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sábado, 2 de junho de 2018



Mosaic from images The MECHANISM Series on Netflix. "Freely inspired, literary license" are now synonyms for FAKE NEWS, lies manipulated in series, movies, novels, "politically incorrect" behaviors!

Marina da Silva

It seems like it was yesterday, March 23, 2018, premiere of "The Mechanism", but it was not! The truth is that Operation Lava jato completed four years: on March 17, 2014, according to "The Globo Organization" that controls the Brazilian media, "the greatest crime of corruption and misappropriation of public money of all time" A schema, ops, "Mechanism" of corruption and misappropriation of public works involving, believe, Petrobras directors, the "Four Sisters of Concrete" or the largest Brazilian contractors, exchange operators, politicians from 27 of the 28 existing parties , treasurers of parties, marketers. Marcelo Odebrechet, president and heir of the group taken to prison by the "Japanese" of the federal, corrupt and active police. In the series, Padilha exchanges the "PF Japanese, Nilton Iischi, for a CHINESE federal police in free literary inspiration by fraudulating historical facts.

"Marcelo Bahia Odebrecht (Salvador, October 18, 1968) is a Brazilian civil engineer and entrepreneur and has been President of the Odebrecht Group, one of the largest engineering and construction companies in America since December 2008. On March 8, 2016, Federal Justice sentenced Marcelo Odebrecht to 19 years and four months in prison for crimes involving the corruption scheme discovered at state-owned Petrobras by Operation Lava Jato. The owner of one of the largest contractors in the country was convicted of crimes of active corruption, money laundering and the first conviction of Marcelo Odebrecht, and on December 1, 2016, he signed an award agreement with his father Emílio Odebrecht, and undertook to pay, through Odebrecht, 8.6 billion reais as compensation for to have been involved in acts of corruption ." 1 free translation

Marcelo is already home to the joy "of the Odebrechet clan", a mega global capitalist corporation embedded in all Brazilian and foreign political-economic spaces, including the United States! Odebrechet, Camargo Correa, Andrade Gutierrez and Queiroz Galvão known as the Four Sisters of Concrete or The cement league has created a super championship of corruption and they are the key players represented by several "family" companies! Brazil is a cosa nostra! They thought, after all they financed all the politicians of the country [right, center , on the left and the sides] in their election campaigns, and as Donald Trump said in his presidential campaign: "I pay them, and then when I need something, I'll call and ask!"2


Returning to Brazil: it was not a small dogfight, the tentacles of corruption had reached and dominated all the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary powers with their "rotten powers"! 

"In the first stage of the investigation, which was carried out in March 2014, four criminal organizations were investigated and prosecuted before the Federal Court in Curitiba, and were led by operators of the parallel exchange market, and the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office collected evidence of an immense scheme corruption offense involving Petrobras.
In this scheme, which lasted at least ten years, large contractors organized into cartels paid bribes to senior state executives and other public agents. The amount of the bribe varied from 1% to 5% of the total amount of overpriced billion dollar contracts. This bribe was distributed through financial operators of the scheme, including operators investigated in the first stage. "3  Free translation
Print Marina da Silva. MPF and Lava 3 Legend Jet (PP, PMDB, PT) and open fire against the PT- Partido dos Trabalhadores-  Workers' Party. Lula knew, Dilma knew, Lula was Commander Maximo of corruption in Brazil since the discovery in 1500!

March 2014.
The PT completed thirteen years in the government of Brazil with two terms of Lula [2003-2009] and one of Dilma Rousseff [2010-2014]. It is the electoral year and the dispute is between PT-capitalist socialist possible state facing the people and PSDB-capitalist libertarian neoliberal state and for few, read, minimal state, drastic social cuts and many business benefits to native  and / or foreigners capitalists. The population was led to a fierce polarized dispute as in the Cold War, between communists and capitalists: Dilma x Aecio, Us and They; Mortadelas x Coxinhas; Poverty x rich, left x right! Hatred, anger, rancor, intolerance, violence, revenge are fueled by political parties, federations and  associations of industry, agribusinesses, commerce and services, bankers and media to the right. And left by trade unions, trade union centers, associations and leftist movements, by MST militancy, leftist parties, communist youth, socialist, etc. The media has taken advantage, incidentally, since the coup on March 31, 1964, the media bosses  remains in the "square" of the Right. Everything would be like before if ... the internet and social networks had not been invented and overturned the hegemony of radio, television, cinema, written media bursting with the control of the Globo Organization that dictated "The rule of the game"!

What happened to the Lava jato in 2014? Political agreements on the right and left with the help of the judiciary have locked the "Mechanism" until the end of the elections!
Dilma Rousseff, who was never indicted in the Lava Jato investigations, was re-elected [2015-2018] and the defeated party PSDB, the second leader in the federal and senate chambers, promised to make her government unfeasible! Dilma re-elected the "Mechanism" Lava jato returned with brute force on the PT.
Dilma Rousseff won but did not take it! the PMDB, former MDB and current MDB-allied PT turned the enemy, He gave a low blow in the PT, helped to inflate the population in the request of impeachment and gave a coup d'État deserver of Machiavelli, expelling all PT of the government and usurping the position of the president elected on 08-08-2016! The Lava jato Mechanism  had some parts lubricated by the PMDB and allies. remembering: PP, PMDB and PSDB are the leaders in the crimes of corruption Lava jato and other!4 Senator Aécio Neves- PSDB of accuser happened the target: two birds with one stone! The PMDB moving the pieces of the MECHANISM completely targeted the PT and especially the PSDB.

Eduardo Cunha ex-president of the Federal Chamber in the photo putting the band of president in Michel Temer. Both reported, investigated in the Lava jato crimes. Both PMDB; the only difference is that Michel Temer is untouchable, usurped the president-elect's mandate with a coup d'état by buying politicians from the two "houses" in the National Congress and Eduardo Cunha is in jail!
It would be hilarious if it were not crude, bizarre: the PSDB chiefs being used by the PMDB to overthrow "petism" and hand over power to the PMDB! Aécio Neves, the senator dressed green and yellow, embraced the selection, ops, Ronaldinho and left humming and dancing for the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. Of course, in the head of the senator Aécio Neves,  from Minas Gerais the vice President Michel Temer, once in the presidency would call a plebiscite or new elections!  Detail: the PSDB is based in ... Narnia!
The shot backfired and hit the beak of the toucans or PSDB! Michel Temer, a corrupt investigated and reported in Lava jato crimes, stayed with the presidential band and mandate until 2018 in the purchase of votes in the chamber and senate!5 "It's not my fault!" Ronaldo screams alongside Aécio Neves senator and Geraldo Alkimin governor of São Paulo, both corrupt PSDB investigated in Lava jato and other crimes. Ronaldo, retired from football chose his corrupt favorites!

The flag of the impeachment was hoisted along with the Hollywood ascent of the incompetent federal judge, lousy public servant Sergio Moro, who using allies inside the Federal Police of Paraná clutched the prison cells and the phones of Dilma and Lula without judicial authorization!
And the suporters/ fans invaded the streets and squares again polarized in the teams STAY DILMA x OUT DILMA, OUT LULA AND TAKE THE PT TOGETHER! The use of OUT DILMA demonstrations masked a major MECHANISM: the coup   d'État orchestrated by the PMDB, manipulating both toucans of PSDB and fans, ops, voters of Aecio Neves.
Today it is inconceivable to believe that the PSDB, the second largest political group in the country, was fooled by the old corrupt MDB foxes! Dilma Rousseff was not deposed by the "fiscal pedals", but by the manipulation of Operation Lava jato that at each stage tried to impute crimes to Lula and Dilma without success! 
Or Lula is a genius and committed perfect crimes or Sergio Moro and all federal police, highlight to PF Curitiba is super incompetent! Four years of investigations and Lula was convicted of a triplex apartment that is not in his name?
Lula is imprisoned and serving time for a crime without evidence; a modern condemnation by assumption, presumption of both PF-Curitiba, TRF-4 and Federal Public Ministry! And of course, the STF- Federal court of justice: it all started with the "Mensalão crime" (2005) and the spotlight minister Joaquim Barbosa who gave a show on TV's and social networks by breaking up the Mensalão scheme and condemning only PT politicians! It is thanks to Joaquim Barbosa that the senator PSDB from Minas Gerais Eduardo Azeredo sentenced to more than 20 years in prison has never been arrested!* Lula on prison day: holy day and super geopolitical and geo-strategic  marketing 05-04-2018!

In fact, a stupid prison that transformed the darling president of Brazil into a martyr, a political prisoner and endowed Lula with super-messianic powers not only to run but nominate candidates for the 2018 elections! Encouraging or getting close to Lula currently it's a miracle in elections!
National and international celebrity! This was what the tireless persecution of Sérgio Moro, global media and detractors for four years, with the support of native / foreign economic groups, Federal Police, Judiciary and Federal Public Ministry gave Lula
president of Brazil for two terms and leader of searches of intentions of votes, EVEN AFTER PRISON! Sérgio Moro, Aécio Neves, Michel Temer, Geraldo Alkmin: The Mechanism against Lula! Corrupt? All the same, but some more equal than others!

"In the last appeals in the second instance, Lula's defense wants to know how a awarding   donation  which, if true, describes traffic of influence, be used to substantiate a crime of passive corruption. And more: how can a sentence condemn for receiving a bribe while recognizing that Lula did not receive the triplex? "6
Sérgio Moro, who came to be considered a national hero, today is one more in the banquet of corruption condemning Lula for inventions and crude legal assumptions is obliged to have the presence of Lula, the saint wronged in Curitiba; is forced to sleep next to a local, national and international vigil of red militancy and his declarations of love, faith and hope in Lula. Sérgio has to swallow the PT's visits, the PT's supporters and other politicians of the national and foreign left! If the goal was to destroy "Lulism" or Petism ... today it is only to ask blessing to Lula that affirms like a messiah: "my path is traced!"


  JOSÉ PADILHA AND "THE MECHANISM" LULAFOBIA IN NETFLIX The Netflix Mechanism is nothing more than worship and praise on an originally FAKE basis! Political journalistic manipulations falsify real historical facts with the explicit purpose of influencing the 2018 elections by attacking Lula, the PT and petism!

Lula was arrested a few days after the premiere on Netflix of the series THE MECHANISM, directed by José Padilha. The series is freely inspired by the work of Vladimir Netto, the son of Miriam Leitão, detractor of Lula, Dilma and PT supporters daily in Globo Organizations that have employees mentioned in Lava jato, 22ª phase TRIPLO X: documents of Mossack Fonseca office reveal the connection between Mossack and Lava Jato crimes, an international journalistic investigation into companies and tax havens known as Panama papers!

Even your Jose Padilha? A series commissioned for a season or two until the 2018 elections, continuation of the film: PF: the law is PT (for all) deferring once again the star Sérgio Moro and destroying Lula and PT!

The mechanism proposes to narrate the real and historical facts, investigated by Operation Lava jet of free form, fictitious and uncompromised with the truthfulness of the facts! The award-winning director of elite troop 1 and 2 and the Narcos series fell in disgrace when he freely accepted The Mechanism with its modern intentions, functions and convictions there Sérgio Moro, PF, TRF-4, MPF and STF! Go home Padilha!
Grotesque errors such as the speech attributed to former President Lula: "In the production of José Padilha, the series attributes a speech by former senator Romero Jucá (PMDB) to former president João Higino, a character associated with PT Lula."
Padilha defends himself by saying that it is a common jargon of the Brazilian population to speak "stop the bleeding" , but who knows the power to reverse the values of the people that MONEY has to buy Padilha, another speaks in the public domain!
You can tell the real facts by using fiction, see on Netflix: The Borgias, The Crown, Henry VIII, Versailles on the reign of Louis XIV, King Sun, Narcos and Elite Squad 1 and 2; but one can not treat the real historical facts as fiction, fake news, distorted to politically undermine the PTs, the left and even endangered the life of Lula and Lulistas. The seriousness of production occurs when the viewer seeks references to the facts in a quick search on a site like Google: Who said "stop the bleeding" in real life? The answer we will find will be: Senator Romero Jucá from the PMDB, current MDB! Simple.
A lover of movies, series, documentaries does not accept easy fakes $ 1.99 made in China! The luxury of a series is the truthfulness of the facts, this is a delight for the soul, a nec plus ultra spiritual! Already the bizarre of The Mechanism is life style 1.99, fake news, farce, poor! To change the names of companies, political figures, businessmen and of Petrobras itself in order to be similar to the real? Stupid! It became a national joke!,746484/o-mecanismo-memes.shtmlIn charge: Padilha and his next series on Netflix will be on what?
The suicide of Marielle

"Entities and companies that exist in the real world had their names changed in the series." The Workers 'Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores) is now called "PO" (Workers' Party), Petrobrasil becomes "Petrobrasil", and the contractor Galvão Engenharia to be called "Bueno Engenharia".
The same goes for the characters. In many cases, the names were thought to resemble those of real people. Thus, the personage that represents the ex- president Dilma Rousseff was baptized of "Janete Ruscov"; Michel Temer becomes "Samuel Thames", and the delegate Erika Marena is represented by "Verena Cardoni". The same is true for dobbies Alberto Youssef ("Roberto Ibrahim"), Carlos Habib Chater ("Chebab"), and Nelma Kodama ("Wilma Kitano").
Already the former Minister of Justice and lawyer Márcio Thomaz Bastos (1935-2014) appears in the series as "Mário Garcez Brito", or "The Mage": the character is a kind of super-lobbyist and lawyer advocate of troubled contractors with Justice. "7 free translation

The disagreement with the historical reality, with the truthfulness of the facts served and will only serve to increase the hate thermometer of the Organizations Globo, Bandeirantes, SBT, Record, RedTV and affiliates, set up in the country since Lula's 2003 the "politically incorrect" recipe of the Republicans (United States) and that took extraordinary momentum and form in the 2016 elections leading to the presidency of the first armaments and capitalist power, the United States, Donald Trump, the great liar!


*Eduardo azeredo PSDB arrested on may 23, 2018
1. About Marcelo Odebrecht and prison see:; 2. REICH, Robert. Save capitalism ... Netflix documentary. Free translation of Trump's phrase. 3. Lava jato and citizen. 4. Criminals cited, investigated, convicted, arrested in the Lava jato operation. 5. The PMDB's expenses the coup d'état to keep Michel Temer away from prison. See:; 6. ALVES, Cintia. Embargoes of the embargoes expose the jugglery that condemned Lula.https: // 7. The Mechanism Truth or Lie?,746484/o-mecanismo-memes.shtml



"A gunshot wound at the dawn of today (28) to the camp where supporters of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva are vigilant since his arrest in Curitiba, left two people injured, according to the coordination of the movement. of Curitiba confirms the occurrence of shots in the region and reported that the case is under investigation.There is still no information on the authorship of the shots. " -tiros-in-camp-pro-squid-leaves-two-wounded


"PF delegate attacks Camp Lula Livre and destroys sound equipment
Gastão Schefer grandson, who is former president of the Association of Delegates of the Federal Police of Paraná and substitute in the PR bench, in the Federal Chamber, makes several virtual attacks on the PT and Lula in their social networks.http: //politica.estadao .com / news / general, delegate-of-pf-attack-camp-squid-free-and-destroy-sound-apparatus, 70002294921 "