarse voices of the streets?? We have over two dozen parties, a small business and big business who has completely lost touch with society beyond the election period! VOTE NOT CITIZENSHIP, and legitimizing CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OF COUNTRIES, STATES, CITIES! Brave new cattle: “System crash someone let me Without Formatting" and exposed the abject Matrix of capitalist domination flexible all Anonymos Occupy and unfurled flag weacklic the worst tsunami Partei Pirate of all time! Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania!” I want you”

 No country is unplugged, the corrupt are targets, no politician or government is safe or quiet sleep, why not just looks, but the world has reached and surpassed all limits of human powers of appropriation, expropriation of socially produced wealth of monopolistic concentration of wealth and worse, engendered a new cycle of human slavery intolerable! NEED TO DRAW THE GOVERNMENTS understand? Ok then ... 

Not as paradox silence deafens and are not the voices are hoarse or sick, and yes, political -economic system has reached very low levels of ICP - Confidence Index in parties / politicians / policy and high IDARSACF: Mistrust Index Absolute, Relative, synthetic and Analytic in Capitalists and Financiers (speculators)!

 Overseas citizens has unveiled the false representation of political parties, here in Brazil we know that "election is farce" and relegated just the act of pushing the button- green confirms like simians! The Social Contract between the state and society has been broken and corrupted by default citizens who no longer believe in the competence of governments to deal with the casino of the financial world and no longer want to admit pay the bill of gambles and haggling state / speculators! In Brazil, the PROER transferred billions to rescue banks in operation FHC (90), in 2008 despite the crisis unless our reigned here the fallacy of "small wave" which allowed Lula to save the capitalist silencing the poor / miserable wiith bag-alms! 

The political representation is being called into question: Politicians for anyone who needs politicians? What is the political responsibility of the financial crisis? Why the only way to deal with speculators is saving (bailots) through the use of the national reserves and Treasury to reorganize debts of banks, insurance, real estate and escambal and even the abuse of PPP's-Public Private Partnership (a game "win-win "for government / speculators) and total loss to society with higher taxes, layoffs, wage freeze, impoverishment of huge population contingents! "MIXED AND TOGETHER", "MORE OF THE SAME", “ALL EQUAL, BUT SOME MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS ", PARTNERS, RIVALS-LINED COMPETITORS AND ALWAYS ALLIES BEHOLD THE" REPRESENTATIVES "CITIZENS BRAZILIAN! EVERY TEN ...ELEVEN POLITICAL ARE SUSPECTS of CORRUPTION "! 

The current financial crisis that has shaken the foundations of the owners of the Universe in 2008, comes swooping Europe (Eurozone) since 2010 coming to a climax in 2011. In Brazil it was a small wave that justified the transfer of wealth and many other benefits to all segments of production, especially for the automotive industry, construction, ranchers / agro! Capitalist accumulation has flexible opening deep wounds in populations worldwide, keeping in check the states that capitalize speculators / entrepreneurs / opportunistic players in the financial world, socializing losses for citizens powerless in this eternal game “ MANY PEOPLE ARE BORN TO SUFFER WHILE LITTLE ONES… SMILE!” Occupy Wall Street is the new translation of "Workers of the world unite"? While G20 leaders discussed economic outputs for the debt crisis in the eurozone, protesters took to the streets in various parts of the world protest against the banks and the harsh austerity measures that are being adopted by governments to curb their budget deficits. A wave of protests inspired by the Occupy Wall Street, United States, took place on Saturday (15/10) in cities like Berlin, Rome, Brussels and London.

 " The punishment comes today ... on the web! Social networks are to break and kicking ass THE IDEOLOGICAL SHACKLES AND COLLARS yoke for nearly a century imposed on people by the membership (voluntary / interests), theological and ideological tyrannies of political parties, associations, unions and the like! The "heroes died from overdose and [the] enemies are in power" a fraudulent and corrupt institutions that is illegitimate! 

Ativista com o slogan

The revolution that is messing with the world as we know it did not come out of nowhere and has no yesterday and feet of Hermes, the god of speed! All actions have clear target and voice are addressed "to the blind and deaf to see and hear, but not see or hear" supported the certainty of impunity, in the belief of apathy and lethargy world politics, subsumption in the financial market and an immunity fiction!